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Martial World - Chapter 1581


Chapter 1581

Chapter 1581 - Blood Moon's Crisis




’’Protect the Empress!’’

The moment that Blood Moon moved, 18 eunuchs and old maids had already been prepared. They stood atop an array formation, and the Empress and Blood Moon stood at the heart of it! Now that Blood Moon launched such a sudden attack, the runes beneath the 18 eunuchs and maids shimmered as they gathered their strength, forming a mighty raging river that rushed towards Blood Moon.

The floor tiles exploded to pieces as energy raced forwards like a tide, filled with killing intent!

Facing the onslaught of these 18 people, Blood Moon coldly sneered. ’’An 18 Clear King Array. Such a dignified Arid Peace Palace, as the ruler of the harem you can only display an array formation of this level?’’

Arid Peace Palace's 18 Clear King Array had to be laid down by array masters and divine runic masters. However, within the entire inner Asura Road, although array masters were somewhat easy to find, divine runic masters were not;they were exorbitantly expensive characters. If one wanted to ask one of them to help then they would have to pay a steep price. Moreover, there also had to be a certain friendship or they wouldn't bother to begin with.

If it was the Marvel Blue Emperor then he could certainly request a peak sixth grade divine runic master to add divine runic symbols to this array formation. In fact, in Marvel Blue Imperial Palace's Golden Imperial Throne as well as Heaven and Earth Hall, there was a peak sixth grade divine runic array. Once this array formation began, the effects would be extraordinary!

But in the harem, Arid Peace Palace was only the living quarters of a half-step World King Empress. For her, it was impossible to use such a grand array. This so-called 18 Clear King Array could barely be considered to be at the sixth grade, or in other words a quasi-sixth grade array formation.

A sixth grade divine runic array was far more expensive than a sixth grade divine runic symbol because an array formation required dozens of divine runic symbols of the same level to support it. For Arid Peace Palace to be able to lay down a quasi-sixth grade array formation was already extremely luxurious for a half-step World King Empress.

The 18 early Holy Lord eunuchs and old maids stood above 18 Clear King Array. With it, the might of their joint attack increased by dozens of times and one could fight a World King - on the premise that this 18 Clear King Array wasn't broken!

But how could a true World King powerhouse stand there idly and let themselves be struck by these people?

In that instant, Blood Moon took out a shining gold talisman from her spatial ring. The design of a fierce ghost's head decorated the talisman;this was a sixth grade divine runic symbol!

This divine runic symbol had been drawn up by the divine Runic Masters Guild's Old Su especially for Blood Moon. Old Su and Blood Moon had a very deep friendship, and the reason Lin Ming was able to come to Marvel Blue Nation was also because he had been introduced by Old Su.

Hu - !

As the divine runic symbol entered Blood Moon's hands it began to burn brilliantly, turning into hundreds of dao patterns that rained down. These dao patterns didn't attack the 18 eunuchs and maids, but attacked the array symbols beneath their feet!

This was a sixth grade array shattering symbol and that 18 Clear King Array was within the level of arrays that this symbol would break! As a high level member of Heaven's Net, she would naturally gather sufficient information before she took on a mission. Before this, Lord Snow had paid a sufficient price to bribe enough eunuchs and maids into telling him that the great array formation within Arid Peace Palace was the 18 Clear King Array!

In response to this array, Blood Moon had asked for Old Su's help to draw up a specific array shattering symbol. Now, the time had come to use it!


A tooth-aching sound echoed out accompanied by a flash flash of golden light, blinding everyone in the hall. In that moment, the runes beneath the 18 eunuchs and maids shattered, turning into violent flows of energy that caused a backlash against them. Their bodies shook and they were nearly injured!

This was the moment Blood Moon had been waiting for. Her body turned into a beam of light that shot forwards. Powerful true essence poured into her sword.

As her sword slashed out, a round and bright moon rose behind Blood Moon. The cold moonlight sprinkled down, covering the entire Arid Peace Palace. As for Blood Moon, she was illuminated by this moon in the background. Her slender body stretched out like she was a goddess riding the wind, filled with infinite charm and grace!

However, this charm and grace was actually fatal!

Just what sort of strength did Blood Moon possess? Although she was wounded she was still a World King powerhouse, someone that a Holy Lord could not contend with!

