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Martial World - Chapter 1577


Chapter 1577

Chapter 1577 - Life-death Seclusion of the Emperor




Eunuch Liang was one of the chief eunuchs of Marvel Blue Imperial Palace as well as a trusted subordinate of the Marvel Blue Emperor. In the past, Blood Moon had done a favor for Eunuch Liang and there was even some friendship between them. The reason that Blood Moon came to Marvel Blue Imperial Palace was also because Eunuch Liang brought both sides together. Although Blood Moon could be said to be on a mission, the truth was that this was more a form of asylum. In Marvel Blue Imperial Palace, Blood Moon would be able to obtain some protection. Even so, she would have to return to Heaven's Net sooner or later. That was where she had placed so much effort in these years to establish her own business and foundation, and there was also something there she needed to retrieve.

Before Blood Moon entered the harem, Eunuch Liang had referred to her as 'miss'. But now, he also referred to her as 'Imperial Concubine'. Eunuch Liang was faintly aware that Blood Moon came from the divine Realm and she also had a blood enemy there, one that she was absolutely irreconcilable with.

Blood Moon had hidden her identity and had come to the Asura Road alone to temper and gain experience. In the end, she had become one of the leaders of Heaven's Net. All of this was because of this blood enemy of hers. She needed to take revenge for all her grudges, but, it seemed that Blood Moon's enemy had a cultivation at the Great World King realm. With her current strength, she simply wasn't his match.

In these years, Blood Moon had desperately cultivated, seeking all chances regardless of how dangerous they were. However, even though she made progress, her enemy also made progress. It was hard to say whether or not she would be able to catch up to him in her lifetime!

As this irreconcilable blood enemy of hers was mentioned, a thick and profound killing intent flashed in her eyes, only fading after a long time. In this world there were few things that could cause her to lose her composure, but, this enemy from the divine Realm was one of them.

She calmed her mind and no longer thought about the hatred of the past. She said, ’’Eunuch Liang, I heard that His Majesty will be entering life-death seclusion in the next few days;is this news true?’’

Eunuch Liang sighed as the topic of the Marvel Blue Emperor's closed door seclusion was mentioned. ’’It is necessary seclusion... His Majesty follows the Heavenly Dao and has a great destiny upon his body. I only hope that during this seclusion, His Majesty will be able to make another breakthrough and live forever...’’

Although Eunuch Liang said this, his tone and expression indicated that he wasn't too optimistic that the Marvel Blue Sovereign would be able to successfully pass this closed door seclusion.

As for Blood Moon herself, she definitely didn't expect that the Marvel Blue Emperor would be able to prolong his life. His fires of life had flickered out and he was at the end of his rope. If he were to make another breakthrough here then that would truly be violating the Heavenly Dao!

If the Marvel Blue Sovereign could have achieved this then he would have already broken through the shackles of a World King and become an Empyrean. He wouldn't be like he was today, desperately struggling with his life on the line.

Blood Moon also knew that a hundred years ago, the Marvel Blue Emperor had realized he didn't have much time remaining on the mortal coil. He had even attempted to open the final smelting trial of the Asura Road, but, he had been too old and wasn't able to obtain the qualifications to enter. Then, the Marvel Blue Emperor had gathered a group of top masters to explore one of the forbidden death zones of the inner Asura Road - the Forbidden divine Barrens. He had hoped to seek out some immortal medicines but in the end he remained disappointed.

By then, the Marvel Blue Emperor had done everything he could. His strength weakened by the day and his life's essence energy continued to fade from him, even as his boundary dropped. Now, at death's door, he had chosen to enter life-death closed door seclusion. There was simply no chance of him making another breakthrough. Without a doubt, his chamber would become his grave.

Blood Moon didn't think that the Marvel Blue Emperor would be able to cross this tribulation. What she cared for now was with the Marvel Blue Emperor in life-death closed door seclusion, just who was managing the affairs of the nation?

’’Eunuch Liang, with His Majesty in seclusion, who is managing the nation?’’

’’According to the laws and customs of the court, the Empress is the one wielding the imperial jade seal to serve as temporary manager of national matters. Once His Majesty leaves seclusion then the imperial jade seal will be returned to him. If there is some accident and His Majesty doesn't leave seclusion, then the Empress will pass the imperial jade seal on to the new Emperor...’’

Blood Moon frowned upon hearing this. If the Empress was the one holding power, then this wasn't good news to her at all!

Eunuch Liang seemed to guess what she was thinking. He said, ’’Although the Empress is the one managing the national affairs, she still won't act unreasonably. Miss, please feel feel relieved...’’

’’Mmm... I hope that is true...’’

Blood Moon said. She rubbed her temples. There were far too many things that had happened in these last few years, making her feel exhausted as if she couldn't keep up with it all!


After two days there was still no movement in the Imperial Palace. And on the third day, Lin Ming returned once more to Full Moon Hall.

During these two days, Lin Ming had kept himself busy. He had inquired about a great deal of news.

He knew now that the Emperor of Marvel Blue Nation had a Great World King cultivation. However, his life was nearing its end and he didn't have much longer to live. He would die in his chambers soon.

With the old Emperor soon to die, this brought about the matter of establishing a new Emperor.

During the Marvel Blue Emperor's long life, he had over a thousand children. When his grandchildren and great grandchildren were added on, this number rose exponentially higher.

Of these many descendants, only two of them had the qualifications to become the new Emperor.

These two people were Prince Marvel Shen and Grandprince Marvel Snow.

Prince Marvel Shen was older and his cultivation was at the peak Holy Lord realm. During these years, he had developed and amassed a considerable amount of influence and power.

