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Martial World - Chapter 1650


Chapter 1650

Chapter 1650 - Ancient Contract




Lin Ming's mind stirred. He took out the jade dragon horn and black dragon egg from his spatial ring. After he obtained the jade dragon horn he had placed it in his spatial ring where he was momentarily keeping the black dragon egg. Because they were now in the same space, there was clearly some change that occurred because of the mutual attraction of their dragon race auras.

The snow white dragon horn was the height of a person. But, when placed next to the dragon egg it seemed the size of a dish.

The pure black egg shell was covered with strange patterns that shifted between light and dark as if the egg were breathing. In the darkness, a soft luster formed from energy surrounded the dragon egg, forming a faint black halo.

And beneath the dragon egg, the snow white dragon horn was emitting a gentle white light.

The sharp contrast of black and white was like a glossy black gem placed in snow.

’’Big Brother Lin, I feel that... the jade dragon horn's dragon spirit has been stirred... it's likely resonating with the little thing in the black dragon egg...’’

Xiao Moxian said from behind Lin Ming. In a daze, she walked forwards and stood in front of the jade dragon horn.

Her eyes were misty as she looked at the jade dragon horn and peaceful black dragon egg. Her hands were lifted in the air, gently weaving through the glossy light emitting from the jade dragon horn, as if she were running her hands in the waters of a lake.

’’It's true, it seems that the dragon spirit within the jade dragon horn is slowly gathering into the dragon egg...’’ Xiao Moxian dreamily whispered.

Lin Ming closed his eyes, also feeling the same thing.

The dragon spirit within the jade dragon horn was an extremely incomplete and flawed soul. It lacked nearly any sense of self. It was only because of the contract that it was controlled by the master of the Dragon Contract.

Now, although the little being in the black dragon egg wasn't able to control the Dragon Contract, it seemed as if it was relying on the unique relationship between members of the dragon race to slowly absorb the ancient dragon spirit from the Dragon Contract!

And, this ancient dragon spirit didn't seem to resist at all.

Lin Ming linked his divine sense with the Dragon Contract and seemed to sense a faintly sad and depressing atmosphere!

Lin Ming had the dragon race bloodline in his body and this allowed him to faintly communicate with the ancient dragon spirit. He could feel its hopelessness and sorrow...

Because the ancient dragon spirit was extremely incomplete, it lacked almost any sense of consciousness.

But, it still had its instinct.

Hundreds of millions of years ago, it had been caged within the jade dragon horn. Sealed by an ancient contract, it had become nothing but a contract puppet!

Time had passed, a hundred million years and then another hundreds million years, repeating again and again.

It had gone through many masters and had even gone into dormancy deep in the depths of ancient ruins. It had travelled through multiple universes and had taken countless lives. But no matter how long the lifespan of a divine Dragon was, the end of its existence had finally neared. It had transformed into pure soul energy, but even so it was imprisoned by the contract...

It was still regarded as a puppet without a mind of its own, used as a killing tool for its ever-changing masters to fight again and again...

This type of life left the dragon spirit feeling endless sadness and despair!

And now, a familiar bloodline relation of its people was calling to it, summoning it. Without any resistance at all, the dragon spirit allowed itself to be summoned...

For this dragon spirit, rather than being imprisoned forever in this contract, forever unable to reincarnate, allowing itself to become a part of this new life was actually a kind of salvation...

Lin Ming closed his eyes for a long time. After several hours passed he finally opened them.

Amongst the God Beasts, their bloodlines were few and far between. In order to survive, it was much easier for them to trust each other than to trust a human.

Humans' fighting amongst each other was a common occurrence. In fact, within the great 33 Heavens, whether it was mortals or martial artists of any race, countless lives perished every year.

To struggle for resources, to fight because of grudges, to rob others... innumerable reasons led to the extermination of innumerable lives.

But God Beasts would not do this in most situations. This was because their numbers were far too few. If they fought amongst themselves, it was likely they would all become extinct!

At this time, more and more gentle light emitted from the jade dragon horn. In the void of the divine runic room, the light transformed into a shimmering white dragon. In the midst of this glorious light, an untold number number of strange dragon-shaped marks and even life essence began flowing towards the black dragon egg.

This was the essence of the dragon spirit that had been sealed in the Dragon Contract for an unknown number of years. In a sense, it was a type of inheritance.

This was the purest form of its life essence, containing all of its talent, supernatural powers, and so forth.

Lin Ming watched quietly. After a full day passed, the light of the dragon egg began to gradually dim down, and the pulsating lights on the dragon egg also disappeared. The strength of the dragon spirit had completed fused into the black dragon egg, seeming as if nothing had occurred.

Lin Ming silently waited as all of this happened. Even the drawing of the divine runic symbols was momentarily postponed. He was extremely patient. This black dragon egg was his contract beast and their spirits and lives were linked together. He could feel that after absorbing the dragon spirit, the black dragon egg was undergoing a tremendous series of changes!

To hatch a True Dragon, that was absolutely an unfathomably vast project!

