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Martial World - Chapter 1619


Chapter 1619

Chapter 1619 - Treasure Fair




divine Rune City's treasure fair was held by a business directly subordinate to the divine Runic Masters Guild, the Runic Pill Trade Association.

Although the Runic Pill Trade Association's reputation wasn't too obvious, the truth was that the material warehouses of the divine Runic Masters guild, the cashing in of contribution points, and many other shops and industries affiliated with the divine Runic Masters Guild were all managed by the Runic Pill Trading Organization.

The term Runic Pill came from the divine runic arts and the pill refining alchemy arts. In divine Rune City, the divine runic arts and alchemy came hand in hand.

The divine Runic Masters Guild established the Runic Pill Trading Organization in order to govern their vast fortune and innumerable assets. After all, when it came to business affairs, they needed people who were proficient in that aspect. divine runic masters generally didn't have the time nor ability to manage such massive amounts of wealth.

As the treasure fair was readying to go into full swing, in a seventh grade divine runic room at the divine Runic Masters Guild, an exhausted Lin Ming was slumped down in front of a table. His face was pallid and streaming sweat and he seemed completely drained.

But at this time, a burning excitement was shining in his eyes.

A moment ago he had just completed the improved Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol! This also signaled the first time he completed an Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol.

This improved version had a new name, a highly fitting one that was also very tyrannical - the Heretical God Symbol!

The reason it was called this name was because Lin Ming had successfully improved the Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol and he had relied entirely upon the Heretical God Tree's ability to control fire and thunder energies to do so.

The successes of the Heretical God Symbol left Lin Ming feeling a deep sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

This was something he had used over half a year of painstaking efforts to complete. Only then did he succeed in creating this masterpiece of his. This improved divine runic symbol was the manifestation of Lin Ming's highest level of divine runic arts!

Even for a long time in the future, even if Lin Ming truly stepped into the realm of a sixth grade divine runic master he would it hard to surpass today's accomplishments.

Thinking about the entire creation process of the Heretical God Symbol, Lin Ming felt a stirring feeling in his heart. The reason he was able to succeed was entirely because of some coincidental lucky chances in addition to the evolution of the Heretical God Tree. If he had to turn back time and repeat this process over again, he might not necessarily succeed.

Picking up the completed Heretical God Symbol, Lin Ming took a pen and wrote the 'Lin' character on the bottom right corner.

This was Lin Ming's brand.

Besides the Heretical God Symbol, Lin Ming also drew up the improved version of the Heavenly Fire Symbol.

The various properties of the Heavenly Fire Symbol couldn't be considered as outstanding amongst fifth grade divine runic symbols. Moreover, as with the improved version of the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol, Lin Ming found it much easier to revise because he knew the supporting theoretical basis behind it.

At the bottom right corner of the Heavenly Fire Symbol, Lin Ming also wrote his surname.

At this time, there was a knock on the door. The one who arrived was Xiao Moxian.

Today, Lin Ming decided to take a brief vacation. He made a plan with Xiao Moxian beforehand to go to the treasure fair and take a stroll through it.

Of course, this was also to pave the way for the treasure fair half a month from now.


In these past days, using the words lively or bustling wasn't enough to describe the atmosphere of divine Rune City.

On the streets there were divine Lords and Holy Lords everywhere. Many of these people hid their cultivation so it was unwise to offend anyone. There were even Great World Kings and half-step Empyreans mingling amongst the crowds.

During the treasure fair, although the greatest auctions would come at the finale of the event, there were still many people trying to drum up interest in their own treasures, thus they participated in the treasure fair from the beginning.

They would display their treasures to attract buyers at the treasure fair. Then when the time for the auction came, they could sell for a good price.

There were even many things that were sold during the treasure fair.

Lin Ming had a specific goal - that was to find dragon saliva grass and a jade dragon horn. As for a heaven devouring snake gallbladder and a primal jade quintessence, those could be found within the divine Runic Masters Guild's warehouses.

Originally, with Lin Ming's qualifications he didn't have the authority to purchase such precious materials. But, his performance this past year was far too eye-catching. Within the entire divine Runic Masters Guild there was no one that didn't know of Lin Ming. This caused his status to be be incomparable to what it was before.

In addition, Lin Ming contributed all of the ultimate final divine runic art techniques he obtained from Torchriver and the other two divine runic masters' memories and completely handed them over to the divine Runic Masters Guild. Through these techniques he was able to obtain the right to purchase the heaven devouring snake gallbladder and primal jade quintessence.

Walking through divine Rune City, Lin Ming could feel the light being blocked out. Looking up, he saw a massive round structure floating high in the skies. This structure was a hundred miles wide! It was incomparably massive as it floated in the skies of divine Rune City!

This building was built entirely with special obsidian. Beneath the bright sunlight it sparkled with an intense black light. This was a massive floating castle!

From far away, Lin Ming could see many martial artists passing in and out of this giant castle. They were like little bees flying in and out of a nest.

This giant floating castle was the listed address where the divine Runic Masters guild held the treasure fair.

divine Rune City was a city where the roads were already paved with gold. Every inch of land was developed and it was impossible to accommodate too many extra people.

Thus, holding the treasure fair in the skies was the most appropriate solution.

