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Martial World - Chapter 1636


Chapter 1636

Chapter 1636 - Test




To have a zero base price on promissory notes, the truth was that divine Rune City didn't want the associated infamy. The general meaning of it was that all transactions for this auction were completely voluntary. The base price would be set to zero and whoever wanted to bid could bid whatever they wanted and the divine Rune City Auction House would take on no responsibility for this matter.

Although the divine Rune City Auction didn't publicize the auction of the 'promissory notes' and had no intention of doing so, they had still made it explicitly clear that the auction of the promissory notes would not take place if Lin Ming's 10 Heavenly Fire Symbols sold for less than 40 million. Even so, news of this auction still spread through the city!

Moreover, this news spread like wildfire!

Many martial artists and many influences learned that the divine Rune City Auction, which was famed throughout the entire inner Asura Road for having anything up for sale as long as one had the money, was actually selling promissory notes.

Moreover, what left one dumbstruck was that the person selling these promissory notes was a divine Lord realm junior who was less than a hundred years old!

And, this divine Lord realm junior also didn't have any great influence backing him. He was nothing but a loner, and although there was said to be an amazing master standing behind him, this master had never appeared.

He had seemingly produced a mysterious divine runic symbol and was considerably well known in the world of divine runic arts. But outside of this small community, there hadn't been anyone who had heard of him.

If such a junior were to write down a promissory note and sell it, then others would definitely say that whoever bought this promissory note was an idiot.

If one could sell empty promises at an auction then they too would want to do the same!

They could write down a promissory note for 10 Empyrean spirit treasures, 10 transcendent divine pills, or even 100 seventh grade divine runic symbols, and would they be able to sell this note for 10 billion points?

Many other colleagues in the auction industry were waiting to have a good laugh at divine Rune City Auction House's expense.

The business of auction houses was highly competitive. The more transactions an auction house had, the more sky high prices they could sell items for, then the more clients and bidders they could attract! Clients would always want to go to an auction house that would auction off their items at the highest price possible! There were many auction houses that could find buyers but not a source of goods!

divine Rune City Auction House was extremely reputable and even if other auction houses worked together and hired a batch of bid manipulators, they still couldn't shake the iron-fisted monopoly that divine Rune City Auction House held over the auction business. And now, these other auction houses were all waiting for the divine Rune City Auction House to fail.

However, no matter what the news was or how many people were waiting to see this bumbling failure occur, the second round of the auctions began on time.

This time, there were even more bidders on the scene.

Many people heard about the sale of of promissory notes and wanted to join in on this new experience.

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian had already entered the auction arena earlier. As they were about to enter their private room, Lin Ming could feel a swift and violent cold light shoot towards them. Lin Ming turned to see Duke Fullmoon appearing like a vengeful ghost in the windows of his VIP suite. The light inside his room was dark, causing Duke Fullmoon to look especially grim and ghostly.

’’This stupid fly also came early. But he's already gone bankrupt so what's the point of putting on airs.’’ Xiao Moxian pouted her lips, speaking with disdain.

Lin Ming faintly smiled. ’’He's also representing his sect to purchase items, so he likely still has many points in his hands.’’

Lin Ming didn't bother with Duke Fullmoon and went straight to his private room. As he flew up into the skies, many people were looking towards him. By this time, Lin Ming had already become famous!

Today, if he could sell the Heavenly Fire Symbols for at least 40 million then he would be able to accomplish the unprecedentedly magnificent feat of selling promissory notes. But if he sold the Heavenly Fire Symbols for less than 40 million he would become an utter joke.

The first item in the second round of the auctions was 10 zenith black level god runes.

Zenith black level god runes were necessary materials for crafting seventh grade divine runic symbols. There were even some peak sixth grade divine runic symbols that required zenith black level god runes. Thus, these 10 zenith black level god runes were in high demand. In the end, they were bought by a peak a peak sixth grade divine runic master in the VIP suites.

Following that, all sorts of different items were sold. At the sixth auction, Song Wen calmly took out a jade box. After opening it, one could see 10 light and thin symbol papers within.

These were Lin Ming's Heavenly Fire Symbols!

During the previous round of auctions, Lin Ming had taken out the Heavenly Fire Symbols once, thus many people were able to recognize what these 10 symbol papers were.

’’It's here! Haha, to sell promissory notes, I came today just to watch this event!’’

’’He's been crazy after thinking of money too much;to think he actually dares to sell promissory notes!’’

All of these words came from spies sent from other auction houses in the inner Asura Road. Now they mixed themselves into the crowds of bidders and their mission was to gather as much information as they could so they could later propagandize this ridiculous matter.

Towards these people beneath the arena stage that had ill intentions, Song Wen ignored them all. He indifferently said, ’’Ladies and gentleman, these are fifth grade divine runic symbols, Heavenly Fire Symbols produced by a young and rising talent of my divine Runic Masters Guild. In the last round of auctions you all saw that these were not ordinary Heavenly Fire Symbols. These Heavenly Fire Symbols have undergone many improvements and their effects are far superior to normal. For these 10 Heavenly Fire Symbols, the base price is 20 million points and each increase cannot be any lower than one million points.’’

Song Wen lightly spoke these words that had no persuasive power at all. Young and rising divine runic master, many improvements, effects far improvements, effects far superior to normal, all of these words seemed untrustworthy to the audience.

And, the most absurd point was that these 10 fifth grade divine runic symbols were being sold for a total scam price of 20 million points!

Fifth grade divine runic symbols usually sold for tens of thousands, and buying 10 of them for a million points was already a tremendous loss. Yet, Song Wen listed the base price of these 10 divine runic symbols as 20 times that ridiculous price.

Setting up such a starting bid was simply a death wish. Many people were looking to see which idiot would bid on these.

However, Song Wen didn't start the auction. Rather, he pressed some switch on the auction stage and with a loud rumbling sound, the entire auction stage was split apart as the ground sank in.

At the same time, a massive black altar slowly rose from the ground!

This black altar was an array formation!

Its use was to test the various characteristics, might, and attributes of a divine runic symbol.

In the divine Rune City Auction House, sometimes there would be special divine runic symbols sold. At this time, these divine runic symbols would need to be tested in order to demonstrate the various aspects of a divine runic symbol.

Hu - !

With a powerful grinding noise, the array formation activated!

The entire altar was shrouded in a shimmering white light. A chubby old man with a white beard guffawed as he hopped onto the altar. This old man was no one else but Lin Ming's old friend - Old Xue.

At this auction, Lin Ming specifically asked Old Xue to test the divine runic symbol!


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