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Martial World - Chapter 1625


Chapter 1625

Chapter 1625 - The Auctions Begin




Suya wasn't some weakling to be pushed around. She could hear the meaning behind Xiao Moxian's words and tone so she turned to Lin Ming and cast him a winsome smile. ’’Sir Lin, this is quite embarrassing to ask, but may I ask what divine runic symbol you are researching right now?’’ As she spoke she bent down and curiously looked at the improved divine runic symbol.

Suya propped her hands against the divine runic table. Her plunging deep neckline originally revealed a deep snow white valley, and after bending down, her large and explosive mountains swayed back and forth like surging pendulums.

Sitting on the other side of the divine runic table, Lin Ming never imagined he would see such a scene. He was slightly surprised as he inevitably got a clear look at Suya's beautiful scenery. This sort of temptation, if a young divine runic master were to see it, would cause their blood to boil. And even though Lin Ming wasn't too affected he was still momentarily stunned by what he saw.

At this time, Suya was simply far too close to Lin Ming. As for Lin Ming, he simply had nowhere to look away to. And as he was wondering what he should do, he suddenly noticed a chilling cold rise up. He couldn't help but look at the direction of that icy cold air.

All he saw was Xiao Moxian glaring at Suya, her entire face covered with black lines, seeming as if she was on the verge of storming out. To attempt to seduce Lin Ming right in front of her, this woman simply didn't place her in her eyes!

As Lin Ming felt Xiao Moxian's burgeoning anger, he coughed loudly and pushed himself away from the divine runic table, quickly retreating. ’’Miss Suya, I am indeed trying to revise a divine runic symbol. If there aren't any other matters, I want to try to grasp the time to draw up several more. These Soul Recovery Symbols have come at the perfect time. I will remember this sentiment.’’

Lin Ming was also hinting for his guest to see her way out. It wasn't only because of Xiao Moxian, but also because he really was far too busy.

’’Heavenly Fire Symbol? This is a Heavenly Fire Symbol? There isn't any power of fire leaking out!’’ After entering Lin Ming's divine runic room with great difficulty, Suya naturally wouldn't leave until she investigated for some information. She couldn't help but gently touch the improved Heavenly Fire Symbol. As she discovered the peculiarities inside, she exclaimed out loud.

In her opinion, every Heavenly Fire Symbol would inevitably have a certain amount of energy flowing out of it. The higher the grade a divine runic master who created the divine runic symbol was, the more complex the rune structure would be, the more exquisite the Law lines, and the less strength that would flow out. This was a manifestation of a divine runic master's ability to control a divine runic symbol.

She had rarely encountered this situation before where there wasn't any energy flowing out from a divine runic symbol. This proved to her that Lin Ming's ability to confine the energy of the divine runes had reached an astonishing degree.

Suya suppressed her surprise;she had already accomplished her goal for coming here. She faintly smiled at Lin Ming and said, ’’Sir Lin, then I will not disturb you from drawing up divine runic symbols.’’

Then, her eyes narrowed, curving up like crescent moons in the skies, enchanting and alluring. ’’I would also like to ask Sir Lin to consider our Extreme Star Holy Lands and sell this improved Heavenly Fire Symbol to us in the future. The price can be further discussed.’’

Lin Ming thought for a moment. The Extreme Star Holy Lands could be considered an old customer of his. If he really did sell divine runic symbols, he would have intentions of selling to them. But, he had a special plan for these two divine runic symbols that he was creating now.

’’I am not too familiar with producing these divine runic symbols. If I can produce them en masse I will consider you.’’ Lin Ming didn't confirm anything as he kept his words ambiguous.

Suya's eyes shined as she heard this. As long as Lin Ming said this, she would have something to report to the Extreme Star Holy Lands.

The previous batches of Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols had miraculous and wondrous effects on the battlefield. This caused Suya to withstand a great deal of pressure from the high level figures of the Extreme Star Holy Lands, making her feel pressed for time.

Now, all she could do was keep track of Lin Ming.

’’Then I won't disturb Sir Lin. If there is anything you need, please inform me. As long as I can accomplish it, I will definitely try to help Sir Lin as much as I can.’’ Suya threw one last smile towards Lin Ming. Lin Ming nodded in return. Then, with with a twirl of her dress, Suya turned and left.

It was only that as Suya passed by Xiao Moxian, her eyes flashed and she raised her proud swan-like neck, her gaze touching upon Xiao Moxian.

Xiao Moxian returned this gaze with eyes that could kill. Her small canines were sharp like a little tiger's, reflecting an icy cold brightness.

As the two women's eyes met, an intense electric light sparked in the void.

With a bang, the door closed.

As Suya's footsteps gradually faded away, Xiao Moxian slowly pursed her lips. She shot Lin Ming a look, her complexion still gloomy. She didn't think that Suya was more beautiful than she was, but Suya's figure had the flavor of a ripe peach, explosive and bursting from the seams. This was an attribute that Xiao Moxian completely lacked;her figure was more slender and smooth.

’’Disgusting woman.’’ Xiao Moxian indignantly sputtered out.

Lin Ming coughed. Without saying anything, he picked up a divine runic pen.

