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Martial World - Chapter 1629


Chapter 1629

Chapter 1629 - Ancient Pill In Hand




’’Hehe... Duke Fullmoon has calculated well. If I'm not wrong then this Lin Ming needs the nameless ancient pill. He is a human as well as someone who dual cultivates body and energy;this ancient pill could be called perfectly suited for him. Because of that, it will be easy to ruin him!’’

In the VIP suite, Shadow Overflow cackled. His laugh had a strangely eerie feel to it.

According to their information, Lin Ming's wealth didn't surpass 2 billion. If Lin Ming were to buy the ancient pill for over a billion then there wouldn't be any threat from him later on.

’’900 million!’’

Lin Ming suddenly increased the bid by 50 million.

However, Duke Fullmoon didn't stop here. He shouted out, ’’910 million!’’

The two times he bid were only 10 million higher than Lin Ming's bid price. It seemed that he intended to purposefully hinder him.

’’950 million!’’ Lin Ming shouted out again.

’’960 million!’’ In the VIP suite, Duke Fullmoon laughed out loud. To have Lin Ming spend even a hundred million more with just a little bit of effort, this caused him to be in a very good mood.

And at this time, in an ordinary room, Xiao Moxian's face was cold to the point of developing frost. She was just a step away from violently rushing out.

’’Big Brother Lin, this damned dead fly is deliberately targeting you! He doesn't want to buy that pill, he just wants to waste your points. If this continues then you are only throwing away your hard earned wealth.’’

Lin Ming nodded. ’’That's right. He wants to annoy me and use up my resources, but he won't have the courage to continually follow me.’’

Lin Ming had a set price in mind for this pill and that was that he wouldn't surpass 1.2 billion. This was a limit that Duke Fullmoon wasn't aware of.

Lin Ming could use this to his advantage.

’’990 million.’’ Lin Ming added another 30 million. He called out this bid so that Duke Fullmoon would bid a billion.

According to Lin Ming's estimate, a billion points surpassed the limit that this pill would sell for at the auction.

And Duke Fullmoon did as Lin Ming thought he would. He drawlingly called out, ’’One billion. Haha, that friend in the ordinary room, do you really want to struggle with me?’’

Duke Fullmoon insolently said. His voice spread far as if he were intentionally trying to anger Lin Ming.

He thought that Lin Ming would shout out another price and then he could disturb Lin Ming several more times, causing him to lose even more wealth, but he didn't think that Lin Ming wouldn't speak up again.

Lin Ming seemed to suddenly quiet down in the ordinary room he was in, no longer shouting out a price.

’’Guest #24 has put forth a bid of one billion! The first item of this auction has already broken through a billion! Is there anyone willing to bid higher?’’

On the auction stage, Song Wen spoke with zealous fervor.

However, no one in the auction seats responded. The psychology of people was quite subtle. 990 million was only 10 million away from a billion, but crossing this gap gave two completely different feelings.

To spend a billion points to buy this ancient pill, the price to performance ratio of this was far too low.

Song Wen shouted out one more time but there still wasn't a response. When it came to some auctions of the highest caliber like this one, even a magnificent auctioneer could only play a limited effect in increasing the price.

Let alone Song Wen, even if Suya put on her most se*ually appealing attire and did her best to arouse enthusiasm and seduce the audience, she still wouldn't have much of an effect.

The VIP guests who could afford to bid upon this nameless ancient pill were all powerful figures of their great influences or were absurdly strong. So, which one of these people would toss away a billion points just to win the smile of a beautiful woman?

’’One billion, going going once!’’

Song Wen began to announce.

Hearing these words, Duke Fullmoon felt his heart skip a beat.

He didn't want to buy this nameless ancient pill. This was something used by humans and was suited for martial artists that dual cultivated body and energy. As a spiritas, whether it was him or the divine Void divine Kingdom behind him, no one needed this ancient pill.

If he bought something that wasn't of much use he could only pay for it from his own pockets. It was impossible for him to use the wealth of divine Void divine Kingdom to pay for this ancient pill and his pockets weren't so large that he could disregard a loss of a billion points.

If he obtained the ancient pill the only thing he could do was resell it. But no matter who he sold it to, he wouldn't be able to match the price that it sold for at this auction.

But this wasn't the crucial issue. The key problem was that it would take a long time afterwards for him to resell this nameless ancient pill. This would make it so that the wealth he had to spend in this auction would diminish by a great deal. If something truly amazing were to appear later he might not be able to afford it!

