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Martial World - Chapter 1643


Chapter 1643

Chapter 1643 - Sky High Auction Bid




’’President Song, hurry up with the auction. Sir Lin has already proven his strength. If he wishes to sell those promissory notes then Setting Sun City's Far East Family is willing to bid!’’

’’I am Great Yang City's Ouyang Hou, I am also willing to...’’

For a time, many people were shouting out loud, urging Song Wen to hurry with the auction.

Seeing this, Song Wen faintly smiled. ’’Since everyone feels this way I won't waste your time with idle talk. The auction shall now begin. The base price is zero! Every increase in price cannot be less than 20 million!’’

Zero base price?

As Song Wen's voice fell, everyone was stirred into an uproar.

Song Wen starting the base price at zero was in order to have all the bidders lose any sort of standard in their heart. It was impossible for them to weigh the value of these 500 Heavenly Fire Symbols. Like this, it was possible to produce a sky high bid!

On the other hand, setting a high base bid at the start would cause many people to lose all courage to bid. This would dampen the atmosphere and prevent the fiery competition required.

This was the first time that Song Wen was auctioning promissory notes;before this, he had never tried before. This was simply an amazing precedent, especially for the divine Rune City Auction House that was renowned throughout the entire inner Asura Road.

If these promissory notes had sold for a low price then the divine Rune City Auction House would be mocked by their peers. But now, it seemed the chances of that were extremely low!

And once sold for a dramatic amount, divine Rune City Auction House would actually create a legend!

’’100 million!’’

Someone shouted out from the lower seats.

’’150 million!’’

’’200 million!’’

Just as that person finished bidding another person immediately increased the bid. There were even several people shouting at once.

As the auction started, many of the martial artists in the scattered lower seats were impatiently bidding.

100 million? 200 million?

’’This is just a joke!’’

The first person who urged President Song, Far East Miao from Setting Sun City, suddenly sneered.

Lin Ming had just drawn up a divine runic symbol and had even received an 800 million advance to do so. Wasn't it just an insult to bid 100-200 million?

At this time, Far East Miao stood up and loudly shouted, ’’My Far East Family bids 1.3 billion!’’

Those with different status and perspective often had decidedly different judgments.

Many people in the lower seats were shocked. They had shouted out 100-200 million just then, but now someone had shouted out a bid of over a billion. This was just a bit too odd for them.

’’1.4 billion!’’

An indifferent voice shouted out from the VIP suites. It was unknown who the bidder was.

’’1.5 billion!’’ Suya's senior-apprentice brother suddenly shouted after a moment of silence,

The Extreme Star Holy Lands definitely wouldn't miss out on shouting a bid!

As it was, they had already missed a chance to be on good terms with Lin Ming. After experiencing Lin Ming's monstrous talent in the divine runic arts, who would miss out on a second time?

And, what was even more important was that if they obtained these fifth grade divine runic symbols from Lin Ming, the effects they would have on their war against the Heaven Strife Holy Lands would be immeasurable!

Of course, Suya's senior-apprentice brother knew that 1.5 billion was only the start. Wanting to buy these Heavenly Fire Symbols with this amount was far from enough.

’’1.8 billion...’’ On the west side, a crisp voice sounded out from a mysterious VIP suite. As Suya's senior-apprentice brother thought, 1.5 billion fell far short of being enough.

At this time, no one in the lower seats was able to speak.

This was now a battle between the VIP suites!

The shouts of bids had already slowed down. It wasn't that 1.8 billion approached the upper limits of the Heavenly Fire Symbols' value, but because many people in the VIP suites were using secret techniques to contact their headquarters.

Of these people, many of them had tools similar to the Thousand Mile Heartlink. As long as they were all in the same universe they could contact each other no matter how far they were.

’’High Elder, there is an urgent matter I must report to you. There is a talented divine runic master that has produced a batch of divine runic symbols... these are promissory notes. Don't be startled, please allow me to explain...’’

’’Open the image transmitting array. I must transmit an image of the fifth grade Heavenly Fire Symbol to the Sovereign... I must ask the Sovereign to authorize at least 2.5 billion points for us to bid with...’’

When Old Xue tested the Heavenly Fire Symbol, there was a good number of people who were interested and had recorded a phantom video with array discs.

As multiple sound transmission stones lit up throughout the VIP suites, more and more influences joined in on the auction!

’’I haven't even finished speaking with headquarters and the bid has risen to 2 billion! These damned people!’’

Suya angrily thought. She had just applied for 2 billion points with some difficulty, but just as she was about to call out a bid, the current bid had surpassed 2 billion! It seemed that even 2.5 billion wouldn't be enough!

