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Martial World - Chapter 1573


Chapter 1573

Chapter 1573 - News of Blood Moon




It wasn't a secret that the divine Runic Masters Guild cooperated with nearby great influences. This was an extremely vital source of the divine Runic Masters Guild's resources and wealth.

However, when it involved an assassin organization, the divine Runic Masters Guild considered this to be a considerably taboo subject. After all, an assassin organization had many tenuous and strange connections that involved many vendettas.

The Heaven's Net assassin organization had offended many great influences and they had killed many well-known individuals. If the divine Runic Masters Guild cooperated with this assassin organization they would inevitably have to face some pressures, thus non-core members of the divine Runic Masters Guild wouldn't know the details of their cooperation.

As Lin Ming suddenly mentioned the Heaven's Net assassin organization, the white-robed Elder and Old Xue frowned. However, Old Su's eyes shined with a strange light.

’’Do you have a grudge with someone from Heaven's Net?’’

Old Su suddenly asked. Since Lin Ming was interested in them, his first thought was naturally that Lin Ming had some enmity. After all, Heaven's Net had far too many enemies;it was simply impossible for them to keep track of all of them.

’’No, this junior simply wants to meet someone - one of the leaders of Heaven's Net, Blood Moon! To be honest, there is a cultivation method that I would really like to obtain which is in Blood Moon's hands.’’

Lin Ming looked towards Old Su. He faintly sensed that Old Su had some sort of connection with Heaven's Net, or, at the very least he knew some of their people.

’’Blood Moon...’’

Old Su thought for a moment. It was hard to make out what he was thinking of from his expression.

’’Old man, do you know Blood Moon?’’

Old Xue asked as he saw Old Su thinking of something.

’’Senior, if you know Blood Moon, then I request that you recommend this junior to them. I am willing to make a pledge on my heart of martial arts so that I won't reveal anything related to Blood Moon's identity.’’

Everyone's eyes turned to Old Su. Old Xue and the white-robed Elder naturally hoped that Old Su would help Lin Ming with this Blood Moon matter, because then Lin Ming would be considered as owing a favor to the divine Runic Masters Guild.

Old Su said, ’’I don't know where Blood Moon is but I do have ways to make contact. As for whether or not Blood Moon is willing to meet you, that is something I cannot guarantee...’’

Lin Ming was overjoyed to hear this. He said, ’’Thank you Senior Su!’’

As long as he could find some way to contact Blood Moon then his chances of meeting him were much higher. With Lin Ming's current status as the youngest third grade divine runic master as well as a disciple of someone who might be a True divinity, if this Blood Moon wasn't too strange and eccentric then he would be willing to meet him.

After all, in the eyes of many people, Lin Ming might become a seventh grade divine runic master in the future! It would be extremely significant if they could befriend Lin Ming before he grew up.

Old Su rose and said, ’’Tonight I will try to find a way to send a message to Blood Moon. I should be able to obtain an answer by tomorrow. If Blood Moon is willing to see you then I can lead you there, otherwise... if Blood Moon doesn't wish to see you then there is nothing I will be able to do.’’

Lin Ming was already more than satisfied with this answer. ’’Thank you Senior Su for the help. No matter if this matter succeeds or not, consider this junior to owe you a favor.’’

’’It's not that big a deal.’’ Old Su waved his hand. ’’That's right, since you just came to the divine Runic Masters Guild you can have those two girls Clearshadow and Dreampearl show you around the area so you can familiarize yourself.’’

’’That's right, there are many places in the divine Runic Masters Guild that you don't don't know of yet!’’ Old Xue echoed. In truth, he wanted Dreampearl and Clearshadow to be on good terms with Lin Ming. If they could get to know him then that would be greatly beneficial to their future growth.

Thus, after an incense stick of time, Lin Ming, Clearshadow, Dreampearl, as well as the brother and sister Yue Liuxing and Yue Qifeng went to explore the divine Runic Masters Guild.

From the outside, the divine Runic Masters Guild only covered an area of several dozen miles. But, the inside actually contained its own world.

Within the center of the divine Runic Masters Guild there was a separate space-time that was sealed away. This was a dimensional realm, similar to the one that the Forsaken God Clan lived in within the Sky Spill Continent.

This dimensional realm was thousands of miles long and wide. After entering, the space was incomparably broad. There were majestic palaces that floated between pillowy clouds, looking grand and extravagant.

’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, I hope that you don't mind me calling you this...’’ Dreampearl sweetly said from beside Lin Ming. She had already joined the divine Runic Masters Guild a long time before this so calling Lin Ming her junior-apprentice brother was actually quite reasonable.

