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Martial World - Chapter 1583


Chapter 1583

Chapter 1583 - Life Seizing Jade Talisman




Like this, Lin Ming used the Phoenix Blood Spear to pierce through Eunuch Sun and pick him up, just as if he were picking up a dog.

Eunuch Sun had yet to die. His hands gripped the spear as he struggled with all his might. His legs kicked out in desperation and his throat sent out gurgling sounds of pain. However, because his vocal cords were torn apart and his throat was destroyed, he wasn't able to make any coherent sounds at all. All he could do was struggle in agonizing pain.

A massive amount of blood leaked out from the hole in his throat like the water of a dam that had broken free. Eunuch Sun could feel his life rapidly passing away!

He never thought that he would experience such a day. He had been pierced through the throat by someone's spear and picked up, his life rapidly fading without even being able to make a single sound!

This sudden scene stunned everyone present. All of the young eunuchs and maids that followed Lin Ming here from Full Moon Hall stared at him with wide eyes. Although their cultivation wasn't high, they fully understood just how terrifying Eunuch Sun was!

Eunuch Sun was one of the chief court eunuchs of the entire imperial palace, and amongst the chief court eunuchs he faintly stood at the second rank, inferior only to the main chief court eunuch, Eunuch Wei. Eunuch Sun was someone who cultivated the Sunflower Melody for many years and the true essence in his body was vigorous and deep;his strength could already be called unfathomable.

Of all the young eunuchs and young maids in the imperial palace, just which one didn't fear Eunuch Sun? If they saw Eunuch Sun it was the same as a mouse seeing a cat. And yet, this sort of terrifying character had been pierced through the throat and lifted up by Lin Ming's spear point!

And at the start, their impression of Lin Ming was that he had been a promising young martial artist with slightly better than average talent.

’’Lin Ming... you...’’

Blood Moon's eyes shined with a glimmer of splendor as she looked at Lin Ming from behind her veil. She had witnessed everything that had happened just now. If Lin Ming had used some sort of life-saving card in his hand that his Empyrean master had left him to deal with Eunuch Sun then she wouldn't have thought that was strange at all. But just now she had clearly seen that Lin Ming hadn't attacked with any foreign help at all. A terrifying force field had erupted from within Lin Ming, suppressing Eunuch Sun so that Lin Ming could subdue him without any problems!

’’You... who are you!?’’

The originally calm and composed Naye stood up, her eyes dim and gloomy as she looked at Lin Ming. Before this, Lin Ming's presence had been very common in this hall. His early divine Lord cultivation was inferior to even her eunuch bodyguards'. She had only thought that Lin Ming was some unimportant nobody that she could crush like an ant, but she didn't think such a horrifying scene would occur!

At this time, assassin White Sky's complexion had also darkened. He stepped forwards and slowly said, ’’You... which organization are you from? To play the role of a junior and hide in the crowd, this level of concealment technique is quite skilful...’’

White Sky grimly smiled as he maintained absolute vigilance around Lin Ming. He knew that someone who could severely wound Eunuch Sun so easily had strength possibly equal to his own!

For a peak Holy Lord powerhouse to be pierced through the throat in a single strike, he simply couldn't believe that this Lin Ming was a peak early divine Lord powerhouse, but a World King in disguise!

However, he had used some cultivation concealing arcane technique to cover up his inner world, making it so that no one could see his cultivation. Whether it was White Sky or Blood Moon, both of them used such an arcane technique. When Lin Ming was at the Sky Spill Continent, even Yang Yun had used such a trick.

Covering up one's cultivation was easy but camouflaging one's cultivation was far more difficult. This was just like concealing one's appearance and changing one's appearance. If a mortal wanted to conceal their appearance, all they had to do was wear a black piece of cloth around their face. But, if they wanted to change their appearance into that of someone else, they needed profound techniques and a human skin mask. Even a top master who was especially skilled in such things would find it hard to change their appearance without a single flaw.

Thus, in the world of martial artists, there were very few arcane techniques that could allow one to camouflage their own cultivation whilst also making it so that other people of similar cultivation boundaries couldn't see through them. Moreover, these techniques were extremely difficult to learn!

At the very least, Heaven's Net didn't have such a technique. Otherwise, it would have been much easier for them to ambush and kill others.

As White Sky spoke, he used the entirety of his sense to investigate Lin Ming's Ming's inner world, wanting to find a flaw in Lin Ming's cultivation camouflaging skill. He believed that as long as he searched carefully enough, he would be able to find a flaw somewhere. However, he remained disappointed.

Lin Ming's inner world was whole and unified, without the slightest sign that it was fake. This caused White Sky to frown;was there such a perfect cultivation changing technique?

To accomplish this would be easier as a Great World King, but White Sky didn't believe that Lord Snow was able to request help from a Great World King. This was because the Emperor of the Marvel Blue Nation was a Great World King to begin with and Lord Snow was only at the Holy Lord realm. It would be extremely difficult for someone like him to put out anything that could tempt a Great World King.

’’Ah... ah...’’

Eunuch Sun's broken thoat released miserable gurgling sounds. He reached out his hands, grasping towards the Empress, wanting the Empress to save him. But unfortunately, he could no longer voice out the words.

The Empress' complexion became extremely ugly.

Although she didn't care about Eunuch Sun's life, Eunuch Sun had still been faithful and loyal to her for all these years. With so many of her subordinates around her, it was impossible for her to not rescue him and cause her subordinates to doubt her. Moreover, to Lin Ming who dared challenge her dignity, she hated him to the marrow of her bones.

