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Martial World - Chapter 1585


Chapter 1585

Chapter 1585 - Fighting White Sky




Raging flames surged about and waves of heat howled through the air. A sun seemed to ignite within Xiao Moxian's body.

In that moment, from behind Xiao Moxian, a massive black phoenix phantom soared into the air. This phoenix phantom was also wrapped in flames and the moment it appeared, the vault of Arid Peace Palace began to be scorched away. The carvings and paintings that decorated the palace began to melt into the walls.

White Sky never imagined that this sort of change would occur just as he was about to capture Xiao Moxian. This young girl with her low cultivation was actually able to burst out with such a terrifying strength!

’’Counterforce - Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!’’

Xiao Moxian drew her whip and slashed it outwards. This whip burned with flames. At the same time, the dark power within the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art erupted out, swallowing the void and locking White Sky in a thick and viscous darkness!

’’Concept of Darkness sixth level! Concept of Fire seventh level!’’

White Sky sucked in a cold breath. This common-looking young woman had actually achieved such horrifying attainments in the Fire and Darkness Laws!

White Sky's short sword thrust out. In this moment White Sky didn't hold back at all and attacked with everything he had. Facing Xiao Moxian, who was burning her phoenix blood essence, he had no choice but to be cautious of her.


The sword light cut through the whip shadows. Flames filled the skies, howling and raging. Xiao Moxian took a step back as she lashed out with her whip once more!

But her whip wasn't aimed at White Sky. Rather, the whip shadows spread all over White Sky, forming an enchantment barrier around him!

This enchantment didn't have any striking power but it actually locked White Sky within it, making it difficult for him to use that strange and ghostly movement technique.


White Sky was shocked. Xiao Moxian had set up an enchantment around him!

An ominous feeling appeared in his heart. At this time, he could feel a profound killing intent growing behind him, savage and turbulent!

He turned around to see that Lin Ming had grasped his Phoenix Blood Spear. Lin Ming's hair fluttered in the wind as he rushed forwards like a demon god!

Facing White Sky, Lin Ming was filled with killing intent. Originally, Lin Ming had the mentality that he wouldn't fight with this person unless he had to. After all, this White Sky was a World King powerhouse and fighting with him at this time wasn't the wisest course of action. But, he never thought that White Sky would actually attack Xiao Moxian. This action had irreversibly touched upon Lin Ming's reverse scale, the source of rage!

Lin Ming hadn't held back in this strike. The Heretical God Force completely exploded within him and inside his inner world, the Purple Temple Dao Palace began to open!

In that moment, the world seemed to fall away. Arid Peace Palace vanished as everyone seemed to suddenly appear in the boundless starry skies of the endless universe!

Everyone stood in this void, surrounded by infinite space. And above the heads of these people, nine stars began to appear!

Of these nine stars, seven were bright and two were dark. Their locations seemed to faintly hint at the highest truths of the Great Dao. Endless starlight fell down as trillions of silver threads fell onto Lin Ming.

A terrifying killing intent surged out in all directions. With Lin Ming's inner world as the center, this starlight crazily gathered into him, forming a terrifying river of stars that swirled around him. The space around everyone seemed to be locked down, completely disconnected from the outside world.

In this instant, everyone in Arid Peace Palace was left stunned!

’’This is...’’

Blood Moon looked at the nine stars in the skies, her eyes filled with utter disbelief. She had also once tried to dual cultivate body and energy so she was well aware what these nine stars meant!

’’Nine Stars of the Dao Palace... this is the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!’’

Blood Moon felt as if everything she knew had been turned upside-down!

The Nine Stars of the Dao Palace was a legendary realm that was forbidden by the Heavenly Dao rules. Lin Ming was less than 60 years old so when he had asked Blood Moon to borrow the Celestial Tyrant Manual, she had urged him to forget about the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace because it was simply far too unrealistic.

Lin Ming had lived in Full Moon Hall for over half a month but in the end, Blood Moon hadn't lent the Celestial Tyrant Manual to him. One reason was because she didn't think that Lin Ming would be able to help her, and another reason was that even if she were to lend it to him, there would simply be no meaning to it. He wouldn't be able to cultivate it and would just be wasting his time.

But she never would have imagined that the the truth was that Lin Ming had already stepped into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!

The reason he had asked her to borrow the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace section of the Celestial Tyrant Manual was because he had already cultivated it!

’’How is this... possible...’’

Blood Moon could no longer understand Lin Ming. This was not a question of talent anymore. She couldn't think of just what lucky chance existed that could allow him to break into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

Many of the martial artists present were talented but they hadn't chosen to walk the path of dual body and energy cultivation. And, the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace had already disappeared for billions of years, so even though they saw these stars appear behind Lin Ming they still didn't know just what they were.

They could only feel that this was a dreadful phenomenon. As those nine stars appeared in the skies, all of the human martial artists present felt their blood vitality gravitating towards those nine stars, as if all the blood running within their bodies wanted to howl out of them!

Then, Lin Ming attacked!

The Nine Stars of the Dao Palace was currently Lin Ming's greatest strength. The boundary he had reached had already surpassed the early divine Lord realm of the essence gathering system!

