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Martial World - Chapter 1647


Chapter 1647

Chapter 1647 - Auction of the Jade Dragon Horn




Because of Lin Ming and the 'Lin' logo, the divine Rune City Auction was even fierier!

Even though Lin Ming's divine runic symbol auctions had ended, the residual heat had yet to dissipate. The Empyrean level characters hadn't left and in the next several days all sorts of treasures sold at new heights.

As for Lin Ming, he also purchased a rare material required to refine a variation of soul recovery pill.

This soul recovery pill was not for Lin Ming himself, but was something he was preparing for Empyrean divine Mist. Before Lin Ming won the auction for the rare material he needed, he had already gone to the divine Runic Masters Guild to purchase the rest of the necessary materials. Lin Ming felt that with his own current ability in alchemy, combined with his divine runic arts, he could just barely refine a pill that would have an effect on an Empyrean.

During this time, Empyrean Minor Violet also paid the dragon saliva grass to Lin Ming in advance.

The million year dragon saliva grass was a top material amongst top materials.

Normally, dragon saliva grass took 100,000 years to germinate. Then for growing and flowering, that also required another 100,000 years.

After that, in order to mature, there needed to be a divine Dragon protecting this dragon saliva grass, watering it with saliva daily so that it would eventually grow fruit.

Seizing dragon saliva grass from the claws of a divine Dragon required an Empyrean to personally go out and capture it!

Thus, the price for this raw material could be imagined!

Lin Ming held the wood spirit jade box in his hands. Looking at the dark jade-colored grass stalk in the box as well as the purple gold-colored fruit, he could feel all his blood energy being pulled by it, as if his blood was about to gush out from his body.

This dragon saliva grass was bred with the life essence of a True Dragon, thus it naturally resonated with Lin Ming's True Dragon bloodline! Even if Lin Ming didn't use this ingredient for alchemy, just swallowing it alone would have immeasurable advantage to him!

Looking at this dragon saliva grass, Lin Ming impatiently wished to start refining the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill.

However, as he thought of his current strength, he knew it would be difficult to ensure success in refining this pill.

He could only suppress the restlessness in his heart and put away the dragon saliva grass.

Then, another five days passed.

The divine Rune City Auction was nearing its end. On this day, on the auction stage, there was something that Lin Ming had to buy!

On the wide auction stage, two beautiful maids pushed in a small cart. This cart had a jade box that was covered with yellow silk on it.

This jade box was seven foot long. After opening it, one could see a treasure that was as high as a person. This treasure was snow white all over. It resembled a giant sickle that didn't have a handle.

Song Wen personally took out this treasure. For a time, the treasure exuded a vast and bleak aura. This aura condensed into a white dragon phantom in in the skies as if it would soar away at any moment!

As everyone present saw this white dragon phantom, they felt their surroundings drastically change. They seemed to arrive in a cold and chaotic world with grim animal bones stretching into the endless distance, just like deep in the Great Desolate.

Dragon Contract!

Lin Ming's eyes brightened. This Dragon Contract was refined with a jade dragon horn and was an Empyrean spirit treasure!

A Jade Dragon was also called a White Dragon. It was an extremely rare species within the ancient dragon race and was snow white all over.

Now, in the entire divine Realm it was impossible to find the tracks of a White Dragon. In order to find a White Dragon, one would need to go to other lands within the 33 Heavens.

Lin Ming had to refine the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill, and the jade dragon horn was an irreplaceable material. And, this material was also extremely rare. Since it was being auctioned, Lin Ming definitely wouldn't miss it!

With a wealth of 10 billion points to support him, Lin Ming would obtain this Dragon Contract no matter what!

’’Everyone, this is a Dragon Contract that a World King powerhouse found in the depths of an ancient ruin! Moreover, this Dragon Contract has the spirit of a True Dragon sealed within it. The spirit of this True Dragon may be summoned to assist you in battle! Not just that, but the Dragon Contract itself is a sharp weapon that may be used to cut down your enemies!’’

Song Wen confidently said. As many martial artists saw this Dragon Contract, their eyes shined with shined with avarice.

’’What a good treasure! It's another Empyrean spirit treasure, and quite good even amongst Empyrean spirit treasures!’’

’’Of course, just the materials used to refine it are extraordinary;it requires an extremely rare jade dragon horn. That material alone could sell for 700-800 million points and it was only used to refine this treasure!’’

Many martial artists, especially World King powerhouses, felt their eyes light up. Although the World Kings present were spectacularly rich, there were very few of them that had Empyrean spirit treasures. Even Great World Kings were the same.

The response of the audience didn't exceed Song Wen's expectations. He faintly smiled and said, ’’Now the auction shall begin. The base price is one billion points! Every bid increase cannot be less than 20 million points!’’

As Song Wen shouted out this base price, many people suddenly deflated as if a bucket of cold water had been tossed over them. Many people that were originally full of enthusiasm suddenly sighed in dejection.

Just the base price was a billion points. The final winning bid was likely to be far higher. Just where would they have the points for this?

In truth, they had already expected that they wouldn't be able to afford this Dragon Contract. It was just that with this top treasure placed in front of them, they couldn't help but daydream about it. If they could really buy it, just how wonderful would that be? And after daydreaming about this treasure, many of them even imagined that they would soon obtain it.

However, the base price shouted by Song Wen caused all of their daydreams to blow up like bubbles.

’’1.02 billion!’’

A World King grit his teeth and shouted out from an ordinary room.

’’1.05 billion.’’

Another World King shouted.

’’1.1 billion!’’

The bid rapidly rose. Generally speaking, an Empyrean wouldn't have any interest in an Empyrean spirit treasure. Those that shouted out bids were mostly World Kings, and those that could put forth a bid of a billion points for an Empyrean spirit treasure were undoubtedly extremely wealthy individuals.

At this time, an old voice echoed out -

’’1.3 billion!’’

The one calling out this bid was an old man in the ordinary seats! To increase the bid by 200 million it was clear that he wanted this Dragon Contract no matter what!

Many people were surprised by this old man. They were shocked that there was actually such a character in the ordinary seats. This old man wore worn out robes and seemed a bit unkempt, but no one dared to underestimate him because his cultivation was at the Great World King realm!

Many older Great World Kings were well aware that they would never make another breakthrough in their lives, thus they devoted all of their time and energy to researching and refining magic tools to increase their overall combat strength.

This old robed man was clearly in this type of situation.

But after the old robed man spoke, Lin Ming opened his mouth and stretched out two fingers. He slowly said, ’’2 billion!’’

This sudden voice startled the entire audience. Even Song Wen was shocked.

When Lin Ming first spoke he had directly increased the bid to 2 billion! In terms of points, he was filthy, disgustingly rich!


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