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Martial World - Chapter 1599


Chapter 1599

Chapter 1599 - Fourth Grade Mission




Seeing the woman in the red dress, Lin Ming was stunned. In the world of martial artists, every place had their own clothing customs. In the human race within the divine Realm, most clothing types tended towards being conservative. But in the inner Asura Road, many places had women that wore bold and provocative clothing.

And with this woman in front of him dressed the way she was, Lin Ming couldn't help but acknowledge that she had a special flavor to her. She easily aroused a man's desire to conquer and ravish.

’’This woman is quite extraordinary...’’

Lin Ming said, his eyes remaining glued to the woman's body.

Old Xue cheekily grinned. He said to Lin Ming, ’’Isn't she a top grade woman? She is from the Extreme Star Holy Lands and her name is Suya. Don't look down on her, she's not simple at all!’’

Old Xue traced his beard, meaning thick in his voice. He knew that someone with an explosive figure like Suya who dressed in such enchanting clothing exerted a considerably strong attraction towards young men. Her body was like a ripe peach, making everyone want to take a bit of her.

Seeing Old Xue's expression, Xiao Moxian coughed in displeasure. She twisted Lin Ming's arm with her hand.

Women could be strange sometimes. Towards naïve and young competitors, they wouldn't develop any jealousy. For instance, when Lin Ming was in the Blue Moon Sect, Xiao Moxian could see that the Sect Master's granddaughter Qian Qiao had developed a crush on Lin Ming and she was only a third of his age. As long as Lin Ming wanted to he could have easily taken her in as a concubine. Even so, Xiao Moxian had still been very kind to Qian Qiao, even treating her like she would her own little sister.

But towards this alluring and se*ual Suya, Xiao Moxian couldn't help but think that she was displeasing to the eyes.

Old Xue coughed upon seeing Xiao Moxian's disgruntlement. He straightened himself out and seriously said, ’’This Suya is our divine Runic Masters Guild's contact with the Extreme Star Holy Lands. If you want to take on a mission it's best if you go through her, because since the Extreme Star Holy Lands are at war, there are many missions with a high point reward.

’’I see.’’

Hearing Old Xue's response, Lin Ming found it all amusing. He walked over to Suya. As he approached he could see that there were six divine runic masters there to take on missions.

Without exception, all of these divine runic masters were men. There were young men as well as middle-aged men. These six divine runic masters were speaking with the red-dressed woman, and from their eyes Lin Ming could see a faint hint of vivid heat.

Normally, young elite divine runic masters had extremely high standards and were never for want of women. There were innumerable women that were willing to throw themselves in the chests of these divine runic masters.

But in front of Suya, they seemed to have lost all the lofty manners of a divine runic master and fell down in worship at the base of her deep red dress.

This also implied to Lin Ming that this Suya was not just a beautiful vase, but also someone with considerable strength and methods.

Lin Ming discovered that these six divine runic masters were treated differently by Suya. Towards the four younger divine runic masters, Suya was polite and curt in her answers, not really paying much attention to them.

It was only to those two middle-aged divine runic masters that Suya spoke at length and smiled warmly. And, those two middle-aged divine runic masters were both peak fifth grade divine runic masters, not too far away from becoming sixth grade divine runic masters.

’’This woman is quite arrogant. Those young divine runic masters don't even enter her eyes, but the range of missions that a young divine runic master can complete is indeed limited.’’ Lin Ming mused to himself.

Xiao Moxian scoffed. ’’Did this Extreme Star Holy Land specifically send such a se*ually charged young woman here to attract all those deviants at the divine Runic Masters Guild to complete missions for her?’’

Lin Ming was startled for a moment before he laughed out loud. Indeed, this was a possibility. Because of Suya, this Mission division area might be busier than usual.

Lin Ming pushed into the group of six divine runic masters, causing the four young ones to look at him with annoyance in their eyes.

Lin Ming glanced over their divine runic badges. The four youths were second or third grade divine runic masters. Lin Ming's badge also indicated he was a third grade divine runic master so their statuses were similar.

’’Stop being so pushy!’’ Someone unhappily said, not recognizing Lin Ming.

Lin Ming had only briefly appeared when he joined in on on the divine runic masters examination 25 years ago. Afterwards he left the divine Runic Masters Guild. Besides Old Xue, Old Su, and the several examination officials present, no one would recognize him.

As that young divine runic master was halfway done speaking, he caught a glance at Old Xue behind Lin Ming. He quickly hid away all anger and instead put on a bright smile, saying, ’’Greetings, Elder Xue.’’

The two middle-aged men also politely greeted Old Xue. ’’Elder Xue, it seems you also came for missions.’’

Although the two middle-aged men were peak fifth grade divine runic masters, there was a great difference between them and the sixth grade divine runic master Old Xue. This was essentially the difference between a peak Holy Lord and a World King!

It was at this step that countless martial artists were stranded forever, never able to make a breakthrough. It had to be known that even an ordinary World King had the talent of an Empyrean descendant!

’’I'm just taking a look.’’ Old Xue laughed, accepting the greetings of these juniors.

