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Martial World - Chapter 1562


Chapter 1562

Chapter 1562 - Soul Emperor divine Void




The spiritas youth was tall. His eyes were cold and bright, like a warm spring at the summit of a 100,000 foot snowy mountain. His hair was quite special;it was long and wrapped around his waist, supple enough to attract the envy of any woman. It flowed with a silver light, as if it were liquid mercury.

This sort of man had a noble and untouchable charismatic atmosphere, as if he were born to be an emperor.

His sudden appearance immediately attracted the attention of everyone present. Even Lin Ming was surprised;this youth was just far too unusual.

The youth chose a divine runic table to stand at. He watched without touching the ground, only stepping on the air instead. This was because he had released his soul force, turning it into tangible essence that floated beneath his feet. Thus, he simply didn't need to touch the ground.

This was a method of cultivating soul force. By using this method to remain floating all year round, one's soul force would slowly be tempered.

As Old Man Xue and Old Man Su saw this youth, they glanced at each other. They saw a trace of fright appear in the other's eyes.

From this youth's body, they could feel an aura that was difficult to describe. Moreover, the clothing that this young man wore as well as the temperament brought about by his cultivation method reminded them of something.

Old Man Xue thought for a moment, saying, ’’Young man, are you from divine Void divine Kingdom?’’

Old Man Xue's words caught the attention of everyone present. Everyone looked towards the young man, their faces filled with anticipation. This was because most of the martial artists present were spiritas, and divine Void divine Kingdom had an extraordinary significance to their soul race.

The young man slightly nodded, acknowledging his background. With this, everyone present, including Yue Liuxing and Yue Qifeng, all looked at this spiritas youth with fear and awe in their eyes.

divine Void divine Kingdom - that was a spiritas True divinity Holy Land!

Although divine Rune City had astonishing influence and power, that was only in terms of alchemy and divine runic arts. In terms of military force alone, divine Rune City naturally couldn't compare to a True divinity level influence like divine Void divine Kingdom.

’’divine Void divine Kingdom?’’

Lin Ming thought out loud, faintly recalling something.

Old Su sighed with emotion, ’’Really, heroes come from the youth. We spiritas had two great divine Kingdoms in the Asura Road - divine Void and divine Mist divine Kingdoms. But because Empyrean divine Mist strangely disappeared without any trace at all, everything relied on the support of divine Void divine Kingdom. But afterwards, when his majesty the Soul Emperor broke through the True divinity boundary, that made my soul race truly invincible! Looking at you, your foundation is solid and your soul force has managed to condense into substantial essence. It seems you are also a leader amongst the juniors of divine Void divine Kingdom.’’

The spiritas martial artists of divine Void divine Kingdom, when compared to the other spiritas, were like the royal family members of the imperial capital compared to the aristocratic families;the difference in status was obvious. Although the silver-haired youth was young, he would definitely become an important figure in the future. Thus, he couldn't be considered a common junior. Even divine runic masters with considerable status like Old Su and Old Man Xue had to treat him with respect.

The silver-haired youth lightly said, ’’I'm no leader at all. divine Void divine Kingdom is filled with extraordinary people. I am merely one of the successors of divine Void divine Kingdom's King Qin. 15 years ago, I was taught under Imperial Scholar Lord Pao and learned a little bit of the divine runic arts. When I left the divine Kingdom to adventure through the world, I heard that divine Rune City's divine runic arts were without parallel. Thus, I came here to experience just how wonderful they are!’’

The silver-haired youth casually said, confidence tinting his voice. In terms of divine runic arts, divine Void divine Kingdom was naturally inferior to divine Rune City. But, the difference wasn't too great. Many top masters of divine Void divine Kingdom were divine runic masters.

So, the silver-haired youth had only come to divine Rune City to 'experience' this place. He wasn't like Yue Qifeng and Yue Liuxing who hoped to study and grow here.

This divine runic arts examination was only a means for this silver-haired youth to prove himself. He didn't really want or need the badge of the divine Runic Masters Guild.

’’So it's the heir to King Qin! How disrespectful of us!’’ Old Xue had a stern expression as he heard the name of King Qin.

In divine Void divine Kingdom, those that earned the title of King were Empyreans. Although divine Void divine Kingdom's 'Kings' were only weak Empyreans, an Empyrean was still an Empyrean. Compared to a World King, their status was as different as the heavens heavens and earth.

’’Hahaha! This examination truly has so many astonishing people! One Clearshadow, one Dreampearl, those two are already outstanding elites amongst their generation. I thought that these two would be the main leads in the examination, but I should have realized that there is always a higher mountain. As the examination is about to start, someone even more amazing actually appears. Young man, what is your name?’’

Old Su asked the silver-haired youth, laughing.

The silver-haired youth cupped his hands across his chest and said, ’’Qin Yi.’’

As he spoke, the two proud daughters of heaven, Clearshadow and Dreampearl, both looked at him, a brilliant fighting spirit in their eyes. Indeed, as Old Man Su had said, this examination had far surpassed their expectations.

Although they couldn't make out how skilled this Qin Yi was in the divine runic arts, they could approximate it from his background. If he didn't have true ability then he wouldn't have come to the divine Runic Masters Guild to lose face. divine Void divine Kingdom could be called the spiritual leader of all spiritas within the Asura Road!

Qin Yi would eventually become their greatest competition!

As Old Su and Old Xue were talking to Qin Yi, a peculiar light flashed in Lin Ming's eyes.

divine Void divine Kingdom!

divine Mist divine Kingdom!

