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Martial World - Chapter 1616


Chapter 1616

Chapter 1616 - Lin Ming's Conditions




In these days, Lin Ming nearly hadn't rested at all. He spent 90% of his time calculating the rune structure of a fifth grade divine runic symbol.

The work required to improve a fifth grade divine runic symbol was several times greater than what Lin Ming originally anticipated. Lin Ming had already completed the theoretical basis for revising a fifth grade divine runic symbol, but when he actually tried to apply this there were many problems that had to be solved.

At this time, a loud knock sounded out from the door.

Lin Ming thought it was Xiao Moxian, but after opening the door he discovered that it was Suya standing at the entrance.

Today's Suya was still dressed in a sultry outfit that gushed out with se* appeal. The tight-fitting fabric hugged her curves, perfectly outlining her explosive figure. The collar at her chest was opened up, plunging down deep and leaving one lost in daydreams.

Suya's manner of dress hadn't changed but her eyes had gone through a great transformation. When she looked at Lin Ming before, there was always a hint of contempt in her eyes, as if she were looking at a little child. But now, there was respect in her eyes as she looked at Lin Ming, and even some awe.

’’What is it?’’ Lin Ming was stunned for a moment. Then he casually asked Suya to enter. His work room was a thorough mess.

Suya didn't mind. She found a place to sit. After a moment of hesitation, she said, ’’Sir Lin, you probably already learned that the Extreme Star Holy Lands wanted to copy your Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol...’’


Lin Ming faintly nodded without much expression. ’’And?’’

Suya could feel a strong sense of confidence from this indifference. It was like Lin Ming completely didn't mind the massive undertaking the Extreme Star Holy Lands had carried out to copy his divine runic symbol. In fact, it didn't seem as if he was worried at all. Without a doubt, Lin Ming had absolute confidence in his own Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol, and the Extreme Star Holy Lands actions didn't even qualify to earn Lin Ming's disdain. Rather, he ignored them altogether.

’’They... failed...’’ Suya awkwardly said. She knew that even if she didn't say it, Lin Ming would find out sooner or later so she might as well speak on her own initiative.


Lin Ming replied yet again. It was clear he had already expected this result.

’’Sir Lin, although I know that coming to ask you for your cooperation yet again is shameless on my part, but... I have no choice but to ask you. I heard that you are in need of contribution points, right?’’

Lin Ming remained silent, waiting for Suya to speak.

’’I just received an Extreme Star Command from headquarters. They wish to purchase 2000 Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols. For this, they are willing to pay a total of 1.2 billion contribution points.

Suya carefully said. As she spoke she paid careful attention to Lin Ming's expression.

When Suya received the Extreme Star Command a quarter hour ago she nearly wanted to curse out loud. Headquarters had used a stupid research project to offend Lin Ming and now they actually wanted to buy from him at an even higher price. Then what were all their previous efforts for?

Without a doubt, the mission to ignore any sense of shame, forget all face she had, and apologize and then negotiate with Lin Ming definitely fell on her. This caused Suya to be fully enraged.

But what other choice did she have? As a disciple of the Extreme Star Holy Lands she had no choice but to follow orders. Moreover, she was related to the matter of Sage Brightyang being dismissed from his position.

Suya had to complete this matter no matter what. The Extreme Star Command that headquarters had passed down to her was, ’’Find any solution possible using any method you have. The spending limit is 1.2 billion points. Any more and headquarters cannot shoulder the cost.’’

As for 'using any method you have', that left Suya's heart racing.

She was a woman all on her own. Besides her seduction skills, just what other methods could she use?

Today, she went straight to the point and simply listed headquarters' conditions, leaving no room for bargaining.

She was extremely scared that Lin Ming wouldn't agree. If Lin Ming didn't agree would she really have to offer up her body?

But to be fair, in terms of looks, ability, and talent, Suya didn't feel as if she would be suffering a loss. But, the crux of the issue was that facing this icy Lin Ming, Suya suspected that even if she offered her body on her own initiative, she would still be refused.

If that happened then she really wouldn't have any face left over!

Hearing this total of 1.2 1.2 billion points, Lin Ming hesitated for a moment.

This was equal to 600,000 points for each divine runic symbol.

2000 symbols... this would require a long time to complete. It would drag on almost to the start of the treasure fair.

And for only 1.2 billion points, that might not be enough for Lin Ming to buy his materials.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming frowned.

Suya felt her heart gripped as Lin Ming frowned. ’’The money for materials can also be put forth by us.’’

The materials that Lin Ming used for a Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol weren't rare at all. Adding in this small amount of money wouldn't change anything.

’’1.2 billion is too little.’’

Lin Ming quietly said.

As Suya heard this, she felt the world fade around her. This was the highest price that headquarters was able to put forth!

Currently, the Extreme Star Holy Lands was far too tight on resources. With the failure of the last experiment, the Extreme Star Holy Lands had no intention of suffering another misfortune.

’’Lin Ming... what do I need to do for you to agree? As long as you don't increase the price, any other conditions... you can have them no matter what... I'll do anything.’’

