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Martial World - Chapter 1624


Chapter 1624

Chapter 1624 - Soul Recovery Symbol




Within the divine runic room, the air was hot like boiling magma. The heat manifested in curling crimson red undulations of energy, the temperature so high it left one staggering for breath.

Even the light within this room was twisted like waves due to the high heat.

Even though this was a seventh grade divine runic room with many spells and array formations surrounding it, a massive amount of the power of fire still radiated outside.

And the source of this tremendous power of fire was the discarded pieces of materials scattered over the floor, materials used for the Heavenly Fire Symbol.

Lin Ming was far too exhausted. Even a thin layer of salt had appeared on his eyebrows from the amount of evaporated sweat.

In these past several days he had almost never closed his eyes. The closer the treasure fair was, the more he was forced to seize every second of time available to him. Without the wealth of a powerful influence backing him, he could only rely on himself.

To Lin Ming, the spirit medicines and spirit treasures at the treasure fair were all astronomically expensive!

Soul force continually flowed out from his fingertips, manipulating the divine runic pen as it left traces of light and shadow in space. Using the extracted juice of materials, Lin Ming left behind lines of tiny runes in the void.

Every tiny line left behind a glowing brilliance and emitted a power of fire that wilted the mind.

Every single stroke of the runes required an immaculate level of technical skill. The tiniest deviation would lead to the flame patterns coming into conflict with each other and then exploding.

After Lin Ming absorbed the memories of three divine runic masters, when combined with his profound understanding of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws as well as his current skill in the divine runic arts, theoretically speaking his chances of failing to successfully draw up a divine runic symbol were extremely low. Moreover, he had also successfully drawn up the improved Heavenly Fire Symbol and Heretical God Symbol before.

But the production of these two divine runic symbols was the pinnacle of Lin Ming's understanding into the theory behind divine runic symbols as well as the peak of his current skill level.

Thus, if he wanted to draw up the improved Heavenly Fire Symbol and Heretical God Symbol once again, every step he did would push him to the limit.

Constantly chasing after his limits was a rapidly tiring matter.

These two divine runic symbols had an extremely high fusion compatibility with the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws. Every tiny stroke of the runes formed a mosaic that was able to combine and shift together to form an exponential number of changes.

The slightest mistake would create damage to the overall structure of tiny runes, possibly even causing an explosion.

This meant that Lin Ming needed to invest every ounce of focus into his work, to concentrate every thought into controlling the divine runic pen.

During a sustained period of high concentration it was easy to consume a massive amount of soul force. If Lin Ming hadn't cultivated Empyrean divine Mist's soul force cultivation method and had his previous soul force intensity, he would definitely be far too tired to do anything and might have even caused permanent damage to his soul!

In the history of divine runic arts, there were some divine runic masters that in order to draw up a peerlessly powerful and infinitely marvelous divine runic symbol, would directly consume their mind and soul and die in their divine runic room.

The improved Heavenly Fire Symbol that Lin Ming was drawing, in terms of difficulty and finesse required, was enough to annihilate the mind of a fourth grade divine runic master.

The original Heavenly Fire Symbol had more than 800 flame-based tiny runes combined, and there were countless array formation marks within. But, Lin Ming's improved Heavenly Fire Symbol had over a thousand flame-based tiny runes added within, as well as over 10,000 elaborate array formation marks interspersed throughout. This allowed the Heavenly Fire Symbol to have channels that were able to absorb the power of fire even more smoothly.

These profound changes made the difficulty of drawing up a Heavenly Fire Symbol exponentially greater than before. All of these new additions required Lin Ming to consume an enormous amount of soul force.

There was no need to mention the changes Lin Ming made in the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws. The original Heavenly Fire Symbol had an extremely rough and crude implementation of the Asura Heavenly Dao. Within it, only several rune paths conformed with the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws.

As for Lin Ming's changes, he completely eliminated all previous rune paths that corresponded to the Asura Heavenly Dao, and planted in 108 new rune paths in their place.

These modifications, if seen by other divine runic masters, would truly shock the world. Some lower level divine runic masters would would find it impossible to understand.

The consequences of these complex changes were a massive increase in the use of soul force as well as endless and constant calculations during the drawing process.

Even if Lin Ming had successfully produced a Heavenly Fire Symbol once, there would occasionally be a slight deviation in the flame-based runes at the start, finally causing there to be a conflict with the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws that were fused into it.

Finally, a massive fire dragon would blow up from the tiny runes, causing the entire divine runic symbol to be ruined.

If it weren't for Xiao Moxian standing guard on the side and quickly responding, and swallowing the fire dragons with the Darkness Laws, then Lin Ming's eyebrows and most of his hair would have been burnt away.

’’3972 flexible array lines, conforming to the right spiral revolution of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws...’’ Lin Ming mumbled to himself, all of his concentration focused on the floating lines of flames in the air.

Finally, the long lines of flames were pulled into the top of the Heavenly Fire Symbol.

The entire Heavenly Fire Symbol erupted with a blazing light. The lines of the flame runes rapidly decomposed, gathering onto the tiny runes within and then combining once more...

Another two hours passed.

The reformed flame runes began to fuse with the lines of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws in the air.

