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Martial World - Chapter 1634


Chapter 1634

Chapter 1634 - 1.99 Billion




Lin Ming's repeated requests and conditions caused even Song Wen to frown.

This was an extremely large transaction and many people were still unfamiliar with Lin Ming's name. Even in the world of divine runic arts, Lin Ming wasn't a widely known individual.

Outside of that, almost no one knew of him.

A junior that was less than a hundred years old and who only had a divine Lord realm cultivation actually wanted to sell promissory notes in advance;just who would believe him?

Lin Ming simply didn't have any credibility built up at all. In this situation, who would buy the empty promises of a junior for 700-800 million or even a billion points!

’’Suya, did you hear him!? He wants to sell a few promissory notes, do you still believe him? How will he do that? It's possible that the divine Runic Masters Guild doesn't even allow an 'auction item' like that on the auction stage. To sell promissory notes for a billion points, he is taking us all for fools!’’

Suya's senior-apprentice brother felt that Lin Ming had gone crazy.

However, Suya tried her best to show a calm expression. ’’So what if it's a promissory note, did you forget that when Lin Ming requested to borrow 800 million points from the Extreme Star Holy Lands, we still lent him money all the same!’’

’’That is completely different! We had already obtained the 2000 Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols by then and we also know who Lin Ming is! Do you think these other influences here know just who Lin Ming is? If points are so easy to obtain then I might as well write up a promissory note myself and write 10 Empyrean spirit treasures on it and see just who will buy it!’’

After randomly lending a billion points, it wasn't a surprise that Suya's senior-apprentice brother was so agitated.

In fact, Suya's heart was rapidly beating like a drum solo right now. Lin Ming actually dared to sell promissory notes at divine Rune City's grand auction. This was truly an unprecedented event that would likely not be copied in the future.

As Suya was lost in thought, she felt an icy cold gaze land on her, causing her to shiver.

She turned to see that the one sending her a chilling gaze was Duke Fullmoon!

At this time, Duke Fullmoon's face was grim and cold. As he looked at Suya, the previous hints of appreciation and desire in his eyes had disappeared and were replaced by a gloomy killing intent.

If it weren't for Suya appearing from nowhere, Lin Ming wouldn't have had the chance to compete for the Violet Gold Spear with him!

Because the auction for the Violet Gold Spear had already started, Lin Ming's auction of his divine runic symbols wouldn't yet begin. It was unknown whether or not it would be carried out. If Lin Ming said that he would sell those divine runic symbols for a billion points, who would believe him?

Without genuine financial support, Lin Ming wouldn't be able to randomly shout out whatever price he wanted to. Let alone Duke Fullmoon opposing this, not even the divine Runic Masters Guild would approve! This was a great taboo of the auction house.

But it just so happened that at this time Suya offered to lend Lin Ming a billion points, allowing him to continue competing. This meant that Duke Fullmoon would have to bleed even more!

How could Duke Fullmoon not hate Suya for this.

’’Suya, how ruthless of you! I've treated you so well and yet you've done this to me!’’

Duke Fullmoon's arctic sound transmission echoed in Suya's ears.

Suya's heart skipped a beat. She quietly responded, ’’I apologize deeply Duke Fullmoon. I received an Extreme Star Command that ordered me to support Lin Ming with everything I could during this auction. I had no other choice but to comply.’’

Suya's response was quick. She came up with a reason and pushed all responsibility onto the Extreme Star Holy Lands and showed an involuntary expression. Even though Duke Fullmoon had a deep background he still couldn't do anything to the Extreme Star Holy Lands.

Suya's words left Duke Fullmoon in half-belief and half-doubt. Had Lin Ming's value already risen to such a degree?

He silently flew back to his VIP suite. His dire expression scared Junior-apprentice Sister Qing, making her keep silent without saying a single word

She knew that the current Duke Fullmoon was already enraged to the limit. He could even strike out and kill people at any moment!

Like this, the auction for the Violet Gold Spear continued. Suya and Lin Ming both began moving back to their rooms.

As Lin Ming was turning around, Suya looked at him with deep and trembling emotion in her eyes, her voice exhausted and enchanting as she said with a sound transmission, ’’Sir Lin, to help you win this Violet Gold Spear I have paid a price in blood. Not only have I offended Duke Fullmoon but I even must fear the potential punishment punishment of the Palace Master because I arbitrarily used the funds he gave us to purchase the white birch spirit root. In the future, you must repay me...’’

Although Suya's breathy words seemed suspect, Lin Ming knew that what she said was true. Even Lin Ming thought that Suya had been too reckless in helping him. These two prices she had to pay were indeed heavy!

However... even though Suya had made such a great bet, the truth was that she didn't know that Lin Ming had no intention of buying the Violet Gold Spear to begin with. He was only doing this to trick Duke Fullmoon!

Thinking of this, Lin Ming awkwardly rubbed his nose. He couldn't help but wonder: just what would Suya say once she realized this?

However, with a new actor like Suya entering the field, he could continue wildly shouting out any price he wanted. This also meant that Duke Fullmoon would think he absolutely wanted to win this spear!

Suya was returning, but her senior-apprentice brother didn't intend to yet.

Lin Ming saw the increasingly poor complexion of Suya's senior-apprentice brother and said, ’’This friend, there is no need for you to worry about this matter. You only need to pretend as if you are willing to lend me a billion points so no one questions whether I can continue competing for this Violet Gold Spear. If my promissory notes do not sell then later you do not need to lend me anything. At that time, the divine Runic Masters Guild will only punish me and not you.’’

