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Martial World - Chapter 1630


Chapter 1630

Chapter 1630 - Violet Gold Spear




According to the rules of the auction, the deadline for payments was ten days after the end of the auction.

If one took the treasures but didn't pay, one would receive the severe retribution of divine Rune City. Punishments involved being imprisoned for thousands or even tens of thousands of years.

Generally speaking, no one would do such a thing. This was because before entering the auction, one had to verify their identity with a status card. Those people with considerable status and weight in the world certainly wouldn't do something so shameless.

’’Then, onto the second auction item!’’

Several elegantly-dressed women brought out a tall sandalwood box that was dozens of feet high. As Song Wen opened this box, everyone could see that it was a portable cave dwelling.

Lin Ming didn't have any interest in this sort of thing;he already had Primordius Heavenly Palace.

The starting price of this cave dwelling was 20 million points. After the auction began, scattered bids arose from the audience. Finally, the one to win was a martial artist in an ordinary arena seat. This item was won with 35 million points.

After the cave dwelling, there were mystical treasures, contract beasts, medicines, pills, magic weapons, and all sorts of other things that were brought out one after another.

Of these items, some aroused Lin Ming's interest. But as he considered the values of the items, he didn't bid as he thought they weren't worth the price.

This auction would continue for an entire month and was divided into several parts. Just the first round of the auction would last for three days and three nights.

To a martial artist, three days and three nights was less time than one spent in a bout of meditation.

As Lin Ming paid attention to the items that were being auctioned he also practiced the divine Mist Heart Mantra. The reason Lin Ming was able to arrive at where he was, besides his luck and will, all of this was related to his diligence and hard work. Now, Lin Ming's cultivation was a race against time. If this auction was to last for an entire month he naturally couldn't stop cultivating.

But at this time, Song Wen brought out a black stone chest that piqued his interest.

This stone box seemed ordinary and simple, but Lin Ming could feel a faint and vast aura exuding from it.

As Song Wen slowly opened the stone box, a faint black light shot straight out, illuminating the arena. A cold killing intent spread out with it and Lin Ming's body shook. As he gazed at that black light, he could feel something that resonated with his soul... spear potential!

’’That's a spear...’’

Lin Ming was a professional veteran of spears. Before, the saint artifact Phoenix Blood Spear had accompanied him through his battles, slowly being tempered until it was finally reborn into a spirit treasure. It was a powerful spear that would continue to grow with him.

Thus when it came to spears, Lin Ming had a startling sense of acuity.

In the VIP suites, Duke Fullmoon stared at the item in the stone box, equally excited. It was just that the resonance in his heart was weaker than Lin Ming's and he also had a sense of uncertainty.

’’Empyrean level spirit treasure spear?’’

Duke Fullmoon's eyes shined.

’’Empyrean spirit treasure? Duke, you are already at the World King realm and you also wield spears. The spear you've been using is nothing but an ordinary spirit artifact that cannot follow your rapid ascent. Now, this treasure here seems perfectly suited for the Duke. You must succeed in obtaining it!’’

Junior-apprentice Sister Qing leaned into Duke Fullmoon and giggled. Even though she had been violently shoved away by Duke Fullmoon, she didn't dare to display any temper at all. Her relationship with Duke Fullmoon was just like a mortal emperor and their concubine;since when would a concubine dare lose their temper with the emperor?

Duke Fullmoon didn't seem to hear her words. He only continued staring at the black box.

Song Wen fiddle with something on the black stone chest. Then, strange runes lit up all around the black box, surging about with waves of energy as it automatically opened. Then, an intense brilliance exploded outwards like a dazzling sun as torrent of essence energy shot up into the skies!

A dragon-like golden spear burst out, humming in the void, emitting a pressure as deep as the sea!

’’This is another precious item to be sold today, an Empyrean spirit treasure excavated from some Empyrean ruins - the Violet Gold Spear! The starting price is 800 million points!’’

800 million was an extremely exaggerated number. But, an Empyrean spirit treasure was indeed worth this price!

A so-called Empyrean spirit treasure was not a treasure forged by an Empyrean, but a treasure that was raised and cultivated by an Empyrean.

It needed to be carried with an Empyrean, passing through millions of years of of nourishment as it slowly transformed. In their lives, an Empyrean would raise at most several Empyrean spirit treasures. With their 100 million year lifespan, they wouldn't produce over 10 such treasures.

For instance, Lin Ming's Phoenix Blood Spear. When Lin Ming became an Empyrean and used all sorts of additional heavenly materials to refine his spear, he could receive it into his inner world and nourish it with his essence energy until it became an Empyrean spirit treasure.

But this was a very long process. It was impossible to do this without waiting millions of years.

It could only be said that Lin Ming grew too quickly. Even though Lin Ming's Phoenix Blood Spear crossed through heavenly tribulation with him and developed an artifact spirit, when compared to Lin Ming's heaven-defying growth, even the Phoenix Blood Spear couldn't keep up.

When an Empyrean was living, they wouldn't sell the Empyrean spirit treasures they cultivated even if offered 10 billion points. This was because only a weapon they raised themselves would be best suited for them.

It was only when an Empyrean died and their Empyrean spirit treasures become masterless treasures would these items be dug up from ruins by their descendants and then sold.

Song Wen took the gold spear in his hands. Holding this spear, the feeling was like he was grasping onto a golden dragon.