As for Grandprince Marvel Snow, he was younger and his cultivation was at the early Holy Lord realm. He could be considered a promising young man, and his talent even surpassed that of Prince Marvel Shen. As for the power he had developed, it was much smaller. Now, both Marvel Shen and Marvel Snow had their supporters;it was hard to say whose hands the throne would fall into.

And, there was one piece of news that Lin Ming paid particular attention to...

Blood Moon, also known as Imperial Concubine Moon, had been gifted to the Marvel Blue Emperor by Grandprince Marvel Snow.

When Marvel Snow gifted Blood Moon to the Marvel Blue Emperor, the Marvel Blue Emperor's lifespan was already coming to its natural end;he had no wants or desires to take in a new concubine. But even so, the Marvel Blue Emperor had given Blood Moon the title of Imperial Concubine Moon. Without a doubt, this was because the Marvel Blue Emperor wanted to help Marvel Snow increase his influence.

Lin Ming suspected that the Marvel Blue Emperor intentionally did this to blur the official choice of successors. He wanted the prince and grandprince to struggle for the throne so that the most qualified one would be able to occupy it!

This was also a reasonable matter. The reason that the Marvel Blue Emperor was able to sit steadily on his throne was his own strength. But, for But, for the next emperor, they would either need a World King level of strength, or they would need to have the means and methods to rule as well as the ability to amass and develop their own influence! Only by accomplishing these two matters to their fullest extent could one rule their own nation!

’’Lin Ming, what do we do now?’’

Xiao Moxian asked. She was sitting on a bench in Full Moon Hall, her elbows resting on a table as she propped up her chin. She was a little bit worried. They had already been in Marvel Blue Nation for so many days and yet they hadn't even seen a hint of the Celestial Tyrant Manual.

’’There's nothing we can do for now. We can only wait.’’

Lin Ming replied simply. He didn't seem to be in a hurry at all, but the truth was that even after he returned to Full Moon Hall, although Blood Moon had been willing to see him again, her attitude towards him had clearly been much more distant.

In Blood Moon's opinion, although Lin Ming was an outstanding young elite worth befriending and who would also have a limitless future, that was something far off from now. He simply didn't have the ability to help her solve her current troubles.

Right now, Blood Moon was within Marvel Blue Imperial Palace. She faced layers upon layers of pressure. Not only did she have to attend to the internal struggles within the Imperial Palace, she also had to be on guard against the turmoil that was rocking Heaven's Net!

Moreover, because Blood Moon had been betrayed by a close subordinate of hers, she had received a wound that had yet to heal, making matters even worse!

In Blood Moon's eyes, if Lin Ming's master was willing to help then solving her problems would be as easy as lifting their hand. However, if Lin Ming's master wasn't willing to help, then just a junior like Lin Ming alone wouldn't be of any assistance to her.

Thus, the second time that Lin Ming came to Full Moon Hall, she had only politely summoned him. She had a young eunuch lead Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian to a side hall and basically didn't see him at all.

Like this, five days passed. Lin Ming still hadn't seen Blood Moon.

And in Full Moon Hall, Lin Ming wasn't even able to walk as he pleased. After all, there were women everywhere and if he wasn't careful he would see far too much of their bodies.

Things continuing like this was not a plan.

However, Lin Ming was clear that if he couldn't put out some sort of condition that could move Blood Moon, it was simply impossible for him to borrow her transcendent divine might for any might for any period of time.

Thus, Lin Ming didn't even mention the matter of the Celestial Tyrant Manual. He peacefully stayed at Full Moon Hall, either meditating, dual cultivating with Xiao Moxian, or practicing his divine runic arts.

Slowly, a dozen some days passed. In the blink of an eye, Lin Ming had stayed in Full Moon Hall for half a month.

In the early morning, a maid slammed the doors open to put down a basin of wash water. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian. As she saw their lazy and fulfilled appearances in bed, her eyes flashed with contempt.

She didn't have to be a genius to know what the two of them had been doing last night.

The young maid also acknowledged that Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian could be considered a dragon and phoenix amongst humans, a match made by the heavens. But, they had freely eaten and slept here without any meaning or intention of leaving Full Moon Hall, and they had done so for half a month. Since it was her job to manage their daily needs she naturally wasn't feeling happy that she had to do these extra duties.

Moreover, she could see that her master didn't care too much about this young man and woman. Thus, she had faintly regarded Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian as simple freeloaders.

’’I must say... sir, miss, how long do you plan on living here?’’

This young maid was quite interesting. If she managed to be chosen to enter the Imperial Palace, she naturally wasn't ugly. Rather, with her teenage appearance, she seemed quite pure and naïve.

Lin Ming faintly smiled. He easily knew what this young maid was thinking. ’’What, are you in such a hurry to kick us out?’’

After having her thoughts revealed, the young maid wasn't embarrassed. She said, ’’This is the harem;men usually cannot enter here. Although Imperial Concubine Moon has a special status that gives her the privilege to bid you enter and leave, you cannot stay here forever. Aren't these the common rules of a palace?’’

’’That makes some sense.’’ Lin Ming smiled and nodded, still having no intention of leaving. His actions seemed mildly antagonistic.

The young maid's lips twitched and she unhappily threw a white towel onto the edge of the water basin, causing a large splash.

Just as she was about to stomp off in a huff, a sharp and long voice echoed through the air, ’’By the decree of the Empress, Imperial Concubine Moon must come out to meet her!’’

This eunuch's voice had a great penetrative power, one that reached into every inch of Full Moon Hall. As the young maid heard this, her body shook and she nearly fell to the floor.


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