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Martial World - Chapter 1628


Chapter 1628

Chapter 1628 - Nameless Ancient Pill




In this auction, Duke Fullmoon not only represented himself, but also represented divine Void divine Kingdom to purchase resources.

divine Void divine Kingdom was far too large. Besides divine Void, the True divinity ruler of the nation, there were also seven Empyreans. These seven Empyreans each wielded power over a province of divine Void divine Kingdom. There were seven provinces, and these seven provinces added together comprised the complete divine Void divine Kingdom.

Duke Fullmoon came from the Nine Nether Province and he was a subordinate of Empyrean Nine Nether. Of these seven provinces, the Nine Nether Province was one of the strongest.

’’Let's see just what this first treasure is!’’

Duke Fullmoon's gaze focused on the obsidian box on the auction stage. He was also curious about what the opening treasure of this grand auction would be.

But at this time, Runic Pill Trading Organization President Song Wen didn't immediately open the box. Instead, he used his rich and magnetic voice to introduce the origin of the treasure.

’’Ladies and gentlemen, the treasure within this box was obtained from the Drifting Islands within the Stormy Sea. I'm sure everyone here is already familiar with the Stormy Sea and its Drifting Islands...’’

As Song Wen mentioned the Stormy Sea, everyone beneath the stage sucked in a light breath of air.

This was one of the several great life forbidden zones of the inner Asura Road!

Lin Ming also had a deep impression of the Stormy Sea. Not to mention Torchriver's memories, but when Lin Ming first arrived at the inner Asura Road, he had inquired at Heaven's Secret about information related to transcendent divine mights of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, and Heaven's Secret had given him three pieces of information. The first piece of information concerned the Forbidden divine Barrens, the third piece of information concerned Mo Brightmoon's Celestial Tyrant Manual, and the second piece of information concerned the Stormy Sea.

The Stormy Sea had islands that mysteriously flitted in and out of existence;these were the Drifting Islands. According to Heaven's Secret, the Drifting Islands had inheritances left behind by powerhouses related to the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. Thus, if Lin Ming were to find the Drifting Islands there was a chance he could obtain transcendent divine mights related to the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

But these islands had no fixed location. Their whereabouts were unknown, constantly shifting, like a mirage that vanished upon second glance. Many powerhouses went to the Stormy Sea to search for these islands but their exploration ended in failure. Some of them returned, but some of them went missing, their life or death unknown.

He never imagined that the first treasure of this auction would have been found at the Drifting Islands!

Out of the many life forbidden zones of the inner Asura Road, the Drifting Islands wasn't the most dangerous but it was absolutely the most enigmatic. No one knew how they were formed. If one wanted to find the Drifting Islands and return alive, they needed to have absolute strength and a great destiny above their body, otherwise it would be impossible to succeed.

’’The first treasure is something found at the Drifting Islands!?’’

’’divine Rune City's auction is really explosively amazing, it's no wonder that even Empyreans would come here!’’

For some martial artists in the arena, this was their first time attending divine Rune City's treasure fair. Upon seeing such treasures with their own eyes they were definitely drooling with greed, but what a pity they weren't able to afford such treasures.

Most of them didn't have a total net worth surpassing 30 million points.

’’Let's not come to conclusions so quickly. Although this is something from the Drifting Islands it might not be too precious. There are also useless treasures at the Drifting Islands;we have to see what grade of treasure this is first.’’

Some people said. However, they soon shut up.

This was because as Song Wen opened the obsidian box, a strange spiritual light shot out from the slits of the box. At the same time, a massive aura of life gushed out, as if there were some living creature inside.

Such a boundless and vigorous aura definitely wouldn't belong to something ordinary.

Song Wen used both hands to lift up a small jade platform. And at the center of this jade platform was a little circular groove, and this groove surprisingly held a pill!

As this pill appeared, it released a brilliant rainbow-colored light. Faint traces of flames seemed to burn on the surface of the pill, slowly evolving into mystical shapes. There were dragons, phoenix, humans, and even traces of the Great Dao as well as the aura of Laws.

Even though Lin Ming was several miles away from the auction stage, he could still feel a formidable spirituality.

This was an extraordinary pill!

Lin Ming instantly judged. He could feel all the blood within his body being galvanized by this pill, as if the blood within him were about to spray out at any moment.

Lin Ming's blood vitality was extremely stable, but this pill was still able to affect the very foundation of his his blood. This proved that there was an incredible condensed power of blood vitality within this pill.

Moreover, Lin Ming could faintly feel that this pill sent out a vast energy, one that would be tremendously helpful to his own essence gathering system!

Back in the past when Heaven's Net had given him information, they said that the Drifting Islands had inheritances related to powerhouses that cultivated the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace that existed from before the great tribulation. Lin Ming suspected that this pill was left behind by ancient ancestors of humanity.

This was a pill that could supplement his blood vitality as well as greatly enhance his essence gathering system!

This was a pill completely suited towards Lin Ming!

Lin Ming was immediately tempted. But, he felt that this sudden surprise wasn't good at all. This was only the first auction and he was far from any sign of a jade dragon horn or dragon saliva grass, and yet he discovered that he had an intense desire to win the auction of this pill!

In total Lin Ming had around 2 billion points. If he had to buy different treasures as well as keep the dragon saliva grass and jade dragon horn in mind, then even if he doubled his points to four billion he still wouldn't have enough!