’’Junior-apprentice Sister Suya, don't worry. The Sovereign is already contacting several Elders of the Heavenly Palace to have them help.’’

Because of the war against the Heaven Strife Holy Lands, the sect reserves of the Extreme Star Holy Lands had nearly run dry.

To increase the bid again, that would be with the Elders taking out their own private wealth and adding it together. Once the sect regained their strength these Elders would naturally be repaid.

As the bid climbed to 2.3 billion, the entire auction hall arena had calmed down.

To bid 2.3 billion for promissory notes written by Lin Ming, this was simply a crazy scenario!

’’2.5 billion!’’ Setting Sun City's Far East Miao shouted out between clenched teeth. However, even though he had tossed all his chips onto the table, he still wasn't able to stop the price from dramatically rising.

And 2.5 billion wasn't even high enough to give Song Wen a chance to start a countdown. At this time, Suya emerged from her VIP suite. She gracefully floated floated in the skies of the arena hall and clearly said, ’’2.6 billion!’’

Suya had already applied for all the points she could. Originally, she thought that it was enough but now she realized it wasn't. The points she had requested had all been reserved. If she had used too many then they really wouldn't be able to win the white birch spirit root later!

However, the Vice Palace Master had informed her that they could find other solutions to search for points for the white birch spirit root.

Seeing Suya push the bid to nearly 3 billion points, Far East Miao's complexion changed. Even 2.5 billion wasn't enough to shake off these competitors. He had wanted to obtain these 500 Heavenly Fire Symbols no matter what and had applied for a massive volume of points to do so. But, he never thought that the auction battle for these promissory notes would intensify to such a brutal degree!

He lifted his hand, wanting to bid once more. However, his hand was shaking already. This was not a small number! It wouldn't be something their Far East Family would be able to easily withstand.

He grit his teeth, wanting to raise the bid once more. But at this time, from the highest sections of the VIP suites, a dignified voice echoed out. ’’3 billion!’’

This voice shocked everyone. They all looked towards the VIP suite that shouted this price and as they did they all sucked in a breath of cold air.

Those were the rooms of Empyrean Lionheart!

Empyrean Lionheart had actually shouted out a price!

Since the auction started, the two Empyreans here had yet to say a single word. It was clear that up until now, there was nothing that was able to arouse their interest.

But now, Empyrean Lionheart actually spoke for the first time, and his first words were to issue a mindboggling bid!

Before this, who would have thought that an Empyrean level character's first words at the divine Rune City Auction would be to call out a sky high bid, and all for the promissory notes of a divine Lord realm junior!

’’3... 3 billion...’’

Hearing Empyrean Lionheart's voice, Far East Miao paled and slumped back into his seat. 3 billion was a bid that caused him to lose all heart to continue bidding. With the background of their Far East Family, they had no qualifications to struggle with Empyrean Lionheart.

To compete with an Empyrean... not everyone had the courage to do so. This was not just pressure that came from a high bid, but pressure that came from strength. How could common martial artists dare to struggle with an Empyrean?

But at this time, from another VIP suite, Suya bit her lips. With an unwilling expression she took a deep breath and called out, ’’3.1 billion!’’

This feminine voice had a powerful piercing strength, spreading through the entire audience. For a time, Suya caught the attention of everyone!

The audience was shocked. This woman dared to challenge Empyrean Lionheart!

At this time, Suya's milk-white breasts were violently heaving. Her back and her palms were both wet with sweat! To compete with an Empyrean was to directly face their majesty and dignity;this was an incredible level of pressure.

’’3.2 billion!’’

Empyrean Lionheart>Empyrean Lionheart spoke out again, raising the bid once more!

’’3.3 billion!’’

Suya seemed to have been roused to anger. She refused to concede!

’’Oh?’’ Empyrean Lionheart's eyebrow arched up. He fell quiet for several breaths of time, and then his voice once again spread through the entire audience. ’’3.6 billion!’’

Empyrean Lionheart had poured a powerful momentum into his voice, making anyone who listened feel afraid to disobey.

As soon as this bid of 3.6 billion was called out, everyone in the audience felt their hearts shake!

Suya was also pale white. Through today's sudden development she had been keeping in contact with the Extreme Star Holy Lands even as she engaged in a bidding battle with an Empyrean;she was already unable to continue!

’’Junior-apprentice Sister, please give up! Don't fight anymore, we'll have more opportunities in the future.’’ Suya's senior-apprentice brother said, feeling a little bitter.

