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Martial World - Chapter 1588


Chapter 1588

Chapter 1588 - Cultivation Method In Hand




To the young eunuchs and maids of Full Moon Hall, whether it was the ruler of six palaces - the Empress, or the manager of internal affairs - Great Chief Eunuch Wei, both were existences that they feared to the point of death. With just a single word from either one of them, any of the young eunuchs and maids would be exterminated. But today, the Empress had lost so many eunuchs and maids and even had her Arid Peace Palace destroyed, yet she was only able to swallow this insult. And when Eunuch Wei came, not only did he not charge Lin Ming with the crime of destroying Arid Peace Palace, but he instead remained respectful towards Lin Ming, even welcoming him as an honored guest to the Marvel Blue Nation.

For these two characters to have such a response, the young eunuchs and maids felt this was unbelievable and at the same time proud and ecstatic!

Although the Empress and Eunuch Wei were in fact only giving in to Lin Ming and Lin Ming had no connection to these young eunuchs and maids, he was still staying at Full Moon Hall. When the Empress admitted defeat this time, it was her admitting defeat to the entirety of Full Moon Hall. This made them feel like a warm sunlight was shining on their faces, making them euphoric and carefree!

As for Lin Ming's image, he became an immeasurably deep figure in the hearts of the young eunuchs and maids. And as for the young maid who had brought Lin Ming his daily washing water, she constantly glanced at him within the palanquin, filled with curiosity.

In her eyes, Lin Ming was undoubtedly the hero of Full Moon Hall. Although his battle with a World King had been extremely short it had still left a deep impression on her mind. She had originally looked at Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian with disdain for their daily lovemaking, but now she actually envied Xiao Moxian. However, Xiao Moxian's strength left her in fear and awe at the same time.

For a young woman to have such strength was incredible.

The group of people returned to Full Moon Hall in high spirits. Upon returning to Full Moon Hall, Blood Moon sent out rewards. Each of the accompanying eunuchs and maids was rewarded with 1000 origin energy runes, leaving them even more overjoyed. They all happily shouted out, ’’Praise Imperial Concubine Moon!’’

Blood Moon faintly smiled. She waved her hand, ’’You may all leave.’’

The eunuchs and maids bowed and withdrew, leaving behind only Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian, and Blood Moon in the room.

’’Lin Ming, I must thank you for today's matters!’’ Blood Moon said, personally pouring a cup of fog rain tea for Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian. This was the most valuable tea in Full Moon Hall and it had a wonderfully refreshing effect.

Lin Ming received the teacup and said, ’’There is no need to be so serious. Today's matters also happened because of me. If it weren't for a man living in Full Moon Hall then the Empress wouldn't have been able to easily incriminate Imperial Concubine Moon.’’

Blood Moon couldn't help but smile. ’’Lin Ming, there is no need for you to be modest. You and I both know that the Empress was deliberately finding faults, and even if you weren't there she still would have found some other method to deal with me. If it weren't for you, I have no idea how today's matters would have ended. If I'm lucky, my wounds should heal after another short period of time. At that time, there will be no need for me to fear them. Even if White Sky were to return there would be nothing he could do to me.’’

Upon mentioning White Sky, Lin Ming coldly sneered, ’’If White Sky were to return, there is no need for Imperial Concubine Moon to do anything;I still haven't settled my account with him. As for Imperial Concubine Moon, what wounds have you received that are so serious that you still haven't fully healed after such a long time?’’

Blood Moon sighed, ’’It is unliving poison... it is a rare poison that can kill a Holy Lord and affect a World King! If it weren't for my subordinate betraying me then I would never have been injured by such a poison. As for the reason it's affected me for so long, it's because I have to use my true essence to suppress it thus I'm unable to fight it with everything I have.’’

’’Oh? Unliving poison?’’ Lin Ming had inherited the memories of three alchemists so he certainly knew about this type of poison.

In this world, poisons of the mortal world were naturally ineffective towards martial artists. But, there were some poisons that could kill high level martial artists!

And these poisons all came from alchemists. Moreover, the materials needed to refine them were all extremely precious heavenly materials.

Alchemists could refine pills that could increase one's cultivation. There were some transcendent divine pills that World Kings would brutally struggle for, because these transcendent divine pills were far too valuable to a World King.

But with every positive came a negative. If there were pills that had positive effects on World Kings then there were naturally poisons with a negative effect on World World Kings.

There were even some cultivation enhancing pills with properties that were too tyrannical, that if taken improperly or by someone with an insufficient cultivation, could cause one's body to explode and die.

Thus, it wasn't uncommon to see poisons that could kill high level martial artists!

Unliving poison was one variation of these poisons. This poison was based upon the bile of an ancient desolate flood dragon combined with an unliving snake's venom as well as a variety of rare and precious materials.

Lin Ming thought for a moment. Then, he said, ’’Although unliving poison is fierce, its properties, according to what I know, shouldn't be able to affect a World King to such a degree...’’

’’That's right, but this unliving poison was also supported by the divine runic arts from a peak sixth grade divine runic master, so its toxicity far surpasses that of an ordinary version. I've already spent over half a year driving out the poison.’’

’’divine runic arts!’’

Lin Ming traced his chin. He faintly smiled and said, ’’If it really is the divine runic arts then there will definitely be traces of the Asura Laws left in the poison. And, these traces are something I might be able to unravel. Although I cannot completely undo the poison, I can make the poison lose the support of the Asura Heavenly Dao so it is easier to drive out.’’