And even if he thought of using divine Void divine Kingdom's wealth to buy something he wanted, that would be something that belonged to the divine Void divine Kingdom, not him.

’’One billion, going twice!’’

Song Wen counted down once more. Duke Fullmoon's pulse began to race. He looked up towards the top two VIP suites, hoping that Empyrean Lionheart or Empyrean Minor Violet would be interested in this ancient pill. However, the two VIP suites were quiet from beginning to end, as if they never even heard anything.

To an Empyrean, this nameless ancient pill wasn't of much use at all.

Empyreans could refine their own transcendent divine pills, but more than that, eating up a transcendent divine pill wasn't too beneficial to their own cultivation.

Many Empyreans>Many Empyreans had been stranded at their boundaries for a long time and had been unable to break through. Wanting to rely on a simple transcendent divine pill to make massive leaps in their cultivation was the talk of a babbling moron.

Seeing Song Wen count down a third time, Duke Fullmoon felt as if he had eaten a fly.

He felt like he had been stupidly tricked.

He thought of ruining Lin Ming but he hadn't considered Lin Ming's wealth enough.

Although Lin Ming wanted this nameless ancient pill, he might not be able to afford that sky high price!

’’That poor fool, he doesn't have any capital to struggle with the Duke. What an idiot to compete for treasures.’’ Nestled in Duke Fullmoon's chest, Junior-apprentice Sister Qing had a proud expression as she tenderly smiled. Her talent could only be considered decent and wanting to stand out in divine Void divine Kingdom was impossible. If she wanted to rise above the crowds she needed to attach herself to someone with authority and potential, such as Duke Fullmoon. Now, she had increasingly felt that she had chosen the correct person.

With such a grand auction that gathered innumerable heroes and even two Empyreans, the man she chose had domineeringly bid on the first item of the auction, forcing out all people so that no one dared to shout a higher price.

Originally Duke Fullmoon was already upset, but now this brainless woman was trying to flatter him for no reason at all, causing him to be even more irritated and ashamed of himself. He shoved the flirting woman away, roaring, ’’Get out!’’

Junior-apprentice Sister Qing was pushed rolling away and nearly struck the wall. She was frightened;she had no idea just why Duke Fullmoon had suddenly become so angry.

And at this time, just as Song Wen was about to begin his final countdown, someone shouted out a bid from the ordinary rooms. ’’One billion... and ten million!’’

This voice was heavy, as if the bidder couldn't bear this price at all.

And as this voice entered Duke Fullmoon's ears, Duke Fullmoon's ears, it was like the melodious call of heaven.

He let out a long sigh of relief, finally saved at the last moment. He looked towards the room that shouted out this price and saw that it was indeed Lin Ming.

Duke Fullmoon's complexion darkened. This item had finally been won by Lin Ming.

At this time he didn't dare to continue a bidding war with Lin Ming. With Lin Ming's current wealth, this bidding price was likely his limit.

’’This poor fool!’’

Duke Fullmoon cursed out loud. He wanted to rip off Lin Ming some more, but he didn't think Lin Ming would be so poor. Duke Fullmoon simply didn't have the courage to continue.

After shouting out three bids and having to experience a brief bout of fear and trepidation only to cause Lin Ming to lose a hundred million plus points, Duke Fullmoon wasn't too happy.

Then, Shadow Overflow chuckled. ’’The truth is that Duke's goal has already been accomplished. During this first auction, 60-70% of Lin Ming's wealth has been removed... after this he shouldn't pose much of a threat anymore.’’

Even though this was true, Duke Fullmoon didn't feel too great.

’’This brat Lin Ming seems to have already given up on the jade dragon horn. He's smart enough, at least he knows when to give way. But, the only problem is that if he gives up the initiative like this then I can't step on him later.’’

Duke Fullmoon's complexion sank. He wanted to roll over Lin Ming in the auction for the jade dragon horn, but now he felt as if he were punching nothing but pillows.

And at this time, Song Wen counted down a third time. The first item in this auction had been won by Lin Ming!

’’Congratulations to this guest in ordinary room #36 for winning this nameless ancient pill from the Drifting Islands!’’ Song Wen loudly announced. There was a smattering of applause throughout the audience. Many people were startled. They didn't think that there would be crouching tigers and hidden dragons amongst the ordinary rooms.


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