With a brief flash, all of the surging energies vanished at once.

All that was left in Lin Ming's hand was a simple and plain Heavenly Fire Symbol that sparkled with a strange light.

The Heavenly Fire Symbol seemed ordinary and rough, without even the slightest power of fire leaking out.

If other divine runic masters were to see this, they would certainly sing praises to the heavens! To create a Heavenly Fire Symbol that didn't have the slightest bit of energy flowing out, this required a deeply profound understanding and control of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws. All of that power of fire needed to be forcefully locked inside.


A drop of sweat fell down from the tip of Lin Ming's nose. Before it hit the ground, the drop of sweat was already evaporated by the high heat.

Lin Ming finally opened his eyes, letting out a long breath of relief.

Xiao Moxian smiled like a blooming flower, finally relaxing a little.

’’The Heavenly Fire Symbol is finished... do you want to rest a little?’’ Xiao Moxian's worried eyes looked at looked at Lin Ming.

Lin Ming confidently smiled. He shook his head and said, ’’No need. I'll be fine after I practice the divine Mist Heart Mantra.’’

’’You're being too hard on yourself...’’ Xiao Moxian whispered. But, she knew that once Lin Ming decided to do something it was nearly impossible for anyone else to change his mind.

Moreover, she also knew that he was pressed for time. Every step Lin Ming made was to prepare for the future war with the saint race in the divine Realm.

Thinking of these future matters, a desolate and sad look passed through her face. divine Realm... saint race... monster race... to her, this was a knot in her heart that she couldn't undo.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

A knocking sound echoed out from the front door.

’’Sir Lin.’’ Suya's dark and sensual voice transmitted from the other side of the door.

Xiao Moxian suddenly frowned deeply, her body immediately straightening up. A faint sense of hostility flashed over her face. When a beautiful woman met another beautiful woman, it wasn't unlikely for sparks to occur, especially when there was a man involved.

Lin Ming also wrinkled his eyebrows. He didn't like being disturbed by outsiders when he was deep in drawing up divine runic symbols.

’’What is it?’’ Lin Ming coldly asked, patiently holding back his temper.

’’The great lord Empyrean of our Extreme Star Holy Lands knows that Sir Lin has been busy with many matters these days and has been working hard on the divine runic arts, so he has bid me send you some Soul Recovery Symbols.’’

Soul Recovery Symbols?

Lin Ming was startled as he heard this. A Soul Recovery Symbol was an extremely complex divine runic symbol. In order to create one, one needed the special condensed soul crystals of the spiritas and then to add in the Soul Recovery Laws of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws.

This sort of divine runic symbol was expensive and not too practical. Normally, only divine runic masters near the seventh grade, half-step spiritas Empyreans, or other characters of that level would use these divine runic symbols, because drawing one up required a peak sixth grade divine runic master.

For the current Lin Ming, meditating on the divine Mist Heart Mantra was a waste of his time. If he had these Soul Recovery Symbols to supplement him then it would really be a useful gift that came at the right time.

As long as this type of supportive divine runic symbol was fused into was fused into his body he would be able to rapidly recover his soul force.

Without needing Lin Ming to speak, Xiao Moxian had already opened the front door without reservation.

Her hostility to this seductive temptress Suya was one matter, but these Soul Recovery Symbols that could help Lin Ming were another.

As long as it was something that could help Lin Ming, she wouldn't refuse it.

As the front door opened, a strange and intoxicating scent rushed in, accompanied with the gentle tinkling of bells.

Suya's casual dress was provocative enough, but today she was especially dressed up. She wore a long and silky dress that was cut low at the chest, exposing her curvy figure. Her majestic chest was proud and full as a startling amount of snowy white skin was exposed.

Her earrings were made from strange crystals, mysteriously polished so that they exuded a dazzling light. When combined with her pouty looks, every movement of hers exuded a captivating scent.

She carried a plate with both hands that was stacked with divine runic symbols carrying a dark strength.

Slowly stepping into the room, Suya maintained a trace of a smile. Her star-bright eyes were mesmerizing.

Of course, this brilliant gaze was focused on the improved Heavenly Fire Symbol that Lin Ming just drew up.

Suya had stayed in the divine Runic Masters Guild for a long time and experienced many things. As she saw the improved Heavenly Fire Symbol and the complex runes that still floated like rivers of stars in the sky, her eyes shined even brighter. This divine runic symbol was absolutely not simple.

Suya smiled and then placed the plate of Soul Recovery Symbols in front of Lin Ming. Behind her, Xiao Moxian was running out of patience.

As Xiao Moxian saw Suya's round and perky bottom from behind, she couldn't help but feel inexplicably annoyed.

’’Miss Suya, we are currently in the process of researching and developing a new divine runic symbol, so we are a little busy at the moment. We thank you for the favor of sending these Soul Recovery Symbols and we will remember this.’’ Xiao Moxian was well aware that the goal of Suya sending Soul Recovery Symbols here was nothing more than an attempt to curry favor with Lin Ming in order to obtain even greater benefits in the future. If Lin Ming wasn't anybody at all, they definitely wouldn't bother with him.

Thus, although Xiao Moxian's words were polite, they had an undertone of seeing a guest out.


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