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Martial World - Chapter 1618


Chapter 1618

Chapter 1618 - Heretical God Tree Evolution




The Heretical God Tree was a holy ruler of fire and thunder. With the suppression of the Heretical God Tree, the fluctuating thunder and fire runes calmed down, becoming peaceful and without a single sign that they would go out of control.

This ability to control thunder and flame to such a degree was something unique to Lin Ming.

He had cultivated the Fire and Thunder Laws to touch upon the threshold of the seventh level Concept. And, martial artists that trained in fire and thunder were extremely rare to begin with. For someone to reach Lin Ming's current achievements was extremely difficult because he was the only one who possessed the Heretical God Force.

Facing the hundred plus tiny runes formed from thunder and fire, Lin Ming's complexion was earnest. His speed was slow and he would often spend a long time drawing up a single tiny rune, constantly making calculations to find the best drawing method.

Like this, several hours passed as Lin Ming immersed himself in making calculations and a drawing plan.

Lin Ming's forehead was wet with beads of sweat. Even with the support of the Heretical God Tree, it was impossible for him to control these 100 plus tiny runes for 8-10 hours.

He grit his teeth, trudging on. Another two hours passed. After Lin Ming forcefully completed a part of the drawing plan, he had reached his limit;he couldn't continue on.

If an ordinary divine runic master were to encounter this situation then they would find it hard to process the remainders of the divine runic symbol that floated in the air. If they were to handle them incorrectly then they might even blow up. But to Lin Ming this wasn't a problem at all.

With a simple thought, the 100 plus tiny runes vanished like fireflies scattering in the night. They flew towards the Heretical God Tree and all of that power of thunder and fire was absorbed by it.

Within several breaths of time, all of the energy had dissipated.

The moment the drawing process ended, Lin Ming slumped onto a stone bench, completely exhausted. This high-intensity deduction process was a tremendous test on his endurance and skill as a divine runic master, and the taste of overdrawing his soul force constantly didn't feel that great either.

After swallowing down some pills, Lin Ming began to meditate.

For these days, Lin Ming's life repeated like this. Every day he would draw and calculate until he exhausted his soul force, and after his soul force was restored he would resume the process.

He had bought a large amount of materials before this and constantly burnt through them. The dregs of these materials were sprinkled around the room. Even the jade slips he used for calculations were randomly piled around.

In this state, Lin Ming had nearly been driven to dark obsession. He completely immersed himself in the Asura Heavenly Dao and the world of divine runic arts, not knowing day or night.

Unknowingly and unwittingly, three months passed. The deadline for the treasure fair approached closer and closer.

As for Lin Ming, he was just a tiny bit away from completing the revisions to the Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol. Even though he squeezed out all of his potential he still wasn't able to complete his work.

It was already late at night. In the dark divine runic room, the light of the array formations radiated outward, dazzling. Lin Ming stood before the divine runic table, all of his focus concentrated on drawing up an Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol.

Lin Ming's eyes were bloodshot and even his fingers trembled. However, as he drew up the tiny runes in the air, his actions remained as stable and accurate as before.

He had already drawn up 763 tiny runes. The structure of these runes could be called perfect!

However, as he drew up the 764th tiny rune, Lin Ming could feel the energy control of thunder and fire go out of equilibrium. He knew that changing a fifth grade divine runic symbol was as difficult as ascending to the heavens, and any changes in the equilibrium of the tiny runes would accumulate until the entire rune structure collapsed.

As a result, Lin Ming tirelessly chased after this point. He had continued this for three days.

In these three days, Lin Ming constantly squeezed out his potential. The burden on his body and soul was immense.

To be more accurate, ever since Lin Ming returned to divine Rune City, he had spent almost all of his time in such a state.

A divine runic master was a noble and distinguished occupation. Although there were some divine runic masters that would appear tired because they were drawing up a divine runic symbol, there were very few divine runic masters who would push themselves to their limits like Lin Ming did. divine runic masters were used to a high-brow lifestyle and their work was often relaxed. In their eyes, what Lin Ming was doing would seem far too crazy.

’’Just a little bit left...’’

Lin Ming had already tried drawing up up these 764 tiny runes several dozen times, but he still hadn't been able to successfully draw the complete plan. And each attempt used up a great deal of Lin Ming's soul force.

In doing so, his soul force had been nearly emptied.

’’This is my limit...’’

Lin Ming took a deep breath. In his vision, even these 700 plus tiny runes seemed a bit blurry.

As he spoke, the energy structure had already become unstable. If this continued then the energy structure would collapse and possibly explode.

’’Did I make a mistake in the structure that I deduced?’’

This thought flashed through Lin Ming's mind and a deep sense of frustration filled his heart. With his current level of skill and cultivation, it was abnormally difficult to transform the Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol to begin with. Even if Lin Ming had an enormous advantage over others, he still wasn't an exception.

With his soul force and mentality having reached the limit, Lin Ming wasn't able to continue any longer. He dispersed the tiny runes that he had worked so hard to draw up and then let them fly into the Heretical God Tree.

