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Martial World - Chapter 1655


Chapter 1655

Chapter 1655 - Seeing Empyrean divine Mist Once Again




God Burying Ridge was located in the outer Asura Road, and the outer Asura Road was separated from the inner Asura Road by the Great Desolate. To travel through this expanse was something that not even an Empyrean could do, let alone Lin Ming.

However, Lin Ming had used part of his 5 billion points to purchase an Asura Command. Using this Asura Command, he was able to take an ancient transmission array that teleported him to the outer Asura Road.

Since he left God Burying Ridge, almost 30 years had passed.

God Burying Ridge was still a famous dangerous land within the Great Desolate. Sometimes a trial challenger received missions that sent them to the peripheries or even into God Burying Ridge itself and they would have to hire a guide or two to lead them in. Even so, there was only a narrow chance of surviving that nightmarish land.

Of course, this wasn't a problem to Lin Ming at all.

He flew towards God Burying Ridge almost in a straight line. There simply wasn't much that was able to hinder him.

Just an hour later, Lin Ming arrived at Tragic Death Valley.

This place hadn't changed at all. The entrance of Tragic Death Valley resembled a massive black hole, a door that one could only enter through and never leave.

Lin Ming didn't hesitate. He controlled Primordius Heavenly Palace and flew straight in.

Compared to the gaping black hole entrance, Primordius Heavenly Palace was like a little pebble sinking into a lake. It quietly sank in without arousing the tiniest wave.

As soon as they entered Tragic Death Valley, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian stepped out and arrived at the God Beast Tomb with a familiar ease.

Here was the dwelling where Empyrean divine Mist stayed.

But as Lin Ming stepped in front of the dwelling and saw Empyrean divine Mist's situation, he felt his heart ache.

Empyrean divine Mist's dwelling was constructed in the crevice between two giant God Beast bones. Within this dwelling was a giant soul crystal where Empyrean divine Mist had sealed away his mortal body. The image he gave off was similar to that of a fly trapped inside amber.

But, the giant soul crystal that was used to maintain Empyrean divine Mist's life was already ruined. The soul crystal was covered with cracks and many places had been turned to white powder;this was what happened after a soul crystal lost its energy.

Dusting off this powder, Lin Ming finally saw Empyrean divine Mist sealed within.

At this time, Empyrean divine Mist's eyes were shut tight. His appearance was old and decrepit, like a piece of deadwood that had long since lost any vibrancy.

His body didn't glow at all nor were there any life fluctuations. He was no different from a dead person.

’’Grandpa divine Mist...’’ Xiao Moxian whispered, her heart nearly pulled out of her chest. She was afraid of what she saw. During the nine years she spent in Tragic Death Valley, she had been with Empyrean divine Mist for a great portion of that time and had slowly come to call him grandpa.

Lin Ming frowned. After staring at Empyrean divine Mist for a long time, he slowly took out the Soul Recovery Pill he had refined.

This Soul Recovery Pill had used up 200 million points' worth of materials. It was the highest level of pill that Lin Ming could currently create.

He gently guided a wisp of the pill's soul recovering essence energy to enter the soul crystal, slowly nourishing Empyrean divine Mist's dilapidated body.

Lin Ming could feel that Empyrean divine Mist had yet to completely die. He should have entered a state of suspended animation in which all of his life activities were reduced to nothing.

In truth, this state wasn't much different from true death.

The pill that Lin Ming refined was still almost a transcendent divine level pill. Even a wisp of essence energy was extraordinary. The soul crystal that had lost nearly all of its soul energy began to glow once more after being vitalized by this essence energy.

However, Empyrean divine Mist himself remained motionless, his eyes still shut tight.

If Lin Ming had anything, it was patience. Slowly, bit by bit, he poured in the divine soul energy from the Soul Recovery Pill. This energy came as thinly and gently as threads of silk. The reason he did this was because he was afraid that Empyrean divine Mist's crumbling body wouldn't be able to withstand an influx of energy.

This process continued for an entire day and night.

After a fifth of the Soul Recovery Pill's soul energy was consumed, Empyrean divine Mist's eyelids finally quivered.

Although this movement was almost imperceptible, Xiao Moxian still nearly jumped up from where she was. ’’Big Brother Lin!’’

’’I saw it...’’

Lin Ming's expression was extremely focused. His hands and motions remained remained unhesitant and the energy flow he poured in also remained steady and smooth.

At this time, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian heard an old voice echo in their ears. ’’You... you came back...’’

Empyrean divine Mist slowly opened his eyes. Seemingly because he had lost almost all of his life force, he opened his eyes with great difficulty.

Although he had regained consciousness, the fires of his life were a dwindling flame in a hurricane. The dignified aura and majesty of an Empyrean had mostly faded away from his body. Currently, Empyrean divine Mist resembled an old mortal man knocking on death's door.

’’An almost transcendent divine pill level Soul Recovery Pill... on me... this is wasted...’’

Empyrean divine Mist lightly sighed, as if he had already given up all thoughts of living on in this hell.

’’Grandpa divine Mist, how come you don't want to live on? Don't you want to take revenge?’’ Xiao Moxian said with a faintly reproachful tone.

’’Revenge? That is too far away...’’ Empyrean divine Mist closed his eyes once more, feeling far too tired. His enemy was a True divinity level powerhouse. With his abilities, revenge was impossible.

