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Martial World - Chapter 1633


Chapter 1633

Chapter 1633 - Promissory Note




’’Fifth grade divine runic symbols? Are you sure?’’

Someone asked the fifth grade divine runic master who spoke with astonishment in their voice.

’’Definitely.’’ The divine runic master stared back at the person ill-humoredly. ’’I have already been drawing up fifth grade divine runic symbols for over 5000 years, so how would I misread them?’’

As the divine runic master spoke, many people saw the divine runic master badge on his chest. Although it wasn't one issued by the divine Runic Masters Guild, it still clearly identified him as a fifth grade divine runic master.

Originally, some people thought that the divine runic symbols Lin Ming took out were some top level inheritance he found somewhere, but they were actually so low level!

’’He wants to sell fifth grade divine runic symbols on divine Rune City's auction stage? Is that boy playing jokes on us?’’

’’I think he might really be a 'bid manipulator' hired by the divine Runic Masters Guild. He's probably hired to wildly shout out prices and cause a ruckus to raise bids. This type of person will definitely be jailed by them later. I think that maybe even those 10 blood red jade slips might be fakes!’’

If one didn't understand the divine runic arts, it would be hard to judge whether the jade slips that Lin Ming took out were real or not.

’’These people are really annoying brain-dead dogs, I can't believe they would actually question the legitimacy and value of Big Brother Lin's divine runic symbols...’’ Xiao Moxian growled from within the ordinary room.

However, even though she said this she was still feeling uneasy. Just what was the value of these 20 divine runic symbols?

It was true that Lin Ming's revised divine runic symbols were fierce, but there were still only 20 of them.

Towards all these questions and doubts, Lin Ming remained silent. All around him, the divine runic symbols floated up and down, shimmering with a deep brilliance.

But this silence caused the audience's suspicions to be even deeper.

As these people were increasingly crude with their language, a faintly seductive voice echoed out from within the sea of doubts, seemingly especially noticeable.

’’The lot of you are truly ignorant and unlearned. Have you never heard of the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol before?’’

This magnetic and captivating voice echoed out from a VIP suite.

Everyone's gaze followed the voice to see a beautiful figure stand out.

’’Who is that woman?’’

The great majority of people present didn't know of Suya, but they knew that the VIP suite Suya came from was rented by an Empyrean Holy Land. In other words, this woman likely came from an Empyrean Holy Land.

’’She is the Extreme Star Holy Lands' Miss Suya. The Extreme Star Holy Lands are at war with the Heaven Strife Holy Lands and Miss Suya is responsible for managing the acquisition of divine runic symbols at the divine Runic Masters Guild.’’

Someone who knew Suya explained.

Everyone was startled. Suya could be considered as someone with status. For her to speak out now, her words naturally carried a certain weight to them.

Suya seemed to not hear the discussions around her. Her eyes remained bright and pure throughout. To her, there was no doubt of Lin Ming's value in her mind, and this was the perfect time to speak out for him. Giving help when needed was always better than attempting flattery later.

Seeing Suya stand up for him, Lin Ming faintly smiled and politely nodded towards her in the distance, expressing his thanks.

’’Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol? What is that?’’

Many people were confused. In truth, one couldn't blame them for not knowing. Those that came to divine Rune City for the auction were either extremely wealthy characters or rulers of their own domains. However, these people were separated by mountains and rivers and many of them weren't too understanding of the world of divine runic masters. And there were also some people that weren't spiritas but were of other races. The Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols were earth-shaking amongst divine runic masters and particularly in the divine Runic Masters Guild, but outside martial artists didn't know too much about this.

The inner Asura Road was simply far too large. Even those people with a vast degree of experience would find it hard to know that a small divine runic symbol was able to create such a tremendous change in the war between the Extreme Star Holy Lands and Heaven Strife Holy Lands.

’’Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol? This woman seems to value it a great deal?’’

Although these people didn't know what the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol was, if this woman held this divine runic symbol in such high esteem then it was clearly something extraordinary. Did this youth create this divine runic symbol?

As many bidders were whispering their suspicions to each other, Suya opened her mouth and said, ’’Sir Lin, if you must compete for the Violet Gold Spear then I can lend you one billion points in advance.’’

Although Suya's voice wasn't loud it still spread through the auction arena like a rolling thunderclap, smashing into everyone's ears. For a time, the the noisy auction arena fell silent.

Miss Suya was going to lend this young divine runic master a billion points?

A billion points was not a small number. To lend this amount so easily, this proved that Suya clearly trusted this young man named Lin Ming a great deal. She trusted his moral character and trusted in his ability to repay her!

Many people didn't know of the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol that Suya spoke of. And even though there were people present who knew what this divine runic symbol was and began explaining its fierceness to others, these other people still only half believed their words.

But now, with Suya directly lending Lin Ming a billion points, this was clear proof of how valuable this Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol was! If it wasn't then there was no way Suya would have lent this tremendous amount of money.

At this time, in the VIP suite that Suya was in, a man that looked to be in his thirties had a very ill complexion. ’’Junior-apprentice Sister Suya, please come back in first.’’

This man was Suya's senior-apprentice brother and also someone that the Extreme Star Holy Lands sent to divine Rune City to bid for items in the auction.