Lin Ming's thoughts on the matter were extremely clear. As Suya's senior-apprentice brother heard this, he was startled. He looked at Lin Ming with surprise.

Indeed, as long as they just made the gesture of lending the points then it would be fine. Like this, no one would question whether or not Lin Ming had enough points and the remaining risks would all be taken by him. If Lin Ming wasn't able to pay the points later then they could simply ignore him. The only loss to them would be a little bit of their reputation.

Although Suya's senior-apprentice brother didn't believe that Lin Ming's promissory notes could sell at such a ridiculously high price, he didn't doubt Lin Ming's skill. To lose a bit of reputation to win over Lin Ming, that was completely worth it.

Thinking of this, he nodded and agreed to 'lend' Lin Ming a billion points.

Seeing Suya's senior-apprentice brother considering the situation again and again before nodding, Lin Ming felt Ming felt it somewhat funny. He didn't think that something as minor as this auction for the Violet Gold Spear would actually stir up such a giant commotion.

But since the play had already begun, it would be a waste to not bring it to its end. With so many actors joining in on this play, wouldn't it be an insult to their superb performances if he didn't thoroughly damage Duke Fullmoon's finances?

Thus, before Lin Ming returned to his private room, he asked the auctioneer Song Wen. ’’Mister Song, is it my turn to make a bid now?’’

Song Wen was stunned for a moment before nodding. ’’Because of Duke Fullmoon's question just now, the auction for the Violet Gold Spear was temporarily suspended. But now that Sir Lin has borrowed a billion points, you naturally have the qualifications to continue bidding.’’


Lin Ming faintly smiled. He looked towards Duke Fullmoon's direction and said, ’’Duke Fullmoon, since you increased the bid by 200 million just now, then let me express my gratitude and increase the bid by 200 million again. 1.8 billion!’’

Lin Ming's voice was light. He spoke as if these 1.8 billion points were nothing but a drop in the bucket to him!

’’Express his gratitude...’’

’’He increased the bid by another 200 million...’’

This tone could simply aggravate one to death. If one didn't know of Lin Ming's current situation they might think he had 10 billion points to spend!

In the VIP suites, as Duke Fullmoon heard Lin Ming's voice, his complexion darkened and his lungs nearly exploded with rage!

Shouting out a new bid was fine, but Lin Ming had to use such an indifferent tone like he didn't care at all!

In this, Duke Fullmoon couldn't compare. It was impossible for him to remain calm at 1.8 billion points. This was 200 million points higher than his original limit for the Violet Gold Spear!

At this time, all of the bidders in the arena looked towards the luxury suite that Duke Fullmoon was situated in.

They were waiting to see whether he would increase the bid or give up.

’’Guest #36 has bid 1.8 billion. Is there anyone willing to bid a higher price?’’

Song Wen asked as per usual, looking through the entire audience. Although he asked everyone, the truth was that his question was only for Duke Fullmoon. His voice was also much more restrained. In truth, there was no need to sound passionate and stir up a frenzy, because Duke Fullmoon's rage had been ignited and he couldn't be any couldn't be any more passionate or frenzied.

Duke Fullmoon was so mad his intestines twisted in his stomach. He wished that he could cut up Lin Ming to tiny pieces. And at this time, whether he wanted to or not, it was impossible for Duke Fullmoon to retreat. This was not a question of face or pride, but because he really did need this Violet Gold Spear.

’’1.8 billion... and... 20 million...’’

Duke Fullmoon grit his teeth.

Even just adding 10 million caused Duke Fullmoon's heart to drip blood. All of this was thanks to Lin Ming!

’’1.82 billion! Is there a higher bid?’’

Song Wen looked towards Lin Ming's room.

Without missing a beat, Lin Ming said with a devil-may-care attitude, ’’1.99 billion.’’

When Lin Ming's new price erupted, let alone Duke Fullmoon, even the entire arena audience was left shaking in their seats.

Lin Ming put out a bid of 1.99 billion and the meaning behind it was extremely clear. Many people believed Lin Ming had 2 billion points to begin with, and with Suya lending him a billion, this was 3 billion altogether.

With 1.01 billion deducted from the auction of the nameless ancient pill, this meant that Lin Ming had 1.99 billion left.

In other words, Lin Ming putting out this bid was to say that this was all he had. He was telling Duke Fullmoon that if Duke Fullmoon had the resources to overcome this bid, then the item was his!

This move was sufficiently ruthless!

Many people admired Lin Ming's courage and boldness. If the average person borrowed a billion points they would be greedy and fearful in case they couldn't return it. But as for Lin Ming, he spent these borrowed billion points as if they weren't even money. Even the 2 billion points of wealth he accumulated before were freely spent!

To shout a bid of 1.99 billion without even blinking an eye, just who could match this daring?

’’Almost 2 billion, this is incredible. Whether or not this Lin Ming is a madman, he'll become famous today!’’

Normally, it was amazing for an Empyrean spirit treasure to be sold for a billion points.

Now one was being sold for twice the price. If it were an Empyrean buying it, then it wouldn't be a problem at all.

But in most situations, only a World King would buy an Empyrean spirit treasure. For a Great World King to buy an Empyrean spirit treasure, they would nearly lose all of their assets to do so, much less this was twice the normal price!


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