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Martial World - Chapter 1590


Chapter 1590

Chapter 1590 - Hard to Believe




’’Mm? What did you say?’’ Mo Brightmoon froze for a moment. She didn't understand what Lin Ming meant. ’’'You might not need to worry about that anymore?'’’

As Mo Brightmoon spoke, she looked at Lin Ming, puzzled. According to Lin Ming, he and Mo Eversnow were partners that trusted each other with their lives. If Mo Eversnow had an enmity she had to avenge, Lin Ming wouldn't sit by and do nothing.

Mo Brightmoon looked at Lin Ming, waiting for his explanation.

Lin Ming thought about his words for a moment. Although he felt this was ridiculous to say, Mo Brightmoon should still believe him. But it might take her some time to accept it...

He paused for a while to give Mo Brightmoon enough time to prepare her mind. Then, he slowly said, ’’Well... the truth is that Tian Mingzi has already died.’’


Mo Brightmoon shot up, even nearly knocking over the pot of fog rain tea.

’’You said... that Tian Mingzi has died!?’’

Mo Brightmoon stared at Lin Ming, great waves roiling in her heart!

For all these years, Tian Mingzi was a great mountain that constantly pressed on her. Her joining an assassin organization was all in order to temper herself. Only by passing through endless slaughters and walking upon the thin edge of death would she be able to easily break through to the next boundary.

Mo Brightmoon was well aware that her talent was far inferior to Tian Mingzi's. Not just that but Tian Mingzi was far older than she was. For her to surpass Tian Mingzi would be more difficult than ascending to heaven!

Thus, she had to put forth even greater effort!

And because of Tian Mingzi's existence, Mo Brightmoon had to conceal her identity and never mention anything about her life. Even Eunuch Liang only knew that her nickname was Blood Moon;no one knew her true name.

Hiding her status in an assassin organization like Heaven's Net was even easier.

However, this blood enemy that had pressured so much it left her gasping for breath, her greatest enemy that prevented her from rebuilding the Verdant Feather Holy Lands, her enemy, an existence she never knew when she would be able to contend with, she had been informed by Lin Ming that he had died!

This caused Mo Brightmoon's mind to turn into chaos. She found it hard to respond.

What sort of person was Tian Mingzi? 50,000 years ago he broke through to the World King realm. Moreover, with his talent, he was likely a Great World King now, or even a peak Great World King, someone touching upon the half-step Empyrean realm.

Such people rarely perished within mystic realms. And with Tian Mingzi's sinister and crafty tactics, wanting him to randomly perish would simply be a daydream. So, how did he die?

Was he killed by someone? Who could kill a peak Great World King?

Mo Brightmoon's first reaction was disbelief. But, she felt that Lin Ming was someone who didn't normally boast, but when he did it would surprise others. This sort of person would normally not lie and there was also no benefit for Lin Ming to do so.

’’Is... it this thanks to the help of your master?’’ Mo Brightmoon suddenly realized. If Lin Ming had the help of a peak Empyrean powerhouse then he really could kill Tian Mingzi!

Even if Tian Mingzi was a Great World King who ruled over his own world and even established his own Great World King influence, a peak Empyrean could still kill him and suppress everything that followed with their strength.

If her big sister Mo Eversnow wasn't able to wait and truly hated Tian Mingzi to the bone, then asking Lin Ming's master for help was a high possibility.

’’Master...’’ An awkward expression colored Lin Ming's face. He drank some more fog rain tea and said, ’’I have had several masters before, but currently, most of them cannot fight me... as for that peak Empyrean master, the truth is that he doesn't exist...’’

Lin Ming had indeed apprenticed himself to several masters in the past. There was divine Phoenix Island's Mu Yuhuang, the Ancient Phoenix Clan's Fairy Feng, Huo Violentstone, and many others. These people were no longer Lin Ming's match.

However, as Lin Ming said this, Mo Brightmoon's face twisted like the tiny runes in a divine runic symbol. She looked at Lin Ming like he was some sort of freak.

Mo Brightmoon didn't respond for a long time. ’’You... you don't have a master? Did you cultivate to your present level by yourself?’’

’’Mostly, yes.’’ Lin Ming spread his hands. ’’I created an Empyrean master in order to provide some protection for myself. My strength is a little limited right now so I feared that there would be some people with dark intentions towards the secrets on my body. With the deterrence deterrence of a peak Empyrean master, more people will hesitate before doing anything.

’’If I really had to say that I had an Empyrean level master, the truth is that I do;that is Empyrean Primordius. But he has been missing for many years and he has likely perished. As for others, there is also Empyrean divine Dream who gave me directions once, although she didn't direct me too much.’’

Lin Ming's words had already left Mo Brightmoon speechless.

If Lin Ming didn't have a true peak Empyrean master, then how had he managed to cultivate to such an abnormal degree!?

’’Then... if you don't have a master... Tian Mingzi... how did he die?’’

Mo Brightmoon said with some difficulty as she slowly recovered from accepting the fact that there could be a monstrous existence like Lin Ming.

Lin Ming stiffened for a moment. He looked at Mo Brightmoon. Even though he knew she would find this hard to believe, that anyone would find this hard to believe, he still said, ’’The truth is that... Tian Mingzi was killed by me...’’

With this, Mo Brightmoon nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

’’W-what did you say!?’’