In these months, Lin Ming had attempted to draw up the Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol countless times. And all of the failed attempts had been absorbed by the Heretical God Tree.

Although these divine runic symbols had been failures, they were still drawn up using rare and precious materials. These materials were related to thunder and fire and often formed from the essence of flame and thunder in the world.

If Lin Ming were to convert all the materials he used into points, it would be in the tens of millions. For a fifth grade divine runic symbol, this cost was ridiculously exaggerated.

If he continued to consume materials like this, it wouldn't be long before the cost of materials surpassed a hundred million.

It was now, when all the energy essence had been absorbed by the Heretical God Tree and Lin Ming was planning to meditate to restore his soul force that something startling occurred.

Within Lin Ming's inner world, the Heretical God Tree had absorbed the thunder and fire essences of countless failed Extreme Dual Polarity Symbols, and now, it was finally beginning to grow once more!

’’...This is!’’

Lin Ming's mind shook. Because of the sudden change in the Heretical God Tree, a great deal of his fatigue had vanished.

He watched as the Heretical God Tree absorbed the incomparably pure power of thunder and fire, and then began to extend its branches and leaves.

In leaves.

In comparison to the previous evolutions of the Heretical God Tree, it didn't grow much. However, atop the crown of the tree, many strange lines began to appear.

Lin Ming could see that these lines were dao patterns formed from the Great Dao Laws.

The Heretical God Tree was originally able to absorb the Thunder and Fire Laws. Now, the Fire and Thunder Laws that the Heretical God Tree absorbed were carved within it. And, these Laws faintly manifested the Asura Heavenly Dao!

’’This is...’’

Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air.

The Heretical God Force was an incredibly marvelous cultivation method. At the beginning stages of this cultivation method, one would form a Heretical God Seed.

This Heretical God Seed didn't have a set path for growth. Depending on the different types of energies and Laws that were used to water it, it would grow into a completely different type of Heretical God Tree!

Lin Ming's Heretical God Tree contained many Fire Elementals and Thunder Sources, as well as the destructive flames and heavenly judgment lightning of nine layered tribulation and even Xiao Moxian's nirvanic flames.

With all of this gathered together, Lin Ming had now unknowingly poured in the Asura Heavenly Dao through the tiny runes of the Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol, causing the Asura Heavenly Dao to manifest in the Heretical God Tree and evolve once more.

It had already been a long time since the Heretical God Tree last evolved.

During this period of time, as Lin Ming's strength increased, the Heretical God Tree had absorbed far too much strength. With the Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol added on top of that, it finally succeeded in evolving.

The Heretical God Force was a cultivation method that had followed Lin Ming since the start of his road of martial arts. Although it couldn't be called the strongest of all of Lin Ming's abilities, it was the one he had reached the highest boundary in and was also the one from which he could bring out the greatest effects.

Up until this now, the Heretical God Force had already saved Lin Ming's life at numerous critical junctures. Even many of Lin Ming's current attacks were based upon the Heretical God Force.

Now, this current evolution of the Heretical God Force caused Lin Ming to perk up and be inspired.

After he ate a soul recovery pill he sat in meditation for a short four hours. Then, he took out a variety of materials from his spatial ring and began to challenge the drawing plan of the Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol Dual Polarity Symbol once more.

When a person was madly obsessed with a matter, they would display a horrifying tenacity.

At this time, when Lin Ming had drawn up the 764th tiny rune, he happily discovered to his surprise that because of the changes in the Heretical God Tree, the energy structure that was originally difficult to control became much more malleable and fluid. Although it hadn't reached perfection, Lin Ming was confident that in the next several days he would be able to overcome the greatest hurdle in transforming the Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol.

At that time, he would be able to perfectly revise the Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol!


As the treasure fair approached, divine Rune City became increasingly lively with every passing day. A massive amount of martial artists flocked towards divine Rune City from all directions.

divine Rune City's treasure fair was famed throughout the entire inner Asura Road. It could be called one of the top three ranked great trade meetings of the whole inner Asura Road.

Whenever this time approached, all the treasures from the inner Asura Road would be gathered and all the elites would converge.

As for divine Rune City, they would also lower the city entrance standards. They would no longer look at talent or whether or not one was a divine runic master. Rather, as long as one had sufficient wealth or treasures, they could enter divine Rune City.

As for the previous rule that disallowed saints from entering, this would also be cancelled during the period of the treasure fair. divine Rune City would not harm their own benefits just because of the Extreme Star Holy Lands' war. And even if there were saint spies that entered, it would be impossible for them to cause a ruckus in this treasure fair where masters were around every corner. It had to be known that in this treasure fair, even Empyreans would appear to buy the things they wanted.

At this time, there was still a month until the treasure fair. Every inn within divine Rune City was already filled to the brim. Some of the more luxurious inns would have a cost of over 10,000 origin energy runes a night, and one might not be able to rent these rooms even if they had money.

Many were forced to bring out their own dwellings and live on the outskirts of divine Rune City.

During the treasure fair, being able to live in divine Rune City was a sign of status. Without status, one wouldn't even have the chance to rent a room.


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