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Martial World - Chapter 1589


Chapter 1589

Chapter 1589 - Blood Moon's Identity




Lin Ming had long felt it was strange. A cultivation method manual on the level of the Celestial Tyrant Manual was unique;only a single copy existed. If one wanted to copy it then they would need to practice the Celestial Tyrant Manual to perfection like the creator themselves had.

In this sort of situation, the creator would need to spend many years and a great deal of energy to make a copy.

There were extremely few people able to achieve this point, especially since the Celestial Tyrant Manual was so difficult to cultivate.

If there really was someone capable of making a copy of the Celestial Tyrant Manual then that was likely from some time before 3.6 billion years ago.

For this cultivation method to be found within the divine Realm as well as by Blood Moon in the Asura Road, and for the two versions to supplement each other, that was far too great a coincidence.

Although Lin Ming had his suspicions, he had only just met Blood Moon and didn't know her at all. Anything that involved the Celestial Tyrant Manual likely involved some secret of hers, thus she wouldn't reveal that to others. It was only now that Lin Ming was slightly closer to Blood Moon that he asked her.

However, Lin Ming didn't think that after he asked this question, Blood Moon would actually seem embarrassed, not too willing to reply.

’’Sir Lin... this Celestial Tyrant Manual is something I obtained in a mystic realm and as for the details, they actually concern some of my secrets. Once I speak of them they might become a threat to my personal safety so I cannot tell you... my apologies!’’

Blood Moon carefully weighed her words. Even though Lin Ming had helped her she still had to conceal the origins of her cultivation method manual;she couldn't help but feel sorry from her heart.

But Lin Ming was actually quite relaxed about this. He casually said, ’’If this matter involves your safety then there is no need for you to tell me anything. I am not offended at all.’’

As Lin Ming said this, a glimmer of remorse shined within Blood Moon's eyes. She said, ’’This is really difficult to say, but Sir Lin, the truth is that I would like to ask you about the origin of the Celestial Tyrant Manual in your hands. If I'm not wrong, at the time Sir Lin was facing White Sky, when you faced the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, you used a secret technique from the Celestial Tyrant Manual to increase your strength by several times?’’

Lin Ming was a bit surprised that Blood Moon recognized the Celestial Tyrant Manual he used. Although it seemed that Blood Moon also practiced the Celestial Tyrant Manual, the Celestial Tyrant Manual in her hands only concerned the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and she hadn't even opened the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates, so how had she done it?

Lin Ming had some faint ideas in his mind. Could it be that...?

He looked deeply at Blood Moon, a brilliant light shining in his eyes.

This brief hesitation caused Blood Moon to think that Lin Ming wasn't willing to reply. She sighed and said, ’’I know that my question is somewhat excessive, but it's just that the origin of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates section of the Celestial Tyrant Manual in your hands is extremely important to me and involves someone that I have been continuously searching for all this time. To me, that person is as important as my own life. I ask that Sir Lin please tell me. If Sir Lin wishes to know about the Celestial Tyrant Manual in my hands, then I can also explain, but I hope that Sir Lin can take an oath on your heart of martial arts to never reveal it...’’

As Blood Moon spoke to here, Lin Ming looked at her, his eyes filled with disbelief.

Could the person Blood Moon was searching for be...

In this world, was there really such a wonderful coincidence?

Seeing Lin Ming in a daze, Blood Moon was a bit worried. The reason she was willing to concede this time was to ask Lin Ming about this matter. But if Lin Ming didn't want to say anything to her then there was nothing she could do.

’’Sir Lin, I will tell you about the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace section of the Celestial Tyrant Manual in my hands. I only hope that you do not leak it to others, otherwise it will create a threat to my life...’’

Just as Blood Moon was about to reveal some of her secrets, Lin Ming took a deep breath. With a strange expression he said, ’’Could... the person you be looking for have the surname Mo...?’’

As Lin Ming spoke, Blood Moon jumped up as if she had been shocked, her entire body suddenly freezing. She looked at Lin Ming with eyes filled with disbelief. Then, slowly, the shock in her eyes slowly turned to joy and euphoria!

Her fingers trembled. However, she was aware of what was about to happen, and fear surged in her heart. She was afraid that what she was about to learn was bad news.

Seeing Blood Moon's response, Lin Ming was able to confirm his own speculations. He sighed. He never thought that he would find the person Miss Mo had requested him to find.

Lin Ming understood that the 'moon' word from the codename Blood Moon actually came from her real real name - Mo Brightmoon.

And Mo Brightmoon was Mo Eversnow's younger sister who had been lost for many years. In the past, because Tian Mingzi was hunting them down, Mo Eversnow had offered her soul to the Magic Cube in order to start a storm that killed 10,000 masters of the divine Realm as well as send her little sister away from the Snowfall Realm. From that day on, Mo Brightmoon's whereabouts had been unknown.

Lin Ming never imagined that Mo Brightmoon, in order to take revenge, would enter the Asura Road to temper herself and even join Heaven's Net!

On the edge of life and death, she sharpened her strength so that she would one day have the power to take revenge.

At the same time, she was also searching for news of her older sister.

As for the word 'blood' from Blood Moon, it expressed her blood hatred that was as deep as the sea, as well as her domain, the Endlessly Long Night which Mo Brightmoon used. This domain had a phenomenon where a blood moon would hang high in the sky!

For Lin Ming and Blood Moon to meet here today was a tremendous coincidence as well as reasonable truth. This was because Blood Moon had to enter the Asura Road due to Tian Mingzi's existence in the divine Realm, just like Lin Ming had entered the Asura Road because of the Good Fortune Saint Son. And after entering the Asura Road, he went searching for clues related to the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, and this led him to the Celestial Tyrant Manual and Blood Moon.

