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Martial World - Chapter 1579


Chapter 1579

Chapter 1579 - All Encompassing Net





The yellow-robed eunuch wildly cackled. To a eunuch, their most taboo subject was their castration. Even for those court eunuchs that severed their manhood to practice martial arts, this was still no exception!

Now, Xiao Moxian had specifically poked at this wound so how could he not become enraged? In his heart, this old eunuch had already passed down a death penalty to Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming.

’’I have no idea how long it's been since someone has dared speak to me like this! Good! Good! Very good! Do you know what the most exquisite torture methods in the imperial palace are? I can allow you to experience them all!’’

The yellow-robed eunuch reached out for Xiao Moxian, but at this time, a cold cough resounded in the world. ’’What insolence! Are you trying to rebel!?’’

This voice carried with it a powerful penetrative power. All of the nearby vases and furniture was left shattered by this voice!

Imperial Concubine Moon held a four foot long treasure sword, her face covered by her veil. She raised her sword. With her slender figure combined with this sword, she gave off a fierce and swift feeling.

’’You stupid minion, who gave you the courage to be so rampant in my Full Moon Hall!’’

As Imperial Concubine Moon spoke she pointed her swords towards the yellow-robed eunuch's throat. But, this yellow-robed eunuch acted as if he didn't see this sword at all. He sneered and said with his grating voice, ’’Imperial Concubine Moon, my actions are all under imperial decree. In order to prevent the escape of the suspects my methods were a bit extreme. I apologize if there was any disrespect.’’

The old eunuch's words were respectful but his tone and posture were clearly filled with arrogance. He didn't put Imperial Concubine Moon in his eyes at all.

The eunuch was well aware of Imperial Concubine Moon's status. From the start she was not a true imperial concubine. Let alone sleeping with the Marvel Blue Emperor, they had probably never met before.

This Imperial Concubine Moon was someone that Grandprince Marvel Snow, otherwise known to him as Lord Snow, had brought into the harem as reinforcement. In other words, she was Lord Snow's subordinate.

Eunuch Sun had no respect towards this sort of fake imperial concubine. Moreover, he knew that the Empress had decided to take action against Lord Snow, and cutting off his wings was her first mission!

The Empress would inevitably tear down Imperial Concubine Moon!

At this time tomorrow, it was hard to tell whether Imperial Concubine Moon would be dead or alive!

’’Imperial Concubine Moon, the Empress has summoned your presence. At the same time, she has given me the discretion to apprehend your henchmen however I please. This man and woman are clearly not part of the Imperial Palace. As for the reason for them being here, I cannot comment on it. Everything will be decided by the Empress!’’

Eunuch Sun's words were forceful and menacing. Imperial Concubine Moon's eyes turned cold, ’’Are you threatening me?’’

’’How would this servant dare to such a thing? However, if Imperial Concubine Moon resists the decree then I can only send a sound transmission command to the chief imperial guard of the Imperial Palace, and have the imperial guard assist Imperial Concubine Moon in a trip to see the Empress!’’

As Eunuch Sun spoke, the eunuch bodyguards behind him moved forwards, encircling Imperial Concubine Moon, Lin Ming, and Xiao Moxian within.

These eunuch bodyguards all traced their spatial rings, ready to fight at any moment!

Although these eunuch bodyguards didn't have a high cultivation, they were skilled in various battle arrays. Once they formed a battle array, their combat strength would increase. With the peak Holy Lord Eunuch Sun added in, this caused Blood Moon's eyebrows to wrinkle. If she wasn't injured then she wouldn't fear these people at all, but now, if she were to fight, then she would quickly lose control of the situation.

And since she was within the palace, if she tried to resist the imperial decree then she would be in the wrong no matter how it was said. It would be impossible for her to rid herself of a charge of rebelling.

Not just that, but Eunuch Liang wasn't in Full Moon Hall but at Lord Snow's palace. This current situation was extremely bad.