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian flew up towards the floating castle.

After flying through the front gates, even though Lin Ming had been prepared he was still shocked by the scene occurring before him.

A hundred mile wide space was easily spoken, but the truth was that it was similar to a mortal city in size. A mortal city a few dozen miles wide was already considered large, but for a hundred mile wide city, one couldn't even see the mountains from one side to the other.

This sort of hundred mile wide floating castle had an incomparably broad space within it, as if it were a separate world!

At this time, there was a massive channel in front of Lin Ming. This channel was enough to accommodate hundreds of flying individuals.

And both sides of this giant channel were packed with shops!

Every shop was the size of a palace. Their front gates were wide open as they faced the channel. Looking from afar, this place really did resemble the honeycomb structure of a beehive!

Many martial artists flew through this channel, stopping by any shops that they were interested in.

During this treasure fair, the cost to rent a space in this floating castle was astronomically was astronomically high. Anyone that could afford it was a major seller.

As for those that couldn't afford a shop, they also had a space. That was the giant market squares within.

The market squares within the floating castle were ten miles long and wide. They could easily hold 100,000 stalls.

’’This is quite the grand event.’’ Lin Ming praised.

Xiao Moxian faintly smiled. ’’Indeed. The Asura Road may be smaller than the divine Realm, but in terms of liveliness and number of masters, I fear that it is far superior.’’

Within Demondawn Heavenly Palace, Xiao Moxian had seen many great scenes before. But to hold such an event where so many divine Lords, Holy Lords, and World Kings converged, all of them bringing out treasures to sell, this was a scene that Demondawn Heavenly Palace wasn't able to compare to.

’’Young master, come and take a look at our clothes! Not only are they artistically crafted but they are also practical. Let that pretty lady beside you try one on and I'm sure her beauty will capture you!’’

Lin Ming suddenly heard a sweet womanly voice sound out in his ears as he was speaking to Xiao Moxian.

Lin Ming turned his head. At some point, he and Xiao Moxian had unknowingly approached a clothing shop.

This shop had all sorts of robes and vestments on display. The worst of these were all medium-grade spirit artifacts.

If Lin Ming were back to the time when he bought the Boundless World Pill, these enhanced vestments would all be luxury items. But now, Lin Ming's strength surpassed that of an ordinary World King and his wealth was countless times greater than that of an World King of the divine Realm. Currently, buying a medium-grade spirit artifact vestment wouldn't be anything at all.

’’Do you have anything of a higher quality?’’

Lin Ming wasn't interested in these magic clothes but he remembered that he had never gifted Xiao Moxian anything. Although Lin Ming didn't really care much for the quality of the clothes that this shop sold, the clothes themselves were actually quite artistic and beautiful. If Xiao Moxian were to wear them they would definitely look beautiful on her.

’’Of course.’’

Seeing Lin Ming open his pockets in such an extravagant manner, the saleswoman was even more attentive to him. She quickly brought out several of her shop's best articles of clothing and Xiao Moxian chose one of them with a bright smile. To the current Lin Ming, 80,000 contribution points was nothing but a light drizzle.

Xiao Moxian happily went to try on the clothes. To her, although To her, although these clothes were quite good looking, the most important thing was that Lin Ming was buying them for her.

’’Miss, I would like to ask you something. There are several rare and precious materials I want to buy at this treasure fair. Where would I be able to find them?’’ Lin Ming borrowed this opportunity while he was buying clothes to ask where the rare and precious materials were located in the treasure fair. He didn't want to randomly wander about without aim.

’’Rare and precious materials? How rare and precious?’’ The saleswoman enchantingly smiled. Lin Ming's generosity had her treating him with a great deal of respect and joy.

’’In contribution points, 10 million and above.’’

Lin Ming didn't want to sound too shocking thus he only said 10 million. But in truth, the materials he wanted to buy were in the hundreds of millions.

Even so, the young saleswoman covered her mouth in surprise. 10 million contribution points! Even some poorer World Kings only had around 20 million or so points of wealth.

And this young man in front of her wanted to buy materials that were 10 million points or above. Really, people couldn't be judged by their appearances.

’’Those types of precious valuables are all exhibited in the central VIP hall of the castle. Some things are even in the hundreds of millions of points. But to enter the VIP hall, you'll need VIP status or at least 50 million points...’’

The young saleswoman looked at Lin Ming with awe and gave him a map of the floating castle.

’’Thank you.’’

Lin Ming glanced through this map. There was an extremely detailed explanation of every area and it was highly helpful to Lin Ming. After leaving the shop, he and Xiao Moxian flew to the central VIP hall.

The entire VIP hall was made with timeless god stones. Lin Ming showed a jade slip with at least 50 million contribution points and smoothly entered.

As soon as he entered the VIP hall, everything became completely different.

The VIP hall lacked the ruckus from outside and there weren't as many people. Within the entire hall, a rich medicinal fragrance wafted about;this was the fragrance of the heavenly materials everywhere.

Lin Ming took a deep breath. He had high accomplishments in alchemy and immediately ascertained that the pills which could release such a smell would sell for at least 50 million.

This filled Lin Ming with anticipation as he entered the VIP hall. Here, perhaps he really could find the dragon saliva grass and jade dragon horn he needed.


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