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Martial World - Chapter 1570


Chapter 1570

Chapter 1570 - Third Grade divine Runic Master Examination




Normally, before a martial artist became a third grade divine runic master they would study for dozens of years or even over a hundred years of time.

The reason that the time fluctuated so much was because even as a young martial artist studied the divine runic arts, they still had to put time into cultivating. And, different people would divide their time in varying proportions. If someone invested more time into the divine runic arts then they would learn it faster than others, but no matter how much time they invested it would still take 20-30 years.

But compared to Lin Ming, who wasn't even sixty years of age, Old Xue could go crazy and still not figure out how Lin Ming had allocated his time.

How could he dual cultivate body and energy, opening the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates and even achieving a divine Lord realm cultivation as he even practiced the divine runic arts to such a degree?

’’Are you sure you want to take the third grade divine runic master examination?’’

Lin Ming nodded. ’’Yes, this junior only wishes to try;I am not fully confident that I will pass.’’

Lin Ming was indeed unable to ascertain whether or not he would be able to successfully draw up a third grade divine runic symbol. Even if he failed somewhere he should still be close to reaching the third fusion step, and once he truly began the third step, then completing a third grade divine runic symbol shouldn't be too difficult.

The third step of the divine runic arts was Lin Ming's greatest advantage.

If Lin Ming could become a third grade divine runic master and then join the divine Runic Masters Guild, his status would be completely different from that of a second grade divine runic master.

Young second grade divine runic masters like Qin Yi were rare in the inner Asura Road, but they existed. Every influence was always raising a new generation every ten years, and after so much time there were bound to be some extraordinary individuals that appeared.

The reason that Qin Yi seemed so splendid here was because the divine Runic Masters Guild would hold examinations every year, year after year. Because of this, it was not possible to concentrate the number of geniuses together. If the geniuses of the last thousand years of the divine Runic Masters Guild were added up then that would be a dreadful number.

However, for Lin Ming, if he could become a third grade divine runic master at his young age then that would be something that might not happen in a thousand or even ten thousand years.

In this sort of situation, Lin Ming would be highly valued by the divine Runic Masters Guild. With this status, everything would be much easier for him to do.

As for what others would do such as suspecting him or conspiring to ruin him, Lin Ming wasn't afraid of this. In terms of individual combat strength he could already fight an ordinary World King. And with Xiao Moxian's help as well as the life-saving card of Primordius Heavenly Palace, Lin Ming could calmly retreat even if he faced a middle level World King.

And if he had to face a spiritas, then Lin Ming also had the fatal divine tool that was their ultimate nemesis!

Lin Ming didn't fear middle level World Kings and World Kings weren't like cabbages spread everywhere. Looking at the entire divine Runic Masters Guild, a World King was at the rank of an Elder. There were even some sixth grade divine runic masters with a half-step World King cultivation.

Thus, Lin Ming had the ability to protect himself in the divine Runic Masters Guild.

And most importantly, no one knew of his true strength. This provided an extra layer of protection for him.

’’Since you passed the second grade divine runic master examination, then according to the rules of the divine Runic Masters Guild you can choose to continue onwards to the third grade divine runic masters examination. Besides Lin Ming, does anyone else wish participate in the third grade divine runic master examination?’’

The white-robed Elder looked at Qin Yi. Out of everyone else present, only Qin Yi had completed the second grade divine runic master examination, thus thus he also had the qualifications to join Lin Ming.

Qin Yi's complexion changed, becoming extremely ugly.

He had nearly no hope of successfully drawing up a third grade divine runic symbol.

In fact, at the start, Qin Yi had been planning to join the third grade divine runic master examination. But, this was not because he thought of passing it but because he wanted to show off his dazzling skills.

In drawing up a third grade divine runic symbol, Qin Yi could complete 70-80% of it. It was only the final step of fusing together the Asura Heavenly Dao that he could not succeed at.

But now, he had been grouped together with this freak Lin Ming. Lin Ming clearly had plans of joining the third grade divine runic master examination, so how could Qin Yi possibly join him just to act as a foil and make him shine brighter?

He grit his teeth, remaining silent. This was the same as admitting he was withdrawing from the third grade examination.

’’Mm... then it's only Lin Ming who will take the examination? Alright then, Lin Ming, you come with me to the side room... I will allow you to rest for 10 hours in a time enchantment. Then, you can choose the materials you need. If you can complete any third grade divine runic symbol then you'll have passed.’’

