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Martial World - Chapter 1592


Chapter 1592

Chapter 1592 - Healing Wounds




The reason that Lin Ming came to the Asura Road was also to enter the final trial. He wasn't sure just how much of the final trial he could complete.

In completing the final trial, every 5% was a small leap and every 10% was a massive jump.

In the last 100 million years, out of all the innumerable young geniuses that had ventured into the Asura Road from all over the 33 Heavens, including all of the countless martial artists that were native to the Asura Road, when all of these people were added together, only two people had managed to surpass 80% in completion.

Then, there was still 85%, 90%, and even 95%.

Every higher grade meant a massive leap in difficulty!

Lin Ming's advantage, besides his own talent, was that no one could compete with his understanding of the Asura Heavenly Dao. By relying on this, he was greatly anticipating the final trial!

However, in order to enter the final trial there was something he had to inevitably do. This was to experience numerous trials within the Asura Road, obtain multiple sets of god runes, and then complete all sorts of other conditions.

And obtaining these god runes and satisfying all the conditions of the Asura Road was not easy at all.

Sometimes these conditions would even change and one would need to search for them.

In addition, some missions required a specific amount of time to complete. For instance, some missions were within mystic realms but these mystic realms only opened every ten years, so one might need to wait ten years for the chance to enter.

And for these mystic realms that had missions, sometimes they were too far away and their entrance location was always changing, so entering them wasn't easy. Even after finding the way in after great difficulty, one could still perish if their strength was lacking.

In short, one needed to invest a massive amount of time and energy to obtain the qualifications for the final trial.

To someone like Lin Ming, although he was strong, his talent was high and completing these missions wasn't too difficult, what he lacked was time!

The great calamity of humanity could erupt at any moment and he also had a duel against the Good Fortune Saint Son that he had sworn to fight within a hundred years. Now, he had to cultivate the essence gathering system as well as prepare to further open the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace;that required him to practice the divine runic arts and alchemy. To him, time was of the essence.

When Mo Brightmoon mentioned the qualifications for the final smelting trial, Lin Ming's thoughts inevitably stirred.

But for a time, Lin Ming didn't open his mouth due to his embarrassment about asking of this matter. Luckily, Mo Brightmoon could see Lin Ming's thoughts. She gently smiled and said, ’’The final trial qualifications could be said to be for one person, but the truth is that within the Asura Road there is a type of 'collective transmission' god rune. With this god rune, there can be a total of five people who enter the final trial together, forming a squad. Many young elites that enter the final trial form a team to continue onwards. If you wish, then when the true final trial begins I can bring you with me. With you, I'm sure that these final trial qualifications will not be wasted.’’

Lin Ming was someone that Mo Eversnow had chosen, and the development of his strength was far more important than Mo Brightmoon's strength. Moreover, Mo Brightmoon was well aware that becoming a Great World King was her limit. As for Lin Ming, his future was limitless.

Lin Ming was the most suitable candidate to join these final trial qualifications.

’’Then I really must thank you... I really do need these qualifications. Moreover...’’ Lin Ming's words lingered as he awkwardly turned to Xiao Moxian not too far away. As Lin Ming and Mo Brightmoon were talking, Xiao Moxian had been peacefully sitting near a window, not interrupting them.

For Lin Ming to turn towards Xiao Moxian at this time, he clearly wanted to ask Mo Brightmoon whether or not she could also bring Xiao Moxian along.

Mo Brightmoon chuckled. ’’I indeed had a a candidate in mind, but no matter how good that candidate is they still cannot compare with your dao companion. I must say, I also don't know Miss' name, I'm quite ashamed of myself...’’

At the start, Mo Brightmoon didn't place too much importance on Lin Ming, only on the imaginary master that stood behind him. As for the young girl that followed Lin Ming, she had regarded her as Lin Ming's partner and thus didn't pay too much attention to her, not even asking for her name.

Xiao Moxian didn't care too much about it. She clucked her tongue and happily said, ’’My name is Ji Xian'er, but you can call me Xian'er.’’

’’Ji Xian'er... mm, that's a good name. Then, Xian'er, Lin Ming, I, as well as two others I chose before, will be the five people to attend the final trial. Although it is said that we form a team, the trial will look further into our individual talent the further in we go. So Lin Ming, Xian'er, you two must display your talent to your limits.’’