These similar choices led to today's coincidence. It was the existence of the Celestial Tyrant Manual that led the two of them to meet each other.

However, in Lin Ming's opinion, it was far too difficult for Blood Moon to take revenge. If Tian Mingzi hadn't lost his hand at the Sky Spill Planet then he might have already entered the half-step Empyrean realm.

As for Mo Brightmoon, after passing through many tribulations and working herself to the bone for all these years, she was only at the early World King realm.

The difference between these two boundaries could be overcome by a peerless genius that ranked in the top several talents of their race. But to geniuses whose level of talent was similar to an Empyrean descendant's, this difference could take tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years to bridge, and even that would be extremely difficult.

And for those with less talent, they would never be able to overcome this boundary.

Tian Mingzi's talent was at the peak Empyrean descendant level. It would be far too difficult for Mo Brightmoon to surpass him!

Seeing Mo Brightmoon waver as if she were caught in a in a dream, Lin Ming said, ’’Miss Mo is safe. Because of some reasons, she was unable to come with me, but she is currently training with an Empyrean master. If you wish to see her then after my journey through the Asura Road I can lead you to her. Before this, I had also heard Miss Mo speak about you. Are you the young Saintess of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands, Mo Brightmoon?’’

As Lin Ming said this, Mo Brightmoon's entire body shivered. She had to grab onto the table to steady herself.

She had searched for 50,000 years, and now she had finally obtained news about her older sister!

’’She's safe... she's safe...’’

Mo Brightmoon mumbled, repeating Lin Ming's words like a mantra. Tears fell down from her eyes, moistening her veil.

Lin Ming didn't speak. He sat silently on the side. He knew that today's news was extremely impactful to Mo Brightmoon and she would need some time to regain her composure.

After a quarter hour, Mo Brightmoon returned from the great sadness and happiness of hearing news about her family. As she looked towards Lin Ming, her eyes were filled with a deep sense of gratitude.

’’Excuse me, but may I ask what Sir Lin and my older sister's relationship is...’’ Mo Brightmoon said. As she looked at Lin Ming, her vision towards him was completely different from before. To Mo Brightmoon, finding out clues about her older sister was more important than any favor.

’’To me, Miss Mo is both a master and a friend. She helped me walk through the road of martial arts when I first started, and that period of time was the most difficult for me. She taught me many things, and although Miss Mo and I could be called master and apprentice, we are also partners that have fought for life and death together. She has saved my life several times, and I have also saved her. Our relationship could be said to have reached a degree where there is nothing we cannot say to each other and nothing we cannot share with each other. We trust each other as much as we trust ourselves. Normally, I call Miss Mo my senior-apprentice sister, thus in terms of relations, I am her junior-apprentice brother.’’

As Lin Ming said these words, Mo Brightmoon mostly believed him. Of course, this was only Lin Ming's one-sided statement and that wasn't enough to win over Mo Brightmoon's complete trust.

Thus, Lin Ming continued to speak. He spoke about Mo Eversnow bringing him to Carefree Island and Immemorial Imperial City. He spoke about obtaining the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree and many other treasures. He spoke about meeting Mo Eversnow's aunty, Mo Riverbliss. He spoke about the chess piece that the Verdant Feather Holy Lands had hidden in Carefree Island. in Carefree Island. He spoke about all of this in great detail.

After hearing this, Mo Brightmoon completely believed Lin Ming. If Lin Ming didn't have a completely trustworthy relationship with Mo Eversnow then there was no way she would lead Lin Ming to Carefree Island and entrust him with everything. This was the same as placing all hopes of reviving the Verdant Feather Holy Lands onto Lin Ming.

And in Mo Brightmoon's opinion, Lin Ming was far too amazing. He had the strength and ability to easily accomplish this!

’’I never thought that my older sister would be able to find an unrivalled talent like you. This is my older sister's luck as well as the luck of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands. You have yet to reach 60 years of age and yet your cultivation is at the early divine Lord realm and you can even fight an ordinary World King. Your achievements in the divine runic arts are also unbelievable. Moreover, you even cultivated the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates and broke into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace! I'm really finding it hard to imagine just how you accomplished all of this in less than 60 years of training... no matter how talented you are and how many lucky chances you find, your diligence and hard work must be incomparable!’’

In Mo Brightmoon's ear, Lin Ming could be called a hero of the world! Even within a great calamity, an unrivalled talent like Lin Ming might not appear. He was a person that could carry a great calamity on his shoulders. For instance, Empyrean divine Seal from 3.6 billion years ago might not be any better than Lin Ming.

Of course, all of this was on the premise that Lin Ming could maintain his current level of talent as well as maintain his forwards momentum.

’’Big Sister is really fortunate to have your help. With you, rebuilding the Verdant Feather Holy Lands won't be too difficult! Even taking revenge on Tian Mingzi will only be a matter of time!’’ Speaking of Tian Mingzi, Mo Brightmoon found it hard to remain calm. She really hated Tian Mingzi to the point of gnashing her teeth at the thought of him! Tian Mingzi also came from the Verdant Feather Holy Lands but had betrayed them, overthrowing them and even slaughtering the Mo Family!

This hatred was absolutely irreconcilable!

’’That scumbag Tian Mingzi is probably at the peak Great World King realm now. The grudge that my Verdant Feather Holy Lands holds towards him must be considered further;we cannot be impatient about this.

As Mo Brightmoon spoke, a strange color came over Lin Ming's face. He hesitated for a moment before saying. ’’Ah... about your enmity against Tian Mingzi, you might not need to worry about that anymore...’’


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