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Martial World - Chapter 1631


Chapter 1631

Chapter 1631 - Lin Ming Strikes Back




1.21 billion was only 10 million higher than Duke Fullmoon's bid. It seemed as if Lin Ming was making it clear that he was going to challenge Duke Fullmoon.

’’Just what qualifications does this brat have to oppose me!?’’

Duke Fullmoon frowned. He thought that Lin Ming wouldn't be able to compete with him but Lin Ming actually shouted out such a price. ’’He shouldn't have many points left. If he shouts out this bid then he must have placed himself in great debt! He wants to borrow money to compete;does he really think he can defeat me?’’

Duke Fullmoon didn't place Lin Ming's bid in his heart because he didn't consider Lin Ming to be a worthy opponent. If Lin Ming hadn't bought the nameless ancient pill then he might not have been in trouble, but currently he was only a little grasshopper, able to hop a few times before being crushed.

’’Hehe, he is just an idiot slapping himself in the face. My Duke should find it easy to clean the likes of him up. There won't be chances for him to cause a commotion any longer.’’

Junior-apprentice Sister Qing giggled as she wrapped herself around Duke Fullmoon's neck.

Duke Fullmoon laughed. He called out, ’’1.25 billion!’’

However, just as Duke Fullmoon's voice fell, from the ordinary rooms, Lin Ming once again called out, ’’1.26 billion!’’

Lin Ming's voice was calm and steady as if he didn't even care about these points.

Duke Fullmoon's complexion immediately darkened.

He stood up, his gaze blazing as he stared at Lin Ming's direction. His eyes seemed as if they could pierce through the isolating array formations around Lin Ming's room and kill everyone within.

’’1.3 billion!’’

At this time, another person put in a bid. This person was not Lin Ming nor were they Duke Fullmoon. Rather, they also came from the VIP suites. This voice was deep and sonorous, accompanied with a profound aura;they were clearly also a master.

There were many World Kings and Great World Kings present that used the spear. They would absolutely desire this Empyrean spirit treasure level divine spear.

Duke Fullmoon fell silent, not immediately responding. It seemed as if he were waiting for Lin Ming to shout out another bid. He knew that Lin Ming was also a martial artist that used a spear;he would definitely be persistent in bidding on this one.

After waiting for some time and without Lin Ming shouting out a bid, Song Wen began to count down. This caused Duke Fullmoon's eyes to twitch with rage.

With this, it was clear that Lin Ming was targeting him!

’’1.35 billion!’’ Duke Fullmoon shouted out.

And at this time, just as he thought, Lin Ming immediately followed up, ’’1.36 billion!’’

Lin Ming's voice remained tranquil, completely disregarding Duke Fullmoon's rising anger.

The two men stood in sharp contention!

’’This is impossible! Where would he come up with so many points from?’’ Shadow Overflow wrinkled his eyebrows. According to the information he obtained, Lin Ming had between 1-2 billion points. After buying the nameless ancient pill, he should have 700-800 million points left. Even if he borrowed some points, it would have been incredible if he could borrow 300-500 million points, so how could he shout out this sky high bid of almost 1.4 billion points?

’’He might be deliberately duping me so that I will have to pay a higher price!’’

In Duke Fullmoon's opinion, Lin Ming would want this Violet Gold Spear even in his dreams. But since he couldn't afford it, this brat would simply take the opportunity to con him.

Before, Duke Fullmoon had purposefully made it clear he wanted to scam Lin Ming, and now Lin Ming was doing it in return!

’’Duke, what will you do? Will you give up? Do you want Lin Ming to fall into his own trap and lose the qualifications to the auction and be punished by the divine Runic Masters Guild?’’

’’No! I must win this spear no matter what! And this Lin Ming is someone extremely valued by the divine Runic Masters Masters Guild. Even if they punish him it won't be anything too serious.’’

Duke Fullmoon stood up, irritated. He paced back and forth in his VIP suite.

What he always lacked was a good spear. Today, no matter how expensive this Violet Gold Spear was, Duke Fullmoon still had to buy it.

This was because after another 20 some years, the final trial would begin!

Within the entire Asura Road, the final trial was the most valuable mystic realm, the one that held the most and greatest treasures. It was singularly unique without any other comparison. Duke Fullmoon would definitely not miss out on this chance!

However, even divine Void divine Kingdom had a limited quota of people they could bring to the final trial.