’’Of course you may, Senior-apprentice Sister Dreampearl.’’

Lin Ming faintly smiled. After being so easily recognized as a senior-apprentice sister, Dreampearl lit up with pleasure.

’’This is the treasure storage palace. The divine Runic Masters Guild has many rare and precious materials that are kept here. If you want to exchange for them then you'll need enough origin energy runes, but they also take contribution points. These contribution points are the currency of our divine Runic Masters Guild!’’

Dreampearl said, pointing at a grand palace in front of her.

The palace was surrounded with enchanting landscapes, serene and beautiful.

At this time, there were many young disciples milling about outside the palace, one of them someone that Lin Ming had met before.

’’Senior... Senior-apprentice Brother Luo?’’

Yue Qifeng shouted out from beside Lin Ming.

This senior-apprentice brother Luo was Luo Yubai. He, Yue Qifeng, and Qifeng, and Yue Liuxing had the same master and the three could be said to come from the same sect.

A year ago when Lin Ming first visited the divine Runic Masters Guild, he had casually encountered Luo Yubai.

After Luo Yubai saw Lin Ming and the others he was a bit startled. His eyes quickly focused on Dreampearl and Clearshadow.

He faintly smiled. ’’So it's Junior-apprentice Sisters Dreampearl and Clearshadow, and there's even Qifeng and Liuxing, and, there's also one more...’’

Luo Yubai was surprised as he saw Lin Ming. He felt that Lin Ming looked somewhat familiar.

Martial artists had extremely good memories and even though Luo Yubai had bumped into Lin Ming a year ago, he still immediately recalled who Lin Ming was.

’’You... shouldn't be that...’’

After remembering who Lin Ming was, Luo Yubai's expression filled with incredulity. A year ago, Yue Qifeng and Yue Liuxing had brought Lin Ming to visit the divine Runic Masters Guild and they had given him a tour of the outside. But, the place they were right now was the core region of the divine Runic Masters Guild and it was impossible for outsiders to enter. Moreover, there was also Lin Ming's appearance and the divine runic master badge on his chest...

That was clearly... a third grade divine runic master badge!

And Luo Yubai himself was also a third grade divine runic master!

Just how... would it be like this?

Luo Yubai was thoroughly shocked. Yue Qifeng quickly explained, ’’Senior-apprentice Brother Luo, Big Brother Lin Ming here has just passed the divine Runic Masters Guild's examination so he's also a third grade divine runic master now!

After Yue Qifeng explained the situation, Luo Yubai was left shell-shocked. Yu Qifeng's words were spoken so casually as if he were buying vegetables from an outside stall.

This was a third grade divine runic master examination! He had passed it so easily and had done it all in a single try!?

Luo Yubai felt as if he were lost in a dream. And at this time, Clearshadow had given Lin Ming a price list that included list that included many precious materials of the divine Runic Masters Guild.

Lin Ming had inherited the memories of three divine runic masters so he had a good understanding of materials needed for the divine runic arts. After casually sweeping over the list he spotted several materials that couldn't be purchased on the outside. If one wasn't a part of the divine Runic Masters Guild then it would be difficult to find these materials.

This made Lin Ming feel that it was an increasingly good choice that he joined the divine Runic Masters Guild. In the future, with the backing of the divine Runic Masters Guild it would be much easier for him to refine pills for the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

’’How do I earn guild contribution points?’’

Lin Ming asked, clearly interested.

Dreampearl said, ’’There are many ways to earn points. For instance, you will obtain some through a monthly salary or you can even complete missions for the divine Runic Masters Guild. The amount of contribution points you receive will vary depending on the difficulty of these missions. You can also trade for points with others. These methods usually only give you a small number of points. If you want to earn a massive amount of points, the best way would be to contribute your own unique divine runic arts techniques.’’

Many divine runic masters were self-reliant, similar to freelancers. The divine Runic Masters Guild was a loose organization that definitely didn't want to see the other divine runic masters keep to themselves more and more, thus they had set up this provision where any person that contributed their own secret techniques would be rewarded with points.

’’I understand.’’ Lin Ming rubbed his chin. It seemed that there were several ways for him to earn points.

As Lin Ming was doing some calculations in his mind, the flame of a sound transmitting talisman flashed in front of him.

The message came from Old Su and the contents were extremely simple - it was that Blood Moon, a leader of Heaven's Net, had agreed to meet with Lin Ming.


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