Lin Ming hesitated but he didn't give up on purchasing this pill. To him, this pill was far too useful. It could even be said that for the current Lin Ming, this was a pill perfectly crafted for him. It was something that could only be found through a stroke of fate. If he were to miss out on it now then he would be regretting it in the future.

However, Lin Ming simultaneously couldn't give up on the jade dragon horn and dragon saliva grass. If so, then he had to rely on some special methods to earn points!

Song Wen placed the pill back down on the auction stage platform. Lin Ming discovered that the phantoms on this pill radiated outwards, producing phantasmal images that seemed to be using up the medicinal strength of the pill.

But, the truth was that even though these medicinal strengths scattered outwards, they returned due to some strange traces of the Heavenly Dao Law and were then reabsorbed again. It was like the pill itself was breathing.

’’divine runic symbol!’’

Lin Ming could see that on the surface of the pill, there was an extremely sophisticated divine runic symbol. Not only did this divine runic symbol enhance the effects of the pill but its greatest function was to maintain the maintain the strength of the pill. If this were a seventh grade divine runic symbol then there really was the chance that this pill could keep for at least a billion years without losing any strength.

If there was a time enchantment that slowed time as well as a variety of array formations, then it wouldn't be difficult to maintain the peak potency of this pill for billions of years. This was also the reason why a divine pill like this could be preserved on the Drifting Islands for such a long time.

’’The base bid price is 500 million. Every increase in bid price can be no less than 10 million points. Now, let the auction begin!’’

Song Wen shouted out loud. Before a moment of time passed, someone immediately shouted out a price.

’’550 million!’’

In a single breath someone had raised the bid by 50 million. But in truth, this pill's value far surpassed this price.

Standing near Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian couldn't help but feel worried for him. Currently, Lin Ming's financial resources weren't too abundant.

’’560 million!’’

’’570 million!’’

The bid continued to rise. Those that had spoken out a bid price so far were martial artists in the ordinary rooms. Martial artists in the ordinary seats weren't able to bid such a high price and the people in the luxury VIP suites had yet to take action.

But at this time, a voice echoed out from a luxury suite.

’’700 million!’’

The reason for raising the bid price so much at once was to kick out all of those who didn't have the resources to match it. And, this effect was achieved. Many bidders in the ordinary rooms immediately fizzled.

’’730 million!’’

Someone else increased the bid price again. This person was also from the luxury suites.

’’Big Brother Lin, what do you plan on doing? Looking at this momentum the price might rise over a billion, and that disgusting Duke Fullmoon might target you too!’’

Xiao Moxian hurriedly said. If the greater portion of Lin Ming's wealth were to be sucked dry during the first auction then what would he do afterwards?

The bid price continued to climb but Lin Ming actually remained silent. He was rapidly estimating the price of this ancient nameless pill.

Although this pill came from ancient times, Lin Ming possessed a vast breadth of knowledge on pills and could estimate the approximate cost. According to normal calculations, the true value of this pill was around 1.3-1.4 billion points.

This price was truly difficult for Lin Ming to withstand.

Lin Ming thought for a moment. Then he said, ’’Xian'er, this pill ’’Xian'er, this pill might be sold for less than a billion.’’

’’Mm?’’ Xiao Moxian was stunned.

’’Let's wait and see. I won't buy this pill if it crosses 1.2 billion.’’

Lin Ming's thoughts were clear. This ancient nameless pill was valuable, but the bidders sitting in this auction hall were mostly spiritas. To them, this pill that was left behind by ancient human seniors wasn't as valuable as it was to Lin Ming.

Even if there were some human martial artists that planned to buy this pill, they often only cultivated the essence gathering system. This made it so that the value of this pill was far less than 1.3-1.4 billion;the cost to performance ratio simply wasn't good enough.

But Lin Ming, who dual cultivating body and energy, could display the full potential of this pill.

And as he thought, when the bid price rose to 770 million there was suddenly a drastic drop in bidders.

Everyone had their own scale in mind. The people present here weren't idiots.

’’800 million!’’

Lin Ming suddenly said. Although his voice was calm, his inner emotions weren't as tranquil. He really feared that an Empyrean would emerge and suddenly compete with him.

He looked up at the several highest luxury suites. If he wasn't wrong, then Empyrean Minor Violet and Empyrean Lionheart were staying in those suites.

’’820 million!’’

At this time, a familiar voice sounded out. Lin Ming looked over and saw a feather-robed man standing in front of the windows of his luxury suite, holding a crystal cup in his hands. This cup contained a blood red wine and there was a faintly happy expression on this man's face as he slowly sipped on the wine.

From a distance, this man even turned towards Lin Ming and raised his glass in greetings.

This person was Duke Fullmoon.

In all rooms, there were array formations that limited sight into them. But, Duke Fullmoon deliberately deactivated these array formations to allow Lin Ming to see him.

’’That annoying fly, it's him again!’’

Xiao Moxian felt a deep loathing as she saw Duke Fullmoon. She wished she could spit in his face.

Lin Ming also slightly frowned.

’’840 million!’’ Lin Ming shouted out once more.

’’850 million!’’ Duke Fullmoon followed up right after.

Duke Fullmoon was bidding not just to spite Lin Ming but to consume Lin Ming's wealth so that he couldn't compete for the Dragon Contract later. Things would be easier with one less competitor. Otherwise, if Lin Ming really bet his nearly 2 billion points on the Dragon Contract then even Duke Fullmoon would find the price painful to match.


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