As Lin Ming spoke, Blood Moon's heart moved. She immediately recalled Lin Ming's sensational divine runic arts skill. Not only had he used a single spear strike to break through Empress Naye's Life Seizing Jade Talisman, but he had even broken through Naye's protective divine runic symbols. This was not something that an ordinary person could hope to achieve.

There were even many sixth grade divine runic masters that wouldn't be able to accomplish his!

This part alone made Blood Moon feel that this was all too unbelievable. She didn't know how at such a young age, Lin Ming had been able to find the weakness of a sixth grade Life Seizing Jade Talisman and two protective divine runic symbols. Even if Lin Ming specialized in countering these two types of divine runic symbols he still shouldn't have been able to easily counter the Asura Heavenly Dao traces in the blink of an eye.

There were too many riddles about Lin Ming that Blood Moon couldn't figure out. Even being a True divinity descendant wasn't adequate to explain Lin Ming.

To be less than 60 years of age and be able to fight a World King, that was incredible!

’’Lin Ming... are you really... less than 60 years of age?’’ Although she felt that this question was impolite, Blood Moon couldn't Moon couldn't help but ask.

Lin Ming faintly smiled. He ambiguously said, ’’I am indeed not that old. The reason I was able to reach my current level is because of some chances. My luck has been quite good.’’

Although Lin Ming had casually said all of this, Blood Moon found this hard to believe. In the 33 Heavens, there were countless individuals that had good luck. However, even the descendant of a True divinity Holy Land wouldn't have luck that could reach a tenth of Lin Ming's!

Although Lin Ming hadn't stated his exact age, Blood Moon could faintly confirm that Lin Ming's skeletal age was indeed less than 60 years!

Something suddenly flashed through Blood Moon's mind. She traced her spatial ring, pausing for several breaths of time. Then, she took out a blood red jade slip.

This jade slip was the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace section of the Celestial Tyrant Manual.

’’Lin Ming, I owe you a great favor from today. I originally thought that the half-step World King Empress, her eunuchs and maids, including even Eunuch Sun, wouldn't have the ability to stop me. But, I never imagined that the Empress would invite White Sky from Heaven's Net and nearly cause me to suffer an incalculable loss. If it wasn't for your assistance today than I might not have escaped Arid Peace Palace alive. Or, at least without paying a grievously deep price.

’’I will always remember this graciousness. I know that you need this so I will lend it to you. You can use it for as long as you want.’’

As Blood Moon spoke she placed the red jade slip on the table and pushed it towards Lin Ming. Although Blood Moon had been poisoned, she still had life-saving methods. These were her final all-out trump cards and if she were to use them she would have been able to escape White Sky. But, she would need to burn her blood essence to do so and suffer severe damage to her origin energy.

To Blood Moon who had yet to avenge her great hatred, this was a matter she could absolutely not accept. Thus, even if she gave the Celestial Tyrant Manual to Lin Ming, it was well worth it.

Lin Ming's eyes brightened. ’’The Celestial Tyrant Manual!’’ The reason he sought out Blood Moon was because of this jade slip and now he had finally obtained it!

Blood Moon said, ’’I could have lent you this earlier but I originally thought that even if you obtained the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace section of the Celestial Tyrant Manual, you still wouldn't be able to cultivate it and would only be wasting your time in vain. This in vain. This is the reason I didn't consider your request too much. But, I never expected that you would have actually opened the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and achieved a legendary, heaven-defying realm. I really have no idea how you did it.’’

Blood Moon was filled with curiosity towards what Lin Ming had experienced in his life but she didn't ask him about it. This was likely something that involved Lin Ming's lucky chance and was his deepest secret.

Lin Ming didn't turn down the offer. He took the Celestial Tyrant Manual in his hands and swept through it with his sense. The method to cultivate the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace was truly recorded within here!

Lin Ming had trained in the body transformation technique for many years, and as time passed, he thought more and more that the Celestial Tyrant Manual was an extremely unusual cultivation method.

From the start, Lin Ming thought that the Celestial Tyrant Manual was a transcendent divine might. However, upon further thinking about it, perhaps it wasn't as simple as it seemed.

The body transformation technique was once extremely popular within the divine Realm and there were countless inheritances of it left behind. After 3.6 billion years, nearly everything had vanished, but there were still body transformation cultivation methods that were left behind like the Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians. However, none of these cultivation methods were as overbearing and tyrannical as the Celestial Tyrant Manual.

Many body transformation cultivation methods were only suitable for the Heavenly Dao of 3.6 billion years ago. If one practiced them now it would be impossible to cultivate the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

But, the Celestial Tyrant Manual's cultivation method actually involved all sorts of precious pills, and these pills - even in a situation where the body transformation Laws were forbidden - still had a considerable effect. This was extraordinary.

Thus, Lin Ming paid more and more attention to the Celestial Tyrant Manual. The Hundred Layered Waves was an arcane skill that increased one's bodily strength by multiple times. This meant that in the future, when Lin Ming became stronger, the might of this skill would become increasingly terrifying.

Lin Ming received the Celestial Tyrant Manual and said to Blood Moon, ’’Thank you, Imperial Concubine Moon. I really did need this jade slip. In truth, there were also some questions I've been wanting to ask you but I felt that it was too rude... so I haven't found a way to ask them yet...’’

Blood Moon waved her hands, ’’Sir Lin, please don't be so polite. Ask anything you please.’’

Lin Ming faintly smiled. ’’What I wanted to know is... how did you obtain the Celestial Tyrant Manual?’’


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