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Martial World - Chapter 1609


Chapter 1609

Chapter 1609 - Cooperation




Lin Ming wasn't surprised by Suya's sudden change in expression.

He flicked his hand and took out the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol that he had placed in his spatial ring.

At the time, Lin Ming had created 21 flame symbols and delivered 20 of them.

’’Are you speaking of this?’’

Lin Ming placed the flame symbol on the divine runic table. Just saying that he was the creator of those divine runic symbols wouldn't be enough to win trust;taking out evidence would be more persuasive.

Seeing this divine runic symbol, Suya's eyes lit up. This was it!

This Havoc Flame Symbol seemed like it was no different from ordinary Havoc Flame Symbols, but it had the terrifying property of being able to be used multiple times. With that property, it became a divine tool for the battlefield!

If a small squad of 10 people was provided with a Havoc Flame Symbol, just what sort of battles would be possible?

With a massive fiery bombardment at the start, the opponent would definitely be left miserable by the opening salvo. Then, they would be encircled and barraged with martial skills and flame symbols;just who could live through that?

Suya took the Havoc Flame Symbol and touched a slender finger to the bottom right corner where the 'Lin' character was located.

The sharp strokes of the character were like swords, startling Suya.

These strokes were exactly the same!

She looked up, staring at Lin Ming. A strange feeling percolated in her heart.

Just what kind of man was this?

When Lin Ming had first accepted the mission to draw up the Havoc Flame Symbols, Suya thought that he was only pretending to be able to do so in order to attract her attention. She never would have dreamed that not only would Lin Ming complete the mission but he would also improve the Havoc Flame Symbol!

She wasn't sure if Lin Ming had made these improvements himself, but she didn't have to be a genius to know that after improving the Havoc Flame Symbol, the difficulty would be far higher. Even so, he had still managed to complete them!

’’He's likely less than 100 years old...’’ Suya felt all of this to be too incomprehensible. Lin Ming was too abnormal. Let alone a junior that was less than 100 years old, even the higher level divine runic masters would be unable to accomplish something so heaven-defying.

In the quiet divine runic room, Lin Ming sat behind the divine runic table, holding absolute initiative.

And facing this Lin Ming that could be called a little brother from a younger generation, Suya had no idea what to say.

’’He already expected I would come here to look for him!’’ Suya immediately thought. As she saw Lin Ming having no intention to speak at all, she finally began to become aware of what he was thinking. Did he want her to speak first? In these types of negotiations, the first to speak would be the one to lose the initiative.

However, against Lin Ming who had such skills, what advantage did Suya have?

Strength was momentum!

Suya had no way to maintain her previous pride and confidence. To Lin Ming, she could only reveal a flattering smile. She said, ’’Sir Lin, was that batch of divine runic symbols created by you?’’

’’Yes.’’ Lin Ming had nothing to hide and this matter couldn't be concealed anyways.

So it was true...

Suya wasn't surprised. She immediately began to consider how to offer conditions to have Lin Ming cooperate with her. But as she thought about her haughty manner the last time she saw Lin Ming as well as the dispute she had with Xiao Moxian, Suya really wanted to kick a wall.

She had simply cursed herself to death, otherwise why would she need to be so humble and submissive today?

’’These changes were also completed by Sir Lin alone?’’ Suya asked.

’’The changes were made by me. The reason I was able to do so is because the inheritance I study is special.’’


Suya's heart skipped a beat. According to Elder Xue, it seemed that Lin Ming had an extremely powerful master.

What was this inheritance that it could cause such abnormal transformation?

Even a seventh grade divine runic master was absolutely unable to accomplish this.

Suya felt her mood become increasingly unsteady. This Lin Ming was an extraordinary treasure! Whether it was for the Extreme Star Holy Lands or the divine Runic Masters Guild, it was the same!

She couldn't help but ask, ’’I do not know who Sir Lin's honorable master is...’’

Lin Ming frowned upon hearing this. His voice became much colder as he said, ’’Miss Suya should also know that every divine runic master has their own inheritance, and the core techniques are something that the master might not even pass down to their apprentice. Is Miss Suya asking this question because you intend to make a secret attack on my my inheritances?’’

Lin Ming immediately buckled down, causing Suya to stumble. She said, ’’I apologize Sir Lin, I was rude. The reason I am here today is to represent headquarters, which wishes to discuss cooperation with Sir Lin...’’

Suya paid careful attention to Lin Ming's expressions. Speaking with Lin Ming, Suya was being extremely careful. After all, because of her arrogance the last time she spoke with Lin Ming, it would be hard to get along well with him quickly.

Seeing Lin Ming not intending to respond, Suya continued to ask. ’’Sir Lin, may I ask you how many times the Havoc Flame Symbols you created can be used?’’

The truth was that when Suya received the Extreme Star Command, Extreme Star Heavenly Palace had already done some experiments on their own. Suya only needed to obtain Lin Ming's confirmation as to whether or not every divine runic symbol could reach the same standard.

’’They can probably be used several hundred times. After being used too many times the divine rune structure will slowly collapse and be destroyed.

’’And in a single battle, this type of divine runic symbol can be activated four times at most. Moreover, the last three times need the martial artist to pour in a certain amount of energy. After using the divine runic symbol four times the energy within will be exhausted and unable to activate. The divine runic symbol has to charge itself for a period of time before it can be used again.’’

