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Martial World - Chapter 1649


Chapter 1649

Chapter 1649 - The Dragon Egg's Pulse




10 days later, in a seventh grade divine runic room at the divine Runic Masters Guild, Lin Ming was meditating in front of a divine runic table, preparing himself to draw up the 1000 improved divine runic symbols.

In these 10 days, Lin Ming hadn't been idling around. He had been purchasing a massive amount of items.

Besides the jade dragon horn and dragon saliva grass that he obtained through the auction, Lin Ming needed two more rare materials - a heaven devouring snake gallbladder and primal jade quintessence.

These two materials were originally within the divine Runic Masters Guild's warehouse, so Lin Ming spent 600 million and 800 million points on each respectively to exchange for them. As for the nine sun jades he needed to pay, Lin Ming replaced those with points.

After buying all the materials he needed, Lin Ming still had over 4 billion points remaining!

Lin Ming didn't waste these points. He exchanged them for massive piles of other precious materials from the divine Rune Masters Guild!

Whenever the divine Rune City Auction came around, the divine Runic Masters Guild's warehouse would be at its richest state and have the most pills and treasures available. This was because innumerable influences would arrive from all over the inner Asura Road and would exchange their materials and treasures for points.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Ming was able to purchase any material that he took a liking to. He was able to contact other people to find any materials that he wanted.

Some people weren't willing to exchange their treasures for points yet, so in this situation Lin Ming would pay over 20% higher than the market price in points to purchase materials from them.

Lin Ming didn't mind these extra costs. Many of these materials weren't available at normal times. Once this hectic period passed, it would be some time before he encountered them again.

In seven days, Lin Ming spent most of the 4 billion some points he had. In the end, he only had several hundred million points remaining.

With these 4 billion points, Lin Ming also purchased an Asura Command that allowed him to travel through the Asura Road. With this Asura Command, whether it was leaving the Asura Road or entering the inner and outer Asura Road, it would be much easier for him.

In addition, Lin Ming also bought another material needed to refine the pill to open the third Dao Palace - a Twinlife Thunder Crystal.

Seeing Primordius Heavenly Palace packed to the brim with materials, Lin Ming was pleased with himself. These materials would last for a long time. His road of body transformation would be paved with these materials.

Of course, it was still too early for refining the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill required to open the second Dao Palace. Lin Ming first needed to complete the 1000 improved Heavenly Fire Symbols and Heretical God Symbols. To him, this was a chance to challenge and temper himself.

After completing this task, whether it was his comprehension of the Asura Heavenly Dao or his soul force, both would be greatly enhanced.

With that, he would be more confident confident in refining a Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill.

Brilliant arcs of light flashed through the dim divine runic room. Lin Ming's hands swam through the void, leaving behind beautiful traces of light that seemed as enchanting as flowers.

Little by little, tiny runes filled with the power of thunder and fire began to shimmer into existence...

In the divine runic room, all of Lin Ming's soul force was concentrated on drawing up this Heretical God Symbol. Around him, time seemed to lose all meaning...

Beside him, Xiao Moxian was paying attention to Lin Ming as she meditated. During these years, Xiao Moxian's cultivation had far outstripped Lin Ming's progress. As he was spending his time on the divine runic arts, her cultivation boundary was already nearing the late divine Lord realm.

Practicing the divine runic arts would inevitably influence Lin Ming's cultivation slightly. Although the divine runic arts were greatly beneficial to Lin Ming's soul force and understandings of the Asura Laws, soul force and comprehension of Laws didn't directly increase one's cultivation.

The entire divine runic room was filled with a faint light. Traces of thunder and fire flooded the room, filling it was a mystical aesthetic sense.

The tiny runes were drawn by Lin Ming one at a time. As he drew up the 1300th tiny rune, Lin Ming didn't notice that there was something in his spatial ring that was beginning to cast a strange light.

This wisp of light carried with it a fresh and vibrant aura as it quietly mixed into Lin Ming's soul force...

As Lin Ming was about to tie together two lines of glowing energy, glowing energy, the brilliantly dazzling energy in his hands was actually affected by this strange strength. It caused one of the lines of energy to bounce away and melt into one of the tiny runes.

All of the tiny runes that Lin Ming drew up were infused with a tiny wisp of the power of thunder and fire.

Underneath the influence of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws, these two strengths were able to join together in a bizarre but marvelous balanced harmony. But with the sudden surge of this strength, this balance was immediately crushed apart.

First, it was a tiny explosion that blew up in front of Lin Ming. A wild and chaotically imbalanced energy poured out, surging into the other runes.

Soon after that, a horrifying chain reaction spread through the 1000 plus tiny runes!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless small explosions occurred, finally gathering into countless threads of thunder and fire that soared to the skies. Lin Ming dodged to the side as the shockwaves swept over him. Luckily, he was able to revolve his protective true essence in time so he wasn't injured in the explosion.

Even Xiao Moxian who was idling on the side didn't have time to respond. Her cute face was soon covered with black soot.

Lin Ming froze in place, not moving for a long time.

What happened? For what reason was the energy uncontrollable just now? It was clear that he had everything under control just then.

’’It seems that in the critical moment of the drawing process, a strange power inexplicably swelled forth and destroyed the balance of energy in the runes...’’

Lin Ming runes...’’

Lin Ming earnestly recalled every step he took in drawing up the Heretical God Symbol. He racked his memories, trying to recall when an external strength had appeared and interfered with him.

It was at this time that he felt a seething power emit from his spatial ring.

’’Yes, it was this strength!’’

He quickly opened his spatial ring and a vast and desolate aura rushed out like a broken dam.

This aura was old and spiritual;it originated from that crystalline jade dragon horn.

Since Lin Ming obtained it from the auction house, there hadn't been a single movement of the jade dragon horn.

But currently, the sealing runes around the jade dragon horn were flickering, shining with a radiance like the gentle waves of the ocean.

All of this light spread to a silent corner of the spatial ring.

Lying at that location was a little ovoid-shaped object.

Seeing this little thing, Lin Ming's pupils shrank. An astonished expression raced through his features.

This pitch black object was something he obtained from Empyrean Primordius' comrade-in-arms deep within the Eternal Demon Abyss, the revered Black Dragon God Beast. It was the black dragon egg.

This black dragon egg needed a tremendous amount of strength before it was able to hatch. From time to time, Lin Ming would supply it with medicines, nine sun jades, and spiritual energy.

Unfortunately, even though this black dragon egg had absorbed a massive amount of spiritual energy, there still hadn't been the slightest response from it.

He never imagined that today the jade dragon horn would cause the black dragon egg to beat!


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