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Martial World - Chapter 1572


Chapter 1572

Chapter 1572 - Entering the Guild




’’Hey little fellow, how about we talk for a bit.’’

After Lin Ming obtained the qualifications to become a third grade divine runic master, he knew that these several old geezers would have many questions they would want to ask him;this was something he couldn't avoid.

Lin Ming nodded, ’’Well, that's fine, we can speak in another room.’’

’’If you will.’’

The white-robed Elder, Old Su, and Old Xue brought Lin Ming to a different room. After passing through the door, Old Xue turned and said to his apprentice Dreampearl, ’’The lot of you can wait outside.’’

Dreampearl scratched her head, curiously looking towards the room. She also wanted to know what Lin Ming's status was but she had been blocked by Old Xue.

She pursed her lips, muttering, ’’It's like they are trying to keep everything a secret, what's so great about knowing anyways.’’

Dreampearl sat on a stone chair, not feeling very happy. She was filled with curiosity towards this human youth that was around her age and in fact really did want to know where Lin Ming came from and how he practiced to become so formidable.

’’That fellow should have a powerful master.’’

Clearshadow said from beside Dreampearl.

’’Definitely... and they are probably much fiercer than our masters...’’

Dreampearl said without mincing her words. As Old Xue heard this just as he was closing the door, he nearly choked on himself.

’’This rascally girl!’’

Old Xue awkwardly coughed. He could only pretend that he didn't hear this. But, this was the truth. As he measured his own level, he felt that it was impossible for him to teach an apprentice like Lin Ming. Even an extremely good piece of jade would need a grandmaster to cut and polish it into a perfect piece of art. The level of a master was extremely important in determining the level of an apprentice.

The three old men sat in front of Lin Ming. The white-robed Elder took out a divine runic master's robe and a divine runic master badge.

’’This is for you. This badge will serve as your third grade divine runic master certificate and this divine runic master robe is also the uniform of the divine Runic Masters Guild. In the Asura Road, the styles of badges and robes differ between the varying great influences that offer them, but they are mostly the same besides some minor differences...’’

’’Mm, thank you.’’

Lin Ming nodded. He waved his hand and this robe appeared on his body.

The divine runic master robe produced by the divine Runic Masters Guild was in essence manifestations of energy produced by runes. Whether it was putting it on or taking it off, one only needed to think it.

As Lin Ming put on the robe he could feel the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy as well as the Laws being dragged towards it. Even his soul force was being faintly nourished. It was clear that this robe wasn't some ordinary piece of clothing.

As for the badge, it was a carefully crafted magic tool that made one's soul force and mental focus more concetrated. The two objects were above the level of a medium-grade spirit artifact.

’’Seniors, if you have any questions then this junior will try to answer to the best I can.’’ After Lin Ming put on the dressings of a divine runic master, his tall figure perfectly accented his new clothing, making him seem ethereal and elegant.

’’There are a few questions I would like to ask. What I am very curious about is just who is your teacher? No matter how much I think of it, I cannot think of anyone in the entire inner Asura Road that would be able to secretly and quietly teach an apprentice like you.’’

Without Lin Ming saying anything first, the white-robed Elder directly asked Lin Ming about his teacher.

The inner Asura Road had many divine runic master organizations and they fiercely competed against each other. If they could pull a top master to join their guild, that was an event worthy of great celebration. It would be far greater than bringing in a junior like Lin Ming.

Lin Ming said, ’’My teacher has been living in seclusion for many years, and is unwilling to disclose his identity...’’

Lin Ming had already thought up a good answer. As for the white-robed Elder, a look of deep disappoint appeared on his face. But in truth he had already anticipated this. Such a divine runic grandmaster would receive the greatest standard of reception and respect from any influence. If this person wanted to make themselves public they would have already done so. Moreover, this person might not want to join the divine Runic Masters Guild to begin with.

Still, the white-robed Elder didn't give up. He continued to ask, ’’Then let me venture another question: just what grade of a divine runic master is your teacher?’’

The white-robed Elder already guessed that Lin Ming's teacher was at least a seventh grade divine runic master. He might even surpass the current President of the divine Runic Masters Guild.

Lin Ming said, ’’I apologize. It isn't that I don't don't want to say it but because I do not know what the level of my teacher's divine runic arts has reached. According to what I know, teacher has already been in deep seclusion for 100-200 million years. Even if he were to come out of hiding, I fear that not many people would recognize him...’’

Lin Ming concocted a wild story. But in this specific situation with his awe-inspiring performance just now, no matter how ridiculous his words were, those present still might believe him. This was because they truly did think that Lin Ming had such a heaven-shaking teacher.

’’Seclusion... for 100-200 million years!’’ The white-robed Elder's eyebrows jumped up. He looked at the two other old men, fear and awe coloring his complexion.

Old Xue gulped. Even though he had expected that Lin Ming's teacher was extremely terrifying, if Lin Ming's master had gone into seclusion for 100-200 million years then wouldn't that make his true age around 200-300 million years old?

Such an age already far exceeded the 100 million year lifespan limit of an Empyrean.

Then, it was either that Lin Ming's teacher had used some secret technique to go into deep hibernation, or that he was a True divinity level powerhouse!