Behind the counter, Suya brightened as she saw Old Xue, like a peony opening in the shining spring sun. She sweetly said, ’’Elder Xue, I've been here for so many days and there are many missions that I can't seem to get completed... perhaps you could help me out a little.’’

Suya's voice was crisp and tender to the bone. If a girl heard it, it might seem a bit fake. But to a man, this was a lethal tone.

Even Old Xue's beard shook as he heard this;it seemed he enjoyed the attention.

’’You old pervert.’’ Xiao Moxian harshly denounced. Lin Ming chuckled at her response.

’’I'm flattered, flattered. I'll take a few missions since I'm here, but the main reason I came to the Mission division is to introduce this boy to you...’’

As Old Xue spoke he pointed towards Lin Ming. ’’He entered the divine Runic Masters Guild 20 some years ago. He's in a bit of a need for contribution points, so he'll probably need to do a number of missions for you.’’

As Old Xue introduced Lin Ming, Suya took a glance at his divine runic master badge. As a mere third grade divine runic master, she didn't place him in her eyes.

She didn't really want to bother speaking to such a young divine runic master, but since Old Xue introduced him she couldn't ignore him.

’’Raindrop, arrange a mission a mission for him.’’

Suya casually said. Beside her a well-behaved little girl took out a pile of mission scrolls and gave them to Lin Ming to look at.

Lin Ming looked over these missions scrolls. They were third grade missions and below. The rewards were several hundred points or even several dozen points;it was really small to the point of being pitiful.

’’Do you have higher grade missions?’’

Lin Ming asked. Suya was a bit taken aback. Lin Ming was a third grade divine runic master but he wanted to take on even higher grades of missions?

Old Xue wasn't surprised at all. A monstrous freak like Lin Ming simply couldn't be judged by common sense. He laughed, saying, ’’Since this boy wants to see them, take out some higher grade missions for him. Perhaps he has the ability to complete them.’’

Although Suya thought otherwise, since it was Old Xue requesting this she had no choice but to act accordingly. ’’Raindrop, bring out some fourth and fifth grade missions.’’

Raindrop picked out a number of mission scrolls, all of them at the fourth and fifth grade.

Lin Ming earnestly looked through every mission. He carefully analyzed them all, calculating which one had the potential for the most points.

’’What an idiot...’’

Behind Lin Ming, those several young divine runic masters mocked him without holding back. Of course, because Old Xue was present they could only speak to each other with sound transmission.

’’This fellow's courting tactics are... well, he's got more guts than we do. We're only at the level of trying to get closer to Miss Suya, but this idiot is trying to stir up a big fuss in front of her. We should study his techniques a little later...’’

’’I bet you he will take out several mission scrolls to bring back. It's not like he will lose anything if he can't complete them!’’

As the several young divine runic masters spoke, Lin Ming indeed took out several mission scrolls.

These missions scrolls were all fourth grade, but they were also at the highest level of fourth grade missions. Compared to the rewards from fifth grade missions, the difference wasn't that great.

Lin Ming meticulously looked through these mission scrolls. The more difficult a mission was, the more time it took, the higher the rewards would be.

As a fifth grade divine runic master, Lin Ming had the ability to complete fifth grade missions. But, he also had to calculate the time and the time and energy he would need to invest into these fifth grade missions and after doing so he discovered that the reward to effort ratio wasn't much higher.

As for these peak fourth grade missions, Lin Ming could rely on his skill and understanding of the Asura Heavenly Dao to rapidly complete them.

Lin Ming took out a total of five fourth grade missions scrolls and lined them up on the countertop.

Looking at the difficulty of these five mission scrolls, the several young divine runic masters present were left speechless.

’’This boy, his skin is too thick!’’

Putting on an act all depended on how thick one's skin was. If one's skin wasn't thick enough there was no way they could fake things to such a degree. If they were in Lin Ming's position there was no way they could pretend to peruse through such difficult missions.

These missions, all of them could only be completed by someone that was at least a peak fourth grade divine runic master!

’’He's forcing this too much. Only an idiot would think he could complete them, and Miss Suya isn't stupid so how could she believe him?’’

’’That's right, his acting is going to have the opposite effect now.’’

As the several young divine runic masters spoke, they indeed saw Suya frown. If it weren't for the fact that Lin Ming was brought here by Elder Xue, she would have already sent him tumbling out of the Mission division.

She felt nothing but disgust for young men that liked to play such tricks.

’’These missions, do you plan on completing them by yourself?’’

Suya heatedly asked Lin Ming. Because the reward points given by the divine Runic Masters Guild were directly placed into the divine runic masters badge, normally divine runic masters would come here in person to receive missions;they wouldn't send representatives.

Lin Ming didn't directly answer. Instead, he said, ’’If I'm taking a mission I naturally have some confidence I can complete it.’’


Suya faintly sneered. She felt that she had to put some restrictions on people who would appear at her counter in the future, lest some brain-addled idiots like this Lin Ming appear in front of her again.

’’Raindrop, register these missions to him.’’ Suya coldly said. She would do things properly for Old Xue's sake, but the truth was that she had already considered Lin Ming an idiot who was up to no good and had placed him on her personal blacklist.


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