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Martial World - Chapter 1587


Chapter 1587

Chapter 1587 - To Admit Defeat




’’Greetings, Empress.’’

Eunuch Wei slightly bowed as he set down on the floor.

His words were peaceful with a hint of true essence poured into them. This true essence rushed into Empress Naye's body like a cool wind, making the pain wracking her body feel much better.

Within the Marvel Blue Nation, besides the Marvel Blue Emperor, there were three other World Kings. The Grand Marshal was in charge of the military, the Imperial Scholar was in charge of political affairs, and Great Chief Eunuch Wei was in charge of internal affairs and national resources. This included managing blue snow gold, the various heavenly materials, assigning resources, expenses of the imperial palace, and even the daily matters of tens of thousands of maids and eunuchs in the imperial palace. All of this was within Eunuch Wei's hands. He could be said to have tremendous power and influence.

Although this type of character had to greet the Empress based upon court etiquette, the truth was that within the Marvel Blue Nation, his status was faintly above that of the Empress.

This was the world of martial artists in which strength ruled supreme. In the world of martial artists, even if one founded an imperial power as their center, it would still be different from a mortal's imperial palace. Those without strength, whether it was a prince or imperial concubine, none of them would be able to stand out.

Lin Ming was vigilant against this Eunuch Wei who just appeared. This person's aura was deep and his true essence was restrained;it was hard to judge what the limit of his strength was.

Although he was an ordinary World King, there were still those that were strong and weak within the World King realm. Lin Ming could feel that this Eunuch Wei was even stronger than White Sky.

Thus, he had no choice but to be cautious of him.

After all, Eunuch Wei was likely not on their side.

After Naye restored a bit of her strength, she stood back up. With a wave of her hand, the bloodstains that covered her evaporated. Even Eunuch Sun's shredded meat was burnt into ash.

Her robes of blue snow gold and sky work silk had originally been a treasure, and now that the blood had evaporated and the ash fell away, they immediately became bright and clean again. Unfortunately, the robe itself had been torn by Lin Ming, causing Naye's grandeur to be reduced by a great deal.

’’Eunuch Wei... you have come. I am happy to see you here.’’

Naye smiled. She didn't do as Lin Ming thought she would and accuse Lin Ming, Blood Moon, and the others of conspiring to rebel against her to Eunuch Wei. Rather, she only said that she was happy to see him, completely ignoring the fact that Arid Peace Palace had been razed to the ground and she herself had been severely beaten up.

With this, Lin Ming couldn't help but measure the Empress a few points higher.

Eunuch Wei had already managed affairs within the imperial palace for hundreds of thousands of years and naturally understood what was happening. As for the disputes of the throne, he didn't take a side nor did he divide between right or wrong. Whoever was stronger would be able to take the throne. To the victor went the spoils;this was the only truth.

When the old Emperor went into seclusion, he had told Eunuch Wei not to interfere in the affairs of the imperial struggle. But now that Arid Peace Palace was destroyed, and with the possibility that the entire imperial palace might be ruined if this fight continued any longer, Eunuch Wei had to interfere.

’’Everyone, how about we end today's matter as is? The Empress and Imperial Concubine Moon should also be tired? Perhaps it would be good if you were to return to your quarters to rest.’’

With Eunuch Wei's appearance, he spoke a few words in order to defuse the conflict.

Just as the two sides were about to engage in a life or death fight, a word to pause the battle and they had paused. In a situation where either side would suffer a loss if they continued, this was the only choice they could make.

Lin Ming looked deeply at White Sky. In truth, he also knew that with his strength, although he could defeat White Sky if he used everything at his disposal, killing him wasn't likely.

And in the imperial palace, if he wanted to kill the Empress then Eunuch Wei wouldn't stand idly by and allow that to happen. Not to mention that Eunuch Wei was stronger than White Sky. If Lin Ming were to fight with him then it was unknown who would win in the end. Truly fighting with Eunuch Wei would be an unwise idea that would only earn him another formidable enemy. Moreover, in the Marvel Blue Nation, there was more than one World King master.

Besides, Lin Ming didn't know this Lord Snow to begin with so he had no obligation to risk his life for him. He also didn't intend intend to interfere in the struggle for the throne.

Lin Ming only wanted the Celestial Tyrant Manual and now he had mostly achieved his goal.

Lin Ming glanced over at Blood Moon. Blood Moon bowed, intending to resolve the conflict like this.

The truth was that they had already taken the advantage. The maids and eunuchs that Naye had raised had mostly died and Eunuch Sun had been killed by Lin Ming. Even the carefully constructed Arid Peace Palace that symbolized the will of the Empress had been destroyed.

To Naye, the peak Holy Lord Eunuch Sun had been her absolute right hand. But now that he was cut down by Lin Ming, she could only swallow this insult.

This was the suppression brought by strength.

Blood Moon was filled with curiosity towards Lin Ming. She wanted to know just how Lin Ming had learned the Celestial Tyrant Manual, but now was not a good time to ask.

She gently smiled and said to Eunuch Wei, ’’Since Eunuch Wei has appeared then let us resolve matters like this. I only hope that in the future when I am in Full Moon Hall, there will not be another summons from the Empress where her only goal is to reprimand me!’’

Blood Moon's voice carried with it a slight warning. In truth, she relied on Lin Ming to gain the upper hand.

