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Martial World - Chapter 1598


Chapter 1598

Chapter 1598 - Mission division




’’Lin Ming... what do you plan on doing? 700-800 million points to buy a single one of the materials you need, how could we afford that?’’

Although Xiao Moxian's lips twitched as she saw Old Xue's disdainful attitude, she couldn't help but acknowledge that what he said was the truth.

There was simply an astronomical number of contribution points needed to buy these materials. Not to mention that even if they had the contribution points they also needed nine sun jades.

And their nine sun jades weren't enough.

’’Let's go take a look. Maybe there's some way we can earn some...’’

Lin Ming thought for a moment. He knew that there were several ways in the divine Runic Masters Guild to earn points.

The first way was a monthly salary. However, as a third grade divine runic master his monthly salary was negligible;it was simply far too little.

The second way was to trade, but Lin Ming couldn't think of anything he could take out to sell for a large number of contribution points. He had some of the pills and divine runic symbols he drew up at the Blue Moon Sect, and some of them were even decent in quality, but none of these things would be able to sell at a good enough price. The people of the divine Runic Masters Guild simply had too high a standard.

The third way was missions. The divine Runic Masters Guild often issued out missions. After completing them, one would receive contribution points as a reward.

The fourth way was to contribute one's research results and specialized techniques to the divine Runic Masters Guild. One would earn a great deal of rewards from this.

Lin Ming had several special techniques that others didn't know of that he had obtained from the memories of the three divine runic masters he killed. But, these techniques weren't particularly heaven-defying. Even if he contributed them, it was nothing but a drop in the ocean compared to the hundreds of millions of points he needed.

If Lin Ming had a true heaven-defying technique, that would be the understandings of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws described in the Asura Sutra First Volume. But, Lin Ming hadn't even fully cultivated the Asura Sutra so it was impossible for him to copy down the intricate secrets within, and even if he could he wouldn't reveal the tiniest secret related to the Asura Sutra. This type of inheritance was just far too tempting to others.

Removing the first, second, and fourth way of earning points, Lin Ming could only choose the third way. That was to undergo missions and earn contribution points.

’’Elder Xue, I plan to take on missions to earn points...’’

’’Take on missions?’’ Elder Xue looked up at Lin Ming in surprise, a strange light glowing in his eyes. ’’Don't tell me you plan on completing missions to earn enough points to buy those materials...’’

Lin Ming nodded. ’’I'll give it a try. There isn't another way I can think of.’’

’’Good heavens boy!’’ Elder Xue looked at Lin Ming like a lunatic. ’’Have you not woken up yet? Do you know how many points you will receive per mission at your level? I don't know what you've been messing around with during these last 20 some years, but I could approximately guess it. A monstrous abnormality like you can surprise me, but no matter just how amazing your achievements have been in these 20 some years, you shouldn't think of relying on that alone to earn enough points through missions. If you want to buy all the materials you want, I estimate you will need at least 3 billion points! Even if I wanted to earn 3 billion points I would have to work myself to the bone and I'd still have no idea how long it would be until I would have earned them all.’’

Lin Ming had already thought of everything that Elder Xue spoke of. Although he had a shortcut to studying the divine runic arts and alchemy, in terms of grade, Lin Ming was still a fifth grade divine runic master. After all, the three divine runic masters Lin Ming killed had been at most at the sixth grade, and wanting to surpass them would take more time.

To practice to the point of being a fifth grade divine runic master in a mere 25 years was far too exaggerated;there there wouldn't be anyone who believed this. What fifth grade divine runic master hadn't spent thousands of years or tens of thousands of years to get where they were?

And even a fifth grade divine runic master wouldn't be able to refine the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill!

Just the materials alone gave one a headache. Basically speaking, those that could afford the several rare materials he needed were Empyrean level characters. Even a Great World King would feel destitute if they tried to purchase these materials.

However, everything depended on the individual and everything was possible with enough effort. Lin Ming had spent an unimaginable price to first establish the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and then spent a considerable effort to obtain the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace section of the Celestial Tyrant Manual, finally finding a light on the road. It was impossible for him to give up now.

’’Elder Xue, where is the special Mission division?’’ Lin Ming asked. He wasn't too familiar with the divine Runic Masters Guild.

