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Martial World - Chapter 1626


Chapter 1626

Chapter 1626 - Encounter




From Suya's words, Lin Ming learned that this blue-clothed man's title was Duke Fullmoon.

With the title 'Duke Fullmoon' in addition to the way Suya treated this man, it was clear that this person was a high level figure of some divine Kingdom.

Generally speaking, large influences were separated into nation-type organizations and sect-type organizations.

In a sect, important figures would normally be titled Elders, Protectors, Highest Elders, and so forth. And in a divine Kingdom, important figures were normally titled Dukes, High Princes, Imperial Scholars, and so forth.

There wasn't much difference between these types of influences to begin with. Everything, including ranking and such, depended on the personal preferences of the founder.

Although this Duke Fullmoon was hiding his cultivation, Lin Ming could faintly feel that he had already reached the World King realm. Even if his cultivation wasn't at the World King realm he likely already had the capital to contend with a World King.

If there was a powerhouse that could battle with a World King in this divine Kingdom and he was only titled a Duke and not a High Prince, the power of this divine Kingdom could be imagined!

A spiritas divine Kingdom... as well as at least a peak Empyrean influence...

Lin Ming sifted through Torchriver's remnant memories and locked onto some possible divine Kingdoms. Still, he couldn't confirm which one this other party came from.

’’Miss Suya, I just bought some dark rain flower tea. It is 100,000 points for just one tael. Dark rain flowers can only be picked once every 10,000 years, and only after being cooked together with 72 different kinds of heavenly materials can this type of top grade dark rain flower tea be made. In the upcoming days I plan on holding a martial arts tea party at Carefree Hall. At that time, I wonder if Miss Suya would be kind enough to grace me with her presence?’’

’’Martial arts tea party? Dark rain flower tea? Duke Fullmoon is indeed a dauntless man! I, Suya, would love to attend!’’ Suya's eyes narrowed into crescent moons as if she were truly interested in going. But just as one thought she was about to agree, an embarrassed color actually flashed over her face. With an expression filled with regret she said, ’’But I apologize, I've recently received a mission from Extreme Star Heavenly Palace that I must complete within the divine Runic Masters Guild. Now that the situation at the warfront has become intense, it is impossible for me to leave my post. I can only regretfully decline Duke Fullmoon's invitation...’’

Like this, Suya rejected Duke Fullmoon's invitation without any rudeness at all, and even her explanation was sound. But, Duke Fullmoon still frowned. He had already invited Suya seven or eight times before to visit his Carefree Hall but he had been turned down by her every time. Not just that, but every time she rejected him she had seemed extremely reasonable and there was nothing that Duke Fullmoon could find fault with.

’’This woman, she really doesn't know how to appreciate favors. She keeps refusing Duke's request every time!’’ Beside Duke Fullmoon, the woman called 'Junior-apprentice Sister Qing' smirked as she spoke with a sound transmission. Even the eyes she looked at Suya with were cruel and cutting.

Suya certainly noticed the hostility emanating from this other woman, but she simply covered her mouth and tittered, as if she wasn't aware of anything at all.

Suya was well aware what sort of place the 'Carefree Hall' where Duke Fullmoon was planning to hold this so-called martial arts tea party was;it could be called Duke Fullmoon's harem as well as his personal quarters.

Since ancient times, in the palaces of emperors and great kings, harems forbade other men from entering;the only ones that could enter and leave were eunuchs. A 'martial arts tea party' held in a harem? Wasn't that just a joke? Suya didn't doubt that when this martial arts tea party occurred, the only ones there would be Duke Fullmoon and his maids and concubines.

And as the honored guest of such an event, once she went to Carefree Hall to participate in this 'martial arts tea party' there was an absolute certainty she would become the main dish of Duke Fullmoon's nightly entertainment. She certainly wouldn't agree to this type of invitation.

Duke Fullmoon rubbed his chin, his eyes once again raking up and down Suya's explosive body, not seeming surprised or angry at her rejection.

’’Duke, what is so good about her? Is her body so overwhelming? In Carefree Palace there are many others that are as equally plentiful of figure, there is nothing they lack...’’ Seeing Duke Fullmoon so interested in Suya, Junior-apprentice Sister Qing began to unhappily whine with a sound transmission. In truth, her own body was quite good.

’’You don't understand. This sort of enchanting seductress seems as if they will become intimate with anyone, but the truth is that women like her are aloof of all relations and are the most arrogant in their bones. She is a butterfly that that can flit around in all social situations and any interest she shows in men is only superficial. As for those that have thoughts of eating her up, it is actually impossible. The more one likes this type of woman, the more difficult they are to conquer, but only by conquering this type of woman can one truly be satisfied!’’

For martial artists that lived for thousands of lives, it wasn't uncommon to have crowds of wives and concubines. Duke Fullmoon was already a veteran in courting women and was a thorough expert in them. He had no interest in women that threw themselves into his chest on their own initiative. Rather, a proud and arrogant woman like Suya who had her own strength, that was the type of woman he wanted to conquer.

’’It's all about the long game. Sooner or later I'll taste this woman and have her serve me from the depths of her heart.’’

As Duke Fullmoon spoke he smiled confidently. He wanted to change the topic of conversation so that he could slowly infiltrate the mind of this beautiful woman that he planned on conquering in the future.

But at this time, Suya's eyes brightened as if something she saw made her overjoyed. As she smiled, her smile was more radiant than peonies in spring.