The white-robed Elder said. Giving Lin Ming 10 hours to rest was more than enough.

Lin Ming didn't want to rest for such a long time but he didn't decline the offer. After giving his thanks, he walked towards the side room.

Allowing Lin Ming to change environments and undergo the examination in the side room was to reduce external disturbances to the lowest amount.

This was also to increase Lin Ming's chances of passing the third grade divine runic master examination.

The white-robed Elder was secretly hoping that Lin Ming would pass the third grade divine runic mater examination. To the divine Runic Masters Guild this would be a cause worthy of great celebration. Once this matter was passed on to the other divine runic master organizations then they would earn considerable face.

Moreover, Lin Ming would Ming would inevitably have amazing achievements in the future. After Lin Ming became some powerful and mighty figure, then this white-robed Elder would also be able to boast that he was the one who personally oversaw his third grade divine runic master examination.


Lin Ming followed the white-robed Elder to a side room. After he left, Clearshadow and Dreampearl also finished their own second grade divine runic master examinations. Unfortunately, they had both failed to complete their divine runic symbols by the tiniest amount.

In ordinary times, if Clearshadow and Dreampearl had been able to display their usual skill then they would have been able to complete a second grade divine runic symbol. But today, seemingly because the appearance of Lin Ming and Qin Yi placed a considerable amount of pressure on them, they hadn't been able to display their highest level of skill. After failing twice, this meant they had failed their examination.

Upon failing the examination, the two young women looked forlorn and depressed. Old Xue and Old Su quickly cheered them up with some words, but at this time they also discovered that Qin Yi, who had completed his second grade divine runic master examination, had an extremely ugly complexion.

What happened?

Did Qin Yi also fail?

If Qin Yi failed then that would have provided a little bit of comfort to Clearshadow and Dreampearl. But, this didn't seem likely.

’’Teacher, what happened to Qin Yi? He shouldn't have failed his examination, right?’’

Before this, Clearshadow and Dreampearl had both been in a completely focused state so they didn't know what had happened around them.

’’Qin Yi...’’ Old Xue forced a smile. ’’He indeed passed the examination and he did so extremely splendidly. But what a pity, there is always someone stronger than the strong. Lin Ming completed his second grade divine runic symbol even more perfectly, and, what is most perturbing of all is that after Lin Ming finished his second grade divine runic master examination he wanted to carry on to the third grade divine runic master examination. As for Qin Yi, he gave up. He likely knew he didn't have the ability to pass... this is the same as admitting that as admitting that he is inferior to Lin Ming, so how could his complexion be any good?’’

In Old Xue's opinion, Qin Yi's talent in the divine runic arts should be the best amongst the juniors of divine Void divine Kingdom. For him to be frustrated like this by one of his peers, this was definitely an attack on his mindset.

After listening to Old Xue's words, Clearshadow and Dreampearl's mouths fell open. They weren't able to respond for a long time.

’’Teacher... are you saying that Lin Ming, he... he is continuing on to the third grade divine runic master examination?’’

’’That's right. Lin Ming should have already started his examination by now.’’

Lin Ming had rested for 10 hours within a time enchantment. Now that half an hour had passed, he should have started his examination by now.

’’This is... the third grade divine runic master examination...’’

Clearshadow and Dreampearl were both in a muddled daze. The two of them hadn't even been able to complete the second grade divine runic master examination and yet Lin Ming went straight to the third grade examination!

How could they live like this!

For a time, both of them were immensely frustrated.

Old Su saw the emotions plain on their faces, and said with a comforting tone, ’’Lin Ming won't necessarily pass the third grade examination. His chances of passing the third grade examination might not be higher than your chances of passing the second grade examination. Your problems were that you weren't able to display your true skill today, but that isn't something you should be discouraged by. Instead, that Qin Yi was likely struck harder by this than you two were.’’

Old Su said, nudging his head towards Qin Yi.

At this time, Qin Yi was sitting in the resting area, his face grim and cloudy as if someone in his family had died.

Although he looked like he was calmly sipping tea, his eyes were glued to the doors of the side room. It was obvious that he cared a great deal about Lin Ming's results.

Time slowly passed. In the blink of an eye, another two hours passed.

Lin Ming's examination was already halfway over.


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