As Suya spoke, her milk white breasts heaved up and down. She was actually feeling anxious.

Through all these years, Suya's se* appeal had caused countless men to surround her and prostrate themselves at her feet. But even amongst all these people she was able to calmly draw back. Yet today, in front of a little brother that was less than 100 years old, she was feeling increasingly intense emotions.

Suya felt her cheeks brighten as she spoke these suggestive words. Even so, she could faintly feel that Lin Ming's manner indicated he likely wouldn't have such a request. If so, then it was hard to say whether or not today's negotiations would come to a fruitful end.

Lin Ming thought for a moment. He needed at least 2 billion contribution points to have sufficient capital in the treasure fair.

But this price wouldn't be given to him by any organization.

Thinking like this, Lin Ming said, ’’I can draw up 2000 Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols at the price of 1.2 billion points. But... I have a condition. That is, a year from now I want the Extreme Star Holy Lands to lend me 800 million points without interest, for one year.’’

There were no permanent enemies, only eternal only eternal interests. Lin Ming wouldn't hold onto the fact that the Extreme Star Holy Lands had tried to forge his own Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol and ignore profits.

After all, if Lin Ming wanted to earn a big amount of contribution points now, he could only go through the Extreme Star Holy Lands.

Hearing Lin Ming's words, Suya let out a light breath of relief. She didn't know what she was feeling. His request was only to borrow money without interest...

If so, then the Extreme Star Holy Lands would likely agree to his request.

Although the Extreme Star Holy Lands was stretched in resources, if they mortgaged some things they could still obtain enough contribution points.

’’I will discuss this with headquarters.’’

’’Okay, then I will begin to draw up the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols. Every half month I will hand in a part of the mission and you will pay me my contribution points.’’

Lin Ming stood up and spoke. He was already in the pose of sending out his guest. After all, his time was precious.

After being seen out by Lin Ming, Suya felt frustrated. It was like she hadn't been welcome at all...

Like this, the conditions had been set.

Although the price that the Extreme Star Holy Lands put forth wasn't high, it was enough to satisfy Lin Ming's requirements to participate in the treasure fair.

Like this, Lin Ming started working night and day.

In the course of such work, Lin Ming steadily improved, whether it was in his skill level of the divine runic arts or his understanding of the Asura Heavenly Dao.

Half a month later, Lin Ming brought a stack of finished Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols and arrived at the Mission division.

Suya had already been waiting for Lin Ming. As she saw Lin Ming walking over she quickly moved forwards to welcome him.

’’Are the contribution points prepared?’’ Lin Ming had a somewhat exhausted look on his face. During this last half month he had clearly consumed a massive amount of energy. Even though Xiao Moxian regularly made him soul nourishing soups, they were still unable to fully supplement the soul force that he was spending like running water.

To complete the divine runic symbols, Lin Ming squeezed dry the well of his soul force. If it weren't for a recent breakthrough in the divine Mist Heart Mantra he wouldn't have been able to withstand such high intensity work.

Seeing such a Lin Ming, Suya felt Ming, Suya felt a bit apologetic. She quickly replied, ’’I've prepared it. This also includes Sir Lin's payment for the first 20 Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols.’’


Lin Ming nodded and then took out the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols from his spatial ring and placed them on the countertop.

There were three stacks, each stack extremely thick.

Seeing so many Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols, Suya was shocked. ’’This is... how many are there?’’

’’Each stack is 60 for a total of 180.’’ Lin Ming lightly said.

Suya gulped. ’’These... you drew these up in half a month?’’

’’Yes. Is there a problem?’’

’’No... no problem...’’

It had to be known that when an ordinary divine runic master drew up a divine runic symbol, there were three processes.

There was handling the materials, drawing up the main body of the divine runic symbol, and then fusing together the final Heavenly Dao Laws.

During the first step, one could use support from array formations so it wouldn't take much time. But as for the second and third step, for a peak fourth grade divine runic symbol each took at least two hours.

To draw up a full divine runic symbol took a minimum of four hours.

Moreover, every time one was created it would consume a massive amount of soul force. One had to rest during this period of time. In a normal day, drawing up two or three would be the average speed for a general divine runic master to draw up a fourth grade divine runic symbol.

This was why Old Xue ridiculed Lin Ming and said he could earn 2 million contribution points by drawing up two or three a day.

If one could draw up four divine runic symbols in a day, that was already an extremely heavy workload.

But Lin Ming had actually drawn up 12 a day! That was three times the limit of an ordinary divine runic master!

Every day had 24 hours. He had to draw up one every two hours and that was in a situation where he had no rest! How could Suya not be shocked by this.

’’Contribution points...’’ Lin Ming flatly repeated.

’’Oh, yes... of course...’’ Suya had her maid give Lin Ming his contribution points.

Without speaking further, Lin Ming walked away. 15 days of high intensity work had left him deeply exhausted, however he had no other choice but to hurry ahead.

Lin Ming had six months to complete these 2000 divine runic symbols!


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