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Martial World - Chapter 1600


Chapter 1600

Chapter 1600 - Three Billion Points




Seeing Raindrop record his name on a mission jade slip, Lin Ming seemed to remember something. He asked Suya, ’’The missions you issue, are materials subsidized?’’

The missions that the Extreme Star Holy Lands gave out were mostly to have divine runic masters draw up divine runic symbols or for alchemists to refine pills. Upon completion of these missions, the Extreme Star Holy Lands would give the divine Runic Masters Guild the rewards and then the divine Runic Masters Guild would convert this reward to an appropriate portion of points and pay the divine runic master.

But besides rewarding points, the Extreme Star Holy Lands also had to subsidize materials with money.

The Extreme Star Holy Lands would only subsidize the bare minimum of required materials to complete the mission. If a divine runic master or alchemist failed in the creation process then they could only eat the losses themselves.

’’You also want materials?’’ Suya almost laughed out loud from anger. Although she nearly wanted to tell Lin Ming off she had an amazing level of self-restraint. She said, ’’If you can complete the mission then I will refund the cost of the materials to you. But for now I'll have to say sorry, you're going to need to put forth the advance money for the materials yourself!’’

’’Oh... I see.’’ Lin Ming still had many nine sun jades left so buying the materials wasn't a problem. As for Suya's reaction, he didn't care about it at all. He had come here to complete missions and earn points in order to refine the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill, not to chase after women.

Lin Ming picked up the five mission scrolls and asked, ’’Is there a deadline for these missions?’’

’’Whenever you want!’’ Suya coldly said.

These missions usually had a deadline of three months and the sooner they were completed, the higher the rewards were. On the battlefield, time was life.

However, Suya didn't have much hope in Lin Ming so she replied thoughtlessly.

’’I understand.’’

Lin Ming took the scrolls and walked away. Old Xue traced his chin. He said, ’’Boy, can you really complete a peak fourth grade divine runic symbol?’’

Even Old Xue found this hard to accept. A divine runic master needed time to study and improve. No matter how talented one was it was impossible to learn all the required skills overnight.

When Lin Ming left the divine Runic Masters Guild he had only been a third grade divine runic master. Now, not too long a time had passed so how could he possibly be a peak fourth grade divine runic master?

’’I'm bringing them back to give them a try. There should be a chance I succeed.’’ Lin Ming ambiguously replied, not confirming anything.

Old Xue said, ’’But... even if you complete these missions, the contribution points you'll receive are nothing but a drop in the bucket when compared to 3 billion points. If you continue like this you'll need two to three thousand years to purchase the materials you want. And that is also in a situation where you succeed every time and don't have to pay for the materials. In truth, even a peak fifth grade divine runic master wouldn't say that they would succeed every time and if you have to pay for the materials of the failures yourself then your profits will be extremely small.’’

Of the missions Lin Ming obtained, the highest one had an 80,000 point reward and the rest were 50,000-60,000.

Even if he completed all of them that would only be around 300,000 points. That was nothing but a fraction of 3 billion.

Moreover, these missions weren't easy at all. The mission scrolls often required 20 divine runic symbols to be drawn up. For an ordinary divine runic master, this would take several months to complete.

At this rate, earning 3 billion points in two to three thousand years would be considered extremely fast.

’’These materials are ridiculously expensive...’’

Lin Ming helplessly muttered. Of all the pill materials he needed, none of them were inferior to the supreme dragon bone that he found in the God Beast Mystic Realm, and that was something that even Great World Kings would fight for.

After leaving the mission hall, Lin Ming read through the five mission scrolls once more.

The first mission scroll was to refine 30 white yang pills as well as mark them with fourth grade divine runic symbols. If the refining process went smoothly then he could produce 30 white yang pills in three furnace batches.

The second mission scroll was to draw up 20 Thunder God Symbols.

The third mission scroll was to draw up 20 Havoc Flame Symbols.

The fourth mission scroll was to draw up 20 Thousand God Earth Shield Symbols.

The fifth mission scroll was to draw up 20 Bone Battlearmor Symbols.

All of these divine runic symbols were used to kill an enemy or protect oneself. When a martial artist was fighting an enemy they would often find themselves in a situation where they had exhausted their true essence or were unable to react fast enough. At this time, throwing out an offensive or defensive divine runic symbol could change the tide of battle.

There were were even some precious divine runic symbols that could allow one to jump ranks to fight. For instance, in the Marvel Blue Nation, Empress Naye had used a Life Seizing Talisman when Lin Ming attacked her.

At that time Naye had only been a half-step World King. But, the Life Seizing Talisman she had was enough to cause severe wounds to an ordinary World King.

If Lin Ming wasn't skilled in the Asura Heavenly Dao and broke through that life seizing talisman with a single spear strike, then he would have been severely wounded, let alone be able to wound Naye.

The Havoc Flame Symbols and Thunder God Symbols were both offensive symbols, as for the Thousand God Earth Symbols and the Bone Battlearmor Symbols, they were defensive symbols.

Imagine. In a battle when both sides were desperately fighting to the limit and were in their final life or death struggle, at this time, one party would pull out a defensive divine runic symbol to block the other party's attack. Then, the result of the battle could be imagined.

When two armies battled it was a competition of the martial artists' strength as well as a competition of their equipment.