With Suya, the two of them were responsible for winning a material called a 'white birch spirit root'. And this material was something directly named by the Palace Master of Extreme Star Heavenly Palace!

Just what sort of character was the Extreme Star Heavenly Palace Master? His strength was considered top level even amongst Empyreans and he was the god of the entire Extreme Star Holy Lands. Normally, just mentioning his name would cause all disciples of the Extreme Star Holy Lands to fall silent.

The reason that Suya was able to stand out and have such success in the Extreme Star Holy Lands was in truth partially because the Extreme Star Heavenly Palace Master recognized her ability to communicate and negotiate with others.

However, just because the Palace Master recognized Suya's talents didn't mean that she was allowed to arbitrarily make decisions on her own! The current Extreme Star Holy Lands was stretched for resources. Suya and her senior-apprentice brother had been given authority to use 2.5 billion points in this auction and this was the personal wealth of the Extreme Star Heavenly Palace Master. This wealth was for the express purpose of acquiring the white birch spirit root, something that the Palace Master needed to upgrade his vital origin magic weapon!

If there were any delays and the Palace Master's enhancement in strength was affected, then Suya and her and her senior-apprentice brother could die 10,000 times without being able to make up for it!

Now, Suya lent out a billion points in a single breath. This left them with just 1.5 billion points, an amount insufficient to win the 'white birch spirit root'!

And according to the rules of the auction, all debts had to be paid in full within 10 days of the auction ending.

If Suya were to lend these points to Lin Ming and also simultaneously win the 'white birch spirit root', that required Lin Ming to pay back the billion points in a short period of time.

And Lin Ming himself had a great deal of things he needed to buy.

Suya knew that besides the 2 billion points on Lin Ming's body, he really did only have these 20 divine runic symbols. If Lin Ming had other sources of wealth, why would he have a condition of borrowing 800 million points from the Extreme Star Holy Lands for taking on the mission of drawing up Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols?

But Suya still lent Lin Ming these billion points because she mistakenly believed that he really wanted to purchase this Violet Gold Spear.

After all, Lin Ming was a spear-wielding martial artist and Suya could approximate that Lin Ming really should trade in the Phoenix Blood Spear he used.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister, have you gone mad!?’’ Suya's senior-apprentice brother had an extremely ugly complexion. As he spoke, he was left a bit breathless from anger.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother, you must trust me just this one time. Although I haven't come into contact with Lin Ming much, I have a clear grasp of his character. He never does anything without certain belief that he can accomplish it. In the past I underestimated him a few times. I thought he had taken on missions that were impossible for him to complete, but the result was that I ended up black and blue with shame. In the end, I had to ignore the shame I felt to apologize to him. He is the type of man that will always be true to his word.’’

Suya's tone indicated she wasn't worried at all. But, although she seemed calm on the surface, her palms were actually wet with sweat.

At this time she had truly made a great gamble. She was betting everything on the hope that Lin Ming could create a miracle with those 20 divine runic symbols.

Suya had already thoroughly investigated Lin Ming's background and discovered that he was someone who couldn't even be described as a freakishly monstrous genius.

Over 20 years ago he had only been had only been a talented third grade divine runic master. But after just a mere 20 some years, he was able to create the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol that not even Shadow Overflow was able to unravel.

There was absolutely a secret hidden on Lin Ming's body!

However, even though Suya made repeated assurances, her senior-apprentice brother turned a deaf ear to all of this. ’’Junior-apprentice Sister, you have become obsessed with phantoms. I do not agree with you lending out these points. Stepping back, even if Lin Ming could really use those 20 divine runic symbols to earn back the points, Honorable Master will still punish us because we arbitrarily used the points he gave us for buying the white birch spirit root for other purposes. This is a grave crime that you are committing.’’

As Suya's senior-apprentice brother was speaking, Lin Ming suddenly smiled. ’’Thank you Miss Suya, but the auction for this Violet Gold Spear has yet to end, thus the auction of my divine runic symbols must be after the Violet Gold Spear. Mister Song, do you think... you can arrange it for me?’’

Lin Ming said, turning towards Song Wen.

Song Wen narrowed his eyes as he looked at the divine runic symbols in Lin Ming's hand. Although he could feel that there was something extraordinary about them, he thought the entire situation was absurd. Even if he knew about the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols, no matter how heaven-defying Lin Ming's new divine runic symbols were, it was impossible to sell 20 of them for several hundred millions of points. After all, they were only fifth grade divine runic symbols.

’’Little Brother Lin...’’

Song Wen had a look of embarrassment on his face. He was afraid that Lin Ming was too overconfident in his abilities and had set the base price for his divine runic symbols too high. If no one were to end up bidding on them then that would truly be a joke.

Lin Ming naturally knew what Song Wen was thinking. He smiled and said, ’’Mister Song, feel relieved that I am not just auctioning these 20 divine runic symbols. I am also auctioning promissory notes for more. I can sell hundreds or even a thousand. Whoever is willing to purchase in advance, whoever pays.’’

As Lin Ming spoke, many bidders almost fell off their chairs.

Promissory notes!? Purchase in advance!?

For several hundred million points to only buy a promissory note? Who did he think he was? Only an idiot would buy these!

Since this auction first began, no one had ever heard of taking money first to buy a promissory note!


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