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Martial World - Chapter 1593


Chapter 1593

Chapter 1593 - Blue Moon Sect




The god runes of the Asura Road were originally a manifestation of the Asura Heavenly Dao. Lin Ming relied on his comprehension of the Asura Sutra First Volume to slowly change the positions of these Asura Dao patterns.

These dao patterns existed within Mo Brightmoon's inner world as threads of energy. After a long time passed, these threads of energy would eventually melt away until they vanished altogether.

But now, they couldn't afford the time and had to clear out these threads as soon as possible.

Lin Ming found a thread of energy and said to Mo Brightmoon, ’’I'm going to start. This may hurt.’’

Every energy thread of dao patterns had sunk into Mo Brightmoon's flesh and blood. Wanting to pull them out was the same as drawing out an extremely tough string from someone's body;there would be a considerable amount of pain.

If a mortal had to withstand this pain they would immediately faint.

Martial artists had a far higher pain tolerance than mortals did. But, their bodies were far more solid so pulling out these energy threads was also much more difficult and painful.

As Lin Ming locked onto an energy thread with his own energy and began to pull it out, Mo Brightmoon violently shook. Small bumps began to appear where Lin Ming's hand touched her abdomen.

Lin Ming couldn't help but slow down a little.

’’Continue.’’ Mo Brightmoon grit her teeth. Growing up until now, she had experienced many hardships and tribulations. To her, this pain couldn't be considered anything at all.

Lin Ming nodded. He twined a finger around the energy thread and began to pull it outwards.

His actions were extremely gentle. But even so, the pain caused by these Heavenly Dao traces flooded her with pain like an endless tsunami.

Waves of agonizing pain smashed into Mo Brightmoon's spiritual sea. Although she didn't say anything her entire body was soaked with sweat, making her seem even more enchanting.

Lin Ming was completely focused on the task at hand. In a quarter hour, the energy thread that formed a complex Heavenly Dao trace was finally pulled out.

As soon as this energy thread was completely pulled out into the air, it disappeared in a flash of light.

Lin Ming didn't stop here. He began to pull out a second one.

Then, a third and a fourth. After two whole hours of time, Lin Ming had completely cleared out all traces of the Heavenly Dao.

And at this time, Mo Brightmoon's body was dripping sweat, her face was white, and her lips had lost all color. She appeared extremely fragile right now.

Lin Ming let out a long breath of relief. This process had consumed a great deal of energy.

Finally, the Great Dao scars within Mo Brightmoon's body were all eliminated and no one would be able to track down her position again. All that was left over was the unliving poison that still pervaded her body. But with Mo Brightmoon's strength and in a situation where she wasn't restricted by those Great Dao scars, driving out the rest of the poison should only take several more days.

’’We're good here. Miss Brightmoon, I will return to my room first. Ten days from now I will leave, and the next time we meet again might be 50 years from now...’’

Mo Brightmoon weakly nodded. As she looked into her own inner world, she saw that it was just like Lin Ming had said. The Great Dao scars within her body had all been cleared out by him.

This caused Mo Brightmoon to fall into even greater disbelief. Those scars were something that not even Old Su had been able to do anything about. His only suggestion was for her to wait for years and allow the energy in those scars to slowly fade away until they vanished.

But Lin Ming had only used two hours to clean up all of them. It was far too amazing.

’’50 years from now... I'll see you then...’’

Mo Brightmoon ruefully smiled. She also planned to leave Heaven's Net. Within Heaven's Net, the only person she was close with was the big boss. But now, she had disappeared, gone to fulfill a wish she had for her entire life and it wasn't known whether she was still alive. With that, there wasn't anything in the whole of Heaven's Net that Mo Brightmoon wasn't too reluctant to part ways with...


Ten days later, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian left the Marvel Blue Nation. In these ten days, Lord Snow had heard news of what had happened and repeatedly visited Lin Ming to form relations with him. However, Lin Ming refused him every time. Lin Ming didn't need to be a genius to know just what Lord Snow wanted, and that was for Lin Ming to assist him in ascending the throne.

But Lin Ming wasn't interested in involving himself in the struggles and strife of the imperial palace, thus he directly and simply refused all attempts to pull him in.

Lord Snow was also helpless in this matter. He had no choice but to give up.

In these ten days, Lin Ming had carefully crafted his plan for the next 50 years.

Besides consolidating his foundation and accumulating his his cultivation, he decided to make the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace his main cultivation focus.

And in order to open the second Dao Palace of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, he had to refine an extremely rare and precious pill of the Celestial Tyrant Manual - the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill.

This type of pill required many rare and precious heavenly materials. Moreover, there were extremely strict standards required of the alchemist who was refining it. This was something that was impossible to buy and could even be called an utterly priceless medicine with no market price.

In order to refine this pill, Lin Ming would have to begin by collecting all the materials and then refining it himself.

Without a doubt, this would consume a disgusting amount of time and energy.

But no matter how much time Lin Ming had to spend he would still complete it. To him, the body transformation technique was in no way less important to him than the essence gathering system.

So, Lin Ming returned to divine Rune City and with his status as a member of the divine Runic Masters Guild, he used the highest 15% discount to buy up a pile of materials as large as a mountain.

The total price of these materials could leave one panic-stricken;Lin Ming spent just over 200 nine sun jades!

