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Martial World - Chapter 1622


Chapter 1622

Chapter 1622 - Suppressing Fullmoon




Seeing the black-cloaked old man and the blue-clothed man appear, Lin Ming had a sudden premonition that these people did not come here for the Thousand Mile Heartlink but for himself.

He quietly watched as the blue-clothed man who looked like an ordinary mortal scholar and the peculiar black-cloaked old man approached.

’’Shopkeeper, I heard that you were selling that necklace for 30 million? I will add another 10 million, so how about selling it to me instead?’’

As Duke Fullmoon spoke he glanced over at a captivating woman near him. ’’Junior-apprentice Sister Qing, your birthday is approaching so how about I make a gift of this necklace. If you wear it, I'm sure you'll be even more beautiful...’’

The young woman standing beside Duke Fullmoon was indeed a ravishing beauty, pleasing to the eyes.

Hearing Duke Fullmoon suddenly offer her such a precious gift, her heart skipped a beat. She found this hard to imagine. She was Duke Fullmoon's lover, yes, but she wasn't too special amongst his several other lovers. Duke Fullmoon had never given her anything so precious before.


This junior-apprentice sister Qing smiled, pleasantly surprised.

’’Of course I'm for real.’’ Duke Fullmoon traced her cheeks. Then he turned to Lin Ming, a grin on his face.

He hadn't taken a liking to this necklace;his only goal here was to probe Lin Ming.

If the master behind Lin Ming was a True divinity and not an Empyrean, then any amount of points would be nothing to Lin Ming. Although Duke Fullmoon felt that the chances there was a True divinity master behind Lin Ming were extremely low, he still had to be careful about this. A True divinity was someone he absolutely could not offend.

Lin Ming frowned, not responding. As for the shopkeeper that was selling the necklace, he froze. He received a commission for selling any item, and the higher he sold it for the more he would make. He certainly hoped to sell a higher-priced necklace to Duke Fullmoon.

And at this time, Junior-apprentice Sister Qing looked at Xiao Moxian with haughty eyes, like the enormous sense of superiority a rich person felt against the poor.

Xiao Moxian only coldly laughed. She looked at Duke Fullmoon and that Junior-apprentice Sister Qing as if she were looking at a flock of bumbling idiots ’’Wasting another 10 million to compete for something like this, is there any meaning to it? Someone that brags about their money just because they have some great influence standing behind them, I really wonder if these people are fools or just insane.’’

Xiao Moxian naturally didn't know why these people had come over to antagonize Lin Ming. Instead, she simply considered all of them wastrels of their generation.

Duke Fullmoon's complexion sank. As he listened to Xiao Moxian, he felt an anger he couldn't voice.

Xiao Moxian turned to Lin Ming and spoke as if it didn't matter at all. ’’Big Brother Lin, if he wants to fight for that necklace then let him;I have no interest in it. Someone is selling it for 30 million and he doesn't think it's expensive enough so he wants to add another 10 million, what a special fellow he is.’’

Xiao Moxian had extremely good eyesight. Looking at the clothes that Duke Fullmoon wore, she was able to approximately judge his net worth. If this was the type of person that came from a large influence and liked to randomly stir up trouble just because, then there was nothing good that could come from quarrelling with them.

Although Lin Ming was wealthy and he could definitely compete for this Thousand Mile Heartlink, he was stretched for money and couldn't spend it on something as insignificant as this. If he really decided to compete with these people in terms of money then that would truly be silly.

Thus, Xiao Moxian said what she said to comfort Lin Ming and make it easier for him to give up.

Lin Ming knew just what Xiao Moxian was trying to do. He faintly smiled, ’’If I'm buying something I definitely won't let others take it away. Moreover, this necklace is indeed useful to us.’’

’’Big Brother Lin, what are you...’’ Xiao Moxian was startled. In her opinion, Lin Ming wasn't irrational like this. Just because they were bitten by a mad dog on the streets didn't mean they should get on the floor and bite back.

’’It's fine.’’ Lin Ming waved his hand.

Duke Fullmoon was surprised by these words. He thought that Lin Ming would give up the Thousand Mile Heartlink with Xiao Moxian's urging, but he didn't think that Lin Ming would say these words instead.

’’How amusing. Since you're interested, then let's have a little competition. I'll add another 10 million to make it 50 million. What about you?’’

Duke Fullmoon looked at Lin Ming with provocation in in his eyes.

Lin Ming only smiled and looked to the fat shopkeeper.

At this time, the fat shopkeeper's forehead was dripping with sweat. This was because he was excited but also because he was afraid.

He was someone that barely managed to break into the divine Lord realm by relying on accumulating to his age as well as using a variety of pills. He was nothing but an old steward that was unlikely to have any more achievements in his life. He was well aware that those guests able to enter the VIP hall all had extraordinary backgrounds. Moreover, he could also feel that although this Lin Ming was dressed ordinarily, he absolutely wasn't ordinary, even for those people here.

With two dragons battling, he didn't want to offend either one of them. But, he also wanted to obtain more advantages, so this made him lean towards the one that offered a higher price.

Seeing Lin Ming look at him, the fat shopkeeper squeezed out a sweaty smile. He said with a dry mouth, ’’That guest has put forth a bid of 50 million, do you plan on...’’