And in Old Xue's opinion, the latter possibility was a bit more likely...

Thinking of Lin Ming's master, Old Xue forced a smile. ’’I must say kid, you tricked me well. You were clearly under the guidance of a divine runic grandmaster and yet you acted like you didn't know anything about the divine runic arts. It seems you really wanted to play around with an old man like me... by the way, when you bought that jade from me...’’

Old Xue's eyes widened. He felt that he had been hoodwinked by Lin Ming once again! That jade piece of indeterminable origin might have been some sort of extraordinary treasure.

’’Hey little fellow, you were quite particular in buying that little piece of jade. Why don't you tell me more about it so that I can widen my horizons...’’

Old Xue puckered his lips, feeling sad. He was now 99% sure that he had sold that broken jade for a major loss!

’’Jade?’’ Lin Ming pretended to be surprised. ’’Oh, I remember. A year ago I found that broken jade in your stall and thought it was some amazing ancient treasure, but after I took it to be appraised by my master the result was that I had been mistaken. Sure enough, there were no advantages for me...’’

Lin Ming flippantly said. But, Old Xue didn't believe this at all. With a With a pained expression he said, ’’Come on, just tell me honestly what the jade was. I've already been conned by you so you can tell me what it is right? Since my eyes were poor I can only blame myself for that. I just want to know what use that little trinket had.’’

’’Senior... you've really... thought too much about this...’’ A cunning light flashed in Lin Ming's eyes but he concealed it well. No matter what Old Xue said, Lin Ming definitely wouldn't disclose the origins of that jade piece. This caused Old Xue to feel even more depressed. He was more and more sure that he had been bamboozled by Lin Ming, and as a divine runic master who was proud of his appraisal ability, the most painful and aggrieving matter was to be swindled by others and not know how.

Old Xue seemed to want to ask something else, but at this time the white-robed Elder dryly coughed a few times and said, ’’Lin Ming, let's speak about formal matters now. I want to ask you - do you have any intentions of joining my divine Runic Masters Guild?’’

This matter was the most important question that the white-robed Elder wanted to ask Lin Ming.

He originally inquired about Lin Ming's teacher because he still had hopes that there was a one-in-a-million chance he could win over Lin Ming's teacher and have him join the divine runic masters guild.

But as he expected, that wouldn't be possible. So, his most vital task now was to win Lin Ming over to join their divine Runic Masters Guild.

For an organization like the divine Runic Masters Guild, the most essential factor of their strength was the quantity and quality of their divine runic masters.

The reason that divine Rune City was able to develop to its current scale was because they relied on their many divine runic masters as well a decent number of alchemists.

The more powerful and the greater number of divine runic masters there were, the more influential the divine Runic Masters Guild would become. In particular, seventh grade divine runic masters had a great appeal, one that drew in many others. This sort of divine runic grandmaster would always be able to draw in divine runic masters from nearby regions so that they would join the divine Runic Masters Guild out of their admiration.

At the same time, a great number of influences would rush here to cooperate with the divine Runic Masters Guild, providing all sorts of favorable conditions for them.

Over time, divine Rune City would become increasingly prosperous. In terms of In terms of all sorts of transactions, access to talented individuals, possession of rare and precious resources, everything would rise exponentially.

Thus, it could be said that the influence and strength of the divine Runic Masters Guild was closely intertwined with everyone's benefits in divine Rune City.

If the divine Runic Masters Guild ever declined, then divine Rune City would exist in name only.

’’You don't have to be in a hurry to respond. First, let me tell you about the advantages of joining the divine Runic Masters Guild...’’ The white-robed Elder took out a handbook and handed it to Lin Ming.

’’This is the internal handbook of the divine Runic Masters Guild. It has the rules and conditions that members must abide by. If you join the divine Runic Masters Guild then if you purchase materials in divine Rune City, we can offer you a 15% discount. This is the highest discount and not even Elders have a better deal. Of course, new divine runic masters definitely do not receive this treatment.

’’You will also possess the authority to browse the jade slips in the divine Runic Masters Guild's library. Even if it is the most core jade slip inheritances, you will still have the ability to apply for viewing.

’’In addition, every month the divine Runic Masters Guild will give you a fixed number of contribution points. In the divine Runic Masters Guild, these contribution points are used to purchase all sorts of rare and precious materials and they are also much handier than origin energy runes. If you have points then you have rights to purchase materials before anyone else.’’

The white-robed Elder immediately put forth so many good conditions. This was the kind of treatment that the divine Runic Masters Guild would offer to an ordinary Elder, but now all of this was promised to Lin Ming. This was because with Lin Ming's current achievements, becoming an Elder was just a matter of time. He would become a Red-Robed Elder or possibly even the future Guild President.

These conditions were also the limit that the white-robed Elder could offer. Lin Ming was satisfied with these conditions. He thought for a moment and then said, ’’Junior has a matter that he would like to consult with several seniors about.’’

’’Speak your mind.’’

Lin Ming thought about his words for a moment and then said, ’’According to what this junior knows, there are several nearby influences that have long-term cooperation with the divine Runic Masters Guild... and, there is an influence that this junior is extremely interested in. They are the assassin organization known as Heaven's Net!’’


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