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Martial World - Chapter 1608


Chapter 1608

Chapter 1608 - Late Night Suya




’’You would like to look for Lin Ming? Miss Suya, please wait a moment, I will check for you...’’

In the divine runic room rental area, a young receptionist in a long skirt smiled sweetly as she looked up Lin Ming's room number for Suya.

’’Fifth grade divine runic room, Room #28.’’

The young receptionist continued, ’’It is late at night so Sir Lin is probably resting at this moment. Miss Suya, do you plan on visiting Sir Lin?’’

’’Yes.’’ Suya nodded.

The young receptionist tittered. Suya was the most eye-catching beauty in the divine Runic Masters Guild this year. In the middle of the night she wore such a sensual pink nightdress to enter Lin Ming's room alone, just what could she be planning?

This sort of meeting would always cause young girls to form interesting associations.

Of course, she naturally couldn't reveal these ideas.

Seeing the strange glint in the young receptionist's eyes, Suya certainly knew what she was thinking. But, she was disinclined to care about such things.

At this time her mind was a mess. She didn't know whether or not that Havoc Flame Symbol really came from Lin Ming and how she should face him.

In Suya's memories, there weren't many people within the entire divine Runic Masters Guild who had the surname of Lin. This was because while this name was relatively common within the human race, there were very, very few people of the soul race who had such a name.

If a spiritas divine runic master were to create their own divine runic symbol, there would be no reason for randomly putting the 'Lin' character on a corner of the divine runic symbol.

However, this third grade divine runic master was far too young. How could he possibly produce such a ridiculous divine runic symbol?

All of these thoughts raced through Suya's mind. Soon, she reached Room #28.

Lin Ming's contribution points were non-existent. This also meant that he couldn't rent a room that required contribution points.

Looking at the tightly sealed stone door, Suya's mood was extremely complex. She hesitantly reached out a hand and pressed down on the sound transmission array formation........


At this time, within the divine runic room, materials were scattered chaotically everywhere. There were also many incomplete divine runic symbols.

But above a stone bed in a corner of the room, a beautiful spring scene was taking place.

After delivering the Havoc Flame Symbols and completing his mission, Lin Ming painstakingly researched in this room for a month and finally came up with a way to transform a fifth grade divine runic symbol.

Today, Lin Ming had completed the preliminary theoretical basis and this part of his work had come to an end. Then, he and Xiao Moxian began to dual cultivate Heavenly Extreme Bliss together.

But at this time, Lin Ming heard a sound transmitted from the array formation at the front door;someone was knocking on his door.

’’Mm? Who would come looking for me at this time?’’

Lin Ming frowned. Normally speaking, when a divine runic master entered their divine runic room they would spend most of their time in deep concentration. It wasn't polite to suddenly bother them.

Moreover, it was late at night so this was even more impolite.

’’Who's here?’’

Xiao Moxian's face was blushed her. She grabbed her night clothes from a nearby counter and covered her perfectly shaped body. She had come to Lin Ming's room many times and there had never been a visitor before.

’’I have no idea.’’

Lin Ming stood up, dressed himself, and walked over to open the front door.

With a creaking sound the stone door opened and the alluring figure of a se*y beauty stood on the other side. Lin Ming was stunned for a moment.

’’Sir Lin.’’ Although Suya felt that this situation was extremely awkward and embarrassing, she still revealed a charming smile. At this time, Suya wore a light pink nightdress that exposed a blinding amount of snow-white skin. Her plunging neckline was so deep that it exposed the top of her gauzy negligee and one could make out her exquisite thighs and curves. To appear at night with such seductive clothing, most men would feel their blood boiling by now.

’’So it's Miss Suya.’’

Lin Ming could approximately guess what Suya came here for but he didn't reveal any of his thoughts. He simply stood at the entrance and asked with a smile, ’’What is Miss Suya here for?’’

Sensing Lin Ming's not quite welcoming smile, Suya thought little of it. Instead, she cast him a charming look and said in a soft and breathy voice, ’’Sir Lin, will you not ask me to enter?’’

To ask such a question at such a time and place with these clothes and with such an alluring tone, there was no man that would refuse her.

However, Suya never thought that at this time, a young woman's voice voice would echo out in response, ’’It's not too convenient for you to come in now.’’

Following this voice, a black-clothed young woman walked out from behind Lin Ming, a playful smile hanging on her voice. She said in a whimsical tone, ’’Oh, isn't it Miss Suya? What, why are you here so late? Are you looking for my Lin Ming for some reason?’’

Xiao Moxian emphasized the words 'my Lin Ming', clearly demonstrating a taste of her power here.

Seeing Xiao Moxian, Suya's smile froze. She didn't think that Xiao Moxian would also be here. Moreover, with the faint blush that was covering Xiao Moxian's face as well as the light scent coming from the room, Suya could already guess what was happening inside.

This left Suya speechless. What sort of coincidence was this?

In ordinary times, with Suya's pride, she would have already turned and left upon seeing such a scene. But, today was her unlucky day. With the Extreme Star Command pushing down on her she had to obtain an answer as soon as possible. The fires of war that blazed on the frontlines would not wait for her.

