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Martial World - Chapter 1642


Chapter 1642

Chapter 1642 - Lin Ming VS Shadow Overflow




Lin Ming took out a specialized divine runic table from his spatial ring as well as various piles of materials.

As Lin Ming took out the materials, he no longer concealed any of his actions from the spying Shadow Overflow. Shadow Overflow's neck was stretched out like a rooster as he licked his dry lips. His complete focus was concentrated on Lin Ming's every move lest he miss a single detail.

’’The materials he uses aren't strange;they are all materials required for drawing a Heavenly Fire Symbol. There are also several more types...’’ Shadow Overflow mumbled, ’’They aren't too cheap but they aren't too expensive either.’’

Shadow Overflow instantly judged.

At this time Elder Xue had already picked up some of the materials and began processing them with precise skills. He removed the inferior parts of materials and then broke them down...

Lin Ming took out some nine-flame grass. His fingertips were like precise scalpels as he made an accurate cut on each blade of grass.

His soul force merged into the nine-flame grass, immediately drawing out the essence of the juice.

A strange tractive force emerged from Lin Ming's palm, cleanly pulling out every drop of essence juice. His fingers seemed to dance in the air, every movement he made like passing clouds and flowing water, smooth and clean, giving off a whole and balanced feeling.

As they said, laymen watched for fun, experts watched for interest.

In the eyes of ordinary people, Lin Ming's movements only had a faint aesthetic sense.

But for some divine runic masters, the more they watched the more immersed they were. Without knowing it, they began to mimic Lin Ming's movements, drawing their hands in the void to capture the precise trajectories of his movements.

They knew that these ghostly movements involved the subtle changes in angle and power of extracting the juices.

These changes seemed ordinary but there was actually a profound meaning behind them. Only these divine runic masters were able to sense some of the mysteries within.

Shadow Overflow's face darkened. Just Lin Ming's movements in extracting the essence of the juice were enough to leave many fifth grade divine runic masters red with shame!

Drawing up a divine runic symbol was in many ways a form of art.

Lin Ming focused all of his concentration into drawing the divine runic symbol. After completing the first step of extracting the essence of the materials, he directly stepped into the next stage.

The divine runic pen dipped into the juice essence and drew a bright path through the air like a chain of stars. A brilliant soul force spilled out into the void, marking the juice essence.

As Lin Ming began to draw up the tiny runes, he perfectly calculated every small change in his mind.

These deductions were accumulated over the last several months. Even the slightest possible change was recorded in his mind. Now, all he needed to do was to perfectly display them.

Every tiny rune was like a tiny flower that bloomed on his fingertips.

Small lines of soul force appeared between the tiny runes, interspersed, connecting them together, revealing a sense of mystery and beauty.

Even for those that didn't understand the divine runic arts, this was a shockingly beautiful scene.

To think that the decidedly dull divine runic arts could be so enchanting.

At this time, Shadow Overflow's eyes were fanatical. His body shivered as he held his breath and focused on Lin Ming's every moment, recording even the smallest detail into his mind.

The other divine runic masters who had spent points all remembered Lin Ming's movements with everything they had.

However, they discovered that they weren't able to follow him!

It wasn't that they couldn't remember Lin Ming's movements, nor was it that they couldn't see the tiny runes he drew up, but because they didn't know what the meaning behind his drawing was!

Even if they used all sorts of dark divine runic analyzing techniques, they still couldn't analyze just how these tiny runes were connected.

Once they missed the tiniest detail, it was easy to be lost on every following stroke.

Some dark divine runic masters had already begun dripping with a cold sweat!

Lin Ming took a long time to draw up the Heavenly Fire Symbol. In the blink of an eye, six hours had passed.

This wasn't an easy process for Lin Ming. His forehead was dripping with crystal clear beads of sweat. As for Xiao Moxian standing beside him, she didn't even dare to help wipe Lin Ming, lest she disturb him.

After those several months of attempts, Lin Ming's chances of drawing up those two improved divine runic symbols had greatly increased.

For the Heretical God Symbol, he had a 60-70% chance of success. As for the Heavenly Fire Symbol, he had a 90% chance of success.

A 90% chance couldn't couldn't be considered a guaranteed 100% success rate. But, if Lin Ming revolved the divine Mist Heart Mantra to the limit and didn't hesitate to consume every last bit of his soul force to draw up the Heavenly Fire Symbol, then he could bring the success rate up to 100%!

As the last tiny rune appeared in the void, the 2000+ runes seemed to come to life. As they floated in the air, they looked like a galaxy, exuding a vast aura of energy.

Om ~ !

A pitch black power of fire submerged into the middle of the runes, carrying with it a strange aura of Laws.

This flame was the nirvanic flames that Lin Ming possessed!

’’Xian'er!’’ Lin Ming said. In truth, he didn't need to say anything;Xiao Moxian was already transferring the nirvanic flames into him where they gathered into the divine runic symbol.

Xiao Moxian's nirvanic flames were far purer than Lin Ming's.

This scene left many in the audience startled with amazement. This black-clothed young girl had followed Lin Ming everywhere. They originally thought she was only a flower vase that was there to look good, but they never imagined the flames she commanded could be so pure. Moreover, her attainments in the Fire Laws seemed to have reached... the seventh level Concept!!