Explosive crackling sounds lit up from within Lin Ming's body. The galactic storm within his inner world erupted and his bodily strength reached 15 billion jins. When combined with the techniques of the Celestial Tyrant Manual, Lin Ming's striking power rose to the strength of five dragons!


A horrifying air wave burst outwards. Even the dual imprisonment of Xiao Moxian's enchantment and the grandmist space wasn't able to cage this terrifying strength. The entirety of Arid Peace Palace was torn apart by the explosions of energy, completely collapsing!

’’Asura Heavenly Dao - Demon Extermination!’’

Lin Ming once again used a move from the Asura Sutra. He was only just able to use this technique when he gathered the power of the nine stars unto himself. He had once used this Demon Extermination technique to kill Tian Mingzi!

Out of all of Lin Ming's attacks, it could be called his strongest one!

As Lin Ming thrust out his spear, space itself was crushed!

Facing this attack, White Sky's complexion changed.

Although he didn't recognize the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace he could still feel the wild and tyrannical power erupting from within Lin Ming. With this strength used by the present Lin present Lin Ming, he resembled an ancient great dragon!

How could one's strength reach such a terrifying degree!?

In that moment, White Sky's body ballooned outwards. All of the strength contained within his inner world burst out!

White Sky held his sword, his feet dancing on seven stars. His body emitted a creamy white light, a light that contained a primal flavor beyond description.

Of the nine tribulation Laws of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, yin, and yang, this was the Yang Laws!

The Yang Laws stood above the five elements. When the universe formed, first came chaos, then came yin and yang!

Yin and yang came after chaos and grandmist;it was one of the most extreme source Laws! It was only an extremely rare breed of person who thoroughly mastered the Yang Laws.

In the past, White Sky had stumbled upon a great lucky chance and had obtained an ancient inheritance concerning the Yang Laws. By coincidence, his physique also happened to be suited to practicing the Yang Laws. This was the main reason he was able to struggle through the plot-filled assassination organization of Heaven's Net and slowly crawl his way to becoming a World King and assassin leader!

As White Sky slashed out his short sword, all of the surrounding light was swallowed up by this luminescent white divine light, as if the heavens and earth were isolated outwards.

The eunuchs and maids of Arid Peace Palace were suppressed by this dreadful divine light and found it difficult to breathe. Their blood vitality restlessly surged within their bodies, on the verge of exploding out from them!


With a loud crack, two eunuchs of Arid Peace Palace blew up into pieces. But as their bodies exploded there was no blood that splashed out. Rather, their bodies evaporated beneath this white divine light, dissipating into nothingness!

This caused all of the eunuchs and maids with lower cultivations to shiver. As long as this divine light shined upon them then their bodies would disintegrate;how could they not be terrified of such a scene!


Xiao Moxian suddenly called out. Xiao Moxian was the closest one to Lin Ming and White Sky's battle but she didn't fear the shock waves of their attacks. Rather, it was the young maids and eunuchs of Full Moon Hall that could not withstand this pressure.

The long whip in her hand slashed out, wrapping around four or five frightened eunuchs and maids. Then, she drew backwards, preventing them from being covered by the divine light.

White Sky's Yang Laws were similar to were similar to a force field. This force field wildly clashed with Lin Ming's grandmist space!

Chi chi chi!

As the white light entered the grandmist space, it rapidly dissipated like snow falling into molten iron. As the two force fields collided, the difference could be seen with a glance.

The Yin Yang Laws originally came after the Grandmist Laws. Moreover, Lin Ming's grandmist space was established by Empyrean Primordius and there was true grandmist energy supporting it!

The power of this grandmist space had long reached unimaginable levels!

As White Sky watched his own force field be swallowed up by the grandmist space, his complexion changed. White Sky was also a ruthless and decisive individual. In this grave and imminent danger, he forced out a mouthful of blood essence. This blood essence brilliantly burned, its strength used by White Sky to fiercely raise the power of his Yang Laws.

For a time, White Sky's sword light became increasingly ancient, as if it were a blade that shuttled through the endless years to slash forth from the nothingness of the most primitive times.

This was the atmosphere of the absolute beginning!

Beneath the superimposed power of two force fields, Lin Ming's spear light collided with White Sky's sword light.


In that strike, the sun and moon lost their luster and the world lost all light!

A horrifying surge of energy exploded from the center of the grandmist space and yang force field! If it weren't for the barrier of these dual force fields then this strike would have swept up the entire imperial palace in a storm. Within this storm, all other buildings besides those protected by the strongest array formations would have turned to ash!


White Sky spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and was sent flying backwards. As for Lin Ming, his body shook and his blood tumbled within him.

In that exchange just now when Lin Ming had erupted with all his strength, White Sky had managed to use the Yang Laws to screen out most of Lin Ming's strength and then block Lin Ming's spear light with his own sword light.

’’Genesis energy! In his Yang Laws, he had already evolved elementary genesis energy! Although it is only a tiny bit, it is still dreadful. Indeed, it seems there isn't a single World King powerhouse that is simple at all!’’

Lin Ming thought to himself, stunned. In this world, there were three great source powers - grandmist energy, genesis energy, and spirit source!

Genesis energy was able to stand on the same level as grandmist energy!


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