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Martial World - Chapter 1644


Chapter 1644

Chapter 1644 - Gathering of Greats




Half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

During this period of time, the treasure fair also auctioned off many valuables treasures, all of them triggering a wave of enthusiasm.

But, what people loved to talk about the most and what attracted the most attention was an auction that had yet to begin - the Heretical God Symbol.

Half a month ago, a divine Lord realm divine runic master called Lin Ming had used an improved Heavenly Fire Symbol and a promissory note for 500 Heavenly Fire Symbols to create a miracle in the history of the auction hall.

Now, just how amazing would this Heretical God Symbol be, one purported to be stronger than the improved Heavenly Fire Symbol?

Nearly everyone's gaze was focused on the Heretical God Symbol that was soon to be auctioned.

During the last auction, when the improved Heavenly Fire Symbol had severely wounded a powerful vicious beast like the Golden Phoenix Crow and had even reformed multiple times afterwards, the images of this event had been recorded in an array disc and spread all throughout divine Rune City.

Of those that saw the image recordings, all were left shaking.

It wasn't just the inner Asura Road, but even some influences in the outer Asura Road had heard about this event and were quickly catching up.

After the long wait of half a month, the hope and desire had brewed for so long that it was a volcano waiting to explode.

On this day, the dappled sunlight was bright. The deep blue sky was as clear as a mirror, crystal bright and beautiful.

From the moment that divine Rune City lifted the guardian array formations that protected the city, all sorts of space channels opened up in the skies. Massive ships emerged from these space channels, all of them powered by potent energy crystals.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The smallest of these ships was more than 30 feet high. They flew forwards like floating treasure palaces, emitting bursts of radiant light.

The hulls of these ships were carved with images of phoenixes and dragons. Innumerable runes shimmered around them like a sea of stars.

’’Holy crap, I fear that every single one of those ships is holding a Sovereign level character... incredible, too incredible...’’ In the crowd of people, a visitor that came from outside of divine Rune City stared up at the treasure ships in the sky, praising the scene.

’’Sovereign?’’ A local of divine Rune City looked at this visitor with disdain in his eyes. This visitor's cultivation wasn't high and he had only relied on a little bit of business sense to earn some money. Such a person didn't have status nor did they have much respect. ’’Each of those treasure ships is seating a concubine. They are the concubines of the ruler of Providence Edge Nation, Xu Wuzi.’’

’’What? Concubines!?’’ The visitor's eyes widened. He found this hard to believe.

’’What's so strange about it...?’’ The one speaking seemed annoyed. ’’Providence Edge Nation's ruler is an Empyrean that has been safeguarding the destiny of the nation for over 10 million years. He rarely leaves but today he actually came to visit our divine Rune City. It seems this year's treasure fair is becoming increasingly splendid!’’


The visitor was panic-stricken. This was yet another Empyrean!

The divine runic symbols that Lin Ming created were not of much personal use to an Empyrean. However, they were extremely useful to the influences that these figures raised. In other words, they were sharp weapons of war!

And this auction of divine runic symbols would inevitably involve a large number of points. Only an Empyrean personally attending would be able to instantly increase the price as they wanted. Their subordinates wouldn't have the courage to do so.

As the day of the auction neared, heroes gathered from all corners of the world. Large numbers of different races and clans rushed in like tidal waves.

The flying castle added on eight space channels constructed with top quality space crystals. These space channels connected to massive sphere-like VIP suites within the auction hall arena.

Looking up from the ground, it was like the floating castle castle had grown eight long tentacles.

At this time, within the entire castle, everyone single seat and room was packed to the brim.

Several items had already been auctioned at the start, but these items hadn't been able to stir up much of a wave.

The atmosphere was extremely strange. There wasn't much movement originating from the VIP suites.

A tall hourglass floated high in the sky. The yellow sand within rustled to the bottom, soon about to finish.

Finally, within the many peaceful rooms, there was movement.

Song Wen wore a meticulously-prepared robe as he stepped onto the auction stage. He smiled and said, ’’Ladies and gentlemen, you've had to wait a long time. The next auction will be for the Heretical God Symbols!’’

Song Wen's voice was brief and potent. Although it was short and to the point, it rumbled through every corner of the castle, spreading into every room.

For a time, the movements in the various rooms slowed down.

The auction for the Heretical God Symbols was finally about to begin!