Over the next half month, Lin Ming invested all of his time and focus in producing the improved Heavenly Fire Symbol and the Heretical God Symbol.

These divine runic symbols were far more complex than the previous Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol.

Every time he drew one up he would have to put in seven to eight times the effort of producing a Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol. Moreover, what gave Lin Ming a headache the most was that the failure rate was far too high!

In the first few days the failure rate reached as high as 70-80%. With this rate, Lin Ming could only draw up a single divine runic symbol in one day.

Even half a month later, his failure rate only fell to 50%.

This was also with the batch of Soul Recovery Symbols that Suya had provided. With their wonderful effects of revitalizing the divine soul, every time Lin Ming felt his soul force on the verge of collapse he would absorb one Soul Recovery Symbol and feel his soul force rapidly restore itself.

Time quickly passed.

In the final two days before the treasure fair began, Lin Ming didn't take a single moment of rest. Every time a Heavenly Fire Symbol failed and exploded, not only would Lin Ming's clothes tear apart but even the nearby strange and amusing Xiao Moxian would find her face completely blackened with soot. When combined her two white canines, this was an especially entertaining sight.

But in the end, Lin Ming still produced 10 improved Heavenly Fire Symbols and 10 Heretical God Heretical God Symbols.

In the early morning of the next day, as the sky was bright and the sun was dawning, countless crowds of people had gathered in divine Rune City.

As Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming left the divine Runic Masters Guild they were able to see the tides of people flying through the skies, like swarms of locusts!

Only during the period of the treasure fair would divine Rune City allow martial artists to fly, because the treasure fair was held in the floating castle. Due to this, this miraculous scene could be viewed.

The floating castle was a hundred miles wide and flew high in the air. Even so, the innumerable martial artists surrounding it were like motes of dust!

Although he had barely managed to catch a night of rest, Lin Ming was still feeling the aftereffects of overdrawing his soul force for an entire month. Now that he suddenly left his room, the dazzling sunlight made even Lin Ming feel a bout of dizziness. It took him a moment to adapt to the brilliant dappled sunlight.

’’There really is a great deal of people here.’’ Looking at this scene in front of him, Lin Ming was startled. With so many people it was hard to imagine just how high the volume of trade transactions would be.

Taking Xiao Moxian's hand, Lin Ming once more flew into the treasure fair in the flying castle. At this time, he suddenly had a strange feeling.

He could clearly feel that as he arrived at the treasure fair, the entire floating castle rippled with a thick power of divine runic symbols.

These were a type of hidden defensive divine runic symbols that were fused into the spirit stone of the castle. If anyone attacked this castle, these defensive divine runic symbols would erupt with a terrifying defensive barrier.

Rows upon rows of stores were everywhere, with the treasures inside all outstanding. Compared to the last time Lin Ming was here, there were many more good items.

Just by smelling the rich medicinal fragrance in the air, he could tell that there were far more spirit medicines for sale.

However, the sale square which had been there before had been cleared out.

A massive complex hung in the center of it, shaped like an eight-sided honeycomb.

This building was like a miniature sun. it was covered with radiant glowing stones, swallowing up all surrounding shadows and shining with a noon light.

On all eight sides of this honeycomb structure, around every 10 miles, there was a giant massive a giant massive illusory mirror that showed what was occurring within.

It was clear that this was an auction site. The staff inside were busily bustling about in preparation. However, it was clear from the hourglass that hung above the structure that there was only an hour left until the auction began.

Lin Ming had already received the news. From today forth, the most precious items of the treasure fair would all be sold in the auction.

As for the item shops outside, the things they sold were far from comparable to the heavenly treasures sold in the auction house.

It was inevitable that the jade dragon horn he needed would appear there, and it was even possible that the dragon saliva grass would too. After all, these were materials that top divine runic masters wanted and their price would definitely soar as the divine runic masters fought for them!

As Lin Ming was thinking, he heard a giggle burst out from the entrance.

’’Duke Fullmoon also came, haha... the pressure on a little girl like me is far too great. I hope that Duke Fullmoon won't snatch something from my hands...’’

Duke Fullmoon?

This laughter was also quite familiar. Lin Ming couldn't help but follow these sounds and be surprised as he caught sight of a few familiar faces... how could these people have gathered together?

The few people at the entrance were surrounded by a group of extremely muscular and vigorous guards.

Of the people being guarded, one of them was a tall and graceful woman, a peerless beauty of her generation. She had been the one smiling and laughing - it was Miss Suya from the divine Runic Masters Guild.

Beside Miss Suya was a blue-clothed man, a faintly happy smile on his face. His eyes burned as they occasionally dipped down to her swaying figure before slowly coming back up to her face.

Behind this blue-clothed man was a slow and creeping black-cloaked old man.

The old man's complexion was gloomy and dark. It was only when Suya and the blue-clothed man occasionally laughed out loud that the old man would join in with a few terse and hollow laughs. It was hard to tell from his complexion whether he was irritated or not.

The blue-clothed man and the black-cloaked old man were the two people that Lin Ming bumped into when he last visited the treasure fair.

For them to meet again was also inevitable, because there were many treasures at this auction that the blue-clothed man had to obtain no matter what.


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