And as Blood Moon was finding it hard to back down, Lin Ming stepped forwards and said, ’’Since this is the summons of the Empress, we might as well take the trip over. It would be nice to meet the mother of the Marvel Blue Nation.’’

Lin Ming's voice was slightly cold. Eunuch Sun chuckled. Was this boy an idiot? Just what use was there for Lord Snow or Imperial Concubine Moon to raise such a person? In this situation, this young man would actually speak such foolish words. Meet the Empress? What would the Empress want to meet him for?

In his imperial palace, the words of the Empress were the will of heaven;no one could defy them!

After listening to Lin Ming, Blood Moon was at a loss for what to do. She knew that it would be difficult for today's matters to not end in death, but she never imagined that Lin Ming would also become involved.

’’I've even dragged you into this...’’ Blood Moon said with a sound transmission, her voice a bit helpless. ’’If the Empress has has summoned us then I'm afraid she's going to harm us. She will casually come up with some charges to get rid of us. Now that we're in the imperial palace our situation is extremely bad. I've already contacted Eunuch Liang, but just the help of a chief eunuch like Eunuch Liang will not be able to help us too much. If you wish to guarantee your own safety then you'll need to find some way to contact your master...’’

In Blood Moon's opinion, Lin Ming's master should have left him some life-saving card. Hopefully, Lin Ming would be able to rely on this to safely retreat.

But, she didn't think that Lin Ming would only shake his head and say, ’’When I left my master, it was to adventure alone. It is no longer possible for me to rely on his help. I must do everything by myself.’’

Lin Ming's words left Blood Moon's heart sinking with disappointment. If Lin Ming didn't have the backing of his master then where did his bravado come from?

She wanted to give Lin Ming a few words of warning but she had no idea what to say. At this time, nothing she said would be useful.

Like this, the team of eunuch bodyguards sandwiched Lin Ming, Imperial Concubine Moon, Xiao Moxian, and everyone else between them, leading them towards the central palace.

Even the young maid that delivered water, Imperial Concubine Moon's maids, and the young eunuchs had been led away.

Marvel Blue Imperial Palace was extremely large and the group was walking at the same pace that mortals would walk at. Even though their destination was only 10 or so miles away, it still took them two to three quarter hours!

Along the way they passed through many corridors and palaces. Everything was quiet around them. Occasionally, squads of eunuchs patrolled around, filling the air with a chilling atmosphere!

Seeing this imperial palace that had absolutely no lively or busy atmosphere at all, Lin Ming's thoughts stirred. It seemed that the Empress really was working to clean out the harem. She was taking advantage of the Marvel Blue Emperor's closed door seclusion to take all authority in her hands and eliminate her enemies!


The palace that the Empress stayed in was called Arid Peace Palace and was also known as the Empress's Palace. In the entire harem, besides the Soul Nourishing Temple that the Marvel Blue Emperor would stay at, Arid Peace Palace was the grandest construction.

Arid Peace Palace was nine levels high and was built from precious seven-feathered divine stone. The pillars of the palace were crafted from blue snow gold and even the tiles were specially processed, each one supported by divine runic symbols. When these floor tiles joined together, they together, they formed an array formation. As one walked atop these tiles, they could feel their blood vitality restlessly moving as it was stirred up by the array formation.

The current Arid Peace Palace could be called heavily guarded! A massive number of eunuch bodyguards were set up in full combat formations. This type of feeling was as if an all-encompassing net had been laid down, just waiting for Imperial Concubine Moon to enter!

’’Lower the palanquin!’’

Eunuch Sun loudly announced. The eunuch bodyguards lowered Imperial Concubine Moon's palanquin. Imperial Concubine Moon parted the silk screen and stepped out. As she looked at the situation around Arid Peace Palace, she sneered.

She gently smoothed her veil down and accompanied Eunuch Sun into Arid Peace Palace.

