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Martial World - Chapter 1560


Chapter 1560

Chapter 1560 - Leaving Seclusion




Compared to not having a transcendent divine might rank dual cultivation method, if Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were to try dual cultivating themselves, the effects and speed would naturally be very different.

Heavenly Extreme Bliss focused on training and recuperation. There was absorbing yang to restore yin and absorbing yin to restore yang;both of these were greatly beneficial to both the man and woman. As for the third focus, that was the essence of Heavenly Extreme Bliss.

In short, the main role of Heavenly Extreme Bliss was to consolidate one's foundation and stabilize one's cultivation;the speed of training was terrifyingly fast, especially for geniuses like Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming.

But, if one looked at these and thought that Heavenly Extreme Bliss was not too amazing in the aspect of direct combat, then they would be mistaken. Heavenly Extreme Bliss had offensive martial skills, but these abilities required the man and woman to work in unison in order to display their true striking power. And upon using them, the effects wouldn't be as simple as one plus one.

Thus in the past, although this husband and wife Empyrean couple were only middle to upper rank Empyreans, when they joined forces they were able to contend with a peak Empyrean. This allowed them to have a nearly unparalleled status within the Asura Road!

After dual cultivating with Xiao Moxian for several hours, Lin Ming's originally overdrawn soul force had faintly returned. And during this dual cultivation process, it was Xiao Moxian helping Lin Ming - Lin Ming had barely moved at all. This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

This was also reasonable. Although Lin Ming had inherited Torchriver's memories, he hadn't practiced Heavenly Extreme Bliss after all. If he were to try using it then he would inevitably find it a bit strange and unfamiliar.

Slowly, Lin Ming felt his soul force recover by a great deal as he came into perfect harmony with Xiao Moxian. After their repeated rounds of lovemaking, Lin Ming became increasingly radiant, with a significant upturn in the energy circulating through his body.

Lin Ming even felt himself becoming increasingly close to reaching the middle divine Lord realm!

When Lin Ming had broken through to the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, his cultivation had risen straight to the peak of the early divine Lord realm. Now, he was confident that with several more years of training he would be able to make another breakthrough!

If so, then before Lin Ming was 60 years of age he would be able to break into the middle divine Lord realm. This was a truly incredible achievement.

As for Xiao Moxian, her cultivation speed far surpassed Lin Ming's.

Xiao Moxian was several years younger than Lin Ming to begin with, and after completing her first phoenix nirvana she had also reached the peak early divine Lord realm. She might even break into the middle divine Lord realm before Lin Ming.

’’This cultivation method has even better effects than I imagined.’’

Sitting up on Lin Ming's body, Xiao Moxian dripped with fragrant drops of sweat, still immersed in the blissful pleasure of love. Not only were her cheeks red but her body glowed with jade perfection as if she had been soaking in a hot spring for for a long time. She seemed so soft and flushed that one could even pinch out water from her skin.

’’This is indeed wonderful. It is rare to find a complete transcendent divine might to begin with, but this dual cultivation method transcendent divine might can only be created by a husband and wife Empyrean. It's impossible for a single Empyrean to create something like this.’’

Lin Ming had many top cultivation methods, even ones that surpassed the rank of a transcendent divine might. For instance, the Asura Sutra was one such cultivation method, and even the divine Seal Art was faintly superior to a transcendent divine might.

However, these two cultivation methods were extremely incomplete. Although he could use a part of their strength, wanting to cultivate from the beginning and raise his foundation to make breakthroughs with these cultivation methods was extremely difficult.

In this aspect, Heavenly Extreme Bliss was able to show its true advantages. From the start, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian could feel each other's origin energy surging just by holding hands. And now, with the two making love, the effects of this were naturally unparalleled.

After dual cultivating with Xiao Moxian, Lin Ming felt his state of mind be much improved. Thus, he began to tirelessly practice the divine runic arts once again.

After another period of time, as Lin Ming was drawing up another divine runic symbol, he felt the proficiency of his skill had clearly increased to another level.

Closing his eyes, all sorts of finger movements flashed through his mind. These finger movements originated from the ownerless soul fragment memories and were as natural to Lin Ming as if they were his were his own.

Grasping the divine runic pen, Lin Ming began to draw up another divine runic symbol.

The divine runic pen was filled with the juice of materials. One by one, gorgeous runes were formed beneath Lin Ming's hand. At the start, Lin Ming would successfully draw one complete rune every seven or eight tries, but now he could succeed after two or three tries.

Each time there was a mistake, Lin Ming would reference the memories of the three divine runic masters to find out where he had gone wrong. This sort of analytic ability far surpassed anything an ordinary divine runic apprentice could hope to achieve.

Slowly, Lin Ming corrected his mistakes. Rune after tiny rune was drawn up by Lin Ming, whereupon they floated in the air.

All sorts of rare and precious materials were turned into runes or wasted in Lin Ming's hands.

Lin Ming didn't care about what results he achieved with these divine runic symbols;all he cared about was the process. By repeating these processes again and again, Lin Ming steadily advanced his skill in the divine runic arts.

Tenth day -

With a forehead coated in sweat, Lin Ming drew up one last rune. In that moment, a thousand floating runes shimmered in the sky, fusing together beneath a strange halo of light. Finally, these runes formed a complete divine rune that floated in the air.

Lin Ming's expression was one of complete focus. He took out a god rune of the Asura Road's Heavenly Dao from his spatial ring. Then, by fusing this god rune with the divine rune he drew up, Lin Ming had produced his first divine runic symbol.

Judging runic symbol.

Judging by Lin Ming's memories, this divine runic symbol had many imperfections;it could be called very rough or even useless. But, this was still the first divine runic symbol that Lin Ming had created. In the future, as his skill continued to rise, the effects of the divine runic symbols he created would have better and better effects.

In fact, Lin Ming could even change and improve the structure of divine runic symbols through his own understanding of the divine runic arts.

Training passed without sense of time. Days passed, one after the other. Lin Ming continued to practice drawing divine runic symbols every day, and after his soul force was overdrawn he would dual cultivate with Xiao Moxian. Like this, a year passed.

During this year, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian's cultivation became increasingly close to the middle divine Lord realm. At the same time, Lin Ming's skill in drawing up low level divine runic symbols had reached near perfection.

He had thoroughly fused the memories of the three divine runic masters into his own divine runic arts. Now, what Lin Ming needed to do was to go to the divine Runic Masters Guild and undergo the test for becoming a divine runic master. At the same time, he had to find a chance to approach the assassin organization Heaven's Net and come into contact with Blood Moon, so he could obtain the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace portion of the Celestial Tyrant Manual.

As long as Lin Ming had a suitable cultivation method then his cultivation would rise. With enough strength, he would be able to firmly stand tall in the upcoming great calamity.


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