Was there anything more absurd than this? Lin Ming was a youth with less than 60 years of cultivation and yet he had killed a peak Great World King!!

Even though Mo Brightmoon believed that Lin Ming wasn't someone who liked to boast, she still felt this was far too unbelievable!

Luckily, Lin Ming continued to explain, ’’I didn't strike down Tian Mingzi all by myself. It was because Tian Mingzi was injured beforehand. To be more exact, I lured him into an absolute death zone and used the killing array within to severely wound him and then kill him at his weakest point.’’

Although Lin Ming explained the situation, Mo Brightmoon was still shocked in a daze. Luring him into an absolute danger zone to kill him?

Lin Ming had said this all lightly, but how could it be so easy? This sort of danger zone was likely deadly to Lin Ming too, moreover, Mo Brightmoon understood what Tian Mingzi's methods were like. He was a sinister and deceitful figure, so how could he be easy to trick? And how could he be so easily killed by others?

’’What... what danger zone was it?’’ Mo Brightmoon felt as if she had used up her lifetime supply of astonishment. She didn't know how to face this monster in front in front of her.

’’God Burying Ridge.’’

’’God Burying Ridge...’’ Mo Brightmoon sucked in a breath of cold air. She had definitely heard of this danger zone before.

That was a place where it was said even Great World Kings could perish and only Empyreans could freely enter and leave. Lin Ming had actually used the terrain of the danger zones within God Burying Ridge to kill Tian Mingzi. If he did so then he must have chosen the most dangerous of places within God Burying Ridge, but how could Lin Ming himself leave those places alive?

’’If there was a danger zone that could even severely wound Tian Mingzi, then how did you live?’’ Mo Brightmoon asked, unable to understand what happened.

’’That... is a long story. The main reason is that I perfectly passing a trial in the past and obtained some certain information on God Burying Ridge, and when I was forced into Tragic Death Valley by Tian Mingzi, that allowed me to comprehend some things, giving me an understanding of God Burying Ridge's killing arrays.’’

’’You... you entered... Tragic Death Valley?’’ Mo Brightmoon's jaw nearly fell down. Disbelief colored her face. ’’You said that you entered Tragic Death Valley? The Tragic Death Valley that no one has managed to return from for 10 billion years?’’

Mo Brightmoon knew how horrifying a place Tragic Death Valley was;it was the core of God Burying Ridge. Although Empyreans could freely enter and leave God Burying Ridge, if they were to enter Tragic Death Valley, they still wouldn't be able to return no matter what they tried.

There were some rumors that Empyrean divine Mist might have entered Tragic Death Valley and was unable to leave. Although these were only legends, it was still enough to demonstrate how terrifying Tragic Death Valley was.

’’Uh... there should only be one Tragic Death Valley...’’ Lin Ming rubbed his nose. Even he felt this was a bit too outrageous. The average person would find this really too hard to accept.


Mo Brightmoon had long been at a loss for words. When Lin Ming said he had entered Tragic Death Valley and then returned, Mo Brightmoon wasn't shocked at all. Rather, after learning so many surprising new things, she had been left numb.

’’You said... you were forced into Tragic Death Valley by Tian Mingzi and then after you left you lured him into a danger zone and kill him instead...?’’

Mo Brightmoon mumbled, summarizing what had happened.

’’Yes.’’ Lin Ming nodded.

’’Tian Mingzi is a cunning and sinister person, so how could he have been tricked by you?’’ Mo Brightmoon asked.

Lin Ming said, ’’He thought that he could kill me. Moreover, he had no choice but to kill me. So even though he knew that he was heading into a danger zone, he had no choice but to continue hunting me down. The situation at the time was extremely special...’’

Concerning the matter about being chased down by Tian Mingzi, Lin Ming didn't conceal anything from Mo Brightmoon. He explained to her the entire process, including what the circumstances were that Tian Mingzi chased after him as well as his escape route being blocked so he had no choice but to try and kill him.

Lin Ming even explained about Imperial Prince Naqi, half-step Empyrean Ash Murder, and World King powerhouse Mister Zhou, all of those people who had tried to kill him and then ended up dying instead.

As Mo Brightmoon listened to this, her lips twitched. She lifted her teacup and took a big sip as she regained her composure, slowly digesting everything Lin Ming said.

According to what Lin Ming said, when he was still at the divine Transformation realm he had been chased down by a number of World Kings.

Then, Lin Ming was forced into Tragic Death Valley where he broke through to the divine Lord realm. After he left, he killed several half-step World Kings, a World King, and a half-step Empyrean. During this time, Lin Ming had used a killing array to play around with all of these people, using all sorts of tricks and schemes to slowly kill them off. During this process, his strength, will, judgment, mentality, foresight, his ability to adapt, everything was indispensable!

After that, Lin Ming was nearly defeated by Tian Mingzi. Even though Tian Mingzi had fought with every trick up his sleeves, forcing Lin Ming into dead end after dead end, Lin Ming still broke through his boundaries and opened the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

Finally, he killed Tian Mingzi!

Like this, everything that tried to kill him had ended up being killed by him.

After thinking about all of the events that happened, Mo Brightmoon calmed down. Her gaze was steady as she looked at Lin Ming, and she thought to herself, ’’Big Sister, Big Sister... just what kind of monster have you found?’’

As Mo Brightmoon spoke, she slowly lifted her veil...


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