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Martial World - Chapter 1574


Chapter 1574

Chapter 1574 - Marvel Blue City




Tens of thousands of miles west of divine Rune City, there was a vast and limitless ocean.

Above this ocean were countless islands. Some islands were several thousand miles large, and some had more surface area than a giant planet.

Among these many islands, there was a large island with a 10,000 mile radius. This island was called Blue God Island.

This island was hot and humid, lit up with sunlight. Most of it was vast tracts of lush forests.

And surrounded by these lush forests, there was a tropical nation filled with greenery. This nation was called Marvel Blue Nation and its capital was Marvel Blue City.

Marvel Blue Nation was no mortal country. This was because this area produced a type of resource called blue snow gold. Moreover, these verdant forests were also filled with ancient vicious beasts and all sorts of heavenly materials. Thus, although Marvel Blue Nation was situated in a vast ocean, most of the citizens were martial artists and it wasn't strange to see amazing top masters here.

Although its quality and quantity of martial artists couldn't compare to divine Rune City, Marvel Blue City was still outstanding when compared to many major cities of the divine Realm. The entire Marvel Blue Nation could be called a peak World King Holy Land.

On this day, a massive spirit boat anchored on the outskirts of Marvel Blue City. A young human man and woman leapt off the spirit boat. Then, the man received the spirit boat into his inner world.

This young man and woman were Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, and this spirit boat was only a disguised Primordius Heavenly Palace. After Lin Ming obtained Blood Moon's reply, he had journeyed west until he came to Marvel Blue City with Xiao Moxian. This city was where Blood Moon was located.

After arriving at this hot tropical island, the weather was extremely wet and humid. The martial artists here exuded an extremely deep and exotic atmosphere.

Most of the men wore hats tied down with cloth. They were shirtless or wore extremely short crop tops with loose pants and boots.

As for the women, they wore short, tight-fitting clothes with plunging necklines that proudly revealed their chests. They often wore bold leather skirts that revealed their slim waists and slender legs.

Some women with higher statuses had beautiful metal accessories hanging off of their faces and necks. These accessories were a metallic silver blue. This was the national resource of Marvel Blue Nation - blue snow gold.

As Lin Ming walked, he evaluated everything around him. Most of the martial artists walking outside were at the divine Sea or divine Transformation realm, and even divine Lord realm martial artists weren't rare. This level of strength was extremely exaggerated. In the divine Realm, a divine Transformation realm martial artist possessed the ability to freely travel through the universe, and a divine Lord realm martial artist could be the ultimate ruler of a small planet.

Soon, Lin Ming arrived at the gates of Marvel Blue City.

The tall city walls didn't seem as if they had experienced many years. Rather, they had a very new feeling to them. It seemed that this Marvel Blue City wasn't as ancient as Lin Ming had thought.

The city gates were manned by two teams of soldiers. After Lin Ming paid the city entrance fee, he stepped inside.

According to the address that Old Su had given him, Lin Ming continued inquiring for directions along the way. Finally, he arrived in a small materials shop that seemed common and insignificant.

Within this materials shop were all sorts of materials required for the divine runic arts and alchemy. There were even furnaces, divine runic pens, and so forth.

Because these things weren't too valuable, the shop seemed quite lonely and desolate.

Lin Ming only glanced over the shop a few times without the slightest desire to purchase anything. This was because he wasn't here to buy materials to begin with.

Lin Ming quietly took off a spatial ring and stepped in front of the shopkeeper. This shopkeeper was a short and pudgy middle-aged man. His cultivation was ordinary and sloppy. If he were in a crowd, one wouldn't notice him at all.

Lin Ming traced the spatial ring and pulled out several dozen materials. Then, he said in a low voice, ’’I'm selling, this is a total of 1,263,400 origin energy runes.’’

Upon hearing Lin Ming and seeing the materials that Lin Ming had taken out, the fat shopkeeper narrowed his eyes and looked deeply at Lin Ming.

The materials that Lin Ming took out as well as his asking price were all a single code word for him to make a connection in Marvel Blue City.

’’What is your name?’’ The fat shopkeeper asked.

’’Lin Ming.’’

His name had already been passed to Blood Moon ever since Old Su contacted her.

’’Mm... follow my person. He will bring you to the one you wish to see.’’

As the fat shopkeeper shopkeeper spoke, an old man with eagle-like eyes brushed open the curtains leading to the back of the shop and slowly walked out.

Although this old man's movements were slow, his eyes were sharp. As he walked across the tiles, his steps were steady to the point of being startling.

’’Come with me!’’

The old man said, his voice sharp. It was hard to discern whether this was the voice of a man or a woman, and it was also quite harsh to the ears.

’’Peak Holy Lord!’’

Lin Ming judged in his heart. This old man actually possessed a peak Holy Lord cultivation, and he was even a human at that. In the Asura Road, humans were rare to begin with but in Marvel Blue Nation, over half the citizens were humans.

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian followed this eagle-eyed old man out of the shop. From the body of this old man, Lin Ming could feel a surging essence energy. He raised his guard, remaining vigilant of his surroundings as he kept his focus on this eagle-eyed old man.

They walked without speaking. The eagle-eyed old man brought Lin Ming meandering left and right, passing through busy streets and squares, slowly approaching the center of Marvel Blue City.