The main hall of Arid Peace Palace had nine doors, each door surrounded on both sides by thick columns carved with images of phoenixes. There were a total of ten pillars, each of them looking grand. And in the center of the hall was a regal woman. She wore a golden red phoenix gown, each strand of silk spun from blue snow gold. It was resistant to water and fire, and even sabers and swords would find it difficult to slash through. It was a priceless garment.

Without a doubt, this woman was the Empress of the Marvel Blue Nation!

Lin Ming looked at this woman. This Empress had the appearance of a 30 year old. When Lin Ming had left the imperial palace he had also inquired into some information about the Empress.

Empress Naye had been received into the palace 100,000 years ago. At that time, she had been the proudest daughter of heaven within the Marvel Blue Nation. Her talent was outstanding and she had a variation bloodline. Moreover, her appearance was fantastic too.

Before that, Marvel Blue Nation had held a martial meeting involving all heroic young elites at the divine Sea realm. In the end, Naye had been the one to emerge as champion. She had earned the attention and praise of the Marvel Blue Emperor and had entered the imperial palace afterwards. Along the way, she gained more and more favor, her rank increasing until she was finally titled as the Empress.

This grace was due to the advantages that the Marvel Blue Emperor had gained after taking Naye's primordial yin. Moreover, dual cultivating with Naye was helpful to his own cultivation.

Now that 100,000 years had passed, Naye still dual cultivated with the Marvel Blue Emperor. However, she still wasn't able to break through the World King realm and remained stranded as a half-step World King.

This was already an extremely commendable achievement. The World King realm was simply far too difficult to reach. Even though Marvel Blue Nation was considered a Great considered a Great World King Holy Land, they only had three or four World Kings within their lands.

This number of World Kings was already extremely good. In the past, within the divine Realm, there were some Great World King Holy Lands like the True Martial Holy Lands who only had a single World King leading their sect. 50,000 years ago, the Verdant Feather Holy Lands had also been a Great World King Holy Land but their Holy Land only had two World Kings, one of them Tian Mingzi and the other one the old Verdant Feather World King. If they had more World Kings then the Verdant Feather Holy Lands wouldn't have suffered such a miserable fate after Tian Mingzi's betrayal so many years ago.

Imperial Concubine Moon was well aware of the World Kings in the Marvel Blue nation. Besides the old Emperor who was a Great World King, there were three other World Kings.

The first was the Imperial Scholar. He was not only a World King but also a sixth-grade divine runic master. Within the Marvel Blue Nation he was a highly respected and noble character!

The second was the Grand Marshal of the Marvel Blue Nation, the commander of the military forces. He had been bestowed the title of grand duke and was highly beloved by the people.

The third was Eunuch Wei, the highest chief court eunuch of the entire imperial palace and also the most trusted subordinate of the Marvel Blue Emperor. He was someone that had cultivated the Sunflower Melody to the eighth level! Although he was a court eunuch, the truth was that he had a status equal to the Imperial Scholar.

Of these three people, the Imperial Scholar and Grand Marshal were unable to interfere in the struggle for the throne due to the laws and customs of the nation. As for Chief Eunuch Wei, he was only loyal to the Marvel Blue Emperor and also maintained neutrality in the struggle for succession. Even though Lord Snow and Lord Shen had done everything in their power to try to win over Eunuch Wei, even delivering to him all sorts of heavenly materials, Eunuch Wei had refused all offers and had returned all gifts.

Imperial Concubine Moon suspected that all of this was arranged by the old Emperor. He wanted the three World Kings of the Marvel Blue Nation to all remain neutral in the struggle for succession and finally dedicate their lives to the winner.

The advantage of this was that the scale of the struggle would be reduced to a minimum. These three World Kings were the cornerstones of the Marvel Blue Nation. As long as they weren't involved in the struggle then the foundation of the Marvel Blue Nation wouldn't be affected.


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