This spear was 12 foot long and was an overlord spear. In a sense it was more appropriate to call it a lance.

The golden spear's shaft was covered with mystical lines. The spear head was dark black and red, emitting a sharp light that cut into the eyes.

’’The spear shaft is covered with Asura Law lines, but what a pity... there are some places that are lacking...’’

Lin Ming's understanding into the Asura Heavenly Dao became increasingly deep with every passing day. He could see with a single glance what was wrong with the patterns on the golden spear shaft.

The Asura Heavenly Dao was incomparably mysterious to the martial artists of the Asura Road;no one could solve it. Even a seventh grade divine runic master could only summarize the knowledge of their predecessors to engrave array formations, but the truth was that they didn't understand the essence of the Asura Heavenly Dao.

Because of this, it was impossible for them to draw up perfect Asura Heavenly Dao patterns.

’’How unfortunate. That spear's Buddha-killing aura is absolute and I have no idea how many powerhouses' blood it has drunk. In addition, it was it was carried by an Empyrean level character for million of years and has developed a terrifying killing intent. It is wonderful in nearly all aspects. If only the Asura Heavenly Dao patterns on it were perfect then it would undergo a qualitative transformation!’’

Lin Ming deeply sighed, feeling a bit regretful. The structure of this spear had already been finalized and it was impossible to change the Asura Heavenly Dao patterns on the spear shaft. Otherwise, if he were to try it would only cause more mistakes, resulting in an opposite effect and worsening it.

Moreover, there was something else. This spear shaft was forged with violet red golden crystals. These crystals were extremely expensive and extremely hard. If supported by an array formation then even a Great World King could give up all thoughts of crushing it.

Even so, violet red golden crystals lacked any elasticity. In other words, this violet gold spear was a hard spear. This meant that in Lin Ming's eyes, its functionality dropped a great deal.

A hard spear without flexibility meant that there was no cushioning force. In a head-on collision of toughness, it was easy to be struck and injured by the shaking force.

Of course, even with these two disadvantages, this Violet Gold Spear was still far superior to Lin Ming's own Phoenix Blood Spear!

If Lin Ming could switch spears he would certainly be willing to. After all, the Phoenix Blood Spear would take far too long to grow.

Currently, Lin Ming estimated that the final price of this spear would be around 1.2-1.4 billion points. But to Lin Ming, this price was far too high for the value he would receive. The most he could accept was a billion points, but this amount could only buy a spear shaft.

Lin Ming glanced outside his room at everyone else in the arena. He could see a fanatic greed in the eyes of the other martial artists as they stared at the Violet Gold Spear. It was clear they had a strong desire to buy that Violet Gold Spear!

A weapon on the level of an Empyrean spirit treasure was surpassingly rare! Even in this auction there wouldn't be more than a few of them.

To find an Empyrean spirit treasure that suited oneself, this could only be called a stroke of fate.

’’Let the auction begin!’’ Song Wen loudly proclaimed.

But just as Song Wen's voice fell, someone shouted out loud from the VIP suites. ’’850 million!’’

’’860 million!’’

There were many people that wanted people that wanted to buy this Violet Gold Spear.

These people were mostly World King powerhouses, even Great World King powerhouses. Only this type of person had the ability to just barely move the powers of an Empyrean spirit treasure. As for those people of a lower boundary, they weren't able to afford it.

’’900 million!’’

The bid continued to climb. Although the martial artists in the VIP suites were all high level figures, none of them understood the Asura Heavenly Dao like Lin Ming did, thus they couldn't see the flaws in the Violet Gold Spear. To them, this Violet Gold Spear was the peak level that a weapon could obtain. Even if they were to expend every cent of their wealth to buy this spear they would still think it was worth it!

As the bid price rose like increasingly strong waves, this caused Duke Fullmoon's blood to boil with ambition. He definitely had to win this spear.

’’You aren't going to bid?’’ Shadow Overflow smiled. He could see that Duke Fullmoon wanted to obtain this spear no matter the cost.

’’Hehe, there's no need to be in a hurry. Those shouting out bids right now are just being noisy. This spear is definitely worth more than that! Even buying it for 1.5 billion or 1.6 billion isn't anything at all!’’

Duke Fullmoon's judgment was much worse than Lin Ming's. To him this spear could sell for 1.5-1.6 billion, but to Lin Ming it could only sell for 1.3-1.4 billion.

’’I've heard that Lin Ming also uses the spear. I was hoping to roll over him in this auction but he hasn't even said anything. How boring...’’

’’Duke, how many points could that poor idiot have? To a little nobody like him, this Empyrean spirit treasure is just something to look at, how could he possibly afford it?’’ Junior-apprentice Sister Qing giggled from Duke Fullmoon's chest.

’’Heh, you're right my little darling, he definitely won't dare do anything at this price range.’’ Duke Fullmoon grinned. He reached out a hand and began to recklessly knead Junior-apprentice Sister Qing's plump chest.

’’1.2 billion!’’

Duke Fullmoon suddenly shouted out.

A sudden bid of 1.2 billion caused many people to lose the courage to bid higher. For a time, the entire arena calmed down.

Duke Fullmoon was more than satisfied with this effect. He looked towards Lin Ming's room, a meaningful smile crossing his face.

But in the next moment, his smile froze. From Lin Ming's ordinary room, another bid was clearly shouted out, ’’1.21 billion!’’


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