Empyrean divine Mist didn't even have any hopes that Lin Ming would take revenge for him. Even though he believed that Lin Ming would one day break into the True divinity realm, that was an incomparably distant matter. Moreover, since both of them would be True divinities, why would Lin Ming go all-out in a battle with Empyrean divine Void for a half-dead man like himself?

Empyrean divine Mist had long since given up thoughts of revenge.

’’This pill... where did you find it?’’

Empyrean divine Mist looked towards Lin Ming. Even though he knew Lin Ming was strong, his cultivation was still limited. It would be extremely difficult for him to acquire a nearly transcendent divine pill level Soul Recovery Pill. Even if he sold all his possessions he might not have the money for it.

’’Junior refined it himself.’’ Lin Ming honestly said.

’’What?’’ Lin Ming's words caused a flash of astonishment to cross Empyrean divine Mist's face.

’’You refined it... yourself...?’’

Empyrean divine Mist looked at Lin Ming with disbelief sketched on his face, nearly unable to believe his own ears. ’’This pill... even a Great World King level alchemist... might not be confident enough to refine it... moreover... there is also the divine runic arts used upon it...’’

Empyrean divine Mist was a spiritas Empyrean, thus he naturally had naturally had an understanding of the divine Runic Arts. He could see that the divine runic symbol on the Soul Recovery Pill stemmed from the hands of some considerably talented individual.

Just as Lin Ming was thinking about how to explain this, Empyrean divine Mist didn't seem to have any idea of asking. Empyrean divine Mist sighed and said, ’’Forget it... you are someone who broke through the God Beast Tomb array formation that no one managed to break through for 10 billion years... it isn't strange... for anything to happen to you...’’

Empyrean divine Mist slowly said, each word seeming to use up a massive amount of his origin energy.

Lin Ming probed Empyrean divine Mist's situation. In the end, he couldn't help but come to the conclusion that even the Soul Recovery Pill wouldn't be able to bring back Empyrean divine Mist's life from the brink of death...

Empyrean divine Mist's life was already ruined. Even if he were to completely digest all the medicinal efficacy within this Soul Recovery Pill, the most he could live for was another few thousand years. Even if Lin Ming continued to refine Soul Recovery Pills for Empyrean divine Mist, the longest he could live on was 10,000 years. It was impossible for him to live any longer than this.

And these 10,000 years of life would only mean more suffering and more pain for Empyrean divine Mist.

He had lived in this eternally dark forsaken land. To live for another 10,000 years... was there any meaning to it?

If Soul Emperor divine Void didn't die, he would never be able to leave.

And with Soul Emperor divine Void's status as a True divinity level powerhouse, it was impossible for Lin Ming to kill him before Empyrean divine Mist turned to ashes.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming suddenly stopped his movements, as if he were coming to a decision.

’’Big Brother Lin, what are you...’’

Xiao Moxian was puzzled.

Lin Ming hesitated for a long time. Then, he said, ’’Senior divine Mist, junior has a divine tool that can hold your soul. But, this is only your soul. You will have to discard your mortal body.’’

The divine tool that Lin Ming spoke of was the Magic Cube.

The spiritas had mortal bodies, but their mortal bodies were nearly unable to be trained. The main use of their mortal bodies was to serve as vessels for their souls.

Lin Ming asked Empyrean divine Mist to give up on his mortal body his mortal body and allow his soul to be sealed in the Magic Cube where he would fall into a deep sleep. When Lin Ming was powerful enough, he could find a way to help divine Mist recover consciousness and then find a body for him.

At the very least, Empyrean divine Mist could watch as he took revenge on Empyrean divine Void for him.

Then he could die in peace.

’’divine tool?’’ divine Mist was startled. He could faintly feel that this divine tool that Lin Ming referred to was his secret. If he called it a divine tool then it definitely wasn't something ordinary. It had to be at least a treasure refined by a True divinity.

However, he still sighed and said, ’’It's useless. Even if it is only my soul, as long as I leave Tragic Death Valley my brother will sense me. When he arrives, you will die...’’

’’We can try...’’

Lin Ming was extremely confident in the Magic Cube. Through these years he had confirmed that the Magic Cube was something that surpassed the realm of True divinity.

Within the Magic Cube was another world, one separate from all rules.

No matter what rules people created, they had never been able to block the Magic Cube. The only exception had been the Asura Road Master. In some ways, the rules he laid down in the Asura Road could not be violated by the Magic Cube;they could be said to stand even with each other.

Lin Ming didn't believe that Soul Emperor divine Void could stand on par with the Asura Road Master.

As for the secrets of the Magic Cube, once Empyrean divine Mist's soul was sealed within it and placed in a deep slumber, it would be impossible for him to reveal any secrets, so Lin Ming wasn't worried about it.

As Lin Ming thought this, he flicked his fingers. From within his inner world, a black cube slowly flew out and began revolving in the air.

When Empyrean divine Mist saw this black cube, his mind suddenly shook!

From the point of death, Empyrean divine Mist recovered a great deal of his spirit. He stared at the Magic Cube, surprised and speechless.

His eyes shot wide open. After gazing at the Magic Cube for a long time, he mumbled. ’’How is this possible... this thing... this is...’’

Seeing Empyrean divine Mist's reaction, Lin Ming was startled. He asked in return, ’’Senior, do you happen to know of this divine tool?’’


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