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Martial World - Chapter 1576


Chapter 1576

Chapter 1576 - Blood Moon's Conundrum




Imperial Concubine Moon sat down on a couch and bid a servant to steep a pot of tea before waving for Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian to also take a seat. Then, she slowly said, ’’I heard that Sir Lin Ming had a teacher whose cultivation is above the Empyrean realm?’’

As Imperial Concubine Moon said this, Lin Ming finally understood what she wanted. No wonder she was willing to see him;it was because she had the idea to connect to his teacher through him.

She needed help from the 'master' that Lin Ming had conjured up on a whim, a master that didn't even exist.

Lin Ming thought for a moment. Then he said, ’’What is the matter? Must it need my master to emerge from seclusion? Can it not be me?’’

’’You?’’ Imperial Concubine Moon gently shook her head. Her cherry red lips opened as she said, ’’You are far too weak...’’

’’How do you know if we are weak or not?’’ Xiao Moxian mumbled, not feeling very happy at these words.

Imperial Concubine Moon lightly chuckled as she heard this. She had taken Xiao Moxian's remarks as the spirited and self-confident nature of a junior. ’’Lin Ming, I sincerely hope that... I can obtain your master's help. I am willing to offer the entire Celestial Tyrant Manual! But, let me give you a word of caution. The Nine Stars of the Dao Palace is a road that defies the will of the heavens. Try not to be too stubborn about these matters.’’

Imperial Concubine Moon advised with good intentions. Lin Ming faintly smiled. ’’Thank you for the advice, but... I'm afraid my master... will not meet you.’’

Imperial Concubine Moon pressed her eyebrows together. ’’Why...?’’

In truth, she also thought that if the status of Lin Ming's master was too high then he truly wouldn't want to meet her. After all, she was nothing but a small and unimportant nobody to an extreme Empyrean. And to a True divinity, she was nothing more than a speck of dust.

However, she didn't believe that Lin Ming had a True divinity level master. In the entire Asura Road, if one counted all the rumors, those that were either dead or alive, or those that had gone into seclusion for hundreds of millions of years and could never be found, even if all of these factors were added together there were only several True divinities. If a junior she casually saw was the last disciple of a True divinity then she felt that was far too unbelievable.

’’Is that so... then, Lin Ming, you've come out to adventure and gain experience all by yourself? Your master has washed his hands of you?’’

When a master taught their apprentice, although they would do their best, sometimes they wouldn't be willing to do everything for them. These masters would allow their apprentices to roam free without any interference. Only like this would the apprentice experience the trials and tribulations of the world and grow through being tempered.

If Lin Ming was in such a situation then it would be impossible for Imperial Concubine Moon to request help from Lin Ming's master.

Lin Ming didn't confirm or deny anything. Instead, he asked, ’’Why don't you tell me what you need? Perhaps I will be able to help you.’’

’’You?’’ Imperial Concubine Moon looked at Lin Ming and shook her head again. ’’Unless you have an extremely mighty martial artist that can help you, there is no way for you to help me. This is because my troubles are extremely great and involve a battle between World Kings. You two are far too young. If you are involved in my mess then you will only be killed!’’

’’Then why don't you tell? If I cannot help you then I naturally will not try to force it.’’

Lin Ming insisted, not giving up. He needed to obtain the Celestial Tyrant Manual at all costs.

’’Alright...’’ Imperial Concubine Moon was silent for a moment. Then she stood up and said, ’’Follow me to my chambers.’’

Imperial Concubine Moon was tall and slender, only slightly shorter than Lin Ming. With her proud figure accentuated by her long skirt, it surrounded her with the atmosphere of a woman who renounced the world and stood above others. Although her face was masked by a veil, one could still see the faint but perfect outline of her face. Above her nose hung a chain of red crystals that only served to add bit of mystery to her.

The chamber that Imperial Concubine Moon mentioned was located in a separate time-space deep beneath the ground. There was a solid soundproofing array formation here. If one was within it, then even a half-step Empyrean wouldn't be able to listen in.

Eunuch Liang did not follow. In the chamber, only Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian, and Imperial Concubine Moon were present.

’’I am Blood Moon - you should have already guessed this by now.’’

Imperial Concubine Moon sat down in a spacious stone chair before motioning for Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian Moxian to also sit.

She lifted her hands and dexterously picked up a pot of tea, pouring a cup for Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian. If Imperial Concubine Moon hadn't heard of Lin Ming's awe-inspiring performance at the divine Runic Masters Guild and knew he was an amazing junior of his generation then it would have been impossible for her to treat him with such courtesy.

’’I did guess your identity, but I was still surprised. I originally thought that Blood Moon was one of Imperial Concubine Moon's secret identities, but the more I thought about this the less likely it seemed...’’

’’Oh? Why do you think that's not possible?’’ Imperial Concubine Moon smiled.

’’Because if Imperial Concubine Moon wanted to see us then you could definitely conceal your identity and leave the palace. You wouldn't even need us to come to Marvel Blue Nation and could just meet us with your identity as Blood Moon. If so, then we would have only known you as Blood Moon and wouldn't know of your identity as Imperial Concubine Moon. For you, this would be far safer. I don't think there is anything I have done yet or shown that would have you place so must trust in me.’’

Lin Ming slowly explained. Imperial Concubine Moon nodded, saying, ’’Continue on.’’