If one side was fully armed, using top spirit artifacts, all sorts of divine runic symbols, and all sorts of pills without consideration for money while the other side used ordinary weapons, then there was no need to imagine what the result of that battle would be like.

Because of this reason, the Extreme Star Holy Lands had paid an exorbitant price to cooperate with the divine Runic Masters Guild.

’’3 billion points...’’

Lin Ming stroked the thick mission scroll, lost in thought.

In order to gain 3 billion points, it was impossible to do this by completing these steps in an ordinary manner.

Lin Ming pondered for a long time. Finally, from the fifth grade mission scrolls he picked up the Havoc Flame Symbol!

He planned to start with these Havoc Flame Symbols first.

For the past 25 years, Lin Ming had spent the majority of his time and energy on drawing up medicinal runic symbols. This was because medicinal runic symbols were extremely important to him.

Even so, the principles between the various kinds of divine runic symbols were the same to begin with. With Lin Ming's current strength, drawing up a Havoc Flame Symbol wouldn't be difficult at all.

And this Havoc Flame Symbol was a popular offensive divine runic symbol to begin with so many divine runic masters knew how to draw it up, including the three that Lin Ming had killed.

In Lin Ming's mind, the complete drawing plan drawing plan of the Havoc Flame Symbol appeared, along with se* fiend Torchriver's version that had slight alterations. If he followed along this method then the Havoc Flame Symbol he drew up would be slightly stronger.


After helping Xiao Moxian settle somewhere else and purchasing enough materials, Lin Ming went alone to the rear court of the divine Runic Masters Guild. Here there was a special service where they rented out divine runic arts rooms.

’’I want to rent a divine runic symbol drawing room.’’

Lin Ming said to the young lady responsible for receiving guests.

When Lin Ming was in the Blue Moon Sect, he had transformed two rooms in his residence to a simple alchemy room and divine runic arts room. Of course, if they were compared to a specialized divine runic arts room, the difference was considerable.

A high grade divine runic arts room had an astronomical construction cost. They were often rented according to a daily basis and the costs were sky-high.

’’Hello.’’ A young receptionist faintly smiled at Lin Ming, bowing. ’’The divine runic symbol drawing rooms are between grade one and seven and each has a different price. Which one would you like to rent?’’

’’The highest grade possible.’’ Lin Ming planned to undertake a great battle in this divine runic arts room. He naturally couldn't fall behind when it came to quality of the facilities.

’’Of course.’’ The young receptionist's dulcet voice was sweet. She pulled out a price list for Lin Ming. As Lin Ming looked over this list he was left speechless. A sixth grade and seventh grade divine runic arts room needed not just a massive amount of origin energy runes but, more importantly, contribution points. To rent a sixth grade divine runic arts room for a month required 1000 contribution points.

A seventh grade divine runic arts room was even more exaggerated;a single month required 10,000 contribution points.

Lin Ming's current contribution points were zero. He could only rent a fifth grade divine runic arts room that required no contribution points.

After paying in violet sun crystals, Lin Ming was brought by the receptionist to a divine runic arts room.

Within this room there were different models of divine runic pens, a luxurious divine runic table, as well as various tools needed to process materials.

In addition, the divine runic arts room itself was supported by a giant array formation. The function of this array formation was to make it easier for one to gather their soul force and could increase the success rate of a divine runic symbol drawing plan by at least 30%.

’’I'll rent this place for half a for half a year.’’

Lin Ming said. The young receptionist looked at Lin Ming with surprise. According to Lin Ming's badge, he was a third grade divine runic master yet he wanted to rent a fifth grade divine runic arts room for half a year. In her opinion this was a considerable waste. But, she had seen many rich low level divine runic masters in her time so she wasn't alarmed.


The young receptionist bowed and withdrew. In the entire room, there was only Lin Ming left. At this time, Xiao Moxian wasn't living together with Lin Ming. Lin Ming planned to completely invest his concentration in drawing the divine runic symbols.

He wanted to gather the materials required for the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill in three years and then use another three years to refine the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill and break through the second Dao Palace of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!

To earn 3 billion points in three years, not even a seventh grade divine runic master would brag to such a degree. If anyone else were to learn that Lin Ming had this plan, they would think he was insane.

But, Lin Ming had to do this.

He didn't have much time to slowly sharpen himself. The most he could stay in the Asura Road for was another 20 some years.

In these 20 some years he had to refine pills, open the second Dao Palace, consolidate his foundation, and participate in the final trial!

Time was of the essence!

He felt the smooth divine runic table. Then, as Lin Ming took a deep breath, his eyes flashed with a brilliant light!

From the time he first came into contact with the inscription technique when he was 15 years old, nearly 70 years had passed. Lin Ming had a special affection towards the divine runic arts because of his past. Now that he had to rely on the divine runic arts to earn these astronomically expensive materials, he was faintly excited!

The pattern for the Havoc Flame Symbol appeared in his mind. Lin Ming took out seven or eight materials and threw them onto an array formation on the divine runic table. This array formation was able to automatically process materials for Lin Ming.

Like this, processing materials and the degree of heat could be controlled by adjusting an array formation. This was also the greatest supportive function of a divine runic arts room. One would be able to save a massive amount of soul force for the divine runic master and guarantee that they had more energy to invest into the final stage of the drawing.


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