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Martial World - Chapter 1645


Chapter 1645

Chapter 1645 - Offensive and Defensive




Deep in the yellow sands, one could see two faint tornado-like things sweep up into the air.

In the depths of these yellow tornados, two eyes shined like lanterns in the dark.

As the tornados appeared, one could see an approaching creature whose entire body was wrapped in thick earth-yellow scales, bizarre and otherworldly.

’’That's a mystic yellow tihu!’’

In the audience, many people immediately recognized the vicious beast produced by the illusory magic array. The mystic yellow tihu didn't possess a strong striking power but its defenses were extremely formidable.

Deep in the distant Great Desolate, there were powerhouses that used this vicious beast as a moving castle to lead their people around.

The defensive capabilities of this creature were several times that of an ordinary World King! It even achieved the standard of a weak Great World King!

The divine Rune City Auction House was actually testing the Heretical God Symbol with this kind of vicious beast. If so, that meant they had full confidence in the strength of the Heretical God Symbol!

’’Could it be that this Heretical God Symbol can injure a Great World King?’’

The entire audience fell quiet. Many people looked at Lin Ming with rapt attention, waiting for the answer to be shown.

Lin Ming took up the Heretical God Symbol in his palm. Pitch black flames and blazing purple thunder flashed together. At the same time, countless Asura Heavenly Dao Laws gathered together, connecting with the thunder and fire in Lin Ming's palm.

Seeing as the power of thunder and fire fused together with the Asura Laws, in that moment, Lin Ming's sense and the perception of time seemed to slow down to a crawl, like the slowly flowing grains of sand in an hourglass.

Pulled up by Lin Ming's soul force, the Heretical God Symbol floated up in front of him.

Lin Ming raised his left and right hands. Using his two index fingers, he pierced towards the Heretical God Symbol, causing two light ripples to spread out like a rock hitting a lake surface.

His two pupils immediately flashed with a jolt of electricity that twined around one ripple.

Then, a thin strand of black fire twined around the other ripple.

In front of him, waves of substantialized soul force appeared. The two ripples began to twist in the air as if they were being manipulated by an invisible hand, quickly twisting until they seemed like images of blooming flowers.

The entire process seemed very slow, but it was also completed almost instantly.

And just a few miles away from Lin Ming, at the edges of the desert, one could see those two faint tornados rolling towards him, leaving a swallowed world in their wake.

As for Lin Ming, he remained motionless. All that remained in front of him were these two flashes of thunder and fire.

The auction house's testing array formation was different from the rented testing array formation at the divine Runic Masters Guild. The rented testing array formation was only an illusory magic array, but this one being activated right now was actually a true illusory killing array!

If one stood motionless and allowed the array formation to freely attack them then they would definitely be grievously wounded!

’’What is Lin Ming doing? Has he not activated that Heretical God Symbol? That mystic yellow tihu is about to trample over him!’’

But as everyone saw Lin Ming control the faint circles of thunder and fire around him and yet the Heretical God Symbol didn't activate, some people began to develop doubts. Just what was Lin Ming doing?

If Lin Ming was luring the mystic yellow tihu to close range before he detonated the Heretical God Symbol, then he too would be affected by the explosion if the beast was too close!!

Then, people watched as the mystic yellow tihu crossed the 100 foot line from Lin Ming. That distance was the best chance to detonate the Heretical God Symbol!

At this time, the two groups of energy around Lin Ming began to produce tiny patterns of energy composed of threads smaller than silk. These lines of energy pulled into the void, developing into numerous patterns.

In just a twinkle of the eye, a series of thin energy lines spread out, surrounding Lin Ming. Moreover, these energy lines were all different from each other. They were energy patterns that those present had never seen before, and seemed to contain tens of millions of possible changes within them. Each energy line seemed to entangle with the others, inspiring more and more changes. In just an instant, half of these energy lines that were drawn out developed into threads of shining lightning and the other half developed into glistening threads of fire, rapidly condensing into a red and purple two-colored array diagram.

At this time, the tyrannical tsunami of sand that rushed over struck Lin Ming, but was completely submerged into the thunderfire array diagram in his hand.

Seeing this, Xiao Moxian couldn't help but cry out in alarm. Although she knew in her heart that Lin Ming was safe, safe, she still couldn't avoid her heart clenching upon seeing such a sight.


A massive explosion occurred!

The mystic yellow tihu with its incomparably firm body and its maximum velocity crashed into the thunderfire array diagram!

It was a meteor impacting into the earth. A powerful impact swept outwards, bringing up waves of yellow sand that were tens of thousands of tons heavy!

This terrifying strength left the entire auction hall shaking! Everyone found it hard to remain still and some of the weaker martial artists couldn't help but cry out in alarm.

Lin Ming hadn't attacked from beginning to end. Instead, he used the thunderfire array diagram to block the frontal dash of the mystic yellow tihu!

As the yellow sands settled, everyone saw that the mystic yellow tihu had its head left bloodstained after colliding with the thunderfire array diagram. As for the thunder array diagram, it only slightly bent without any sign of breaking! By using the power of the Heretical God Symbol alone, Lin Ming had defended against an attack with the all-out strength of an ordinary World King.

Could this be a defensive divine runic symbol?

