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Martial World - Chapter 1611


Chapter 1611

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Martial World

MW Chapter 1611

Chapter 1611 - Test




’’You actually managed to have Grandmaster Overflow come and help?’’ A World King said from beside Sage Brightyang. This World King was Waking Cloud, a direct disciple of one of Extreme Star Heavenly Palace's two Empyreans.

’’Requesting Overflow to help will definitely come with a great price...’’ Someone added in after Waking Cloud.

Sage Brightyang said, ’’To this type of divine runic symbol, Grandmaster Overflow will definitely have a great interest. And after he unravels the secrets to creating one, we will definitely have to pay a great price. However, for the techniques behind this sort of divine runic symbol, it is absolutely worth it...’’

As Sage Brightyang was speaking, a melodious immortal song echoed through the air. A magnificent divine carriage decked in gold and jade shot through the horizon, dragging a brilliant rainbow behind it.

This divine carriage was hundreds of feet wide and was several times larger than an ordinary pavilion. It was pulled by 18 dignified ancient great beasts, slowly flying forwards. In front of the divine carriage was a squad of golden-armored warriors leading the way, each one carrying spirit artifacts. And behind the divine carriage were enchanting maids with high martial talents and cultivations, all of them holding various musical instruments. As they flew forwards, music filled the air. At the vanguard of the procession was a spirit boat filled with pretty maids that sprinkled down flower petals, like a cascading river of color fading into the deep!

And these flower petals were not ordinary flower petals. Rather, they were considerably expensive spirit flower petals. Just scattering these flower petals was an extremely great wealth!

From this alone, one could see how wealthy and opulent the master of the divine carriage was!

The divine carriage came to a steady stop before Extreme Star Heavenly Palace. Four beautiful maids moved forwards and parted the curtains of the divine carriage. Then, an old man in an opulent yellow robe stepped out.

This old man had unsightly features but his eyes were razor sharp. His held two young concubines to his chest. Without a doubt, this was Grandmaster Overflow!

’’This kind of parade...’’ Waking Cloud was left flabbergasted. Just the flower petals alone cost innumerable origin energy runes. Even an Empyrean travelling outside wasn't too different.

’’Grandmaster Overflow!’’ Sage Brightyang hurriedly moved forwards to greet him.

But Overflow only slightly nodded back and released the two concubines from his arms. He lightly said, ’’My time is valuable. There is no need for any pleasantries.’’

’’Good!’’ Sage Brightyang said, leading Overflow to the best divine runic room in the entire Extreme Star Heavenly Palace.

As for Overflow's guards, maids and concubines, all of them were treated well and asked to wait outside the palace.

Extreme Star Heavenly Palace's divine runic room was several miles wide. This giant square was so large because there were all sorts of expensive arrays set up as well as a top grade divine runic table that seemed like an altar.

Above this divine runic table, the runes of multiple array formations shined.

After glancing through this facility, Overflow was fairly satisfied.

’’Who created that divine runic symbol?’’ Overflow asked, getting straight to the point.

Sage Brightyang hesitated for a moment. ’’A third grade divine runic master.’’

Seeing Overflow frown as if he were about to be angry, Sage Brightyang quickly explained, ’’His divine runic arts level is likely above the third grade, and the current rune structure of the symbol might not have been invented by him either.’’

Overflow coldly coughed. If this was really the work of a mere third grade divine runic master, then asking him to unravel it was simply an insult.

He coldly said, ’’I hope it is a valuable divine runic symbol. I travelled several hundred million miles to come here and I'd better not be disappointed. Where is the divine runic symbol?’’

Sage Brightyang immediately took out the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol that Lin Ming had created. From appearances, this divine runic symbol didn't seem any different from an ordinary Havoc Flame Symbol.

Seeing this fourth grade divine runic symbol, Overflow didn't seem to have any interest. But as he swept his sense through the structure of the divine runic symbol, a brilliant light shined in his eyes.

’’Eh, this is quite interesting!’’

Overflow was clearly excited. Sage Brightyang was ecstatic. If this could arouse Grandmaster Overflow's interest then he would likely treat this not as a mission but as a personal endeavor. He would assuredly put forth 120% of his effort.

’’Are there the array formations I want?’’

