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Martial World - Chapter 1556


Chapter 1556

Chapter 1556 - Eternal Glory Cult Leader




Over a million miles southeast of divine Rune City, there was a grand and vibrant mountain range called the Dragon Union Mountain. And within Dragon Union Mountain was a sect that had been founded a mere 100,000 years ago, called the Eternal Glory Cult.

The Eternal Glory Cult had only had two leaders so far, both of them dragons amongst people. However, what was unfortunate was that the first leader had perished in a mystic realm, a story of a man who had died at the prime of his life.

At present, the second Eternal Glory Cult Leader had only commanded the Eternal Glory Cult for a mere thousand years. But in this thousand years of time, the Eternal Glory Cult had rapidly expanded. The new leader was young and filled with promise, with a halo of future wonders to him. Many influences from all over wanted to be on good terms with the Eternal Glory Cult.

Now the Eternal Glory Cult was a peak Holy Land. Within 10,000 years, they had hopes of growing into an ordinary World King Holy Land.

’’Eternal glory shines supreme, existing as the heavens!’’

In the great square that lay before the doors of the church of the Eternal Glory Cult, over 10,000 people were lying prostrate in worship. These were all disciples of the Eternal Glory Cult, and in the revered seat above the church, a young man in five-colored royal robes was regally sitting, enjoying the worship of these ten thousand plus people.

The Eternal Glory Cult was not just a sect, but also a 'religion'!

The greatest difference between a sect and a religion was that a sect used inheritances as the core of their foundation while a religion used certain teachings and beliefs as the core of their foundation instead.

Now, the young man sitting in the revered seat was the Eternal Glory Cult Leader. He was the ultimate faith of countless disciples, a being equivalent to god in their eyes.

These disciples constantly went out to preach and find new followers on missionary expeditions. These believers were all loyal to this young man, and the fanatical ones were willing to die for him.

This young cult leader possessed not just outstanding talent but he was also a divine runic master.

He had refused the approaches of countless large influences trying to win him over and prop up his sect. This was because he had great ambitions and was unwilling to bow down before anyone. He wanted to be the ultimate master of his fate, ruling over this world of his!

But at this time, this young man felt his heart turn cold. Suddenly, without warning, a killing intent beyond his understanding locked onto him. As his complexion changed, he immediately leapt upwards!


The seat that the young cult leader had been sitting on was destroyed by a horrifying spear light. This caused the expressions of everyone in the square to rapidly change.

A young man and woman appeared in the air, seeming as if they had come from nowhere. They were Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian.

’’You are the sixth grade divine runic master, Chifeng?’’

Lin Ming looked over this Eternal Glory Cult Leader. From appearances, this cult leader didn't seem too old, but the truth was far different.

’’Who are you?’’ The man's complexion turned cold. This unknown other party was exuding thick killing intent;he had clearly come here with no good intentions.

’’Chifeng, peak Holy Lord cultivation, outstanding martial talent, his strength shows scorn for all other martial artists of his realm. In the divine runic arts, his talent is similarly peerless. With his peak Holy Lord cultivation, he managed to become a sixth grade divine runic master. He can be called a truly rare talent!

’’However, this person's character is cruel and sinister. He has great ambitions and is unwilling to yield to any influence or any person. He wishes to found his own sect and rule the world. He loves the worship and admiration of people and wants to become the god of countless others.

’’In a mystic realm danger zone, in order to obtain an ancient inheritance, Chifeng killed his own master - the first leader of the Eternal Glory Cult. Afterwards, he took his master's place and became the second leader of the Eternal Glory Cult and began to secretly practice the ancient inheritance he obtained in that mystic realm.

’’And in order to practice this ancient inheritance, one needed the power of 'belief'. Thus, Chifeng turned and developed the Eternal Glory Cult into his own personal religion, drawing in innumerable believers so that he could use their prayers and worship to cultivate his own martial arts! But, what these followers of his don't know is that once their power of belief is sucked out, their life origin energy will also be lost, causing their own cultivations to be hindered...’’

Lin Ming loudly spoke, pouring true essence into his voice. These were all words passed to him by Heaven's Secret.

Upon hearing these words, Chifeng's face turned darker than water.

’’What utter nonsense!’’

’’Hah, if you don't want others to know about your deeds then you should have never done them. During the adventure into that mystic realm, it wasn't just you and your master who went;there were were many other witnesses. Unfortunately, your master was blind and accepted a disciple like you. Not just that, but in order to consolidate your status as the cult leader, you even married his daughter. What a pity;his daughter never knew that her father died beneath the hands of her husband!’’

After Lin Ming learned the divine Mist Heart Mantra he developed even sharper perceptions of soul force. As he spoke he could clearly feel fluctuations in Chifeng's divine soul. With this, Lin Ming was able to confirm that the information Heaven's Secret gave to him was more or less correct!

To sell this information for several hundred millions of origin energy runes, it naturally had a certain guarantee of authenticity!

’’Chifeng, your talent is outstanding. Whether it is divine runic arts or alchemy, you have wonderful attainments, and even your martial arts cultivation is the same. But too bad for you, you have made a grave mistake. You were far too arrogant, and before you were able to spread your wings, you became far too hasty and tried to train in your devil arts and found your own religion. Because you were unwilling to serve under others, you rejected the invitation of all the other great influences and thus you have lost their protection. Now, this day shall be the day of your death!’’

Lin Ming drew out the Phoenix Blood Spear and pointed it straight towards Chifeng's head.