Even under the nourishment of countless heavenly materials and limitless amounts of heaven and earth origin energy, this was still a process that required tens of thousands of years. But now, with the ancient dragon spirit fusing its essence into the black dragon egg, this greatly reduced the time it needed to incubate. At the same time, the life essence, talent, and supernatural powers that entered the dragon egg accelerated its growth. Once it hatched, it would definitely be far more powerful than Xiao Moxian's hungry Big Yellow, a Taotie God Beast!

Time slowly passed, a breath at a time. Slowly, over the surface of the black dragon egg, a dazzling and mystical line appeared.

Then another strange and shimmering line appeared.

As these radiant lines slowly appeared, the pitch black dragon egg became crystalline and translucent.

Lin Ming could even faintly hear a small whisper from within the dragon egg, as slight and imperceptible as dust falling in the wind.

After that, vaguely, the outline of a little baby dragon appeared from within the glowing dragon egg, flitting in and out of sight, indistinct and hidden...

It was slowly absorbing the power of the dragon spirit like drinking from a trickling stream. Lin Ming could see at first glance that absorbing the ancient dragon spirit wasn't something that could be accomplished in a single day. Rather, it would take a long time as the process slowly occurred.

This was just was just like a small little bug eating a massive cake.

After finishing eating and then also absorbing other heavenly materials, just what boundary would this little baby black dragon reach?

The life fluctuations of the black dragon egg began to die down as it changed back to its previous appearance. The only differences were the traces of life marked on the outside of the dragon egg;they still emitted a luminescent light.

This was clearly showing the pulse of life within.

’’It seems it will need a much longer time before it can hatch...’’ Lin Ming gazed at the black dragon egg, satisfied with what he saw. He would allow that little life to slowly digest the power of the dragon spirit.

At this time he had to do his best not to disturb the black dragon egg;he also understood the common saying that one shouldn't try to run before they could walk. This needed to be a progressive, gradual process.

Just as he put the black dragon egg and jade dragon horn in his spatial ring, there was the thumping of a knock on his door.

Who had come at this time?

Lin Ming wasn't happy to be disturbed while he was drawing up divine runic symbols. Xiao Moxian frowned and opened the door. They could see two old men with strange smiles on their faces standing at the entrance. Beside them were two young divine runic masters;they were clearly apprentices.

’’Who are you?’’ Xiao Moxian swept her eyes over them, her vision catching on their divine runic badges. Their divine runic badges were not in the style of divine Rune City so they clearly weren't divine runic masters of the divine Runic Masters Guild.

’’We felt a chaotic energy just now. It seems that...’’ The eyes of one of the old divine runic masters looked over Xiao Moxian and swept through the divine runic room. As he saw the messy and chaotic scene he knew that a considerably large explosion had occurred just now. Even the array discs might have been damaged.

’’It seems that there was an explosion... is Sir Lin safe?’’ A tall and thin old man asked. Although he had a smile, one could clearly hear the anxiety and worry in his voice.

The other old man was short and fat. Although he didn't speak, his distraught expression spoke more than enough for him.

These two people had clearly felt the strange fluctuations of energy in the air.

’’You are not from the divine Runic Masters Guild...’’ Xiao Moxian frowned. Just where frowned. Just where did these two old fellows come from? Why were they here?

’’I am Zhao Chang, a divine runic master from the Minor Violet Holy Lands. Before, hadn't Sir Lin said that he would hand over the completed Heretical God Symbols every few months? Thus, Empyrean Minor Violet sent us here to be responsible for this matter and to lend any aid that we can. If there is any matter that you need help with, please feel free to look for us, we will do our best to help you in any manner we can.’’

divine runic master Zhao spoke with a close and friendly tone. As he spoke, he continued to sweep his sense across the divine runic room, trying to get a grasp of Lin Ming's progress on the Heretical God Symbols.

Xiao Moxian was stunned for a moment before she recovered. It seemed that Empyrean Minor Violent didn't trust them too much and had sent several supervisors to keep an eye on them!

This caused Xiao Moxian to feel extremely uncomfortable. Her eyebrows twitched and she nearly slammed the door shut. But at this time, Lin Ming stopped her and smiled at the two old divine runic masters as he said, ’’Please rest assured, I will turn in divine runic symbols every three months, on time. As for this divine runic room, the sound insulating array formation is quite good and it's nearly impossible for the fluctuations of energy from an explosion to escape. Two sirs, perhaps you were living in the room next door?’’

Lin Ming smiled, chuckling a little. He didn't mind that Empyrean Minor Violet had sent these supervisors to watch over him. To be honest, if he were in Empyrean Minor Violet's position, he would absolutely send people to keep a close eye on matters. After all, this was a total of 5 billion points added with a 2 billion point dragon saliva grass, and all of this was traded for a promissory note. How could Empyrean Minor Violet not be anxious about this?

Lin Ming's words left the two old divine runic masters blushing red with embarrassment. Indeed, they were assigned to monitor him at all hours, every day. It wasn't much different from having moved a bench right outside the door of his room.

However, they couldn't disturb Lin Ming as he was drawing up divine runic symbols so they didn't have the chance to enter his room. It was only with this explosion that they took this opportunity to see the progress of his work.


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