Even so, Blood Moon still had the capital to remain standing tall. This was because her wounds would heal in another month or two and when her strength was restored to its peak state, she wouldn't be any weaker than White Sky.

If so, then she naturally had the ability to establish herself in the entire Marvel Blue Imperial Palace.

After being warned by an imperial concubine, Naye's eyes flashed with a cold light. But, she eventually flung her sleeves backwards and calmly told the remaining eunuchs, ’’Begin a trip to Soul Nourishing Temple!’’

Now that Arid Peace Palace was no more it was naturally impossible for her to rest here. As for Soul Nourishing Temple, it was the palace of the Emperor and only the Empress had the right to enter and pass the night there. The imperial concubines did not have the ability to do so.

Like this, the sudden storm had passed. Although there would be some criticisms due to the destruction of Arid Peace Palace, these opinions would slowly be suppressed.

Lin Ming wouldn't care about any of this. His only regret today was that he wasn't able to leave some mark behind on White Sky. Even so, forcing him to him to burn a bit of his blood essence could be considered sufficient interest.

Lin Ming planned to return to Full Moon Hall with Blood Moon. But at this time, he was stopped by someone.

’’This little brother, please stay a moment.’’

Lin Ming paused and turned to see Eunuch Wei smiling at him. A eunuch originally grew old strangely, especially when they had a senile-looking appearance. When they smiled, it normally appeared unappealing, and sometimes extremely repugnant.

However, when this Eunuch Wei smiled, it appeared somewhat gentle and kind.

’’I never imagined that Lord Snow would have such hidden depths that he could actually request the help of such a peak character like this little brother.’’

Eunuch Wei said, his eyes looking up and down Lin Ming. Although he hadn't seen the entire fight, he could guess the approximate situation. He was extremely curious as to what Lin Ming's status was. If this Lin Ming came from a large influence, then that influence was likely not something that a Great World King influence like the Marvel Blue Nation could compare with.

The difference was too great!

Lin Ming lightly smiled, ’’Eunuch Wei has misunderstood. I am not Lord Snow's helper and I also do not help him. It is only that I have some old friendship with Imperial Concubine Moon so I have come to the palace to pay a visit to her.’’

Lin Ming smoothly said. His words caused Eunuch Wei to look at Imperial Concubine Moon with a different light in his eyes. Eunuch Wei was an intelligent person who was also well-informed;he naturally knew the purpose of Imperial Concubine Moon coming to the palace.

He never would have thought that Imperial Concubine Moon knew such a person!

Like this, he had to completely reconsider the imperial struggle between Lord Shen and Lord Snow. He would even need to rely more on Eunuch Liang who was on good terms with Imperial Concubine Moon.

All of this was on the premise that Eunuch Wei thought Lin Ming might have come from a peak Empyrean influence.

A peak Empyrean influence could command the wind and rain within the entire inner Asura Road. To such an influence, Eunuch Wei was nothing more than an ant. If he could form relations with an Empyrean influence then that would mean many benefits in the future!

However, Eunuch Wei could see that Lin Ming had no intention of revealing his background so he could only put the plan of climbing relations with Lin Ming behind. He smiled and said ’’Little brother, if you are interested then you can then you can come to the Marvel Blue Nation as a guest. My Marvel Blue Nation will certainly welcome you as an honored guest!’’

Eunuch Wei spoke these words in front of everyone.

And at this time, Empress Naye had yet to leave. Whether it was Arid Peace Palace of Full Moon Hall, the many eunuchs and maids were able to clearly hear him.

In the eyes of these young eunuchs and maids, Eunuch Wei was, aside from the old Emperor who was nearing the end of his lifespan, one of the three World King powerhouses of the Marvel Blue Nation. Moreover, even amongst ordinary World Kings, Eunuch Wei's strength was still considered in the upper echelons. He had already cultivated the Sunflower Melody to an unbelievable boundary.

Within the imperial palace, Eunuch Wei was the absolute chief eunuch in charge of all internal affairs. Not only did the Empress and numerous princes need to pay him due respect, but if he was to clearly state his support for Prince Shen or Grandprince Snow, then the matter of ascension would already be half-settled.

Unfortunately, no one was able to successfully curry favor with Eunuch Wei. Even though Lord Shen and Lord Snow and sent him gifts again and again, these gifts had been fully returned by him.

But now, this Eunuch Wei who held one of the top three positions of power and authority within the Marvel Blue Nation was actually taking the initiative to show goodwill towards Lin Ming. This caused the young eunuchs and maids to be startled. As they looked at Lin Ming once more, they felt that he was an increasingly unfathomable youth.

In fact, these young eunuchs and maids had a limited cultivation boundary so it was hard for them to understand just what Lin Ming's strength and talented represented. It was Eunuch Wei's flattering words towards him that left the greatest impact on them!

As for Empress Naye, as she sat in her palanquin she also froze as she heard Eunuch Wei's words. Her complexion turned grim.

Finally, she settled herself in her seat and shouted to the eunuch beside her. ’’Begin the trip to Soul Nourishing Temple -’’

Like this, the people of Arid Peace Palace vanished around a corner.

As for the eunuchs and maids of Full Moon Hall, all of them returned, overflowing with joy and thankfulness. The eunuchs that carried the palanquin were especially zealous in their actions, each step they took floating up as if they were going to fly.

They all felt as if they had overcome and won a great war.


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