And at this time, the many followers of the Eternal Glory Cult had become enraged. They soared up in droves, surrounding Lin Ming.

’’Just who are you!? Since you dare to offend our god, your punishment will be your life!’’

’’You actually dared to slander our cult leader and even the past cult leader! You will burn in the fires of hell for a thousand years before your bones turn to ash!’’

The followers of the Eternal Glory Cult all drew out their weapons and rushed towards Lin Ming. Their belief and worship of the Eternal Glory Cult was deeply ingrained into their hearts and minds. For Lin Ming to say such heretical words in front of them, this naturally touched their reverse scale.

’’What a bunch of idiots! You deserve to have all your strength sucked dry!’’ Xiao Moxian coldly snorted at the actions of these foolish believers.

And at this time, Chifeng laughed. ’’The stupid ones are you! With your mere divine Lord realm cultivation you actually came here to try and trick my people! As my followers have said, you will burn in the fires of hell for a thousand years as your bones turn to ash!’’

As Chifeng spoke, Xiao Moxian suddenly attacked. Her body disappeared in disappeared in a series of afterimages as she launched towards Chifeng at inconceivable speeds!

After her cultivation stepped into the divine Lord realm and she completed her first phoenix nirvana, Xiao Moxian's strength had become absolutely terrifying!

’’Attack together!’’

As the many followers saw Xiao Moxian move, all of them prepared to attack her. But suddenly, an invisible force field came shrouding down over them. A boundless and primal aura spread out in all directions, causing them to freeze where they were, unable to move a single step forwards.

This was Lin Ming's grandmist space. After pouring grandmist energy into the grandmist space, these followers of the Eternal Glory Cult that were only at the divine Lord and early Holy Lord realms found it impossible to move even the slightest bit. They were like insects caught in a spider's web;the more they struggled, the tighter the force field would bind them!

And this force field affected not just the followers but also Chifeng!

Chifeng's complexion changed. He revolved his energy to the limit, wanting to break through the shackles of this force field. But by now, Xiao Moxian had already rushed in front of him!

Her body shimmered with a dazzling black light. The back of her clothes tore open, revealing a pair of phoenix wings that unfurled into the skies. At the same time, Xiao Moxian also burnt her phoenix blood essence!

After experience her phoenix nirvana, she had gained the most important ability of her bloodline;she could burn her blood essence without harming her life source.

Once Lin Ming opened the Gate of Life, he had gained the ability to regenerate his blood essence. But, there were many limits to this ability. Once he burned 50% of his blood essence, he would cause permanent damage and losses to his blood vitality. And, after burning his blood essence he required several days to restore himself. Thus, Lin Ming didn't freely burn it.

However, Xiao Moxian wasn't bound by these worries. After experiencing her first nirvana, she could burn up to 70% of her blood essence without any negative side effects. Moreover, as she went through more and more nirvanas in the future, this 70% limit would slowly disappear until she finally reached the boundary where she could infinitely burn her blood essence. Not just that, but after burning her blood essence, Xiao Moxian restored herself at a pace that far outstripped Lin Ming.

In a way, Xiao Moxian burning her blood essence was similar to Lin Ming opening the Heretical God Force. She could do it whenever she wished.

As she pulled out her whip, she slashed out at Chifeng's face!

Seeing with his own eyes as Xiao Moxian as Xiao Moxian shot towards him with a dreadful momentum, Chifeng's complexion changed. He never imagined that Lin Ming would have such a strange force field, causing him to weaken by 50%.

In this life or death moment, nine divine runic symbols appeared in front of Chifeng. These nine divine runic symbols began to burn together before gathering into an array diagram that blocked Xiao Moxian's whip.


With an explosive shattering sound the array diagram broke apart. Chifeng took this change to roar out loud and fly away!

’’You are indeed worthy of being a sixth grade divine runic master with such a lifesaving card. Someone with a peak Holy Lord cultivation can actually resist Xian'er's all-out strike even while being covered by the grandmist space.’’

This was the second divine runic master that Lin Ming had faced. Both of these divine runic masters could be called loners. The divine runic symbols they had were mostly drawn up by themselves, but they still held such power behind them.

Chifeng took out another two divine runic symbols. He slapped them onto his body, causing them to transform into a bright blue set of ice armor. At the same time, his fingers flashed and with a loud shout a fire dragon was shot out by him, impacting towards Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian.

This fire dragon was Chifeng's vital true flame. Many alchemists would subdue a Fire Elemental for their own use, and now that Chifeng faced such powerful enemies, he had summoned the Fire Elemental from within his body. This was also one of his final trump cards.

Xiao Moxian chuckled. Facing this fire dragon, she didn't avoid or dodge, but fired straight towards it!


Her black wings danced forth like black sabers, cutting that fire dragon into several pieces. With a loud detonation, the fire dragon blew apart into smoke and ash!

Chifeng was left panic-stricken as he saw this. At the same time, despair began to rise in his heart. Just how did this young girl possess such strength? His all-out attack had actually been defeated by her as if she had been blowing out a candle?

’’Waters fill the dragon king's temple and fires light up the phoenix's nest. If you want to play with fire in front of me then you might as well set yourself on fire instead!’’

If one ignored the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, Xiao Moxian wasn't much weaker than Lin Ming. She wasn't someone that a peak Holy Lord was able to handle;this was true even for an outstanding existence amongst peak Holy Lords. Moreover, for this opponent to use flames to attack her, it was like he wanted to die.


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