In the past, Lin Ming had inherited a massive amount of wealth within Primordius Heavenly Palace. But after being chased down by Tian Mingzi in the Asura Road and also freely spending so much money in divine Rune City, Lin Ming's wealth had shrunk down to a precipitous state. He had less than 50 nine sun jades remaining.

Lin Ming couldn't help but forcefully smile. No matter how rich he was, he still couldn't continue spending money like he was dumping water without having any income at all.

As for practicing alchemy and the divine runic arts, Lin Ming didn't plan to do so in the divine Runic Masters Guild. This was because Lin Ming didn't need a master and could practice by himself.

Compared to the bustling divine Rune City that had countless transactions happening within its borders every day, Lin Ming preferred a calmer, more peaceful place.

Only this type of place best suited Lin Ming's mindset to practice the divine runic arts and alchemy, as well as hone his cultivation and stabilize his foundation in preparation for the future when he was finally ready to break into the Holy Lord realm.

Thus after buying all the materials he needed, Lin Ming rode Primordius Heavenly Palace, which was camouflaged as a spirit ship, and flew away from away from divine Rune City.

He flew for half a month.

The Asura Road was a universe that coexisted with the 33 Heavens. In terms of actual area it wasn't as large as one of the 33 Heavens, but a great world of the divine Realm still couldn't compare to it in size.

As Primordius Heavenly Palace flew for half a month, Lin Ming saw countless countries and countless lives.

Within the Asura Road, races from all over the 33 Heavens could be found. There were also many people that were of mixed blood. There were more people than there were grains of sand in a desert. In order to count them, one would have to use trillions as the lowest base unit.

With so many lives, there were also innumerable sects.

The Blue Moon Sect was one of the innumerable large and small sects located within the inner Asura Road. It was an extremely common sect.

If one judged the Blue Moon Sect by the standards of the divine Realm then it would only be a seventh grade sect. The supreme rulers of the sect were the Sect Master and the Highest Elder;both of them were at the divine Lord realm and only the two of them were divine Lords. Everyone else was below the divine Lord realm.

Of these two people, the Highest Elder was 80,000 years old and at the middle divine Lord realm. The Sect Master was 50,000 years old and at the early divine Lord realm.

To divine Lord realm powerhouses that lived less than 100,000 years, 50,000 years could be called middle-aged and 80,000 years could be called an extremely old age, nearing the point of death.

On this day, an extremely handsome young man and beautiful young woman came to the Blue Moon Sect, wanting to join. As for that young man, he claimed to be a low level divine runic master and alchemist.

Both of them were extremely young but their talent was outstanding. Even though they were only several dozen years old, they had already cultivated to the late divine Sea realm.

To the Blue Moon Sect, these were two extremely wonderful seedlings. In the future they would reach the divine Transformation realm and even have a chance of cultivating to the divine Lord realm.

Thus, the Elders of the Blue Moon Sect personally welcomed these two people. After investigating their background, they were placed as inner court disciples.

The numerous Elders were highly satisfied with these two people's talent. As for the young man being a low level divine runic master and alchemist, they didn't care about this too much. They were only a small sect, so wanting sect, so wanting to raise a divine runic high master was far beyond their league.

If a martial artist wanted to become a truly valuable divine runic master they needed to spend a massive amount of rare and precious materials. This was not something that the Blue Moon Sect could withstand. The two strongest martial artists in the Blue Moon Sect were merely divine Lord powerhouses, so how much wealth could they have?

Like this, the young man and woman settled down in the Blue Moon Sect.

These two people were naturally Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian.

After Lin Ming finished his final considerations and plans, he chose this small sect to spend the first 20-30 years. This was a purer place with a simpler atmosphere.

He could live in peace here and practice his alchemy and divine runic arts while furthering his own cultivation.

As for Xiao Moxian, she certainly decided to join Lin Ming. During her nine years in Tragic Death Valley, her cultivation had risen far too fast. She needed time to consolidate it.

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian suppressed their cultivation to the late divine Sea realm. Of course, deceiving the people of the Blue Moon Sect wasn't a problem at all.

Lin Ming didn't do as many other disciples did when they joined the sect and started cultivating. Rather, after he moved in, he remodeled his own dwelling area so that there was a divine runic arts room and an alchemy room.

Higher level divine runic masters often constructed divine runic arts rooms that cost an astronomical price. As for Lin Ming, his room was far more normal and basic;he simply needed to make do.

As a sect Elder saw this situation and discovered that Lin Ming was indeed planning to practice the divine runic arts and alchemy, he immediately came to persuade Lin Ming to change his mind. He didn't want Lin Ming to delay his cultivation for too long because of the divine runic arts and go astray, wasting away his own talent and time.

But Lin Ming only smiled, clearly unconvinced.

One's road of cultivation all depended on the individual;no one else could change their mind. If Lin Ming wished to take one path there was nothing the Elders could do. They could only allow Lin Ming to do as he pleased.

Thus, within the Blue Moon Sect, Lin Ming began his peaceful days of seclusion.

Every day he would thoroughly study the divine runic arts and alchemy. At night, he would meditate in his room, sometimes accumulating his cultivation, sometimes practicing Heavenly Extreme Bliss with Xiao Moxian. As the days passed, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian's strength slowly consolidated.


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