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Martial World - Chapter 1584


Chapter 1584

Chapter 1584 - Blood Splashing Through Arid Peace Palace




When Old Su introduced Lin Ming to Blood Moon, she had also learned about his approximate age, talent, and skill in the divine runic arts.

Although Blood Moon was stunned, being stunned was useless because she felt that Lin Ming wouldn't be able to help her;he was simply far too young.

What Blood Moon really cared about was Lin Ming's master, but when she asked Old Su about Lin Ming's master, Old Su hadn't been able to tell her anything at all. Thus, that was the reason why Blood Moon invited Lin Ming for a conversation. But as a result, she didn't have much hope that she would be able to build a relationship with Lin Ming's master because her level was simply far too low.

White Sky thought that Lin Ming was a World King camouflaged as a divine Lord realm martial artist. But, Blood Moon knew the truth about Lin Ming's cultivation as well as his skeletal age when he entered divine Rune City!

Let alone that faking his skeletal age was far more difficult, there was simply no reason for Lin Ming to do so. What advantage would there be in hiding his unparalleled talent?

Before sixty years of age, Lin Ming had such an abnormal combat strength and he also managed to find the method to break through the Life Seizing Talisman. Blood Moon could no longer imagine just what sort of heaven-defying character Lin Ming was.

And at this time, after Lin Ming shattered the Life Seizing Talisman he didn't stop there. He grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and pointed it straight towards Empress Naye. His dreadful killing intent had locked onto her!

He clearly wanted to attack Naye!

’’Protect the Empress!’’

The 15 remaining eunuchs and maids that Eunuch Sun had led saw Lin Ming stepping forwards, one step at a time. All of them gathered in front of their Empress, keeping her safe behind them.

The 18 Clear King Array beneath their feet had already been broken by Blood Moon. Now that they had lost three people, their battle array was no longer complete, and without that battle array they simply didn't have the strength to resist Lin Ming!

The 15 eunuchs and maids were deathly pale, their minds trembling. If the Empress died they would all be buried along with her, but facing Lin Ming, they would die all the same!

Lin Ming was like a death god. One step at a time, he finally reached within 100 feet of the Empress' Throne. At this mere 100 foot distance, even though Naye herself had undergone countless storms and tribulations in the harem, her complexion still changed. She simply didn't know where Lin Ming's depths were!

’’White Sky!’’

Naye sent a true essence sound transmission. The only one who could deal with Lin Ming right now was the Heaven's Net leader, White Sky!

However, White Sky hesitated, not moving in front of the Empress.

’’You - !’’

The Empress' heart sank. She only had a cooperative relationship with White Sky, not one where she had employed him. If he felt that today's matters were too tricky and gave birth to the thought of retreating then her situation would become far worse!

Then, a boundlessly deep aura erupted from Lin Ming's body once more. This aura covered the entire Arid Peace Palace!

This was Lin Ming's grandmist space!

As Lin Ming grew stronger, the power of the grandmist space grew increasingly terrifying. Moreover, this space was also flooded with the star-heavy grandmist energy!

When the grandmist energy superimposed over this force field, it placed an incomparably dreadful pressure on the Empress and her 15 eunuchs and maids!

The Empress could still barely summon 40-50% of her true essence, but the maids and eunuchs around her could barely remain stable! Each of them dripped with a cold sweat, their entire body shaking like an earthquake as if they were mortals that saw a devil.

Lin Ming didn't care about these little underlings. He looked towards the Empress and smiled, ’’Didn't you want me to return this dead dog minion of yours? Then here he is!’’

As Lin Ming spoke, he raised the Phoenix Blood Spear and thrust straight towards Empress Naye!

And hanging atop this spear point was Eunuch Sun's half dead body!

’’P-protect... protect the Empress!’’

A eunuch shouted out. However, even though he shouted out these words his feet were like roots planted in the ground, unable to move at all!

This was because the pressure of the grandmist space was suppressing his movements and also because Lin Ming's momentum was far too overwhelming. Anyone who dared to block that spear of his would undoubtedly die. In this situation, who would still dare to stand in front of Lin Ming's spear?


A brilliant spear light shot across Arid Peace Palace. Three eunuchs that bore the initial brunt of the attack were swept away by the energy winds. At the same time, Lin Ming opened the Heretical God Force to the limit as he primed the strength of a True Dragon within his body!

With a resonant dragon's cry, the phantom of an Azure Dragon appeared behind Lin Ming, savagely roaring!

A powerful dragon's dignity spread out, combining with the power of the grandmist space and Lin Ming's roiling killing intent to lock onto Empress Naye, preventing her from escaping!

However, Lin Ming's spear hadn't used his full strength. This was because he could feel that when he attacked, White Sky had still locked onto him from behind.

White Sky had a World King realm cultivation and Lin Ming couldn't help but be cautious of a World King powerhouse. Moreover, White Sky was a leader of Heaven's Net which specialized in assassinating others;who knew what sort of strange killing techniques he would have. If Lin Ming wasn't careful, then it was possible he would find unexpected defeat.

’’How detestable!’’

As Lin Ming's spear light approached, Empress Naye screeched out loud. She pulled out two divine runic symbol jade slips from her spatial ring and crumbled them to dust.

In that instant, the jade slips dissolved into numerous complex dao patterns that wrapped around Naye. These were clearly sixth grade defensive divine runic symbols!