With a flash of moonlight, a cold and chilling night seemed to descend. Beneath the cover of this endless night, everyone felt inexplicably oppressed. The bright moon in the skies attracted the eyes of everyone!

’’This is bad!’’

Empress Naye's complexion changed. True essence erupted from her body as she rapidly retreated. She was well aware that in that moment she had been covered by Blood Moon's domain!

This long night and bright moonlight, that was Blood Moon's domain - The Endlessly Long Night!

As Naye drew back, two eunuchs and a maid bore the brunt of Blood Moon's attack. Blood Moon's attack struck them, decapitating them and sending their heads rolling to the floor!

Like this, the 18 Clear King Array was broken by Blood Moon!

As blood splashed out, the moonlight seemed to be dyed red. The bright moon in the skies began to take on a faintly reddish hue!

This was the sign of Blood Moon. Within her domain, every time she killed a person the moon would drink their blood, becoming increasingly red. Once she killed innumerable people, this bright moon would turn into a dark a dark red blood moon. And at that time, the power of the Endlessly Long Night would reach its peak!

After the success of her first strike, Blood Moon didn't stop there. Her sword changed direction as she cut towards another group of eunuchs and maids!

She wanted to quickly kill off these early Holy Lord powerhouses and use their blood to water the Endlessly Long Night!

Blood Moon was originally a high level member of an assassin organization. Even within Arid Peace Palace, she killed without mercy! She was well aware that in this situation, it was no longer a question of whether she was rebelling or not. Ever since ancient times, when the changing of a dynasty was coming, coups and rivers of blood were common, whether it was in the mortal world or the world of martial artists!

As long as one won, then one could still be king no matter how many people they killed. But if one lost, that would be a capital crime of rebelling against the nation!

The winner was king and the losers were villains;this was the simplest truth.

At this time, the Empress was taking advantage of the fact that the Emperor was in closed door seclusion to show her hand. With force, she wanted to subdue all others. How could Blood Moon sit around and wait for death?

But as Blood Moon attacked for a second time and was about to decapitate another eunuch, an alarm sounded out in her heart!

A killing intent was hidden within the atmosphere of chaos, like a viper hiding in the brush!

’’Sneak attack!?’’

Blood Moon was startled. At this time, there was actually a hidden ambusher that appeared from nowhere! Such hiding methods and assassination techniques left a strong sense of restlessness in her heart!

She no longer had time to think about who it could be;she rapidly drew backwards!


With a light sound, the Endlessly Long Night domain was pierced through by a strange force. This power was incomparably ruthless and sinister, shooting straight towards Blood Moon!

’’Be careful behind you!’’

A voice you!’’

A voice suddenly rang out. This was Lin Ming's warning!

Without thinking, Blood Moon slashed out behind her. With a loud cracking sound, she chopped apart a black flashing dagger!

Because the Endlessly Long Night domain had been broken, an immense amount of sharp and violent sword energy gushed out! Three coiling dragon pillars supported by array formations were sliced to pieces by this sword energy. The entire structure shook, nearly collapsing in on itself!

A battle between quasi World Kings could move mountains, fill seas, and even destroy some smaller planets. With this violent battle occurring deep in the palace, no matter how solid the building was, once it lost the protection of a domain then it simply wouldn't be able to block the true essence currents rushing about!

’’White Sky, is that you!?’’

Blood Moon's voice was cold, her complexion gloomy and dark like the bottom of a lake. Although that sneak attack hadn't injured her, it had planted a parasitic domain seed within her domain.

This parasitic seed wasn't able to harm her. With just a little bit of effort she would be able to remove the seed, but this process required some time. In the meantime, this seed would erode her true essence, making it so that she couldn't activate her domain ability.

And at this time, a tall man in gray robes stepped out from behind a folding screen within Arid Peace Palace. This thin screen shouldn't have been able to isolate the sense of a martial artist. If Blood Moon wasn't able to discover this from the start, then this proved that this other person had an amazing concealing technique.

And the people that usually possessed this type of ability were assassins!

’’Blood Moon, it's been a while since we've seen each other!’’ A man hoarsely said, immediately calling out Blood Moon's codename within Heaven's Net. He wore a white and black mask with two fierce blood red lines running down from the eyes, looking fierce.

He clearly knew who Blood Moon was.

’’Someone from Heaven's Net?’’

Lin Ming's eyes narrowed as he immediately realized this.


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