’’Is this Heretical God Symbol even more powerful than the improved Heavenly Fire Symbol?’’ Many people thought, their eyes burning with a blazing light. Their eyes locked onto Song Wen as he took out a gray spirit stone box.

’’This Heretical God Symbol is known as being even stronger than the improved Heavenly Fire Symbol? How is it stronger?’’

Many people began to ask from the VIP suites.

In truth, besides the Empyreans, although many people waddled over here like packs of ducks to join the auction for the Heretical God Symbol, almost none of them had hopes of successfully winning the bid.

The previous auction for the Heavenly Fire Symbol promissory note had already left them feeling powerless and frustrated. Moreover, this Heretical God Symbol was said to be stronger than the Heavenly Fire Symbol. It was hard to predict just how high and terrifying the final bid price would be. Thus, most people came because they wanted to see the might of the Heretical God Symbol with their own eyes.

Song Wen had already expected this situation. He placed He placed his hand on the spirit stone box and turned around to look behind. At this time, a black-clothed youth silently entered the auction stage from the back. His aura was restrained, his figure was tall and straight, and his steps were slow and steady, each step he took seeming to resonate with the heartbeats of those in the audience.

This youth was Lin Ming.

The one to personally test the Heretical God Symbol would be Lin Ming!

Only by demonstrating the true potency of the Heretical God Symbol in front of everyone would the following bidding war be at its most intense. This was all in order to raise the final bidding price as much as possible.

’’He is the creator!’’

In the entire auction hall arena, many people recognized Lin Ming.

As people recognized Lin Ming and pointed him out, Lin Ming could feel countless senses locking onto him from the VIP suites.

In particular, several senses were as deep as the vast sea. Compared to those dark divine runic masters that spied on him just half a month ago, these senses were dozens and hundreds of times more terrifying!

It was clear that the masters of these senses were supreme beings of the Asura Road, many of them being Empyreans!

These senses did not offend Lin Ming nor did they attempt to pry into the situation of his spiritual sea. Even so, they made Lin Ming's skin tighten as if the vision of these people was more than enough to lock him in place.

Lin Ming didn't waste time. He rubbed his hands against the spirit stone box, tracing strange lines across the surface. The seventh grade divine runic box opened, revealing a simple blue divine runic symbol.

As this symbol appeared, it brought with it an ancient and desolate aura, as if it weren't just drawn up not too long ago.

’’What wonderfully mystical Law fluctuations...’’ Within a VIP suite, a terrifyingly strong old man lowered his hands, his fingers flicking back and forth so fast they created illusions. It seemed as if he were calculating the meanings behind these lines.

However, these lines.

However, the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws' dao patterns were left behind by the Asura Road Master. How could an Empyrean level powerhouse hope to unravel their mysteries?

No matter what this old man tried to calculate, the only result was a frown on this face. He was simply unable to understand what these lines meant. All he could conclude was that this was a special inheritance that Lin Ming studied. That powerful and mysterious master behind Lin Ming... just what sort of person was he?

At this time, on the auction stage, Lin Ming held the Heretical God Symbol in his hands, all of his focus concentrated on it.

His two pupils flashed with a blinding electric purple light. In the palms of his hands, pitch black nirvanic flames slowly emerged, crackling as they burned.

A vast and great aura emerged from the center of that symbol.

The uniqueness of the Heretical God Symbol was that it simultaneously utilized the Fire and Thunder Laws!

And Lin Ming was the ideal candidate to demonstrate the powers of the Heretical God Symbol!

The Heretical God Symbol was an extremely special divine runic symbol. Although its origins lay with the Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol, it had already become fundamentally different.

It had all sorts of special effects. If other people tried to use it and didn't have Lin Ming's instruction and didn't learn the way to activate the Heretical God Symbol, they wouldn't be able to display any of its mysteries!

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that this divine runic symbol was the manifestation of Lin Ming's current highest level of skill!

At this time, Song Wen activated the auction house's illusory magic array.

Bang - !

The world trembled.

At this time, the surroundings weren't the previous time's primal grasslands. Rather, it was an endless desert of yellow sand, bleak and dreary.

Immersed in this world of yellow sand, everyone was focused on Lin Ming.

All of them wanted to know - just what was so special about this Heretical God Symbol that the divine Rune City Auction House had propagandized so much about?


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