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Martial World - Chapter 1568


Chapter 1568

Chapter 1568 - Completing the Main Body




When it came to exploring the Asura Heavenly Dao, the divine Runic Masters Guild was unable to compare with divine Void divine Kingdom.

divine Void divine Kingdom had an incomparably long history of inheritance!

Tens of millions of years ago, divine Void divine Kingdom and divine Mist divine Kingdom had once been a single divine Kingdom. That divine Kingdom was a titan. Billions of years ago, they had once produced a True divinity level ruler!

After that True divinity ruler died in repose, the divine Kingdom had continued for a long time without producing a True divinity. Even so, they remained the number one spiritas influence in the Asura Road. Every generation they would always have an extreme Empyrean master. This sort of prosperous state continued for billions of years, making their foundation incomprehensibly deep!

Thus, in terms of understanding the Heavenly Dao, the loosely organized divine Runic Masters Guild with a mere 100 million years of history simply couldn't compare with divine Void divine Kingdom.

Time passed slowly. Brilliant motes of light shined in Lin Ming, Clearshadow, Dreampearl, and Qin Yi's hands. And of these people, Qin Yi's light was the most radiant!

In the resting area, Yue Liuxing and Yue Qifeng were stunned. In their impression, Lin Ming was someone who hadn't even heard of divine Rune City a year ago. He had been a human youth who didn't even know what the divine runic arts were...

Last year, they had even invited Lin Ming to the divine Runic Masters Guild to visit and see just what the divine runic arts were. The way that Lin Ming acted that time didn't make it seem like he was lying at all. Moreover, the key was that there was no reason for lying to them;would anyone be so bored after eating to do something so inane?

’’Could it be... that big bro Lin Ming studied the divine runic arts to this degree in merely a year?’’ Yue Qifeng felt as if someone struck him in the chest as he said this.

But Yue Liuxing was far calmer. She shook her head, saying, ’’There is definitely something that we don't know. It might be Sir Lin's secret and it might not be polite for us to ask him...’’

Yue Liuxing could faintly feel that not asking about this matter was the best idea. Moreover, even if they asked Lin Ming he likely wouldn't reveal anything. When Lin Ming said that he would speak to them later, that was likely only politeness on his part and he wasn't really planning on telling them anything.


Amidst the shimmering lights of divine runic symbols, an entire hour had passed.

Even Qin Yi had to be careful in drawing up a second grade divine runic symbol. Drawing up the correct structure of the tiny runes was important in determining whether or not the divine runic symbol would smoothly fuse with the Asura Heavenly Dao later.

Thus, although Qin Yi was faster than Lin Ming, Clearshadow, and Dreampearl, it wasn't by too much.

Another hour passed.

Qin Yi's expression was earnest. All of his concentration was completely focused on the task at hand. The main body of the divine runic symbol was nearly finished, and as he reached the end, his speed became even slower and his movements ever the more cautious. As he drew up the last tiny rune, all of the tiny runes shined in unison.

His divine runic symbol had already taken its initial shape.

All that remained was the third step, the key step to turning a quasi-inscription symbol into a true divine runic symbol!

The difference between a second grade divine runic symbol and first grade divine runic symbol was only a single grade. But on this third step, that single grade made the two as different as clouds and mud.

Qin Yi was extremely careful. His soul force controlled the thousand some tiny runes in the air, having them all maintain their current positions. Then, Qin Yi began to slowly restore and adjust his soul force, bringing himself back to a better condition so he could complete the third step.

Although Qin Yi had completed the third step fusion process many times already and was 80-90% confident he would succeed, even a 10-20% chance of failure was unacceptable unacceptable to him. His pride would not allow him to fail here. He would pass the examination with flying colors.

As Qin Yi was restoring himself he glanced over at Lin Ming. He grinned as he saw Lin Ming drawing one stroke at a time, steadily and impeccably.

’’Interesting! I didn't think this little boy would have some level of skill. He's already completed 75% of the main body's structure and there aren't any fluctuations in his drawing yet. If he can continue like this then he'll complete the main body of the divine runic symbol. He might be able to accompany me for a little fun in the third step!’’

Qin Yi felt a hint of interest in Lin Ming's appearance. If he outshined all others in this divine runic master examination without anyone being able to act as a foil to him then there wouldn't be any meaning to it at all.