Within divine Void divine Kingdom, Duke Fullmoon was only a Duke subordinate to the Nine Nether Province. He was considered an excellent talent in the Nine Nether Province, but when placed within the entire divine Void divine Kingdom, he wasn't the best. This was because divine Void divine Kingdom was far too large and there were geniuses pouring out from everywhere. It was difficult to blossom in splendor with so much competition!

With Duke Fullmoon's current comprehensive abilities, he only grasped a 30% chance of standing out. But with this Violet Gold Spear, his chances could rise to 60-70%!

Thus, this bidding war was one that Duke Fullmoon could only win, he could not be defeated here!

At this time, that third person who bid 1.3 billion suddenly shouted out a higher price. ’’1.4 billion!’’

This person was able to smell the thick explosive atmosphere between Lin Ming and Duke Fullmoon. He was also eager to see Lin Ming and Duke Fullmoon wrestle each other to the ground.

’’Good! Very good! One after another you want to compete with me, then show me just how long you can compete for! 1.6 billion!’’ Duke Fullmoon cried out, suddenly increasing the bid by 200 million!

1.6 billion was the ideal bid in Duke Fullmoon's mind. In his estimation, this spear should not surpass that price.

Hearing this>Hearing this bid blow up out from nowhere, many people were left dumbfounded.

It had to be known that in a bid for an Empyrean spirit treasure, nearly all bidders were World Kings, Great World Kings, or half-step Empyreans at the limit. Empyrean level supreme elders simply wouldn't participate in a bidding war for an Empyrean spirit treasure. They had their own Empyrean spirit treasures, ones that were far more useful than Empyrean spirit treasures cultivated by others.

At 1.6 billion points, that was a price more than enough to force a World King to shrink back. Even for Great World Kings, only relatively wealthy ones amongst them could put forth such a high bid.

For a time, the entire arena was left quiet and peaceful. It seemed that no one was willing to shout out another price.

When it concerned such a tremendous amount of money, even Duke Fullmoon found it hard to remain calm. He picked up the glass of wine from the table and slowly sipped it, finally calming his nerves this way.

He had to buy this spear no matter the cost. What he feared now was someone increasing the price further.

’’1.6 billion, is there a higher bid?’’

Song Wen shouted out. No one replied, but Song Wen seemed to possess a great capacity for patience. He shouted out again and again, each shout causing Duke Fullmoon to have the desire to rush out and punch him in the face.

’’1.6 billion, going once!’’

Song Wen finally began the final countdown.

’’1.6 billion, going twice...’’

Song Wen deliberately drew out his words, hoping for a higher bid to appear.

And at this time, a calm voice echoed out from Lin Ming's room -

’’1.61 billion.’’

This bid was faint and indifferent. It was as if Lin Ming wasn't bidding a price, but rather speaking a random number.


The glass was crushed to nothing in Duke Fullmoon's hand. The bright red wine splashed onto the floor like blood!

He thought that a bid of 1.6 billion was the limit, and even that the World King who World King who joined in on the bidding had quieted down, not daring to bid another price.

But Lin Ming had randomly shouted out 1.61 billion with no pause at all, as if points were nothing but dirt to him.

Duke Fullmoon was livid with rage. He pulled open the doors to the VIP suite and rushed outwards.

All VIP suites floated high in the air of the arena sky. After rushing out, Duke Fullmoon floated above everyone's heads.

For a time, everyone looked at Duke Fullmoon, not sure why he had come out.

Duke Fullmoon's complexion was deep and grim. He used hateful eyes to glare in Lin Ming's direction. Then, he slowly said, ’’I suspect you are lying. There is no way you have so many points!’’

With these words, the entire arena broke into an uproar.

Duke Fullmoon was not a weakling who was easy to deal with. He knew that Lin Ming wanted to buy this Violet Gold Spear but couldn't afford it. As for himself, he needed this spear and it was impossible for him to give up. Thus, he deliberately aimed at Lin Ming.

As Duke Fullmoon spoke, everyone's eyes turned to Lin Ming and the room he was in.

’’In the auction for the nameless ancient pill you already spent a billion points, but now you even called out an additional 1.6 billion points. Do you really have 2.6 billion points? If so, then bring them out so we can all take a good look.’’

Duke Fullmoon was aggressive and menacing!

In the private room, Xiao Moxian was a bit anxious. ’’Lin Ming, what do we do now? This fly isn't easy to trick, ah... we only have a little more than 1.9 billion points, that's far short of 2.6 billion.’’

Lin Ming frowned and then stood up.

And at this time, Duke Fullmoon laughed out loud. ’’I know you don't have that many points! According to what I know, the person in that booth is part of the divine Runic Masters Guild! I even suspect that he is a bid manipulator!’’


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