This was a boundary that left many fire-attribute World Kings weeping with shame! And this young girl also seemed to be of similar age and cultivation to Lin Ming.

Just what in the world was this? Wasn't this just a match made in heaven? This was too odd!

At this time, Lin Ming's actions sped up. His hands left afterimages in the air as he fused tiny bits of pitch black flames into the center of each rune.

All of these runes seemed to have been gifted with life. A small dark phoenix was stored into each one, shaking as if they wanted to spread their wings and soar away.

Dark flames jumped over all the runes, dancing amongst them.

Everyone watched with bated breath, not even daring to blink their eyes in case there was the smallest change in the flame runes.

Shadow Overflow watched all the more intensely. He even stopped breathing. The most critical time had come!

What he didn't understand the most was how Lin Ming fused the Asura Heavenly Dao into the divine runic symbol. But now, Lin Ming was beginning this third step, the fusion of the Asura Heavenly Dao!

Lin Ming flicked his finger and a deep blue god rune shot out. This was a rare blue soul level god rune and one of the necessary materials.

At this time, the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws descended, drawing unbelievable lines in space. The path of these lines was elusive and unpredictable. Ordinary people only needed to glance at them a single time to feel dizzy.

’’This is it! This is it!’’

Shadow Overflow widened his eyes so much that they nearly popped out of their sockets. This was the moment he had been waiting for! But, he was completely unable to understand the pattern of these Laws at all! He wildly roared in his heart. At this time, a brilliant white light flooded out, covering Shadow Overflow's field of vision. Even so, he wasn't willing to close his eyes. He stubbornly persisted even as the light scorched him and his eyes turned blood red!

This was a brilliance radiated by the Asura Heavenly Dao. Even a World King powerhouse would feel pained by staring into this light. As for a divine Lord or Holy Lord realm powerhouse that didn't understand the Asura Heavenly Dao, they might have simply lost their eyesight by now!

Shadow Overflow's eyes began to drip blood. He naturally knew that these strange patterns were the true reason as to why Lin Ming's divine runic arts were so powerful!

However, even though he used all the dark divine runic arts techniques at his disposal, even though his eyes bled, he still wasn't able to read the patterns or comprehend what was happening!

’’How could this be!! Where have I gone wrong!?!?’’

Shadow Overflow nearly went crazy as he tried to grasp something. However, time was rapidly passing.

When that endless brilliant glory condensed together, it converged with all the strange Heavenly Dao Law patterns, condensing onto a single ordinary symbol paper.

Heavenly Fire Symbol - complete!

Lin Ming let out a long breath of relief. He had consumed a great deal of energy just now. In order to guarantee a 100% success rate with this Heavenly Fire symbol, Lin Ming hadn't held back any use of his soul force. This also made the Heavenly Fire Symbol he just drew even more perfect!

After finishing all of this, Lin Ming fell onto the divine runic table, propping himself up with his right hand.

As for Old Xue, he had already hurriedly received the divine runic symbol.

Closing his eyes, Old Xue sensed Old Xue sensed the runic structure within and sighed in praise!

’’Good brat, this Heavenly Fire Symbol is even better than the first one I used!’’

Old Xue's words caused the audience to gasp in marvel. At this time, without saying a word further, Song Wen immediately activated the testing array formation!

Even though no one suspected Lin Ming any longer, only by witnessing the truth for themselves could they be shocked!

When the dreamscape of the Great Desolate appeared and the vicious beasts manifested, a dreadful explosion filled the air and roiling flames surged forth. Old Xue's actions were quick and decisive. He used the Heavenly Fire Symbol that Lin Ming just made to burn down a World King vicious beast!

This power was far too terrifying! It was even stronger than the first test!

If this were used by a peak Holy Lord, then although the strength would be weaker than that displayed by Old Xue, as long as it struck it wouldn't be a problem to severely wound a World King!

At the conclusion of the test, Old Xue glanced at Shadow Overflow with relish in his eyes. He cheekily grinned and said, ’’I must say Old Shadow, I think you nearly snapped your neck in half trying to get a good look just now. Tell me, did you discover anything interesting?’’ Although Old Xue wasn't a dark divine runic master, he could tell from Shadow Overflow's grim complexion that he hadn't had any harvests at all. At this time, Shadow Overflow's face was darker than the bottom of a pot!

Shadow Overflow didn't say anything. He composed himself, deeply staring at Lin Ming, not bothering to conceal the deep killing intent in his eyes. Then, without further ado, he silently returned to his VIP suite.

’’I won't see you off.’’ Song Wen faintly smiled. He stepped onto the auction stage and loudly said, ’’Everyone, the auction will begin soon. Little Brother Lin...’’

’’Of course.’’ Lin Ming responded. He took out a special symbol and used a divine runic pen to leave behind a soul force mark. This mark had Lin Ming's unique soul fluctuations within it;it was impossible to fake.

Song Wen used this light promissory note that Lin Ming just drew up and placed it on the auction stage platform. He said, ’’Everyone, my divine Rune City Auction House will now auction off Mister Lin's promissory note. If there is no objection, then we shall begin!’’


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