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Martial World - Chapter 1641


Chapter 1641

Chapter 1641 - Stay If You Want




This boy, he was able to discover everyone looking at him, even the much stronger Shadow Overflow? How was this possible?

If Lin Ming discovered these dark divine runic masters, that meant that this young junior far surpassed their attainments in soul force. Thus, it was no wonder that these dark divine runic masters began to drip with a cold sweat!

This was too terrifying!

They even suspected that Lin Ming was an old monster hiding in the body of a youth!

At this time, Lin Ming flicked his hand and dozens of golden shining runes flew into the air. They scattered in different directions like a pack of homing pigeons, zooming to 19 different places where they paused in the skies.

These people sat in ordinary seats and also in ordinary rooms. But without exception, all of them had a peak Holy Lord cultivation or above!

As the audience saw the cultivation of these people, all of them sucked in a breath of cold air!

They weren't idiots. With things having come this far, even those that didn't understand the divine runic arts knew what was happening. These people all spied on Lin Ming but were actually seized by him instead!

And, the key point was that if these people weren't Holy Lords then they were World Kings. Yet, their spying had been discovered by a simple divine Lord realm junior!

Many people felt this was unbelievable. They stared at Lin Ming's dantian, wanting to see if they could find a clue, but without a doubt all of them verified that he was truly a middle divine Lord realm martial artist!

What was going on here?

’’Is he some old monster in disguise?’’

However, a Great World King level powerhouse shook his head and said, ’’No, only an Empyrean would be able to disguise their cultivation and skeletal age to such a perfect degree beneath the gaze of several hundred thousands of heroes. But, an Emyprean would not do something so boring as to deceive a group of juniors. Not just that, but we even have two strong Empyreans personally attending this event, so wanting to fake anything in front of them is as difficult as ascending to heaven!’’

The Great World King's words were a confirmation of Lin Ming's cultivation and age.

This left many people stunned speechless.

And at this time, on the auction stage, Song Wen overcame his initial shock at Lin Ming's abilities. Slowly, his complexion became dark and gloomy. ’’Those 19 friends marked by runes, could you kindly stand?’’

Song Wen's voice was calm and filled with forceful aggressiveness.

These dark divine runic masters, although they couldn't be seen in the light of day, were still people with status. They had never been treated like this before!

No one moved. Song Wen thought little of it. He coldly coughed, saying, ’’You may be considered our peers, but I must apologize that we do not welcome your kind here. Our divine Runic Masters Guild has always drawn a clear line with dark divine runic masters!’’

Song Wen's original intention was to protect Lin Ming and to prevent any secrets from his drawing of the Heavenly Fire Symbol to leak out. But, he never imagined that as he said this, Lin Ming would instead laugh and smile, saying, ’’Elder Song, there is no need to do that. As the saying goes, good relations always lead to wealth. Although I pointed them out, that doesn't mean I wanted them to be evicted. If they want to see, they can certainly stay and learn.’’


Lin Ming's words left everyone dumbfounded, whether it was Shadow Overflow, the other dark divine runic masters, the audience, or Song Wen. Just what was Lin Ming planning?

’’Well, however...’’ Lin Ming suddenly changed his tone.

’’I do have a condition. I cannot allow them to freely stay for nothing. To those 19 dark divine runic masters I just marked, if you wish to stay then you need to pay a viewing fee of 30 million points. Of course, if I fail in drawing up my Heavenly Fire Symbol then the fee will be completely refunded.’’

Lin Ming's words and actions left everyone panic-stricken!

One person was 30 million, that meant 19 people were nearly 600 million!

Wasn't this money just too easily earned!?

30 million was not a small amount. Even the price for a VIP suite was 30 million, and that was something only a large influence like an Empyrean level influence would pay for. As for World King level influences, they would only rent out ordinary rooms.

For instance, these dark divine runic masters were mostly in the ordinary rooms. Of course, the reason for choosing an ordinary room, besides cost, was also because they wished to remain low-key.

30 million points was also a price they could pay. Dark divine runic masters dabbled in transactions of the underworld and all of them were fairly wealthy. Even so, they couldn't take out 30 million points without paying;that price would definitely leave them feeling a bit of pain.

Hearing Lin Ming say such words, Elder Xue was a bit worried. He said with a sound transmission, ’’Lin Ming, don't be impulsive here. These dark divine runic masters have existed for billions of years and have an immeasurably long inheritance. The The number of secret techniques they possess is incalculable. If you let them watch and mimic you then that is too dangerous. If your inheritance was revealed...’’

Old Xue was indeed concerned for Lin Ming. Lin Ming's inheritance was far, far too valuable. He feared that Lin Ming would be too confident in himself because Shadow Overflow had failed in unraveling the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol before. After all, copying without seeing and copying with seeing were two completely different concepts.

Before Lin Ming replied to Old Xue, Shadow Overflow smiled and said, ’’The newborn calf really doesn't fear the tiger. Not only do you not fear us copying you as we watch, but you even want to take our money! Interesting! How interesting! Good, I will put forth these 30 million points!’’

With Shadow Overflow's wealth, he certainly didn't care much about 30 million points.

But at this time Lin Ming suddenly sneered. He looked towards Shadow Overflow and spread his hands, ’’I'm sorry, but it seems you didn't hear me clearly just now. I asked those 19 dark divine runic masters that I marked to pay a 30 million viewing fee if they wished to stay and watch, but you are not included in those 19 people. If you want to stay then the fee is a bit higher at 200 million. Whether you want to stay and watch is all up to you.’’