Lin Ming only sneered as he saw these divine runic symbols. As his spear light was about to strike Naye, it immediately changed directions.


With a loud explosive sound the spear light erupted. The power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation within the Phoenix Blood Spear wove together and detonated. Eunuch Sun, who was still hung on the Phoenix Blood Spear, emitted one last cry of pain as his entire body was split up by the explosion and his remnants sprinkled down in a rain of flesh and blood!

A wild and fierce strength crashed into the divine runic symbols that surrounded Naye. These divine runic symbols only lasted for a single breath of time before they also exploded to pieces.

Naye paled, her beautiful face losing all of its composure. In this life or death moment she slashed out with her sword at Lin Ming's power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation!

But, the difference in strength was far too great. Even though Lin Ming had held back 60% of his strength, Naye still wasn't able to resist this attack!

Brutal torrents of energy fell down. Naye's protective true essence shattered like glass. With a cry of alarm, her entire body shook. Even her protective robes made from threads of blue snow gold and sky work silk were ripped apart!

And even though this spear light had been weakened again and again, it still smashed into Naye's chest!


Naye spat>Naye spat out a mouthful of blood as she was sent flying backwards!

Violent energy currents swept through all of Arid Peace Palace. The tiles were lifted up off the floor and disintegrated into powder in the air. If it wasn't for the presence of the grandmist space then the entirety of Arid Peace Palace would have been destroyed!

Naye was covered in blood. This blood was hers as well as Eunuch Sun's. Bits and pieces of Eunuch Sun's exploded body had splashed onto Naye, making the sight of her horrible to behold!

Lin Ming took a sudden step forwards, wanting to continue with his attack. But then, his footsteps paused and he stayed his hand.

As his spear strike had severely wounded Naye, he had never lost track of White Sky.

And this White Sky had decided to launch a sneak attack as Lin Ming had just finished his own attack!

Lin Ming coldly smirked. He had kept back 60% of his strength just now all in order to defend against White Sky. Even if White Sky suddenly attacked now, with the 60% of his strength he had reserved and the 20-30% he had just restored, it would be more than enough to block White Sky's attack!

However, just as White Sky moved, Lin Ming's complexion changed. He could see White Sky's figure suddenly blurring before disappearing altogether!


Lin Ming grimaced. White Sky was indeed worthy of being a World King assassin leader. His movements were ghostly and phantasmal and the afterimage technique he used just now was far too lifelike in the current situation. Because Lin Ming had originally thought that White Sky was going to sneak attack him, he hadn't been able to immediately see through this afterimage!

In only a thousandth of an instant, White Sky's figure appeared in front of Xiao Moxian!

The target he chose to attack was actually Xiao Moxian!

White Sky was an extremely cunning individual. He knew that because of Lin Ming's appearance today, it would be impossible for him to accomplish his goal. Lin Ming's strength might not be inferior to his own. If he wanted to kill Lin Ming and Blood Moon here then that would be hopelessly impossible.

Thus, White Sky intended to retreat from this battlefield.

But he couldn't leave empty-handed, he needed at least a tiny bit of gain. Capturing Blood Moon was not possible so he had decided to target Xiao Moxian instead!

He could see that Xiao Moxian had an extremely significant relationship with Lin Ming.

After they entered Arid Peace Palace, their relationship could be guessed by be guessed by the way they acted around each other as well as how they stood together. There was a 99% chance that Xiao Moxian was Lin Ming's dual cultivation dao companion!

For martial artists that lived for such a long time, the lives of their concubines and living furnaces were unimportant;to think of using them to threaten a martial artist was stupid at best. Sometimes, even their wives weren't worth enough.

But a dual cultivation dao companion was different. In particular, White Sky could see that Xiao Moxian had an extraordinary bloodline and her talent was extremely high. A dual cultivation dao companion could only be found through a stroke of fate. To Lin Ming, she was likely an extremely important person. If he could capture her then he could force Lin Ming into submission.

He didn't expect that he would be able to force Lin Ming to help him deal with Blood Moon, but he could at least force Lin Ming to not interfere in his battle with her. As long as Lin Ming didn't interfere then he had the means to deal with Blood Moon.

To use an afterimage to confuse Lin Ming, the reality was that he was aiming for Xiao Moxian. His plan was well thought out!

The moment that White Sky appeared in front of Xiao Moxian, Blood Moon's expression lit up with surprise! She was much closer to Xiao Moxian than Lin Ming was, but even so she didn't have enough time to respond. White Sky had attacked too suddenly and his movement speed had reached an incredible level!

’’Be careful!’’

Blood Moon hurtled forwards, wanting to block off White Sky's escape direction. At the same time, her killing intent locked onto White Sky. She even wanted to activate her Endlessly Long Night force field, but with her true essence being corroded by the parasitic field she simply wasn't able to use it! And at this time, White Sky's hands were already reaching out towards Xiao Moxian!

’’You're coming with me!’’

White Sky's expression was fierce and savage. But in this moment, Xiao Moxian coldly sneered, ’’Do you think you can knead me like mud?’’

True phoenix blood, burn!


With a loud explosion, black flames ignited all over Xiao Moxian!

The heat of these blazing flames reached unimaginable degrees. Even the array formation-supported tiles beneath her instantly turned to steam!

Facing a World King powerhouse, although Xiao Moxian couldn't win, this didn't mean she couldn't defend herself. She burned her phoenix blood essence, using the strongest ability she had gained after undergoing her phoenix nirvana!


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