At this time, Suya's cheeks were blushing red and she was dripping fragrant sweat.

She bit her lips as if she wanted to bid again but she didn't have the energy to break past the barrier of 3.6 billion that Empyrean Lionheart had set up.

At this time, her eyes touched upon Lin Ming. Although his expression was indifferent, his lips still moved as he spoke two simple words to her.

Suya was stunned. Lin Ming had said, ’’Don't worry.’’

With these two simple words, Suya felt the tight pressure over her heart lighten.

She knew that Lin Ming would certainly have another way to help her so that she wouldn't need to struggle with something she couldn't win against.

Suya's heart warmed. Her nose burned just a little.

’’Thank you...’’

Suya replied as she slumped down in her VIP suite. Even if Lin Ming didn't say anything she truly didn't have the means to continue competing for the bid.

’’3.6 billion, is there anyone willing to bid higher?’’

Song Wen's eyes flitted over the audience. His gaze stopped on the VIP suite of another Empyrean - Empyrean Minor Violet. However, this famous woman Empyrean had yet to say a single word.

He counted down. No one challenged the current bid price.

’’Then, I declare that Lin Ming's promissory note of 500 Heavenly Fire Symbols has sold for 3.6 billion points! Congratulations to Empyrean Lionheart!’’

Song Wen loudly proclaimed as he struck his mallet against the podium. At this time, even his hands were shaking!

In Song Wen's life he had already presided over countless auctions. There were even many treasures he had auctioned off which sold for far more than 3.6 billion. But, to auction a promissory note for 3.6 billion, that was definitely a first!

That meant that on average, every Heavenly Fire Symbol sold for 7.2 million! This was a truly mindboggling price!

By relying on these Heavenly Fire Symbols, Lin Ming had drawn up a single one and had auctioned off 500 in advance for a total gain of 4.37 billion points!

Earning this amount of points so quickly couldn't even be described as crazy!

The final bid price of 3.6 billion left the entire audience stewing in silence for some time.

After a while, there was a round of applause from the audience that originated from their innermost respect and shock.

Afterwards, through the representatives sent to representatives sent to the auction by the various influences, this news spread out via a variety of means!

If these were ordinary times, then people would suspect this was just some fake hype being created, or that the one buying was an idiot. But, the final bidder to win was Empyrean Lionheart!

Who would dare say that Empyrean Lionheart was an idiot? Empyrean Lionheart's judgment was far from what an ordinary person could compare with!

Moreover, with the status of an Empyrean, how could they possibly work with an auction house as a bid manipulator?

With this, no one dared to question the veracity of this news!

The divine Rune City Auction had originally been under the attention of many people and had been a great topic of discussion. But after this event, it was like a wildfire had been set off!

The one to sell the promissory note was only a human, divine Lord realm junior!

Not just that, but this divine Lord realm junior had drawn up a divine runic symbol in front of an audience of hundreds of thousands, including even Grandmaster Overflow and over a dozen other dark divine runic masters!

And what was even more ridiculous was that not only did this divine Lord realm junior not fear these dark divine runic masters copying his techniques, but he instead forced them to hand over almost 800 million points as a viewing fee!

From the complexions of Shadow Overflow and those dark divine runic masters, the audience had been able to speculate that they hadn't been able to learn anything at all, even after paying the fee to spy!

This left many people even more panic-stricken, causing the news to spread further out!

For a time, news of 'an Empyrean spent 3.6 billion points buying a promissory note', and 'a divine Lord realm junior spent less than a day to earn 4.37 billion points' spread throughout the various intelligence networks. Many people spoke of this in restaurants and city squares. This news could be said to overwhelm the world!

This also caused the popularity of this year's divine Rune City Auction to dramatically rise!

Because of this news, many people began to rush towards divine Rune City. Seeing was believing. All of them found it hard to believe that a divine Lord realm junior was able to accomplish such miracles.

However, matters didn't end here!

As everyone believed that the auction of the Heavenly Fire Symbol promissory note was the greatest and most explosive news of the divine Rune City auction, and would even surpass all other news that the other surrounding auction houses would be able to come up with, the divine Runic Masters Guild actually released yet another astonishing burst of news!

It was that, in half a month, the creator of the improved Heavenly Fire Symbol would hold an auction for another improved version of a divine runic symbol - the Heretical God Symbol!

As for this Heretical God Symbol, its power even surpassed that of the Heavenly Fire Symbol! All representatives of great influences were invited to attend the divine Rune City Auction!

For a time, many great influences within the inner Asura Road began to stir.

Even many Empyrean level characters started to quietly enter divine Rune City...


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