After Old Xue listened to this he rolled his eyes yet again. ’’You brat, you don't even know where the Mission division is. It's clear you haven't come to the divine Runic Masters Guild even a handful of times!’’

Lin Ming hollowly laughed at Elder Xue's grumbling, not speaking back.

’’Whatever, whatever, I just think you're crazy so just forget about it. I'll lead you over there so you can see just what the level of rewards is for the missions and finally decide to give up.’’

Old Xue had sat at his stall all day and hadn't sold much at all so he decided to close shop instead. At his age, it was no longer possible to increase his cultivation and he liked to idle his time away. Setting up a stall was just a casual lifestyle that Old Xue liked to live. He loved the sense of achievement of selling high and buying low, and also finding good treasures. The truth was that he didn't need the stall for any income. This was what people meant by fishing for the fishing and not for the fish.

Old Xue brought Lin Ming through some ancient-looking corridors. Finally, he arrived in another in another hall of the divine Runic Masters Guild.

This hall resembled a small city square. The area was considerably broad, covering a wide area. There were a few people here, some young and some old and everyone wore the robes of a divine runic master or alchemist. It seemed they were all people with status.

At the center of the hall was a giant array disc. Above this array disc were floating screens of scrolling text.

This was an illusory magic array. Its role was to project text information and all of these scrolling texts represented missions.

In addition, on the side of the hall there were stacks of scrolls. These scrolls were also missions, but the difficulty was a bit lower than the missions projected on the illusory magic array.

’’This is where you can pick up missions! Most of the missions they hand out can be found here. The minor missions give as little as several hundred points and the highest ones are worth a dozen or two million points. But, those missions that give 10-20 million points require you to be at least a peak sixth grade divine runic master. They are extremely difficult and not even I can complete them.’’

Old Xue slowly said as he played with a walnut in his hands. This walnut was a magic tool crafted from wood. ’’Look, I'm not trying to bring you down here, but if you really want to rely on completing missions to buy those precious materials you want then you'll need several hundred thousand years unless you can rise to an even higher level of divine runic master.’’

Lin Ming looked through the mission contents. Indeed as Old Xue said, those that rewarded several million points required one to be a Great World King divine runic master or alchemist to be completed. With Lin Ming's current strength it was impossible.

Although Old Xue had underestimated Lin Ming's skill level in the divine runic arts, his conclusion wasn't wrong in the end. Lin Ming silently calculated. As a fifth grade divine runic master, the highest reward missions he could complete only offered several hundred thousand points.

Moreover, anything that gave several hundred thousand points wasn't an easy mission at all. These missions took These missions took more than four or five days and some even took as long as a month.

If he was obtaining 20,000-30,000 points in one month, he would need to work for over a thousand years to gather 3 billion points.

And this was in a situation where one took missions non-stop. In reality, no one would do this. A divine runic master had to practice, study, go into seclusion, and so forth. It was also impossible for this war to continue for 1000 years.

Lin Ming gained an even deeper understanding of how precious the materials were that he needed to buy. It was simply impossible for a fifth grade divine runic master to obtain them. The only possibility would be a peak sixth grade divine runic master expending a massive amount of time and effort!

Xiao Moxian also knew what level Lin Ming's skills were at. She worriedly said, ’’Lin Ming, what can we do? We'll have to participate in the final trial in another 25 years. There isn't enough time for you to earn the points.’’

’’I don't know. Let's continue looking first.’’

Lin Ming didn't have any plan currently.

Old Xue spread his hands. ’’Well, now you've seen it. If you want to complete missions to earn enough points for those materials then you're simply living a dream. But if you don't want to give up, you can go to the mission posting office to see if there's some mission that's good for you.’’

Old Xue pointed at the end of the hall.

Over there was an antique long counter, and standing behind this counter were four or five people. Out of them, a young woman with an explosive figure was the most eye-catching.

This woman wore a flame-colored dress, and this dress drew tight to her skin, accentuating her enthralling curves and buxom, perfectly enchanting figure. The front of the dress had deep, plunging neckline, thrusting down and exposing a snow white valley even as it gave a sneak peak of her proud and full breasts. The tight dress had slits that ran up to the base of her thighs and every movement she took drew the eyes to her waist, inviting one to daydream over the hidden wonders.


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