’’Miss Brightmoon, please rest assured that I will not disappoint you for choosing us for those two spots.’’ Lin Ming solemnly said. He was sufficiently confident in himself as well as filled with expectations. ’’Speaking of which, when can we enter the final trial?’’

’’The final trial occurs every hundred years. Until the next opening of the final trial, there is still 50 years...’’

’’50 years?’’

Lin Min was stunned. This time had exceeded his expectations. He had only lived for 50 some years so far. If another 50 years passed, then he would almost be twice as old.

’’You think that's too long?’’ Mo Brightmoon said, seeing Lin Ming's expression. In the Asura Road, young elites came to adventure for a long time. On the shorter end it would be hundreds of years and on the longer end it could be thousands or even 10,000 years. There were even some people that never managed to leave after coming here.

In reality, 50 years wasn't anything at all.

’’I'm good.’’ Lin Ming quickly composed himself. He could wait for 50 years and there were also were also many matters he needed to attend to during this period that required a massive amount of time.

For instance, practicing the Celestial Tyrant Manual, collecting the heavenly materials needed to open the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, practicing divine runic arts and alchemy, all of this required him to study them in detail.

Moreover, his cultivation had risen too quickly in Tragic Death Valley. He required some time to digest all of his accumulations and consolidate his own foundation. He had to do this sooner or later otherwise he would encounter bottlenecks when he was trying to rise to the next cultivation boundary.

These 50 years would be an essential part of Lin Ming's accumulation process.

As for Lin Ming's battle with the Good Fortune Saint Son, he originally had a hundred years of time. If 50 years were deducted he still had plenty of time to return. Although Lin Ming had stayed in Tragic Death Valley for nine years, that was time spent within a time enchantment;the truth was that only a year had passed outside.

’’Good, I'll wait 50 years and then go to this final trial!’’

Lin Ming decided. In these 50 years he would have to consolidate and accumulate his cultivation in the essence gathering system as well as make another breakthrough in the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!

Thus, Lin Ming and Mo Brightmoon shared sound transmission marks and settled on a meeting approximately 50 years from now.

’’Miss Brightmoon, I will leave the Marvel Blue Nation soon. This struggle for the throne isn't something I will participate in. Besides White Sky, how many enemies does Miss Brightmoon have? After your recovery, will you be able to handle them yourself?’’

The final trial qualifications could be used for a team of five to participate. If it was only White Sky who wanted to enter then he could simply give Mo Brightmoon some advantages and join her team. But, he insisted on taking away the final trial qualifications, proving that he had a partner or had even gathered an entire team of five.

’’There are four or five... but as long as I've recovered I'll be fine. I'll be fine. I don't fear them at all.’’ Mo Brightmoon had mixed in within the Asura Road and an assassin organization for so many years and had experienced numerous dangers and life or death slaughters. If she couldn't overcome this tribulation then there was no way she could have lived this long.

’’Great, then let me assist you in healing your wounds now. I feel that there is more than one type of dao pattern left behind in your body?’’

Lin Ming had probed Mo Brightmoon's physical condition with his sense and discovered that within her inner world, several types of Asura Dao patterns had been left behind.

These dao patterns represented the Heavenly Dao Laws of the Asura Road. If one didn't understand the Asura Heavenly Dao, then they would be extremely difficult to expel, no matter how high their cultivation.

’’Mm, these are traces from tracking god runes;they aren't the divine runic arts. Can you undo them?’’

In the Asura Road, some god runes had special effects. For instance, transmitting teammates, tracking enemies, controlling slaves, and so forth. Many people would use these as supportive arcane skills. When Lin Ming controlled Soulwhite he had also used a controlling god rune.

’’I'll give it a try...’’ Lin Ming said, not giving any absolute assurances. He pointed towards a bed in the room and motioned for Mo Brightmoon to lie down.

The bed was covered with red silks. As Mo Brightmoon lay down on the bed, her long red skirt spread out like a rose in full bloom.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment. Then, he extended his hands and pressed them against Mo Brightmoon's belly.

Mo Brightmoon originally wore a short, tight-fitting bustier that revealed her lower belly. Her skin seemed smooth to the touch, like soft jade.

An essence gathering system martial artist's inner world was located at their lower abdomen;this was also where a person's dantian was.

At this time, Lin Ming's mind was as still as a placid lake, without a single distracting thought. He sunk his divine sense into Mo Brightmoon's inner world, investigating every dao pattern, locking onto their positions, remembering their structure and textures...


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