’’Yes!’’ Sage Brightyang immediately ordered people to start the array formations in this room. These array formations had long been arranged in advance, and all of them were to support one in the divine runic arts. The cost of construction for each one was astronomical. If the cost was exchanged for contribution points of the divine Runic Masters Guild then every array formation would be worth at least 10 million points.

Although Extreme Star Heavenly Palace was considerably wealthy, they only arranged these array formations in a single divine runic room.

Sage Brightyang embarrassedly said, ’’We only have conventional array formations;we don't have specialized unraveling array formations. I must ask Grandmaster Overflow for help in setting them up.’’

Overflow laughed and proudly said, ’’This is natural. These unraveling array formations are all a specialty of my career;you naturally wouldn't know of them.’’

These dark divine runic masters made their living by plagiarizing and stealing the work of others. But, when it came to their own techniques and inheritances, they would keep them hidden watertight, never revealing their secrets to others.

If anyone wanted to steal their techniques, they would go all-out against them.

Grandmaster Overflow took out a dozen plus array discs from his spatial ring and placed them on the massive divine runic table.

Overflow was>Overflow was extremely careful in his actions. Each array disc was crafted from materials worth tens of millions of points. Moreover, the array discs also involved a variety of secret techniques. These array discs could be called Overflow's specialty treasures.

After Overflow spread out all the array discs, Sage Brightyang and the others drew back and used crystal balls to observe what was happening. They didn't want to disturb Grandmaster Overflow.

’’He's so professional.’’ Someone praised from behind Sage Brightyang.

’’That's right, the professionalism is completely different. Just those array discs that the Grandmaster took out are more expensive than the entire seventh grade divine runic room we prepared!’’

’’Lord Internal Affair Envoy's move is quite wonderful. As long as we succeed then we'll have saved a tremendous expense for Extreme Star Heavenly Palace and we'll also have gained a top divine runic symbol technology. With this amazing battlefield weapon in our hands, no one will dare to move against our Extreme Star Heavenly Palace!’’

Listening to this person, Sage Brightyang faintly smiled. He said, ’’Just who is this and just what is he doing? Grandmaster Overflow is a peak dark divine runic master. With him helping us, our plan of copying that technology is almost assured success. We only need to wait for the good news. I estimate that he should finish in around 10 days.’’


As Extreme Star Heavenly Palace launched their offensive to copy Lin Ming's divine runic symbol, it was finally becoming known by others that these improved Havoc Flame Symbols made by Lin Ming were able to be used multiple times. Moreover, it was also learned that the true name of these divine runic symbols was actually Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol.

However, these were merely rumors spread from the frontlines and there was no way to measure the veracity of these claims. As for one of the few insiders, Suya definitely wouldn't spread such news for Lin Ming.

The members of the divine Runic Masters Guild were all highly accomplished in the accomplished in the divine runic arts. They all knew how difficult it was to create a divine runic symbol that could be used multiple times.

Their knowledge and experience made them doubt such an unbelievable matter.

All of this led to the scene today. A group of divine runic masters waited in a test room of the divine Runic Masters Guild. They surrounded an illusory magic array, waiting to see the destructive might of this Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol.

Seeing was believing! Through this array formation test, they could confirm the truth.

Lin Ming was also in this test room. He held a Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol in his hand, the one that he had created a month ago.

’’Lin Ming, you brat, you're always up to some tricks.’’

Old Xue had arrived with his good friend Old Su. The two of them had also heard the rumors, and although they felt it was a bit incredible, since it concerned Lin Ming they already half believed it subconsciously.

Old Su traced his chin. He couldn't help but ask, ’’I heard that your Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol could be used multiple times? How many times is that?’’

Old Su cared most about the number of times that the divine runic symbol could be used.

Lin Ming faintly smiled, ’’You'll find out after the test...’’

Lin Ming didn't waste his time with idle chatting. After several dozen people finally gathered in the room, he walked into the center of the array formation and activated it.

At this time, Lin Ming saw Suya.

Today's Suya was dressed much more conservatively. She wore a windproof coat with a high collar. Even so, her explosive figure still struggled to escape the confines of her clothing.

Suya faintly smiled as she saw Lin Ming glance at her. She knew that Lin Ming planned to establish the reputation of the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol and then sell it for a high price.

Today's array formation test would pave the way for that high price.


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