Only if there was competition, only if someone had a chance to beat him, would that make things interesting.

He was looking forwards to Lin Ming's performance. He wanted to see just how much of the third step Lin Ming would be able to complete.

Like this, Qin Yi rested for a quarter hour to restore himself to his peak state. This was not an easy task to accomplish. For a low level divine runic master to hold aloft a thousand some tiny runes with even spacing between them and also maintain the circulation of energy, this was extremely difficult, let alone doing all of that and also restoring one's soul force.

’’This Qin Yi can maintain concentration while relaxing at the same time. He's restored most of the soul force used up in preparation for the third step;this isn't something the average person can accomplish. It seems that this Qin Yi has already completed a second grade divine runic symbol more than once. If there isn't an accident, then he'll pass this examination without any problems...’’

The white-robed Elder sighed with emotion. But, even as he praised Qin Yi in his heart he also felt a bit bitter. After all, Qin Yi came from divine Void divine Kingdom and they were they were faintly considered a competitor to the divine Runic Masters Guild. In truth, there wasn't any major conflicts of interest between these two great organizations, but even so, whether it was martial artists or divine runic masters, one would always have the heart and spirit to outdo everyone else. They naturally hoped that there would eventually be an outcome as to who was better and who was worse.

And now that he saw a descendant of his competitors blossom in splendor in his own home ground, the white-robed Elder wasn't very happy with this taste.

As he looked over to Clearshadow and Dreampearl he could see that the two young women were only continuing with a great deal of difficulty. Even if they did complete their divine runic symbols, it would simply be something flashy without any substance at all. How could their Touch of Gold possibly compare to Qin Yi's Heart of the Medicine Furnace?

At this time, Qin Yi pulled out a gold god rune from his spatial ring.

He recited a mantra, his hands flickering as he produced a succession of seals. In the air, a divine light came shrouding down, and then a strange scene took place.

Beneath this shining light, the gold level god rune began to break down, turning into endless mystical and profound lines that began to slowly blend together and fuse with the divine runic symbol that Qin Yi had drawn up.

This fusion wasn't immediate. Rather, it had to follow the flow of the Asura Heavenly Dao. To describe it in other words, the Laws of the Asura Heavenly Dao were joining together with the divine runic symbol, and the number of Laws that joined in as well as the degree of their perfection would be a massive indicator in how valuable and effective the divine runic symbol would be.

A grandmaster could fuse a great amount of Asura Heavenly Dao Laws in a divine runic symbol, making it so that even a fifth grade divine runic symbol could sell at the price of a sixth grade divine runic symbol.

The higher the grade of a divine runic symbol, the more time it would take to fuse in to fuse in the Laws. The third step of a second grade divine runic symbol, even if drawn up by Qin Yi, would still take at least half an hour or three quarters of an hour. On average, it would take just under an hour.

But just as Qin Yi was a quarter hour into the third step, someone else had finished drawing up the main body of their divine runic symbol. This person was Lin Ming.

He was slightly faster than Clearshadow and Dreampearl.

Although he was slower than Qin Yi, Qin Yi had rested for a quarter hour, and now that he was another quarter hour into the third step, the half hour difference was the difference between him and Lin Ming drawing up the main body of their symbols.

’’He's really done it!’’

Many people were paying attention to Lin Ming. Old Xue and Old Su were nearly looking at him alone, caring about his performance even more than that of their own apprentices.

’’This boy's abilities are truly hidden deep!’’

’’This is unbelievable. If someone were to find out this boy's skeletal age they might be shocked to death! I wonder just what his story is... it looks like he's about to begin the third step. Even if he fails here, he is still a monster amongst all monstrous geniuses. And if he succeeds, that would really be...’’

As Old Xue spoke here he didn't know just what to say.

Compared to Lin Ming, the two apprentices they took in weren't worth anything at all. Their divine runic arts skill was inferior to Lin Ming's, and their cultivation speed was far outpaced by him.

Of course, this wasn't because their apprentices were too lackluster but because Lin Ming was far too freakish.

At this time, the thousand some tiny runes in front of Lin Ming slowly floated about. A colorful brilliance flowed through these tiny runes, as beautiful as a dream.

Lin Ming was as calm as a placid lake. Slowly, he lifted up this elementary divine runic symbol. He ran his other hand over the table, picking up a gold god rune.

He was already prepared to begin the third step.


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