She turned towards a direction and waved. As she waved her hand, her voluptuous body shook like a branch in the wind, leaving the mind stunned.

’’Sir Lin, over here!’’

Even though there were layers upon layers of people in the crowd, this didn't stop Suya at all. She seemed as if she would forcefully push her way through the crowd to greet someone.

This left Duke Fullmoon startled. He immediately frowned. Who was this Sir Lin? Was there someone here that had a status higher than his own? A background greater than his own?

In Duke Fullmoon's eyes, anyone that could cause Suya to impatiently greet them was definitely a character with an extraordinary status!

Hearing Suya's distant greetings, Lin Ming could only ruefully smile;he originally didn't want to bump into this hard to handle Duke Fullmoon.

As for Xiao Moxian, she didn't want Lin Ming to bump into Suya.

Thus, the two of them came to a tacit agreement that they would take a round detour around the auction hall and pretend as if they didn't see anyone. But, they never imagined that this Suya would seem to possess something like a telepathic ability;even in the endless crowds she was able to keenly lock onto Lin Ming's presence.

Suya's voice and se* appeal had a deep penetrative power. As she shouted out loud, her luscious body swaying back and forth as she moved forwards all smiles, Lin Ming instantly became the focus of attention.

’’Sir Lin, what a coincidence!’’ Suya was excited like a little girl. She stood on her tiptoes, beckoning over Lin Ming as if she were afraid he hadn't seen her.

Such a welcoming Suya caused Xiao Moxian's bright smile to slowly dim down. Her hand that held Lin Ming's hand mysteriously disappeared and reappeared at his waist, pinching a little of his skin and twisting a bit.

Lin Ming was left speechless. He certainly knew what Xiao Moxian's meaning was. She was warning him not to be too friendly with this woman.

’’This is... Miss Suya, it really is a coincidence.’’ Lin Ming awkwardly coughed.

’’That's right, this must be fate!’’

Suya laughed, her smile becoming increasingly happy. And, this smile wasn't the professional smile that often hung on her face, but was a smile that came from her heart.

It was clear that Suya treated Lin Ming considerably differently.

Seeing Lin Ming as well as the genuine smile coming from Suya, Duke Fullmoon's previous attitude and self-control of not being angry at being rejected by this beautiful woman suddenly vanished.

His face immediately turned gloomy.

How could it be this boy again!?

So the so-called Sir Lin was actually Lin Ming!

Just now he had been bragging in front of his concubine that Suya was the type of woman that was only superficially intimate with others but was in truth a proud and haughty woman that disdained men. As for conquering Suya, that would be extremely difficult and only someone like himself had this ability.

But in the blink of an eye, Suya was ridiculously attentive to Lin Ming. She passed through the crowds of people without hesitation to greet him as if she were afraid that Lin Ming would run away if she were a bit slower.

This was simply a slap to Duke Fullmoon's face!

If Suya were to greet some great person, like an Imperial Prince from a True divinity level influence, then Duke Fullmoon would be envious but he wouldn't be angry. However, the one she was greeting so excitedly was Lin Ming.

A month ago, Duke Fullmoon had already verified through various intelligence organizations that besides an unknown master that no one had seen before, Lin Ming had no one else supporting him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have had to go to the trouble of running to the Marvel Blue the Marvel Blue Nation for a body transformation cultivation method.

’’This brat has some ability...’’ A cold light flashed in Duke Fullmoon's eyes. In this brief encounter he had thoroughly lost to Lin Ming.

And at this time, although Suya was already standing beside Lin Ming, she didn't seem to 'forget' or 'snub' Duke Fullmoon.

Through the crowds of people she said to Duke Fullmoon, ’’Duke Fullmoon, Suya must bid her farewells for now. In the future if the Duke comes again, Suya will definitely pay a visit.’’

Suya's words were sufficiently polite. As for paying a visit, who knew if that was possible even in the next tens of millions of years.

Although Suya knew that this would offend Duke Fullmoon a little, it was clear who was more important between Duke Fullmoon and Lin Ming.

Disregarding that Suya had a good impression of Lin Ming already, making it easier for her to follow him, Lin Ming's value alone was already so ridiculously high that Suya was willing to pay any price to win him over.

Duke Fullmoon came from a large influence but no matter how large that influence was, there was only the slightest thread of relations between them and Suya. The reason she was polite to Duke Fullmoon to begin with was that she had the thoughts of becoming friends and perhaps making use of him in the future.

Just for this, Duke Fullmoon wanted to trick Suya into his bed. Regarding this, Suya could only break down laughing in her heart.

But Lin Ming was completely different. If Lin Ming really had the same plan as Duke Fullmoon then she would find it much more difficult to handle. The slightest mistake and she really would be caught in Lin Ming's web.

Thinking of this, Suya felt an inexplicable ripple in her heart, but she quickly cast these bewildering thoughts away. She knew that Lin Ming didn't have such ideas about her.

She said to Lin Ming, ’’Sir Lin, are you planning to attend the auction? How about we go together?’’

Without needing Lin Ming to respond, Xiao Moxian smiled and said, ’’No need. We're fine going by ourselves.’’

Although Xiao Moxian was smiling, when her smile was combined with her shiny pair of canines it gave off the feeling that she could pounce and bite at any moment.

Suya thought little of it. She tactfully said, ’’That's also a good idea.’’

Although they said to take separate roads, there was only a single path from the entrance to the auction hall. For now, they were temporarily travelling together.


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