Everyone immediately thought. A defensive divine runic symbol was rarely seen and was often much more expensive than offensive divine runic symbols.

But when they heard the description from divine Rune City, the Heretical God Symbol should have been an immensely destructive divine runic symbol!

Before people had more time to think, Lin Ming suddenly grasped the Heretical God Symbol with both hands and pushed it out.

The palm-sized Heretical God Symbol suddenly rose and countless threads of thunder and fire spun around until they formed a massive vortex, instantly covering the heavens and earth. This vortex formed a giant web that wrapped around the massive mystic yellow tihu.

In that moment, within the endless yellow sands, a brilliant light erupted like a rising sun.

In the middle of this light, crackling bolts of thunder twisted around with a conflagration of raging flames.

The flames and thunder twisted together, roaring like the birth of a fire dragon and thunder dragon.

Several hundred earth-shaking explosions echoed out from the midst of the giant vortex of raging flames and twisting thunder, illuminating the world like a descending apocalypse.

Thunder collapsed the earth as snakes of fire shot to the heavens.

Within this vortex, the mystic yellow tihu roared out again and again, but its howls slowly turned lower and deeper as it gradually faded away...

The explosions produced a brilliant light that formed an incomparably thick swirling column of thunder and fire. and fire. As it rapidly spun around, the world seemed to tear apart around it as the surrounding ground caved in, forming a massive crater hundreds of miles deep.

From where the explosions occurred, a pit so deep appeared that one couldn't see the bottom.

The mystic yellow tihu's scales had nearly all fallen off. Its giant tail dangled to the ground.

Although it was still living, it was on the verge of death, approaching death with every breath it took.

’’Within the Heretical God Symbol, the mark of the Asura Heavenly Dao patterns will reverse in the void to reform yin yang patterns of the Asura Heavenly Dao... this also agrees with the true meaning of the Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol, the absolute polars of thunder and fire... the power is as expected. Moreover, with the revolution of yin and yang, it can attack but also instantly form a defensive barrier when the symbol is activated!’’

Drops of sweat dripped down the tip of Lin Ming's nose. He was extremely satisfied with the performance of the Heretical God Symbol.

In creating the Heretical God Symbol, Lin Ming had consumed a great deal of effort and diligent care. As he created the Heretical God Symbol, his comprehension of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws also became much deeper...

At this time, in all the rooms and seats, everyone had forgotten how to speak.

This was a dual offensive and defensive divine runic symbol!

Normally, divine runic symbols were one-time use items that could either be used to defend or attack. But, the net of thunder and fire formed by the Heretical God Symbol was an offensive and defensive form!

Imagine. Two martial artists were in a life or death battle and both had utilized all of their abilities and were completely exhausted.

At the end, they both used their ultimate finishing blows. But at this time, one side took out a Heretical God Symbol, defending against the opponent's attack but also erupting with a terrifying attack, directly covering the enemy in a sea of thunder and flame! Just what sort of effect would that have?

Moreover, this Heretical God Symbol had reached a terrifying degree of strength whether it was in defense or offense. Even that mystic yellow tihu with an incredible defensive power comparable to a weak Great World King had been beaten half-dead!

In other words, even if one were a Great World King, if they didn't understand the unique attributes of the Heretical God Symbol and were fooled, they would be placed in an extremely difficult situation, possibly even injured!

For even injured!

For a time, the entire castle fell silent. One could clearly hear the breathing of others even from a long distance.

And at this time, that brutal and violent power of thunder and fire in the skies began to gather together. The lines of the Asura Heavenly Dao condensed, forming endless starlight that sprinkled down.

The power of thunderfire and the Asura Heavenly Dao was sucked into a giant vortex. Then, it shrank until it finally transformed into a perfectly intact divine runic symbol that fell into Lin Ming's hand.

The Heretical God Symbol was reborn!

Seeing this scene, although many people had expected it earlier, they couldn't help but feel their jaws drop down, shocked speechless.

To be reborn and reused, this was the special attribute of the 'Lin' logo!

However, when one considered the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol that wasn't much stronger than the original, it wasn't too amazing even if it could be used multiple times.

Following that was the Heavenly Fire Symbol. It was ridiculously powerful, to the point of being obscene. Moreover, it could also be used multiple times. This was far more impressive and also the reason that they sold for a sky high price of 3.6 billion points.

But now, this Heretical God Symbol was both offensive and defensive, and in the attack process there seemed to be all sorts of incredible changes as if there were many more mysteries waiting to be unlocked, but Lin Ming simply hadn't had the time to reveal them.

This divine runic symbol that could nearly bring the dead back to life in a dire situation, that was so abnormal that it could wound a Great World King, could actually be used multiple times!

This just destroyed all common sense! If one had several Heretical God Symbols in hand, then an ordinary World King would be able to challenge and speak the last words with a weak Great World King!

And if used in a war, there was definitely no need to speak of their efficacy! These were different from the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol because these Heretical God Symbols could be used in battles between high level figures of the sects. If using a Heretical God Symbol was able to turn certain defeat into victory between a battle of World Kings, then this would be worth an astronomical level of wealth!

It had to be known that every World King was formed by piling up an immense amount of resources!

Thinking of this, the complexions of the several Empyreans in the VIP suites began to change.


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