Shadow Overflow nearly choked on himself.

He glared at Lin Ming, hate thick in his eyes, ’’What is the meaning of this!’’

Lin Ming simply didn't bother with Shadow Overflow's sharp and cutting vision. He indifferently said, ’’This price is decided by me. If you don't want to stay then I am not forcing you to! Grandmaster Overflow, you are already so infamous outside that you will surely be able to see more details than these other dark divine runic masters. If I do not charge you a higher fee then it is not fair to any of them!’’

’’You - !!’’ Shadow Overflow's face turned red with rage. Even for him, taking out 200 million would be painful!

Lin Ming's viewing fees were decided after calculating the net worth of Shadow Overflow and the other dark divine runic masters. It was a price that they didn't want to pay, but one that they weren't willing to refuse and give up on.

At this time, Song Wen stepped forwards, ’’Everyone, if you do not wish to pay the viewing fee then I must ask you to leave. This divine Rune City Auction originally did not welcome the likes of you dark divine runic masters!’’

Song Wen also praised Lin Ming in his heart. This boy This boy was truly not easy to deal with. If anyone underestimated him because of his age, then they would simply be stupid idiots!

To draw up a peak fifth grade improved Heavenly Fire Symbol under the gaze of the audience, to dare allow a group of peak fifth grade and sixth grade dark divine runic masters spy on the process, but to also sit back and receive money, this level of daring was not something an ordinary person could possess!

Even an established sixth grade divine runic master like Elder Xue wouldn't be brave enough to do this!

’’Good! Good! Very good!’’ Shadow Overflow repeated as he cast off his black cloak, revealing his old and withered face. His filthy eyes were currently shimmering with a faint blood red light.

’’Then I will pay this 200 million!’’

Shadow Overflow was stirred to anger by Lin Ming!

At this point, it was the same as Lin Ming declaring war on him!

A junior that wasn't even a hundred years old was declaring war on the infamous Shadow Overflow. If he didn't dare to meet this challenge then he would be made a laughingstock by everyone he knew!

Shadow Overflow threw out a jade slip with 200 million points within. At the same time, from all over the arena, 19 jade slips flew up one after another, each one having 30 million points within it!

divine runic masters were proud and arrogant people and even dark divine runic masters were the same. These people did not believe in superstitious nothings, they believed in themselves!

Even if they couldn't unravel the Heavenly Fire Symbol they would still be able to see many things. This would be greatly beneficial to them in the future. With that, these 30 million points weren't wanted at all.

Lin Ming received all of these jade slips and gave them to Xiao Moxian. Xiao Moxian looked at the shining point cards in her hands and put all the points within them in a larger contribution points jade slip.

Feeling the contents of the large points jade slip rapidly grow, Xiao Moxian grinned from ear to ear. ’’Big Brother Lin makes money far too easily. Let alone selling those Heavenly Fire Symbols or selling those promissory notes, you have already earned 800 million...’’

As the audience heard Xiao Moxian speak, they seemed to wake up from a stupor. Before this they had been laughing at the idea of Lin Ming selling promissory notes at the divine Rune City auction, thinking he would make a joke of himself. But now, before the promissory notes were sold, he had already earned 800 million points. This amount of points earned in such a short period a short period of time was far too abnormal!

In the VIP suites, Suya spat out a light breath. She felt more and more that the youth on stage was unfathomably deep. She thought she understood Lin Ming, but the truth was that she never understood him at all. With every step Lin Ming took, she was always amazed by whatever astonishing matter happened next!

800 million points, that was the same as stealing! But, this blatantly wild grab for money was completely justified. To have a group of dark divine runic masters and even the famed Shadow Overflow obediently fork over so much wealth, if Suya had only heard of this but didn't see it with her own eyes, she would think whoever said this was insane!

’’Little Brother Lin, you may begin at any time.’’ Song Wen nodded towards Lin Ming. He was also curious where Lin Ming's self-confidence came from. ’’There is no need to set up a temporary divine runic room, I have already sent people to bring over the required array discs.’’

To refine divine runic symbols required all sorts of intricate array formations, otherwise Lin Ming's efficiency in drawing up divine runic symbols would be much lower.

’’Hehe, what's the point of having array formations? You have an old man here willing to be an assistant!’’ Old Xue stepped forwards, taking the initiative to volunteer himself.

The main role of an array formation was to help in processing materials. But no matter how good a seventh grade array formation was in processing materials, it wouldn't be as good as having a real sixth grade divine runic master!

To have Old Xue as an assistant, that was an absurdly luxurious matter. Many people who knew Old Xue's status in the divine Runic Masters Guild were left flabbergasted by this.

’’Thank you senior!’’ Lin Ming felt a warmth in his heart. He could feel Elder Xue's concern towards him. Drawing up a Heavenly Fire Symbol wasn't easy at all. Without the support of large-scale high grade array formations here to support him, having an assistant here would save him a great deal of soul force and make it easier to draw up the Heavenly Fire Symbol.

’’Haha, what are you being so polite for? When the divine runic symbol is finished, you can just give me 100 million from those 800 million points you received just now!’’

Old Xue laughed. Lin Ming choked on his words. This old man, he really wouldn't change no matter what. The truth was that to Lin Ming giving away 100 million wasn't a problem at all, but he knew that Old Xue was in truth just joking around with him.


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