’’Mm... so I guessed that Imperial Concubine Moon is not your true identity but only a temporary one. Only like this would you meet us without caring for us knowing your identity. The only thing I'm not clear about is why you have such authority in Marvel Blue Imperial Palace that you can have others leave and enter as they please. And, does the emperor of Marvel Blue Nation have any relations with the Heaven's Net assassin organization?’’

Lin Ming's words evoked a smile from Imperial Concubine Moon. A look of appreciation flashed in her eyes. ’’Your analysis is quite good. Imperial Concubine Moon is indeed a temporary status of mine, and Marvel Blue Nation and Heaven's Net only have cooperative relations with each other. The reason I entered Marvel Blue Imperial Palace is in truth to accomplish a mission. I am not any Imperial Concubine Moon. That is a title especially bestowed upon me by the Marvel Blue Emperor in order to make my mission easier.’’

As Imperial Concubine Moon spoke, Lin Ming nodded in understanding, suddenly aware. ’’So that's how it is. Then, Imperial Concubine Moon's employer is the Marvel Blue Emperor?’’

’’You could say that.’’

This brief exchange finally explained the suspicions in Lin Ming's mind. But, this was also was also reasonable. Imperial Concubine Moon was only a fake identity and Lin Ming still had no idea as to what Blood Moon's true identity was. That veil around her face still wrapped her with a sense of mystery.

’’Then how difficult are Imperial Concubine Moon's troubles? Is there anything I can do to help?’’

Lin Ming asked. This was what he wanted to know.

Imperial Concubine Moon hesitated for a moment and then said, ’’My Heaven's Net organization has had some changes occur internally. Because of this, someone is trying to harm me. This person has a World King cultivation and many helpers...’’

Imperial Concubine Moon lightly said, not revealing anything further. This was because if she spoke more then she would have to reveal some inner secrets of Heaven's Net, and these were not secrets she could speak of to Lin Ming. This was because she didn't have much hope that Lin Ming would be able to help her.

’’World King...’’

Lin Ming thought for a moment. World Kings were divided into ordinary World Kings and Great World Kings. If one simply said the term World King then they were usually referring to an ordinary World King.

Of course, ordinary World Kings were still divided into the weak and the strong. Lin Ming could deal with a weaker World King, but it wouldn't be easy for him to handle a formidable World King.

’’If it is only an ordinary World King then Imperial Concubine Moon shouldn't need to fear too much...’’

Lin Ming looked at Imperial Concubine Moon. From the information that he had gleaned, this Imperial Concubine Moon was also a World King powerhouse, otherwise she simply wouldn't have the ability to become a leader of Heaven's Net.

And, as one of the leaders of Heaven's Net, even if there was some inner turmoil within Heaven's Net there should still be those that supported her. She should have the ability to compete for control.

If everyone became hostile to Imperial Concubine Moon after the change within Heaven's Net, then it could only be said that her relations in Heaven's Net were far too pathetic.

As Lin Ming mentioned this, Imperial Concubine Moon sighed. ’’My situation isn't as good as you think it is.’’

As Lin Ming heard this, his thoughts stirred. He couldn't help but meet Imperial Concubine's eyes for several moments. To probe her body with his sense was extremely impolite, thus Lin Ming hadn't done so. But now that he listened to her, he seemed to realize something.

’’It seems that Imperial Concubine Moon is... wounded?’’

Imperial is... wounded?’’

Imperial Concubine Moon sighed. She self-mockingly laughed, saying, ’’There have been many matters that have occurred these past few years. In the face of benefits, many people will choose betrayal... and now, the situation I am in is very bad...’’

’’I about understand what is happening...’’

Imperial Concubine Moon's explanation was short, but Lin Ming was able to faintly make out what was happening. This difficulty of hers should be some sort of internal struggle within Heaven's Net.

’’Then I will bid my farewells. I shall return to visit tomorrow.’’ Lin Ming didn't immediately reply. He needed some time to think and ready himself.

’’Mm, if you wish to see me tomorrow, then follow the same method as today.’’

Imperial Concubine Moon said, not seeing her visitors out. As soon as Lin Ming left, a figure flashed within the chamber and Eunuch Liang appeared.

’’Miss, should I follow them? I feel that it is extremely unusual for them to suddenly appear at this time...’’

Imperial Concubine Moon said, ’’No need. He shouldn't have been sent by the other side. There is no reason for Old Su to deceive me. And, this Lin Ming is indeed a young and talented divine runic master. Although others in the organization must harm me there is no way they have the ability to find this type of genius to be their helper. He really should have come here for the Celestial Tyrant Manual. Since he has opened the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates he has more than enough motive to seek out the Celestial Tyrant Manual. Of course, it is impossible for him to successfully practice the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace...’’

Upon mentioning the Celestial Tyrant Manual, Eunuch Liang's thoughts stirred. He said, ’’Isn't this Celestial Tyrant Manual something that Miss brought from the divine Realm. If this matter becomes too widespread, then would Miss' blood enemy in the divine Realm become involved?’’

As Eunuchs Liang brought up the topic of her personal enemy, Imperial Concubine Moon took a deep breath as a thick killing intent flashed in her eyes!

Within Heaven's Net, because their big boss was missing, the things that were left behind had caused tremendous turmoil due to the layers upon layers of entangled benefits. Even one of her trusted subordinates had betrayed her and wounded her at a critical time. But even so, she hadn't developed a deep hatred towards this person.

However, when it concerned her enemy in the divine Realm, she wished that she could eat his raw flesh and drink his blood!


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