’’Release him!’’

The Empress coldly said, her eyes shining with a chilling light.

’’I should release him just because you say so? Who do you think you are? You are just the wife of some World King Holy Land's bandit chief! Do you really you are an Empress that commands the world? Your cultivation is only at the half-step World King realm. To only be a half-step World King after 100,000 years, you are already doomed to mediocrity. Someone with your middling level of talent is only barely noticeable. In the past when I competed in the First Martial Meeting you wouldn't even have the qualifications to be crushed by me, and yet here you are, acting all domineering, trying to boss me around. How ridiculous!’’

Lin Ming jeered, his hand still holding onto his spear as Eunuch Sun dangled on it like a dog.

’’You are courting death!’’

Empress Naye said, her complexion ugly. Her talent wasn't anything to someone of Lin Ming's level, but in the Marvel Blue Nation she was a proud daughter of heaven and had stood at the top for a long time. The arrogance of a ruler had already formed in formed in her bones, so how could she allow Lin Ming to mock her like this?

She traced her spatial ring and took out a charm. This charm was not made from symbol paper but was carved upon white jade, its entire body shining with light!

Naye was well aware that Lin Ming was likely stronger than she was, thus she didn't attack him directly. Instead, she flung out the charm in her hand!

’’Life Seizing Talisman! Peak sixth grade divine runic symbol!’’

Eunuch Liang shouted out from behind Lin Ming. This was a warning to tell Lin Ming that this was a peak sixth grade divine runic symbol, one that stemmed from the hands of a peak sixth grade divine runic master. And, a peak sixth grade divine runic master was a Great World King!

In order to use this Life Seizing Talisman, the minimum requirement was that one needed to be a half-step World King. Once it was used, its might would be unimaginable. It could severely wound a World King, and if they weren't careful, it could even kill them!

This sort of divine runic symbol was priceless and ordinary half-step World Kings wouldn't have the wealth or qualifications to use it. Only someone as rich as Naye could keep such a life-saving card in her hands!


Eunuch Liang screamed. Once this divine runic symbol was used, all ordinary World Kings had no choice but to withdraw!

Hu - !

The divine runic symbol burned as the white jade seemed to melt away. Many of the lines hidden in the white jade dissipated into the air. These lines were asura dao patterns and corresponded to the Asura Heavenly Dao. This divine runic symbol borrowed the power of the Asura Heavenly Dao to kill one's enemies.

Seeing these wildly spinning Heavenly Dao lines, Lin Ming only sneered. Not only did he not retreat but he instead moved forwards!

In understanding the Asura Heavenly Dao, no one could compare with him. In this aspect, not even a seventh grade divine runic master could hold a candle to Lin Ming!

This sort of divine runic symbol was only one of the killing Laws of the Asura Heavenly Dao. In Lin Ming's eyes, there were at least 100 different ways to break it!

Lin Ming didn't use too much true essence. He only used 30-40% of his strength to thrust his spear forwards, right into the center of this asura patterns that were dancing in the air!

This caused everyone to suck in a deep breath of surprise.

’’Lin Ming!’’

Blood Moon cried out in alarm. Even when she was in her peak condition she still couldn't she still couldn't directly meet the might of this Life Seizing Talisman but would have to use everything at her disposal to block it. Yet, Lin Ming actually thrust his spear out, right at the Life Seizing Talisman. Once that talisman exploded, Lin Ming would explode into a bloody mess!

’’Die!’’ Seeing Lin Ming arrogantly rush towards that Life Seizing Talisman, Empress Naye cruelly smiled. She wanted to see Lin Ming's body torn to shreds.

However, as Lin Ming thrust his spear into the patterns in the air, an unbelievable scene occurred.

The array symbols, beneath the spear light of the Phoenix Blood Spear, didn't explode. Instead, they began to rapidly dim down.

With a crackling sound, the jade talisman violently trembled as many dao patterns were scattered by the spear light. Innumerable tiny runes began to escape like frightened frogs.

Light flashed amongst the runes as if the energy hidden within them was about to erupt. But in the end, they finally extinguished, turning the jade talisman into a dud that lost all of its power!

’’This... this is...’’

Empress Naye's eyes became as round as full moons, her expression twisting into something like a maze. Every divine runic symbol that was sold would undergo all sorts of tests to verify it, so it was impossible for a situation to appear where it was actually a dud. And, her top sixth grade divine runic symbol had been purchased with a nearly insane amount of money and had also been carefully examined. Just how could it possibly fizzle away like this?

Could it be that there was something strange in Lin Ming's spear light just now?

Naye didn't dare to believe this, but she had heard that when divine runic symbols were used to attack top divine runic masters, their effects would be greatly reduced. But that sort of situation would only appear when low level divine runic symbols were used to attack high level divine runic masters.

For instance, a fifth grade divine runic symbol being used against a sixth grade divine runic master.

And the divine runic symbol she used was a peak sixth grade one. It couldn't be that this young man in front of her was a seventh grade divine runic master!

At this time, all the masters within Arid Peace Palace were shocked silent. In particular, Blood Moon. There were great waves rushing about in her heart. She was well aware that although Lin Ming was indeed a divine runic master, he had only just passed his third grade divine runic master examination!

Could a third grade divine runic master break through a peak sixth grade divine runic symbol?


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