’’Plan on what?’’ Lin Ming asked in return. He pointed towards the contribution points jade slip in the fat shopkeeper's hand. ’’You seem to have mistaken something here. I offered you 30 million points and you have already accepted. The transaction is complete and the necklace is mine. If anyone is to sell it, then that would be me.’’

As Lin Ming spoke he placed a jade slip on the table. This jade slip was a copy of the Treasure Fair Trading Rules that the young maid had given him earlier.

Although the dozens of rules listed in the Treasure Fair Trading Rules seemed like nonsense, it was actually quite useful at this time.

These were rules that everyone at the treasure fair had to follow.

Of these rules, one was that all trades had to be done fairly and voluntarily. And there was also one more rule: all transactions were permanent once completed.

And Lin Ming had completed the transaction with the fat shopkeeper just now.

Lin Ming unhurriedly took out a recording array disc. Before the shopkeeper could respond, Lin Ming recorded the 30 million points that the fat shopkeeper held onto an illusory magic array.


The shopkeeper was stunned;he didn't know how to react.

Duke Fullmoon frowned. ’’You consider that as having completed the transaction? Although you paid the points the points you still haven't taken the necklace. If this is a transaction, isn't it only half finished?’’

’’Is that so?’’ Then, Lin Ming slowly took out two sound transmitting talismans and smiled at Duke Fullmoon and Shadow Overflow. ’’If you two are targeting me then you must know my status already, right? If you know who I am then you should also know that it won't be a problem for me to contact several Elders in the divine Runic Masters Guild. How do you think they will rule on this matter?’’

Dragons could not bully local snakes. Within the divine Runic Masters Guild, Lin Ming could be called an influential person with a number of connections. Although that Old Xue and Old Su seemed like cheeky old fogies who liked to waste their time, for better or worse they were true and blue Elders of the divine Runic Masters Guild.

Although Old Xue normally tried to tease and take advantage of Lin Ming, when facing outsiders he absolutely wouldn't shield them. How could he allow himself and his colleagues to be bullied at their own home?

Duke Fullmoon's complexion became much uglier. He certainly knew of Lin Ming's fame. Lin Ming was a talented individual that the divine Runic Masters Guild was carefully raising!

How could someone that could successfully create the improved Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol be ignored?

’’The Treasure Fair Trading Rules state at the front that anyone who dares violate the rules of the treasure fair will lose their trading qualifications, whether they are buyers or sellers. I have no idea who you are and what influence you originate from, but in divine Rune City you follow the rules of the divine Runic Masters Guild. If you insist on breaking the rules then according to the rules I must ask you to leave the city.’’

Lin Ming's words were spoken clearly and calmly. But, his words held a momentum that could not be refused. Duke Fullmoon couldn't find the words to argue back.

As for that fat shopkeeper, his entire face was dripping sweat and he couldn't help but wipe himself clean. It was like Lin Ming said. If he truly didn't follow the rules and give the necklace to Lin Ming then he would be asked to leave divine Rune City. Once that happened, his master would blame him and he definitely would not be able to withstand the punishment.

’’Interesting! How interesting!’’

Even though Duke Fullmoon knew he had knew he had lost in this first confrontation with Lin Ming, the gloomy look on his face still rapidly disappeared and the confident smile appeared once more.

’’I've underestimated you.’’

Although this was a minor matter and Lin Ming's methods couldn't be considered too clever, Duke Fullmoon was still a bit more wary of Lin Ming. He had also obtained a copy of the Treasure Fair Trading Rules, and didn't look over it much because he thought it was a bunch of nonsense.

He never imagined that jade slip with pages of nonsense would be the reason he lost to Lin Ming just now.

All things considered, Lin Ming was more careful than he was. This sort of person, when exploring a mystic realm, could often find advantages in the environment to overcome their enemy.

Xiao Moxian also never imagined that Lin Ming would have this move. She grinned, revealing a tiny pair of canines. She was originally a proud and arrogant genius and she definitely didn't like having her spotlight be stolen by another woman she considered nothing but a pretty vase.

She smiled with deep satisfaction and said, ’’Well, if you want to put forth 300 million then I can consider selling this necklace to you.’’

These words were deliberately spoken by Xiao Moxian to irritate these people.

’’300 million... hehe.’’ Duke Fullmoon bleakly laughed. He didn't need this Thousand Mile Heartlink necklace to begin with and he certainly wouldn't give Lin Ming a random 300 million points.

’’You seem to be short on money?’’

Duke Fullmoon meaningfully looked at Xiao Moxian. From the way Xiao Moxian was afraid that Lin Ming would lose money struggling with him, he could infer that Lin Ming's current economic situation wasn't doing too well.

At this time, Shadow Overflow's sound transmission reached Duke Fullmoon's ears.

Duke Fullmoon's thoughts stirred and he grinned. ’’So that's how it is. You want to buy this Dragon Contract?

’’What a coincidence. The item I'm looking forwards to the most is also this Dragon Contract. That Thousand Mile Heartlink has a clearly marked price so you used the rules to gain an advantage over me, but this Dragon Contract is to be auctioned fair and square. I want to see at that time just how you'll compete with me!’’

Shadow Overflow had been using his sense to spy on Lin Ming from the start, thus he naturally knew Lin Ming wanted to buy the jade dragon horn.


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