Marvel Blue City covered an area of hundreds of miles and it was extremely broad. As for the center of Marvel Blue City, there was a massive and magnificent building complex! Now, Lin Ming was standing in front of this building complex.

Tall walls were manned by steely guards. As Lin Ming saw this, he was shocked. This place... could it be...?

The Imperial Palace!?

Marvel Blue Nation was not some small influence. Its sovereign was equivalent to sect masters of other large influences. This Imperial Palace was the core of Marvel Blue nation and could be called a den of crouching tigers and hidden dragons. There were many masters living in the Imperial Palace!

Lin Ming had already looked up information on Marvel Blue Nation before he arrived. Because Marvel Blue Nation was rich in great vicious beasts, medicinal herbs, and even the extremely valuable blue snow gold, the Marvel Blue Royal Family was extremely wealthy. Besides the masters in their court, there were many other elders and officers in their employ. In the event that a battle broke out, Marvel Blue Imperial Palace would have a terrifying combat strength.

Was Blood Moon in the Imperial Palace?

Lin Ming felt a bit odd as soon as he thought about it. Could there be some connection some connection between Marvel Blue Nation and the Heaven's Net assassin organization?

The eagle-eyed old man brought Lin Ming to the back gates of the Imperial Palace. This was the smallest gate leading into the Imperial Palace but there were still 20 guards standing here.

The eagle-eyed old man lifted the plate card hanging on his belt and the guards immediately smiled, ’’So its Eunuch Liang. Please enter!’’

The eagle-eyed old man stepped forwards past the gate, but Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were blocked.

’’These two are...’’

’’These two are entering the palace for business reasons. These are their sign cards. ’’ The eagle-eyed old man continued to speak in his strange not-like-a-man and not-like-a-woman voice and tossed a jade slip to a guard.

The guard looked over the jade slip and allowed them to pass.

This scene caused Xiao Moxian to stick out her tongue at the guards. She said with a true essence sound transmission, ’’This old man is a court eunuch!?’’

Xiao Moxian had thought that the eagle-eyed old man's voice was a bit strange. So, it seemed that he was a court eunuch.

To Xiao Moxian, a eunuch was an extremely strange existence because this sort of occupation did not exist in Demondawn Heavenly Palace.

’’Why would such a master be willing to be a eunuch? Moreover, if their cultivation has reached this boundary, then they could even regrow their body with certain top materials!’’

For instance, when Tian Mingzi had hunted down Lin Ming in the Sky Spill Planet, he had severed his own hand to do so. After Tian Mingzi returned to the Skydark Holy Lands he had used secret techniques and heavenly materials to regenerate his severed hand. The only problem was that this hand had yet to be tempered so it was far inferior to his original hand.

Lin Ming was also curious. As for Eunuch Liang, who was walking in front, he seemed to guess what Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were thinking of. He chuckled mysteriously and then said with a true essence sound transmission, ’’You two are dual cultivation companions, right?’’

Upon hearing this question, Xiao Moxian was startled. Then, she confidently said, ’’That's right!’’

’’Hehe, for you to find an appropriate dual cultivation companion to increase your cultivation speed is your good fortune! However, while you may have heard of nourishing yin with yang and yang with yin, have you ever heard of locking in your essence energy to nourish yourself? In this world there are some martial arts where one must cut off must cut off their own manhood before one can cultivate them! Us eunuchs who sever our seven affections and six desires are perfectly suited to practice this type of martial arts! The average person must give vent to the physical temptations of the flesh, but for us, we can reverse this process, locking in our essence energy within our body. Slowly, our essence energy will accumulate, filling us with daily energy and bestowing upon us plentiful physical strength.

’’Some people who wholeheartedly pursue the peak of martial arts would castrate themselves to establish their own unrivalled martial arts. Even on this road there are still transcendent divine mights! And in our Marvel Blue Imperial Palace, there are over 1200 eunuchs. What we practice is the Sunflower Melody, a transcendent divine might that was established by someone who castrated themselves and became an Empyrean!

’’When ordinary people cultivate martial arts, those who fail are innumerable. But, when we eunuchs cultivate the Sunflower Melody, we can produce masters at a rate countless times higher!’’

Eunuch Liang said, clearly filled with pride. Indeed, the road of martial arts had extremely high standards and not everyone had the ability to cultivate. But, if one chose to cultivate the Sunflower Melody, the restrictions were far lower.

However, there was one caveat. For someone who cultivated the Sunflower Melody, if they ever developed the desire towards men and women and no longer wished to be a eunuch, they could restore themselves with heavenly materials but this would mean that all the martial arts they cultivated would be wasted.

But in the legends, if one was able to practice the Sunflower Melody to the highest levels and reach the extreme Empyrean boundary then they could still regenerate their body and have their physical flesh reach perfection. But, this was far too distant a matter. For the average person, an Empyrean was nothing but a fairy tale.

Upon listening to Eunuch Liang, Lin Ming was left stupefied. The roads of martial arts of the 33 Heavens were endless and infinitely varied. The cultivation methods consisted of every possible thing that the mind could imagine!

However, Lin Ming didn't have the thoughts to think further about this. What he came here for was Blood Moon. He asked, ’’Eunuch Liang, this junior would like to know, is honored Blood Moon in the Imperial Palace?’’

’’Hehe, honored Blood Moon is certainly in the Imperial Palace, or what would I have brought you here for? Just follow me and you'll be fine. I'll bring you there!’’


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