When Lin Ming created the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol, because he had used nirvanic fire and heavenly tribulation fire, this caused the flame energy to be too high. When combined with the many modifications of the Asura Heavenly Dao that Lin Ming had added on, this made the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol extremely powerful, to the point that it could kill a peak Holy Lord.

But at the same time, the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol placed high requirements on the user. According to Lin Ming's estimates, one needed to be a peak Holy Lord to draw out its full strength.

Thus, Lin Ming also made another modification. Using his understanding of the Asura Heavenly Dao, he made it so that the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol released its energy in bursts, greatly extending the lifetime use of the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol as well as reducing the requirements for the user.

Lin Ming's data was all similar to the data that Extreme Star Heavenly Palace themselves had gained through testing.

This sort>This sort of Havoc Flame Symbol had been given the price of 400,000 points for a single one. This was also the ideal price that Extreme Star Heavenly Palace wished for.

And in fact, when Extreme Star Heavenly Palace issued a mission they would request 20 symbols. In other words, Extreme Star Heavenly Palace would have to pay Lin Ming 8 million points every time.

Suya hesitated and said, ’’Sir Lin, the Extreme Star Holy Lands would like one batch of these improved Havoc Flame Symbols. No matter how many we will take that many and we will also pay you sufficient rewards.’’

’’Oh?’’ Lin Ming traced his chin. He had already expected this type of mission commission. Currently, the Extreme Star Holy Lands lacked offensive and defensive divine runic symbols. As for pills, they were less pressured for those.

’’Before we speak about this commission, what about the previous account?’’

Lin Ming had a smile on his face. But, his words left Suya stunned.

The previous account...

That's right, Lin Ming was still owed for the 20 Havoc Flame Symbols he handed over last time!

Suya had wanted to pay 60,000 contribution points but Lin Ming didn't want that at all. He said that he didn't 'lack contribution points'.

It was only now that Suya realized why Lin Ming didn't need contribution points. He thought that 60,000 points was too little and was waiting for this development to occur so he could demand a higher reward!

Suya also remembered that Lin Ming had said that perhaps after a month, his total amount of points would reach a considerable number.

Lin Ming had already expected that today's events would occur.

This left Suya slightly frustrated. She felt that she had been completely crushed by this little brother.

’’I must say Miss Suya...’’ Xiao Moxian looked at Suya, faintly smiling. ’’I remember that someone said last time that they would never have any intention to look for Lin Ming to create divine runic symbols... right?’’

A month ago, Lin Ming had predicted that there would be people scrambling to ask him to draw up divine runic symbols.

But Suya had rudely and needlessly added in, ’’I have no idea who will be scrambling for you to make divine runic symbols for you in the future, but I don't have any intention of doing so...’’

Now that Xiao Moxian mentioned this, Suya was left helpless.

’’Miss Xian'er, about last time, I really must apologize...’’

Under the roof of others, one had no choice but no choice but to lower their hands. Suya lowered her posture once more. ’’But today I believe I have put forth sufficient sincerity. Sir Lin, what do you think of... 250,000 contribution points?’’

Suya used pleading eyes to look at Lin Ming. Her eyes were like autumn pools of water, able to stir one's emotions.

She put the initial price at 150,000 contribution points below what headquarters' limit had been. This was to keep a bargaining space.

Before Lin Ming could speak, Xiao Moxian said, ’’250,000 points? Your plan is quite well thought out. The divine runic symbols that Lin Ming draws up can be used 200-300 times. According to the initial price of 60,000 for 20, every one should be worth 3000. Then, if you multiply that by 250 times it should be 750,000 for a single one!

’’Then again, the improved Havoc Flame Symbols that Lin Ming creates are even stronger than ordinary flame symbols. Perhaps we don't even want this pitiful amount of money!’’

Xiao Moxian forcefully said.

Suya froze. ’’750,000...’’

According to such a price, if Lin Ming handed over 1000 divine runic symbols then they would have to pay 750,000,000 contribution points. If this continued then Extreme Star Heavenly Palace definitely wouldn't be able to withstand it. After all, they had already consumed a massive amount of resources in this war.

Although Lin Ming's Havoc Flame Symbols could be used 200-300 times and were even stronger than ordinary versions, Extreme Star Heavenly Palace still hoped they could obtain a lower price if they bought in bulk. After all, although this improved Havoc Flame Symbol had higher techniques behind it, the cost of creating one wasn't necessarily much higher.

’’Sir Lin...’’ Suya knew that quarrelling with Xiao Moxian was meaningless. She used begging eyes to look at Lin Ming. ’’The cost of materials will all be taken on by our Extreme Star Holy Lands...’’

Lin Ming's expression was indifferent. Suya's starting price didn't affect him at all.

250,000 for one divine runic symbol, that meant he would need to draw up 12,000 of them to obtain 3 billion points. How long would it take to draw up 12,000 divine runic symbols? It would likely be two or three years.

Lin Ming faintly said, ’’Miss Suya, the truth is that you seem to have made a mistake. My divine runic symbols don't need to be sold to you alone. Do you think that besides your Extreme Star Holy Lands, no one else is willing to pay a higher price?’’


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