The so-called divine Mist divine Kingdom was the divine Kingdom that Empyrean divine Mist had founded!

Millions of years ago, Empyrean divine Mist had already been an extreme Empyrean. However, he had been unable to step into the realm of True divinity. Afterwards, because of some reason, he was hunted down by his own older brother and was forced into Tragic Death Valley.

Like this, Empyrean divine Mist had been stranded in Tragic Death Valley for millions of years. In Tragic Death Valley, this was tens of millions of years. Only at the end did he meet Lin Ming.

This older brother of Empyrean divine Mist, without a doubt, was Empyrean divine Void! Or, as some others called him, True divinity divine Void!

Now, the spiritual leader of the Asura Road's soul race was the so-called divine Void divine Kingdom. And this divine Kingdom's ruler was the culprit ultimately responsible for bringing about Empyrean divine Mist's ruin!

Lin Ming rapidly realized all of this.

In the past, when Lin Ming asked Empyrean divine Mist why he had been chased into Tragic Death Valley, Empyrean divine Mist had only responded with a single word - enmity.

It was only just before he left Tragic Death Valley that Empyrean divine Mist divine Mist revealed more about his past. The one who had chased him down had been his blood brother. Moreover, because of some strange telepathic connection between the brothers, as long as Empyrean divine Mist left Tragic Death Valley his older brother would be able to sense him. Thus, it was impossible for Empyrean divine Mist to leave.

All of this occurred in just several breaths of time. It was at this moment that he thought of something...

After a moment of thought, Lin Ming spoke, wanting to confirm his guess. ’’I have something I would like to ask...’’


In a situation where everyone was gathered around Qin Yi, it was extremely abrupt for Lin Ming to ask a sudden question. In this hall, Lin Ming had a very humble and common status. Besides Old Man Xue, Yue Liuxing, and Yue Qifeng, there had been no one else that took notice of him. If there was anything noticeable about Lin Ming then it might be that he was a human. In this hall, besides him, everyone else was a spiritas martial artist.

There were simply far, far too few human divine runic masters.

Qin Yi, Old Man Su, Clearshadow, Dreampearl, and the others only glanced at Lin Ming before ignoring him. Old Man Xue smiled, kindly asking, ’’What is it, boy? Are you trying to rain on his parade?’’

In Old Man Xue's eyes, Lin Ming had come here to play games and cause chaos. But, there were simply far too many talented individuals that had shown up. Perhaps instead of causing chaos, Lin Ming might be made a joke instead.

Lin Ming said without any hurry, ’’I want to ask, when did Senior divine Void break into the True divinity realm?’’

Lin Ming's question aroused an immediate frown from Qin Yi. Qin Yi's eyes were swift and fierce as he glared at Lin Ming, ’’What insolence. The name of his majesty the Soul Emperor is not something someone like you can speak out loud!’’

With this shout, killing intent surged out from Qin Yi's body and locked onto Lin Ming, forcefully and menacingly. This sort of feeling was like a fight could break out at any moment.

The atmosphere became tense for a time. Old Man Xue hurriedly laughed as he tried to defuse the situation, ’’Lin Ming, the given name of his majesty the Soul Emperor cannot be spoken out loud so casually. But because you are not from the soul race you probably don't know about this matter, so we'll make an exception for you just this you just this once. However, there won't be a next time...’’

Sometimes, the name of an emperor was a taboo term. In mortal nations, there were emperors that couldn't be referred to by their name. And beyond even speaking out the name, sometimes even writing the name on paper was forbidden. One would need to replace the name of the emperor with other illustrious words instead.

Even so, Lin Ming had received the grace of Empyrean divine Mist. Towards this Empyrean divine Void who had forced Empyrean divine Mist into a hopeless dead end, Lin Ming had no favorable impressions at all.

Lin Ming looked at Old Man Xue. Although Old Man Xue was a stingy and tricky fellow, the truth was that he had a good heart. Since Old Man Xue had tried to resolve the situation for him, Lin Ming didn't want to make matters more difficult. He faintly said, ’’This junior truly didn't know.’’

’’Mm, just make sure you pay a little bit more attention next time. Then, you asked when his majesty the Soul Emperor broke into the True divinity realm?’’ Old Man Xue looked at Lin Ming, a little puzzled. He didn't know why Lin Ming would suddenly ask such a question.

’’Yes.’’ Lin Ming replied.

’’Well... the current Soul Emperor broke through to the True divinity realm 3 million years ago!’’ As Old Man Xue spoke he cupped his hands together across his chest, clearly showing his respect for Soul Emperor divine Void.

3 million years?

Lin Ming's eyes widened. He felt his speculations were much more likely to be correct. ’’Do you know the exact time?’’

Lin Ming kept chasing for answers. This confused Old Man Xue;just what was Lin Ming asking these questions for?

However, Qin Yi arrogantly replied, ’’The exact time is 3.47 million years ago. When his majesty the Soul Emperor broke through to True divinity, nine colors of heavenly tribulation descended from the skies, the winds and clouds changed, and all worshipped him. This matter was permanently written down in the holy texts of the soul race and is the most grand occasion to occur in the last 100 million years of my people! Your curiosity runs far too deep;just what does his majesty the Soul Emperor breaking through to the realm of True divinity have to do with you?’’

’’Mm, I understand now...’’

Lin Ming took a deep breath, his vision solemn.

When divine Void broke into the realm of True divinity, that was about the same time Empyrean divine Mist was forced into Tragic Death Valley!


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