She barely managed to maintain her smiling face as she said, ’’Oh, isn't it Miss Xian'er? The last time I saw you I felt that Xian'er's looks and beauty were astonishing. You truly left a deep impression on me!’’

Suya was overjoyed that she remembered Xiao Moxian's name from somewhere, otherwise things would have been even more awkward.

However, Xiao Moxian remained indignant, clearly not falling for Suya's words. She carelessly said, ’’I truly admire Miss Suya's loquacious ability to communicate. For Miss Suya to say such fake words, it's as if our last meeting had a happy ending. On another note, would it trouble you to not call me Xian'er? I'm not too familiar with you and hearing you call me that is quite disgusting for me, and embarrassing for you.’’

As Xiao Moxian spoke, she looked down to stare at the proud twin peaks that were exposed through Suya's flimsy garments. She chuckled and said, ’’I've already heard rumors that many young divine runic masters in the divine Runic Masters Guild were enthralled by Miss Suya to the point of being crazed idiots, but now that I see it for myself it seems that these rumors weren't an exaggeration. For you to come to a man's room alone in the middle of the night and with such an appearance, do you think this is appropriate?’’

Hearing appropriate?’’

Hearing Xiao Moxian's cynical mocking, Suya was nearly angered to death. Just what sort of character was Suya? She had been revered for so many years and yet today she was being taunted by some young girl and her only choice was to respond with a smile.

’’It seems that Miss Xian'er had some misunderstandings about me. If there was any place where I offended you before, then I, Suya, respectfully apologize to Miss Xian'er for any mistakes I made in the past.’’

Suya had already made a full gesture of defeat and Xiao Moxian had no intention of beating up someone that had already fallen to the ground. She smirked and said, ’’What matters do you have with my Lin Ming tonight?’’

The truth was that Xiao Moxian also approximately guessed what was happening. She certainly didn't believe that Suya came in the middle of the night to have some se*ual rendezvous with Lin Ming, but knew it was because of those Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols. It would be impossible for this Suya woman to seduce Lin Ming tonight, especially with her here.

’’It's a good thing I was here tonight, otherwise only the heavens would know what this succubus would have done.’’ Xiao Moxian thought, her lips curving up in a pleased smile.

Seeing the two women quarrelling, Lin Ming awkwardly coughed and said, ’’Miss Suya, please come in and take a seat.’’

Although Lin Ming didn't have any good impression towards this overly proud and arrogant woman, he still needed to go through her to earn contribution points.

Lin Ming's words finally resolved Suya's problem.

Suya looked at Lin Ming with gratefulness and then entered the room.

Lin Ming's room was extremely messy. There were materials piled up and scattered all over with symbol papers thrown about. There was also a large pile of jade slips used for calculations and deductions.

The clean and orderly Xiao Moxian originally couldn't stand this chaotic mess. However, she tried not to move these scattered things unless absolutely necessary so she didn't affect Lin Ming's research.

To invite a guest into such a messy room was extremely disgraceful to begin with. If a beautiful woman were to come in, she would likely frown and possibly leave.

However, as Suya saw this cluttered room and the messy divine runic table, her eyes brightened with a dazzling light!

She was also a divine runic master so she knew what the mess on the divine runic table meant. All of those failed symbol papers failed symbol papers and haphazardly placed jade slips meant that Lin Ming was researching something!

When a divine runic master did research they would often consume a massive amount of materials. As for the deductions, they would be written on jade slips. Looking at the divine runic table, there were at least 50-60 jade slips piled atop it.

These specialized jade slips had an enormous storing capacity. If a massive mortal encyclopedia was stored into a single jade slip it wouldn't even account for the tip of an iceberg.

Suya found it hard to imagine just how many calculations and deductions Lin Ming had made in these past days. Could the improvements of the Havoc Flame Symbol have been done by Lin Ming alone?

’’Sir Lin is truly hardworking... no wonder you would have such proud results at such a young age.’’ Suya smiled as she looked at the divine runic symbols and jade slips on the divine runic table. The more she looked, the more startled she was. The failed divine runic symbols were all fifth grade divine runic symbols! Just what was Lin Ming doing? Could he actually be thinking of improving a fifth grade divine runic symbol? Had he gone mad?

These thoughts instantly flashed through Suya's mind, making her even more startled. She felt she had to completely reassess the value of this young man before her.

’’Miss Suya, please speak openly if you have any matters to discuss.’’ Lin Ming said, going straight to the point.

’’Alright, then I won't beat around the bush. Sir Lin, I want to ask you, did the 20 Havoc Flame Symbols you turned in for your mission have Sir Lin's surname inscribed onto the bottom right corner?’’

As Suya asked, although her expression was tranquil her breathing was heavy.

Suya's question was well within Lin Ming's anticipation. He indifferently nodded and said, ’’That's right. Did the Extreme Star Holy Lands use those divine runic symbols well?’’

Although Suya already had some guesses in her heart, she still held her breath upon hearing Lin Ming's answer. She felt her heartbeat quicken. Yes, it was really him!

To revise the Havoc Flame Symbol that had been inherited for so many years to such a degree, how had he done it!?

’’Yes, they did...’’

As Suya spoke, stormy waves were set off in her heart. It wasn't just her, but even the entire army was in uproar. There were countless squads that were clamoring to obtain a single one of these divine runic symbols!


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